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In two Numbers of our Magazine for 1829, the usual accompaniment of Portrait and Memoir has given place to illustrations of a different character, but not of inferior interest. Desirous of giving to our readers a full detail of the circumstances attending the conflagration of York Cathedral, we immediately sought after a representation of the edifice; and the character of the engraving we were so fortunate as to obtain, must have gained it a favourable reception, independently of the distressing event which led to its adoption. Apology is equally unnecessary for the introduction of the “ Cession of Matavai” into a later Number. It is a picture of universal and thrilling interest, unfolding the first movements of a body of men, who have at length succeeded in introducing christian and moral feeling into a land where formerly sat

‘Moloch, horrid king! besmear'd with blood
Of 'human sacrifice, and parents' tears.”

In concluding this Preface, we again beg to acknowledge the kind attentions of our friends through a course of eleven years, and to repeat our assurance that nothing shall be wanting on our part to render the Imperial Magazine worthy the support of the Christian, the Moralist, and the Philosopher.

In the present age of infidelity and licentiousness, Christianity, real, vital Christianity, may be despised, and morality be made the drunkard's jest; but there is yet a powerful phalànx gathered round the standard of religious and moral principles; and though it may be unable to disperse the hostile legions by which it is surrounded, we may be assured that it will not fall before them, so long as the spear and shield are grasped manfully, and the necessary order is preserved.

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