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Hon. OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, Circuit Justice....
Hon. LE BARON B. COLT, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. WILLIAM L. PUTNAM, Circuit Judge...
Hon. CLARENCE HALE, District Judge, Maine
Hon. EDGAR ALDRICH, District Judge, New Hampshire..

FRANCIS C. LOWELL, Distriot Judge, Massachusetts..
Hon. ARTHUR L. BROWN, District Judge, Rhode Island.

.Washington, D. C.

Bristol, R. I. .Portland, Me. .Portland, Me. Littleton, N. H.

.. Boston, Mass. .Providence, R. I.


Hon. RUFUS W. PECKHAM, Circuit Justice..
Hon. WILLIAM J. WALLACE, Circuit Judge..
Hon. E. HENRY LACOMBE, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. WILLIAM K. TOWNSEND, Circuit Judge
Hon. ALFRED C. COXE, Circuit Judge
llon. GEORGE C. HOLT, District Judge, s. D. New York
Hon. JAMES P. PLATT, District Judge, Connecticut
Hon. GEORGE W. RAY, District Judge, N. D. New York
Hon. GEORGE B. ADAMS, District Judge, s. D. New York
Hon. EDWARD B. THOMAS, District Judge, E. D. New York..
Hon. HOYT H. WHEELER. District Judge, Vermont.....
Hon. JOHN R. HAZEL, District Judge, W. D. New York.

Washington, D. C. ......Albany, N. Y.

New York, N. Y. .New Haven, Conn.

..Utica, N, Y .New York, N. Y. .....Hartford, Conn. ...... Norwich, N. Y

New York, N. Y. .29 Liberty St., New York,

.Brattleboro, Vt. ...Buffalo, N. Y.


Hon. HENRY B. BROWN, Circuit Justice

.......... Washington, D. C. Hon. MARCUS W. ACHESON, Circuit Judge...

.Pittsburgh, Pa. Hon. GEORGE M. DALLAS, Circuit Judge.....

.Philadelphia, Pa. Hon. GEORGE GRAY, Circuit Judge

Wilmington, Del. Hon. EDWARD G. BRADFORD, District Judge, Delaware.................. Wilmington, Del.

Hon. ANDREW KIRKPATRICK, District Judge, New Jersey...............Newark, N. J. · Hon. JOHN B. McPHERSON, District Judge, E. D. Pennsylvania......Philadelphia, Pa.

Hon. ROBERT WODROW ARCHBALD, District Judge, M. D. Pennsylvania. . Scranton, Pa. Hon. JOSEPH BUFFINGTON, District Judge, W. D. Pennsylvania..........Pittsburgh, Pa. 56 C.C.A.



Hon. MELVILLE W. FULLER, Circuit Justice....

Washington, D. C. Hon. NATHAN GOFF, Circuit Judge......

..Clarksburg, W. Va. Hon. CHARLES H. SIMONTON, Circuit Judge....

.Charleston, S. C. Hon. THOMAS J. MORRIS, District Judge, Maryland..

.... Baltimore, Md. Hon. THOMAS R. PURNELL, District Judge, E. D. North Carolina..........

...Raleigh, N. C. Hon. JAMES E. BOYD, District Judge, W. D. North Carolina...........Greensboro, N. C. Hon. WILLIAM H. BRAWLEY, District Judge, E. and W. D. South Car..Charleston, S. C. Hon. EDMUND WADDILL, Jr., District Judge, E. D. Virginia....... ...Richmond, Va. Hon. HENRY CLAY MCDOWELL, District Judge, W. D. Virginia..........Lynchburg, Va. Hon. JOHN J. JACKSON, District Judge, N. D. West Virginia.... .Parkersburg, W. Va. Hon. BENJAMIN F. KELLER, District Judge, s. D. West Virginia......Branwell, W. Va.


Hon. EDWARD D. WHITE, Circuit Justice..

Washington, D. C. Hon. DON A. PARDEE, Circuit Judge..

New Orleans, La. Hon. A. P. McCORMICK, Circuit Judge.


..Dallas, Tex. Hon. DAVID D. SHELBY, Circuit Judge

.Huntsville, Ala. Hon. THOMAS GOODE JONES, District Judge, M. and N. D. Alabama... Montgomery, Ala. Hon. HARRY T. TOULMIN, District Judge, S. D. Alabama.

..... Mobile, Ala. Hon. CHARLES SWAYNE, District Judge, N. D. Florida.

Pensacola, Fla. Hon. JAMES W. LOCKE, District Judge, S. D. Florida..

.Jacksonville, Fla. Hon. WILLIAM T. NEWMAN, District Judge, N. D. Georgia..

. Atlanta, Ga. Hon. EMORY SPEER, District Judge, S. D. Georgia....

.Macon, Ga. Hon. CHARLES PARLANGE, District Judge, E. D. Louisiana.

.New Orleans, La. Hon. ALECK BOARMAN, District Judge, W. D. Louisiana..

Shreveport, La. Hon. HENRY C. NILES, District Judge, N. and S. D. Mississippi.. ..Kosciusko, Miss. Hon. DAVID E. BRYANT, District Judge, E. D. Texas.

Sherman, Tex. Hon. EDWARD R. MEEK, District Judge, N. D. Texas.

.Ft. Worth, Tex. Hon. THOMAS S. MAXEY, District Judge, W. D. Texas.

... Austin, Tex. Hon. WALLER T. BURNS, District Judge, S. D. Texas.

...Houston, Tex.


Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Circuit Justice..

.Washington, D. C. Hon. HENRY F. SEVERENS, Circuit Judge.

.Kalamazoo, Mich. Hon. HORACE H. LURTON, Circuit Judge....

Nashville, Tenn. Hon. JOHN K. RICHARDS, Circuit Judge

....Ironton, Ohio. Hon. ANDREW M. J. COCHRAN, District Judge, E. D. Kentucky. ...Covington, Ky. Hon. WALTER EVANS, District Judge, W. D. Kentucky...

.Louisville, Ky. Hon. HENRY H. SWAN, District Judge, E. D. Michigan..

Detroit, Mich. Hon. GEORGE P. WANTY, District Judge, W. D. Michigan. Grand Rapids, Mich. Hon. AUGUSTUS J. RICKS, District Judge, N. D. Ohio.

..Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. FRANCIS J. WING, District Judge, N. D. Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. ALBERT C. THOMPSON, District Judge, s. D. Ohio

.Cincinnati, Ohio. Hon. CHARLES D. CLARK, District Judge, E. and M. D. Tennessee....Chattanooga, Tenn. Hon. ELI S. HAMMOND, District Judge, W. D. Tennessee....... ...Memphis, Tenn.

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Hon. WILLIAM R. DAY, Circuit Justice...
Hon. JAMES G. JENKINS, Circuit Judge..
Hon. PETER S. GROSSCUP, Circuit Judge
Hon. FRANCIS E. BAKER, Circuit Judge
Hon. CHRISTIAN C. KOHLSAAT. District Judge, N. D. Illinois.
Hon. ALBERT B. ANDERSON, District Judge

. Washington, D. C. ... Milwaukee, Wis.

..... Chicago, II. .Indianapolis, Ind.

Chicago, Ill. .Indianapolis, Ind.

Hon. J. OTIS HUMPHREY, District Judge, S. D. Illinois.....
Hon. WILLIAM H. SEAMAN, District Judge, E. D. Wisconsin.
Hon. ROMANZO BUNN, District Judge, W. D. Wisconsin.

..Springfield, Ili. ..Sheboygan, Wis.

Madison, Wis.


Hon. DAVID J. BREWER, Circuit Justice.....
Hon. HENRY C. CALDWELL, Circuit Judge
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, Circuit Judge ?.
Hon WALTER H. SANBORN, Circuit Judge..
Hon. AMOS M. THAYER, Circuit Judge....
Hon. JACOB TRIEBER, District Judge, E. D. Arkansas..
Hon. JOIIN H. ROGERS, District Judge, W. D. Arkansas.
Hon. MOSES HALLETT, District Judge, Colorado..
Hon. OLIVER P. SHIRAS, District Judge, N. D. Iowa.
Hon. SMITH MCPHERSON, District Judge, S. D. Iowa.
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, District Judge, Kansas 2.
Hon. WM. LOCHREN, District Judge, Minnesota..
Hon. ELMER B. ADAMS, District Judge, E. D. Missouri.
Hon. JOHN F. PHILIPS, District Judge, W. D. Missouri.
Hon. W. H. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska..
Hon. CHARLES F. AMIDON, District Judge, North Dakota.
Hon. JOHN E. CARLAND, District Judge, South Dakota....
Hon. JOHN A. MARSHALL, District Judge, Utah.....
Hon. JOHN A. RINER, District Judge, Wyoming...

.Washington, D. C. ..... Little Rock, Ark. .Leavenworth, Kan.

.St. Paul, Minn. ..St. Louis, Mo. .Cheyenne, Wyo. .Little Rock, Ark. .Ft. Smith, Ark.

Denver, Colo. ..Dubuque, Iowa.

Red Oak, Iowa. Leavenworth, Kan. Minneapolis, Minn.

.St. Louis, Mo. Kansas City, Mo.

..Omaha, Neb.

..Fargo, N. D. ....Sioux Falls, S. D. ..Salt Lake City, Utah.

..Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circuit Justice..
Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge...
Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge.
Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge...
Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California.
Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, S. D. California..
Hon. HIRAM KNOWLES, District Judge, Montana..
Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, Washington.
Hon. THOMAS P. HAWLEY, District Judge, Nevada.
Hon. CHARLES B. BELLINGER, District Judge, Oregon.
Hon. JAMES H. BEATTY, District Judge, Idaho...

Washington, D. C.
.San Francisco, Cal.

..Portland, Or.
..Los Angeles, Cal.
.San Francisco, Cal.
.Los Angeles, Cal.

Helena, Mont.

.Seattle, Wash. .Carson City, Nev.

.Portland, Or. . Boise City, Idaho.

1 Resigned June 4, 1903.
2 Appointed Circuit Judge to succeed Henry C. Caldwell.



Page A. Bauer & Co. v. La Societe Bauer & Co. v. La Societe AnonyAnonyme De La Distillerie De

me De La Distillerie De La LiqLa Liqueur Benedictine De

ueur Benedictine De L'Abbaye L'Abbaye De Fecamp. 480 De Fecamp

480 A. Bauer & Co. v. Order of Car- Bauer & Co. v. Order of Carthuthusian Monks, Convent La

sian Monks, Convent La Grande Grande Chartreuse 481 Chartreuse

484 A. Bauer & Co. v. Siegert.... 487 | Bauer & Co. v. Siegert.

487 Abner Doble Co. v. United States 40 B. B. Hill Mfg. Co. v. SawyerAcilia, The

605 Boss Mfg. Co., two cases.... 596 Adam v. Folger... 540! Bell, United States v..

685 American Bell Tel. Co. v. Nation- Bent v. Hall..

246 al Tel. Mfg. Co...... 423 Berger, Fuller v..

588 American Building & Loan Ass'n, Bliss Co., Howell Torpedo Co. v... 514 Bates v. ... 620 | Bloomfield v. Roy...

652 American Health Food Co., Pos Blount, McGuire v..

682 tum Cereal Co. V..... 360 Boker, Coates v....

91 American Nat. Bank y. Watkins.. 111 Brabender v. United States. 679 American Steamship Co. v. In- Bragg v. Wright..

679 demnity Mut. Marine Assur. Co. 56 | Briggs v. Yeal.

572 American Steamship Co. v. Mann- Brittain, Texas State Fair v.. 499 heim Ins. Co....

56 Broad River Tp., Gorham v...... 110 American Steel Barge Co., David- Brooks, Jumeau V.......

081 son v.

86 Brower v. Newburger Cotton Co. 679 American Steel & Wire Co., Raine Brown, Lanyon Zinc Co. v.. 448 V. ..... 684 | Brown, Pender v.....

616 Anchoria, The 452 | Bruen, In re.

79 Anderson v. United States. 678 Buff, United States v..

685 Armitage & Son v. Hanifen. 680 Burney, United States v..

68.5 Ashbourne, The

678 Buston v. Pennsylvania R. Co.... 320 Atlantic Trust Co., Chapman v... 61 Atlantis, The

131 Calivada Colonization Co. v. KroeAustralia, The 568 gher ..

257 Australian Knitting Co. V. Cameron Mill & Elevator Co. v. Wright's Health Underwear Co. 451

Chas. F. Orthwein's Sons...... 613 Australian Knitting Co.

Carew, Scott V.....

68+ Wright's Health Underwear Co. 678 Carroll & Bro. Co. v. Young. 380

Casserleigh v. Wood...

212 Baker-Whiteley Coal Co. of West Chapman v. Atlantic Trust Co... 61

Virginia v. Neptune Nav. Co... 83 Chas. F. Orthwein's Sons, CamerBaldwin, Conyngham V..

650 on Mill & Elevator Co. y..... 613 Bank of Overton v. Thompson. 551 | Chicago, D. & V. R. Co., MerriBashinski v. Talbott.

man V.

536 Bates v. American Building & Chickering v. Chickering & Sons.. 473 Loan Ass'n

620 Chickering & Sons, Chickering v. 475 56 C.C.A.


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Page China & Japan Trading Co. v. Da- Edwards, United States v........ 685 vis 108 | Egan State Bank v. Rice..

157 Cissna, Stockley v..

324 Elgin Milkine Co., Horlick's Food City of Chicago v. Le Moyne.... 278

Co. v.

511 City of Ottumwa, Iowa, v. City Elizabeth City Cotton Mills Water Supply Co.... 219 Loeb

42 City Water Supply Co., City of Elliott v. Felton.

74 Ottumwa, Iowa, v......

219 | Emsheimer y. New Orleans. 189 Claypool Drainage & Levee Dist., English, United States v...

65.3 Rood v. 527 | Ensign Mfg. Co., Safford v..

630 Cleveland Tel. Co., Illinois Com- E. W. Bliss Co., Howell Torpedo mission Co. v... 205 Co. v.

514 Climax Refining Co., Vacuum Oil Co. v. ..

90 | Feder v. Stewart, Howe & May Coates v. Boker.. 94 Co.

138 Cohn, George Frost Co. v.... 185 Felsenheld v. United States. 680 Colonial Brewery, In re.... 679 Felton, Elliott v...

74 Consolidated Traction Co., Dickin- Fenno v. Primrose.

313 son V. 401 | Ferguson, The William E..

164 Conyngham v. Baldwin..

650 | First Nat. Bank v. Florida Cent. Coonrod v. Kelly. 333 & P. R. Co......

681 Cooper, Smith v.. 578 First Nat. Bank v. Selden.

532 Crary, In re.

680 | First Nat. Bank, Sappington v.... 681 Crathorne, The

605 | Fitchburg R. Co., Green v.... 402 Crawford County Bank, Curtice Fitzpatrick v. Graham.

93 174 581 Diamonds v. United States... 122 Crump & Black, Texas & P. R. Flemington Coal & Coke Co. v. Co. v. 685 Wells ...

681 Cummings v. Synnott.

490 Florida, Cent. & P. R. Co. v. First Cunningham, United States v.... 685 Nat. Bank

681 Curtice v. Crawford County Bank 174 Folger, Adam v..

510 Foltz, In re.

681 Daley, Young v...... 686 Fontana, The

365 Dancel, Goodyear Shoe Machinery Forbes V. Merchants' Express & Co. of Portland, Me., V. 300 Transportation Co.

681 Dascher, In re.....

680 | Fowlkes, United States v... David Armitage & Son v. Hanifen 680 | Fred Macey Co., Globe-Wernicke Davidson v. American Steel Barge

30+ Co. 86 Frost Co. v. Cohn.

15.) Davis y. Turner.. 669 Fuller v. Berger...

588 Davis, China & Japan Trading Co. 108 Galt, In re....

470 Dickinson v. Consolidated Trac- George Carroll - & Bro. Co. v. tion Co. 401 Young

380 Dillon, United States v.. 685 | George Frost Co. v. Cohn..

183 Doble Co. v. United States.

40 Globe-Wernicke Co. v. Fred MaDodge, Nevada Nat. Bank V...... 145

.... 304 Dodge, San Francisco Nat. Bank Gloucester Electric Co. v. Kankas 610

681 Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co. of Douglass, United States v.

6SJ Portland, Me., v. Dancel.. 300 Drake, Wulbern v..

613 | Gorham v. Broad River Tp....... 110 Dunning, In re... 680 Graham, Fitzpatrick v.....

95 Dunning v. Smith.

680 Great Western Elevator Co. v. White

388 Eagle Point, The..

599 | Green v. Fitchburg R. Co.. 402

... 685

Co. v. ....

cey Co.

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