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Peace be around thee, wherever thou rovest

May life be for thee one summer's day, And all that thou wishest, and all that thou lovest,

Come smiling around thy sunny way! If sorrow e'er this calm should break,

May even thy tears pass off so lightly, Like spring-showers, they'll only make

The smiles that follow shine more brightly!

Time, who sheds his blight o'er all,

And daily dooms some joy to death, O'er thee let years so gently fall,

They shall not crush one flow'r beneath! As half in shade, and half in sun,

This world along its path advances, May that side the sun's upon,

Be all that shall ever meet thy glances !




While I touch the string, Wreath my brows with laurel,

For the tale I sing, . Has, for once, a moral !

Common Sense, one night, Though not used to gambols,

Went out, by moon-light, With Genius on his rambles.

While I touch the string, &c.

Common Sense went on, Many wise things saying;

While the light that shonë Soon set Genius straying.

One his eye ne'er raised
From the path before him;

T'other idly gazed
On each night cloud o'er him.

While I touch the string, &c.

So they came at last, To a shady river;

Common Sense soon pass'd Safe, as he doth ever.

While the boy, whose look: Was in heav'n that minute,

Never saw the brook
But tumbled headlong in it.

While I touch the string, &c.

How the wise one smiled, When safe o'er the torrent,

At that youth, so wild, Dripping from the current.

Sense went home to-bed, Genius left to shiver

On the bank, 'tis said, Died of that cold river!

While I touch the string, &c.


AIR-Old English.

Then fare thee well, my own dear love,

This world has now for us
No greater grief, no pain above
The pain of parting thus,

Dear Love!
The pain of parting thus !

Had we but known, since first we met,

Some few short hours of bliss, '
We might, in numb'ring them, forget
The deep, deep pain of this,

Dear love!
The deep, deep pain of this.

But no, alas! we've never seen

One glimpse of pleasure's ray,
But still there came some cloud between,
And chased it all away,

Dear love! , -
And chased it all away!

Yet ev'n could those sad moments last,

Far dearer to my heart,
Were hours of grief together past,
Than years of mirth apart,

Dear love!
Than years of mirth apart.

Farewell, our hope was born in fears,

And nursed ’mid vain regrets ;
Like winter suns, it rose in tears,
Like them in tears it sets,

Dear love!
Like them in tears it sets.

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