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Printed and published by and for J. M. GOBBETT, 188, Fleet Street:

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Bancroft Library

Contents of Volume XLVII.

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1. July 5th. To the Electors of the 9.-To William Wilberforce, on

Borough of Southwark, on the the state of the Cotton Factory

recent humbug celebration of Labourers, and on the Speech

Purity of Election."-Straw of Andrew Ryding, who cut

Plat.-Bourbon War: Letters Horrocks with a cleaver.-Mr.
laid before Parliament, April Hollis's case.-Dr. Collyer.
14th 1823.

10.-Rural Ride, through the North
2.-Bourbon War, and State of

East part of Sussex and all

France, compared with that of

England and Ireland.--Ameri-

across Kent, from the Weald

of Sussex, to Dover.

can Apple-Graffs.--Straw Plat.
3.--To Mr. Brougham, on the 11. - Rural Ride, from Dover,
Brewer's Monopoly, and on the

through the Isle of Thanet, by

Church Militant. American Canterbury and Faversham,

Apple-Graffs, and Straw Plat. across to Maidstone, up to

Straw Bonnets.

Tonbridge, through the Weald

4.–To the dear Corn Farmers, on

of Kent, and over the hills by

the King's Speech, announcing * Westerham and Hays, to the

“ the greatest abatement of the


difficulties” of Agriculture. 12.-To Mr. Canning, on his now
5.The Parson and the Boy, or the

Speech at Liverpool; and also

Fire-Shovel Hats in a bustle.

6.-Rural Ride, from the Wen

on the Proceedings at the Din-

ner, given to Mr. Brougham at

across Surry, across the West


of Sussex, and into the South-


Another Fire-Shovel

East of Hampshire.

and another Soldier.Whig

7.-Rural Ride, through the South

Sagacity.State of the Har-

Eastof Hampshire, back through

the South-West of Surry, along

vest.--Impostor of the Farmer's

Journal. --Straw Bonnets.

the Weald of Surry, and then

over the Surry Hills down to 13.-To Mr. Peel, Letter II. show-

the Wen.

ing that his Bill has not been

8. -To Lord Liverpool, on the

carried into effect.- State of
Farms to be let in France.-

the Harvest.-Messrs. Canning
The Straw work.

and Waithman.

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Abergavenny, Lord, 590.
Abbott, Alex. Scott, Esq. Evidence of, 200.
A Court, Mr. 67.
Adams, 21.
Addington, 344.
Alava, General, 786.
Anna Brodie; assertion of, 369.740.
Angouleme, Dake d', 72.783.
Atcheson, Mr. 298.-Evidence of, 982.
America, slavery in, 148.
Austrians; the, 477.
Agricultural Society of Shropshire, 216.
Alresford, 407.
Alton, 414.
America, Southern States of, 479.
America, United States of, 453.
Aran, the river, 338.
Arundale, 338.
Aving don, 395.

Botley, 385.
Buonaparte, Mr. Joseph, 68.
Bayham Abbey, 593.
Buonaparte, 76. 32.
Barrough, Judge, 578.
Buttress, Elizabeth, evidence of, 288,

William, evidence of, 264.

James, evidence of, 264.
Billinghurst, 333.
Beer Bill. Mr. Brougham's, 130.
Byron, Lord, 790.
Brewer's Monopoly, 129.
Brandreth, 472.
Bonnets, Leghorn, 341.
“ Bell's Weekly Messenger," 435.
Bourbon government, 81.
Borough of Southwark, the, 7. 79.
Blackdown, 343.
Bury St. Edmund's, oversoors of, 498.
Burke, pension of, 39.
Barnet, bishop, 418
Buckingham, 465.
Brougham, Mr. 5. 47. 782.771.
Boniface, Mr. 364.
Burdett, Sir F. 21. 42.

Baring, Sir Thomas, 449. 401.
Bailey, Judge, 391. 481.
Bather, John, Esq. 218.
Bavarians, the, 477.
Bayard, Mr. 726.
Baretto, Mr. 671.
Blaney, Lord, 706.
Blanketteers, tho, 344.
Blake, Rev. Charles, evidence of, 302.
Brown, Yates, Esq. evidence of, 302.
Bird, Mr. 399.
Brodie, Rev. Alexander, 320.
Bishops, the King's Letter to the, 602.
Burke's “ dews of taxation," 163.
Bowring, Mr. 492.
Bourbons, the, 478.

tho boaxing of, 388.
Bosanquet, Mr. Serjeant, 265.
Bishop and the Soldier, the, 259.
Bishops Waltham, 393.
Bedhampton, 364.

Cadiz, 73. 244.
Canterbury, 656.
Carrigan, Mr. 297. 311.
Catholics, the cause of the, 150.
Castlereagh, Lord, 458. 490.556,
Camden, Marquis, 592.
Calvert, Mr. 3. 133.
Carlile, Mr., shopman of, 257.304.

sister of, 454. 580.
Canning, Mr. 29.35. 75. 155. 249.
Castlereagh, 85.
“ Classic ground of liberty," Sir James Mac-

intosh's, 86.
Chichester, bishop of, 360.
Clarke, Dr. bis travels, 460.

Botley parson,

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