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“Error of opinion may be safely tolerated, where reason is left free to combat it.”—Jefferson.

Is truth more dangerous than error ?


No. 7 Carter's Alley.


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Page 78—in caption of Alvan Stewart's Speech, for « on a resolution,” read on Patton's reso-
Page 106—twenty-fourth line from top, in part of the edition, for « fourteenth," read sixteenth.

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Al me west end was the forum, on each side of which stood an Ionic column, from which sprang an arch, the soffet or under side whereof was divided into panels filled with roses ; over this arch, in large gold letters, was the motto

“ VIRTUE, LIBERTY, AND INDEPENDENCE,” Behind the arch was a dome divided into panels, supported by pilasters and an entablature of the Grecian Ionic order,--the whole forming a chaste and beautiful arrangement. On this forum was a superb desk or altar, with a rich blue silk panel ; behind this stood the president's chair; on each side of this was a carved chair for the vice presidents; next to these were sofas ; in front of which stood the secretary and treasurer's tables, with chairs to match. All these articles were made of Pennsylvania walnut of the richest quality : the chairs were lined with blue silk plush; the sofas with blue damask moreen; and the tables were hung with blue silk.

The ceiling of the saloon was formed into one large panel, with coves all round the wall ; in the centre of this panel was a ventilator nine feet in diameter, having a sunflower in the centre, with gilt rays extending to the circumference. In the centre of the flower was a concave mirror, which at night sparkled like a diamond. In the corners of the ceiling were four quadrant-shaped ventilators of similar construction to that in the centre.

Over the ventilators were trap doors in the roof, which enabled the audience to have a constant stream of pure air passing through the house, without lowering the windows.

This Hall, which was brilliantly lighted with gas, formed altogether one of the most commodious and splendid buildings in the city.

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