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There is a purse of ducats, let her send it :
Tell her, I am arrested in the street,
And that shall bail me; hie thee, Nave; be gone :
On, officer, to prison ’till it come.

S. Dro. To Adriana! that is where we din'd,
Where Dowfabel did claim me for her husband;
She is too big, I hope, for me to compass.
Thither I muit, altho' against my will,
For servants must their master's minds fulfil. (Exit.

Changes to E. Antipholis's House.

Enter Adriana and Luciana.


Might'st thou perceive austerely in his eye That he did plead in earnest, yea or no? Look'd he or red or pale, or sad or merrily? What observation mad'st thou in this case, Of his heart's meteors tilting in his face ? ?

Luc. First he deny’d.—You had in him no right. Adr. He meant, he did me none, the more my

spight, Luc. Then swore he, that he was a stranger here. Adr. And true he swore, though yet forsworn he


Luc. Then pleaded I for you.
Adr. And what said he ?
Luc. That love I begg’d for you, he begg'd of me.
Adr. With what persuasion did he tempt thy love?
Luc: With words, that in an honest suit might move.

meteors tilting in his troubled heav'n, face ?] Alluding to those me All of one nature of one fulfiance teors in the sky which have the bred, appearance of lines of armies Did lately meet in the intestire meeting in the shock. To this Shock appearance he compares civil And furious close of civil butchery. wars in another place.

WAK BURTON. Which, like the meteors of a


First, he did praise my beauty, then my speech.

Adr. Did'It speak him fair?
Luc. Have patience, I beseech.

Adr. I cannot, nor I will not, hold me still;
My tongue, though not my heart, shall have its will.
He is deformed, crooked, old and * fere,
Ill-fac'd, worse-body'd, shapeless every where ;
Vicious, ungentle, foolish, blunt, unkind,
+ Stigmatical in making, worse in mind.

Luc. Who would be jealous then of such a one ? No evil loft is wail'd, when it is gone. Adr. Ah! but I think him better than I say,

And yet, would herein others' eyes were worse: For from her nest the lapwing cries away;

My heart prays for him, tho'my tongue do curse.


Enter Dromio of Syracuse. S. Dro. Here, go; the desk, the purse; sweet now

make halte. Luc. How hast thou lost thy breath ? S. Dro. By running fast. Adr. Where is thy master, Dromio ? is he well ?

S. Dro. No, he's in Tartar Limbo, worse than hell ; A devil in an everlasting garment hath him, One, whose hard heart is button'd


with steel : A fiend, a fairy, pitiless and rough, 3 A wolf, nay, worse, a fellow all in buff ;

Sere, that is, dri, withered. a Creature, such as, a Devil, a Stigmatical in making] Fier.d, a Wolf, &c. But how That is, marked or figmatized does Fairy come up to these terby nature with deformity, as a rible Ideas? We should readtoken of his vicious difpofition. a Fiend, a Fury, Gr. Throb, 3 A Fiend, a Fairy, pitilefs Mr. Theobald seems to have for

and rough) Diomio here gotten that there were fairies like bringing word in hase that his hobgoblins, pitiless and rough, Master is arrested, describes the and described as malevolent and Bailiff by Names proper to raise mischievous. His emendation Horror and Detestation of such is, however, plausible.


A back-friend, a shoulder-clapper, one that commands
The passages of allies, creeks, and narrow lands;
A hound that * runs counter, and yet draws dry-foot

well; One, that, before the judgment, carries poor souls to hell.

Adr. Why, man, what is the matter?
S. Dro. I do not know the matter; he is 'rested on

the case. Adr. What, is he arrested ? tell me, at whose fuit.

S. Dro. I know not at whose fuit he is arrested, well; but he's in a suit of buff, which 'rested him, that I can tell. Will you send him, mistress, redemption, the mony in his defk? Adr. Go fetch it, sifter. This I wonder at,

[Exit Luciana. That he, unknown to me, should be in debt! Tell me, was he arrested on a bond ?

S. Dro. Not on a bond, but on a stronger thing, A chain, a chain; do you not hear it ring?

Adr. What, the chain ?

S. Dro. No, no; the bell; 'tis time that I were gone. It was two ere I left him, and now the clock strikes one.

Adr. The hours come back! that I did never hear. S. Dro. O yes, if any hour meet a serjeant, a' turns

back for very fear. Adr. As if time were in debt! how fondly dost thou

reason? S. Dro. Time is a very bankrout, and owes more

than he's worth, to season. Nay, he's a thief too; have you not heard men say, That Time comes stealing on by night and day? * A hund that runs counter, The jest consists in the ambiguity

and yet draws dry.foot well;] of the word counter, which means To run counter is to run back- the wrong way in the chase, and ward, by mistaking the course a prison in London. The officer of the animal persued ; to draw that arrested him was a ferjeant dry foot is, I believe, to persue of the counter. For the conby the tra.k or prick of the foot; gruity of this jest with the Scene to run counter and draw dry foot of action, let our authour anwell are, therefore, inconsistent. swer.


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If Time be in debt and theft, and a ferjeant in the way, Hath he not reason to turn back an hour in the day?

Enter Luciana. Adr. Go, Dromio ; there's the mony, bear it strait,

And bring thy master home immediately. Come, sister, I am prest down with conceit;

Conceit, my comfort and my injury. [Exeunt.

[blocks in formation]

Changes to the Street.
Enter Antipholis of Syracuse.
HERE's not a man I meet, but doth

S. Ant.


salute me,

As if I were their well-acquainted friend ;
And every one doth call me by my name.
Some tender mony to me, some invite me ;
Some other give me thanks for kindnesses ;
Some offer me commodities to buy.
Ev'n now a taylor call'd me in his shop,
And show'd me silks that he had bought for me,
And therewithal took measure of my body.
Sure, these are but imaginary wiles,
And Lapland sorcerers inhabit here.

Enter Dromio of Syracuse. S. Dro. Mafter, here's the gold you sent me for ; + what, have you got the picture of old Adam new apparella?

S. Ant. 4 What, have you got the Pic- Servant home for Mony to reture of old Adam new aprarold?] deem him : He running back A short Word or two must have with the Mony meets the Twin Nipt out here, by some Accident Antipholis, whom he mistakes for in copying, or at Press; other. his Master, and seeing him clear wise I have no Conception of of the Officer before the Mony the Meaning of the Passage. The was come, he cries in a SurCase is this. Dromio's Master prize ; had been arrefted, and sent his VOL. III.


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S. Ant. What gold is this? what Adam dost thou

mean? S. Dro. Not that Adam, that kept the paradise ; but that Adam, that keeps the prison ; he that goes in the calves-skin, that was killid for the prodigal ; he that came behind you, Sir, like an evil angel, and bid you forsake your liberty.

S. Ant. I understand thee not.

S. Dro. No? why, 'tis a plain cafe. He that went like a base-viol in a case of leather ; the man, Sir, that, when gentlemen are tired, gives them a fob, and Prests them; he, Sir, that takes pity on decay'd men, and gives 'em suits of durance ; 5 he, that fecs up

his rest

This propor

What, have you got rid of the traordinary length. As the arPicture of old Adam new apja. tills improved the strength of reli'd?

their powder, the soldiers proFor so I have ventur'd to supply, portionably shortned their arms by Conjecture. But why is the and artillery ; so that the cannon Chcer call'd old Alam new ap which Frojart tells us was once parelld? The Allusion is to fifty foot long, was contracted wüam in his State of Innocence to less than ten. going naked; and immediately tion likewise held in their muafter the Fall, being cloath'd in skets ; so that, till the middle of a Frock of Skins. Thus he was the lait century, the musketeers new apparell’d: and, in like always supported their pieces manner, the Sergeants of the when they gave hre, with a Reft Counter were formerly clad in stuck before them into the ground, Bij or Clveliin, as the Au- which they called setting up their thor humorously a little lower Rei, and is here alluded to. calls it.

THEOBALI. There is another quibbling alThe explanation is very good, lution too to the ferjeant's office but the text does not require to of arresting. But what most be amended,

wants animadversion is the mor5 be, thar lets up his reft 10 do ris-pike, which is without meangiore exploits with his mace, than ing, impertinent to the sense, & MORRIS-pike.] Sets up h's Rill, and falte in the allufion; no pike i, a phrase taken from military being used amongst the dancers exercise. When gunpowder was so called, or at least not fam'd first invented, its force was very for much execution. In a word, weak compared to that in pre- Shakespeare wrote, fent uie. This neceffarily re a MAURICE-Pike, quired fire-arms to be of an ex i.e. a Pikeman of Prince Mar.


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