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Who, every word by all my wit being scann'd,
Wants wit in all one word to understand.
Luc. Fy, brother! how the world is chang'd with

When were you wont to use my sister thus?
She sent for you by Dromio home to dinner.

Ant. By Dromio ?
S. Dro. By me?

Adr. By thee ; and thus thou didst return from him,
That he did buffet thee; and in his blows
Deny'd my house for his, me for his wife.

Ant. Did you converse, Sir, with this gentlewoman? What is the course and drift of your compact ?

S. Dro. I, Sir ? I never saw her 'till this time.

Ant. Villain, thou lielt ; for even her very words Didit thou deliver to me on the mart. S. Dro. I never spoke with her in all my

life. Ant. How can the thus then call us by our names, Unless it be by inspiration ?

Adr. How ill agrees it with your gravity, To counterfeit thus grosly with your Nave, Abetting him to thwart me in my mood ? Be it my wrong, you are from me exempt,

6 But wrong not that wrong with a more contempt. Come, I will fasten on this sleeve of thine; Thou art an elm, my husband, I a vine : Whose weakness, marry'd to thy stronger state, Makes me with thy strength to communicate ; If aught possess thee from me, it is dross, Usurping ivy, brier, or idle moss; Who, all for want of pruning, with intrusion Infect thy fap, and live on thy confusion. Ant. To me she speaks ; she moves me for her

theam : What, was I marry'd to her in

- you are from me exempt] the wrong of separation, yet injure Exent, feparated, parted. The not with contempt me who am al{ense is, if I am docmed to fuper ready injured,


my dream?


Or Neep I now, and think I hear all this?
What error drives our eyes and ears amiss ?
Until I know this fure uncertainty,
I'll entertain the favour'd fallacy.

Luc. Dromio, go bid the servants spread for dinner.

S. Dro. Oh, for my beads! I cross me for a sinner, This is the Fairy land: oh, spight of spights ! We talk with goblins, owls, and elvilh sprights ; ? If we obey them not, this will ensue, They'll suck our breath, and pinch us black and blue, Luc. Why prat’st thou to thyself, and answer'lt

not? 8 Dromio, thou drone, thou snail, thou flug, thou fot!

S. Dro.

7 He talk with goblins, owls, inde trahunt.

ard e vish sprights;] Here Grande aput : ftantes oculi : roMr. Theobald calls out in the fira apta rapine : name of Nonsen'e, the first time Canities pennis, unguibus hahe had formally invoked her, to mus inejt. tell him how Owls could fuck Noéte volant, PUERO QUE PEtheir breath, and pinch them black TUNT nutricis egentes ; and blue. He, therefore, alters Et vitiant CUNIS corpura raj Ovis to Ouphs, and dares jay', ta fuis. that his readers will acquiefie in Carpere dicuntur latlantia viscera the jullness of bis emendation. But, rojiris; for all this, we must not part Et plenum poto fanguine gutwith the old reading. He did tur habent. not know it to be an old popu- EA illis ftrigibus nomen : lar superstition, that the foretch

Lib. 6. Fest, owl fucked out the breath and

WARBURTON, blood of infants in the cradle, & W'by prat' tlou to the fif? On this account, the Italians Dromio, thou Dromio, jail, called Witches, who were fup thou flug, thou for!] In the posed to be in like manner mif- first of these Lines, Mr. Rowe chievously bent against children, and Mr. P's pe have both. for what Strega, from Strix, the Screich. Reason I cannot tell, curtailid ow.. This superstition they had the Measure, and diímounted the derived from their Pagan ancel- doggrel Rhyme, which I have tors, as appears from this pas- replac'd from the first Folio. The fage of Orid,

second Verle is there likewise Sunt avide volucres; non quick read; Phineia menfis

Dromio, thou Dromio, thau inai, Guttura fraudar ant : fed genus i huu jug, ihruji.


S. Dro. I am transformed, master, am not I?
Ant. I think, thou art in mind, and so am I.
S. Dro. Nay, master, both in mind and in my shape.
Ant. Thou hast thine own form.
S. Dro. No; I am an ape.
Luc. If thou art chang'd to aught, 'tis to an ass.

S. Dro. 'Tis true; she rides me, and I long for grass. 'Tis so, I am an ass; else it could never be, But I should know her, as well as she knows me.

Adr. Come, come, no longer will I be a fool,

put the finger in the Eye and weep,
Whilft man and master laugh my woes to scorn.
Come, Sir, to dinner ; Dromio, keep the gate ;
Husband, I'll dine above with you to day,
And thrive you' of a thousand idle pranks;
Sirrah, if


Say, he dines forth, and let no creature enter :
Come, sister ; Dromio, play the porter well.

Ant. Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell ?
Sleeping or waking, mad or well advis’d?
Known unto these, and to myself disguis'd ?
I'll say as they say, and persever so;
And in this milt at all adventures go.

S. Dro. Master, shall I be porter at the gate ?
Adr. Ay, let none enter, left I break your pate.
Luc. Come, come, Antipholis, we dine too late.


your master,

The Verse is thus half a Foot tions of Reproach. THEOBALD. too long; my Correction cures 9 And Jhrive you-] That is, that Fault: besides Dione corre- I will call you to conf Jion, and {ponds with the other Appella- make you tell your tricks.




The Street before Antipholis's House. Enter Antipholis of Ephesus, Dromio of Ephesus,

Angelo, and Balthazar.


OOD Signior Angelo, you must excuse us ;

My wife is shrewish, when I keep not hours ;
Say, that I linger’d with you at your shop
To see the making of her carkanet ; '
And that to-morrow you will bring it home.
But here's a villain, that would face me down
He met me on the mart, and that I beat him ;
And charg'd him with a thousand marks in gold;
And that I did deny my wife and house:
Thou drunkard, thou, what didst thou mean by this ?
E. Dro. Say, what you will, Sir; but I know what

I know; That you beat me at the mart, I have your hand to

fhow ;

If the skin were parchment, and the blows you gave

were ink, Your own hand-writing would tell you what I think.

E. Ant. I think, thou art an ass

E. Dro. Marry, so it doth appear
By the wrongs I luffer, and the blows I bear ;

I should

Carkanet seems to have been tainly, This is Cross-purposes in a necklace or rather chain, per- Reasoning. It appears, Dromio haps hanging down double from is an Ais by his making no Rethe neck. So Lovelace in his poem, fittance : becaule an Ass, being The Empress spreads her carcancts. kick’d, kicks again. Our Au

» Marry, so it doth appear thor never argues at this wild By the urong I fuffer, and the Rate, where his Text is genuine. Blows I bear; ] Thus all

THEOBALD. the printed Copies; but, cer I do not think this emenda.

I should kick, being kickt; and, being at that pass, You would keep from my heels, and beware of an ass. E. Ant. Y'are sad, Signior Balthazar. Pray God,

our cheer May answer my good will, and your good welcome here.

Bal. I hold your dainties cheap, Sir, and your welcome dear.

E. Ant. Ah, Signior Balthazar, either at flesh or fish, A table-full of welcome makes scarce one dainty dish. Bal. Good meat, Sir, is common; that every churl

affords. E. Ant. And welcome more common; for that's

nothing but words. Bal. Small cheer, and great welcome, makes a mer

ry feast.

E. Ant. Ay, to a niggardly host, and more sparing

gueit : But tho' my cates be mean, take them in good part; Better cheer may you have, but not with better heart. But, foft; my door is lockt; go bid them let us in. E. Dro. Maud, Bridget, Marian, Cicely, Gillian,

Ginn! S. Dro. (within) Mome, malt-horse, capon, cox

comb, idiot, patch ! Either get thee from the door, or sit down at the hatch: Dost thou conjure for wenches, that thou call'st for

such store, When one is one too many ? go, get thee from the

door. E. Dro. What patch is made our porter ? my master

stays in the street. S. Dro. Let him walk from whence he came, left he

catch cold on's feet.

tion necessary. He first fays, ly observed in conversation, he that his ar ngs and blows prove observes that, if he had been an him an a's; but immediately, ass, he should, when he was with a correction of his former kicked, have kicked again. sentiment, such as may be hour

E. Ant.

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