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Chap, part of my life, my well-known situation, with re.. i gard to his lordship would preclude every motive.

But the same regard to truth which has exposed me to a hostility really formidable, obliges me to acknowledge, that this prelate, notwithstanding some exceptions, has, in this respect, on the whole amount, acted in a manner highly meritorious, and honourable to his character.


Conclusion '^ie rea^ S'a*e o^ ^a®s m a C*VU^ W3T CaD se^0Tn ^fi

known to the public till after a long interval, when the power of faction can up longer suppress the truth, and documents come to light which had before lain dormant. A mass of affidavits may be published, with perfect safety and great emolument, proving the victorious party every way innocent, the vanquished every way guilty. A mass of the like documents would also be published, if it could with safety, proving the vanquished every way innocent and the "victors every way guilty. That both were guilty might naturally be inferred from a comparison of the two by unprejudiced men. If government, which ought to be of no party, should wish, as is said, to be indubitably informed, commissionen might be appointed, empowered to summon witnesses, who should, by the cross-examination of lawyers employed by opposite factions, be obliged to declare the whole truth. The report of such would be a standard by which could be known what accounts had been written with truth for honest purposes, or with falsehood for mercenary and sycophantic

ends. ends. The cowardice, versatility, avarice, cruelty,CH A p.


and duplicity of many factionists, denominated loy-v ¥ '»' alists, would be rendered indubitable to the public. I mention no names, but the consciousness of their guilt will betray itself in their hatred and hostility to me.


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Festus Avienus from the voyage of Himilco the Carthaginian.
Ast hinc duobus, in sacram,* sic insulam
Dixere prisci, solibus cursus rati est.
Hasc inter undas multum cespitem jacit;
Eamque late gens Hibernorum colit.
Propinque rursus insula Albionum patet.

* Iere, the ancient name of Ireland, is supposed to have been mistaken by the poef for a Greek word, and translated Sacra.


Ferocissimi Gallorum sunt qui sub septentrionibus habitant. Dicunt ex iis noimullos anthropophagos esse, sicut Britannos qui Irim incolunt. Lib. 5.

PoMPQNins Mela. Cultores ejus inconditi sunt & omnium virtutum ignari magis quam alix gentes, aliquatenus tamen gnari, pietatjs admodum expertes. Lib. III.



Hibernja insula, inter Hispaniam & Britanniam sita,—hare proprior Britanniac, spatio terrarum angustior, sed ceeli Sojique temperie magis utijis, a Scotorum gentibus colitur.


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