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The Discarded Son, a Tale, and other Rhymes. By C. B. Coles, Esq. 3s. The Social Day; in Four Cantos. By P. Coxe.

With 32 Engravings. royal 8vo. 21. 2s.

Phantoms; in Two Parts, with Myrrha, a Fragment, translated from the Provençal. By J. H. St. Aubyn. 8vo. 6s.

Ahasuerus, the Wanderer; a Dramatic Legend ; in Six Parts. 8vo. 65.

Faust, a Drama, translated from the German of Goëthe, and Schiller's Song of the Bell. By Lord Francis Leveson Gower. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

The Duke of Mercia, an Historical Drama. The Lamentation of Ireland; and other Poems. By Sir Aubrey de Vere Hunt, Bart. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Reginald Dalton. By the Author of Valerius and Adam Blair. 3 vuls. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

Edward Neville; or the Memoirs of an Orphan. 4 vols. 11. 8s.

Petticoat Tales; containing, 1. Dora.-2. Constantia.--3. The Miller of, Calder.-4. Frances Colville.-5. Flirtations of a Fortnight in August.--6. Sambo the Slave.-7. Terui. In 2 Vols. 145.

De Mowbray ; or the Stranger Knight, a Romance. By Nella Stephens. 4 vols. 11. 2s.

Rich and Poor. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Foundling of Glenthorn, or the Smuggler's Cave. By the Author of the Farmer's Three Daughters, &c. 4 vols. 11. 45.

MISCELLANIES. Maria ; or, a Shandean Journey of a young Lady through Flanders and France, during the Summer of 1822. By My Uncle Oddy. 4s.

Points of Humour, Pieces partly Original, partly Selected, illustrated by G. Cruikshank, with numerous Plates and Wood-cuts. royal 8vo. 8s.

A Description of the Tread Mill, with Observations on its Management; accompanied by a Plate, and Description of a New Instrument, &c. Published by the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline. 4s.

The Footman's Directory, and Butler's Remembrancer; or the Advice of Onesimus to his young Friends : comprising Hints on the Arrangement and Performance of their work, with respect both to Time and Manner, &c. &c. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Elements of Natural Philosophy. By Professor Leslie. Vol. I., including Mechanics and Hydrostatics, 8vo. with Engravings. 14s.

The Graces; a Classical Allegory, interspersed with Poetry, and illustrated by explanatory Notes. Together with a Puetical fragment, entitled Pysche among the Graces. Translated from the Original German of Christopher Martin Wieland, 12mo. 7s.

Blossoms of Anecdote and Wit; or Mirth for the Parlour. royal 18mo. 75.

An Epitome of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, in Question and Answer; for the Use of those who intend to enter upon the Study of Metaphysics. 12mo. 2s. 6d.

Reliquiæ Diluviana ; or Observations on the Organic Remains, contained in Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, and on other Geological Phenomena,, attesting the Action of jour Universal Deluge. By the Rev. Wm. Buckland, B.D. F.R.S., &c. Professor of Mineralogy and Geology in the University of Oxford. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d.

Suffolk Words and Phrases ; or an Attempt to collect the Lingual Localisms of that County. By E. Moor, F.R.S. F.A.S., &c. 12no. 10s. 60.

The Farmers; or Tales for the Times, addressed to the Yeomanry of England. By the Aathor. 12mo. 2s. 6d.

The History of Thomas Martin ; or, “ a little that the righteous man hath is better than great riches of the ungodly." 9d.

The History of Fanny Mason. o Not with eye-service as men-pleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God, from the heart."-Ephes. vi. 6. 9d.

The Road to Happiness. 1s. 6d.

Mirth for Midsummer, Merriment for Michaelmas, Cheerfulness for Christmas, Laughter for Lady-Day: forming a Collection of Parlour Poetry, &c. 4s.

Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, and Miscellaneous, of the Novels by the Author of Waverley, with Criticisms, general and particular. By the Rev. R. Warner, Rector of Great Chatfield, Wills. 1940 9s.

Sketches in Bedlam ; or Characteristic Traits of Insanity, as displayed in the Cases of 140 Patients of both Sexes, now, or recently, confined in New Bethlem, &c. By a Constant Observer. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, lately forming Part of the Library of the Duke di Cassanio Serra, and now the Property of George John, Earl Spencer, K.G. with a General Index of Authors and Edi.. cions, &c. By the Rev. T. 'F. Dibuin, F.R.S. S.A. Imperial 8vo. 11. 1s.

The Third Part of Mr. Ottley's Italian School of Desigil, containing 41 Plates, and Letter Press completing the Work. 71, 173. 64. Proufs 101. 10s.


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The Rev. Dr. Russel, of Leith, proposes to publish, by Subscription, a new Edition of Keith'sCatalogue of the Scottish Bishops ; to add a Life of the Authur, and continge the Work to the present time. It will form a handsome Volunie in Octavo.

A Dissertation on the Fall of Man, in which the literal sense of the Mosaic account of that event is asserted and vindicated, by the Rev. George Holden, will be published in a few days.

Mr. Nedham has in the Press, “ Corn Tubles, shewing. the cost of any Number of Quarters and Bushels, from Ten Shillings to Eighty Shillings per Quarter.”

The fifth and sixth Volumes of Dr. Miller's Lectures on the Philosophy of History, are nearly ready for the Press. They will comprize a continuation of the History of this Country to the Revolution, and of the Continental States, as near as could be done to the same period : and consequently will contain an analysis of all the details of the Reformation in various Countries ; together with the Progress of Policy both at Home and Abroad.

Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen. By Walter Savage Landor, Esq. in One Volume, Octavo, will shortly appear.

A Journal of a Tour in France in 1817 and 1818, by Frances Jane Carey, is in the Press.

Flora Domestica, or the Portable Flower Garden, with Directions for the treatment of Plants in Pots, and illus. trations from the Works of the Poets, is preparing for publication, in an Octavo Volume.

Dr. Andrew Ure, is preparing a new Edition of Berthollet on Dyeing ; to which he will add, Notes and Illustrations. It will be comprised in Two Octavo Volumes.

A Classical Assistant to the Study of Homer and Virgil, in the translations of Pope and Dryden, by Mrs. Oom, is in the Press.

The Life of R. B. Sheridan, by Thomas Moore, Esq. is expected to appear early in the ensuing Winter.


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American Indians, advice of ABOLITION of Pauperism in

a veteran warrior

among England, on the likeliest


623 parliamentary means for


617 rous conduct of.......... 625 Abyssinia, mode of adminis

mythology tering the Eucharist in.... 508 of.....

629 superstition and

their manroguery of the Priests in. . ibid.

of worshipping the Abyssinian Christians, on the Deity ...........

ibid. names of......


their feast
of lanterns...

630 bine the customs of Jews

ludicrous and of Savages........., ibid. dress of their Priests .... ibid.

supe- Apostles, Greek in their days rior morality of the Hea

was the universal language then Galla over them.... 509 of Literature

9 Agistment, conduct of the

-, authority exercised Irish gentry on the subject by them in the Church.... 234 of...

211 Asiatic Literature, exaggeAkbas, Emperor, on the Re

rated notions respecting.. 505 ligion introduced by him Asiatics, their ignorance of into India

517 the laws of Criticism .... 510 Alexandria, the Jews of, Authors who have ruined their adopted the Greek lan

Booksellers, secret history guage


144 America, stalactite cave in.. 024 Autography, thcory of...... 147


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Autography, characteristic il-
lustrations in....


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Bartleman, anecdote of.... 63
Bedouin breakfast, solidity
of a.

Bigotry, description of 425
Blenheim, secret history of
the building of...

Blowpipe, historical account
of the use made of the.... 481

, pretended improve-
ments in..

Brooke's, or New-
man's, notice of.i... 483

directions for the
use of the.....

de, the two principal
operations in which it is
employed ....

rules for conduct-
ing experiments with the 486

characteristics de-
veloped by a mineral be-
fore the..........,-...

Blunders, amusing.

Brabmans, ingenuity exer-

cised by them to render
their Chironicles unintelli.

Brain and Nerves, observa-
tions on the...:

Brandy, effects produced by,

on a Bedouin Shehk... 255
British Dramatic talent, the
alleged đecay of, consi-
dered ..

British Colonies, discourage-

ments to members of the

Established Church in.... 492
Brougham, Mr. error of, re-

Camels, singular mode of


specting the Churches of
England and Scotland.... 290
Bruce, confirmation of his ac-

counts of Abyssinia .. 506
Burke, Mr. on the Church of

Burnet's History, extracts

from, with marginal notes
by Swift...

Butler, Bishop, wilful mis-

statements respecting..... 132
Bụtler, Samuel, epitaph on.. 144

treatment towards young 255
Canadas, state of public feel-
ing in the...

virtual ascendancy
of the Romish Church in.. 496

unwise concessions
to parties in....

Presbyterians and
Papists in the....

-, instructions to their
early governors a

effects of the con-
ciliatory system pursued in 499
Carols, or Christmas Songs,
their ancient usage

Chaise, description of a, by a

shepherd's boy...... 178
Charles I. the history of, was

involved in prejudice and
party feeling

-, state of England in
the reign of

conduct of the Par.
liament towards...

Charms, dissertation on 282
Chinese, advantages they pos.

sess over an Englishman
by the longitude of their

Chlorine and Carbon, on a

new compound of....... 317
Christianity, effects produced

by, upon the moral and po-

litical state of Europe..... 239
Church of Rome, necessity of

defending the Establish-
ment against its encroach-

language of
the Homilies respecting the
image worship of....... 90
Church of Ireland, import-

ance of being prepared for

its defence....
Church Government, why so

little said on the subject of,
in the New Testa: ent.... 232



.*. 141


[blocks in formation]

on the

Dissenters Marriage Bill, will

multiply the irregular pub-

lication of bangs.., 607
Domestic Economy of Eng-

land, anticipated danger to

Dublin, Arehbishop of, un-

warranted attack upon.. 109
Dugong, description of the.. 314
Dunkwell Abbey, lines on
the ruins of ...


private property of the.... 580
Church of Scotland, Mr.

Brougham's partiality to
the, explained

Church Psalmody, history of

its origin and progress. ... 449
Clergy, twofold relation of

the, to one another....... 651
Clerical order, difficulties to,

which they are exposed.. 653
Cold, contrivance agaiust,

in Italy and Sicily.. 284
Collins, whimsical mistake

respecting the tomb of..., 375
Commutation of Tithes, at-
tended with danger to the

Cooke's Dr. anecdote of an
amateur musician.....

Cornwall, curious custom ob-

served in, at Christmas.. 307





Dabistan, the object of the.. 521
Dante and Petrarch, parallel

Darius, on inscriptions in the
palace of

Deans of Rochester, curious
fact related of...,

Dean Swift, not an anti-epis-
copalian .....

Death-bed of the Empress

Constantia, poetically de-

Deity, on the attributes of the 206
Desart of Arabia, journey
across the.....

Desatîr, opinion of Mr. Er-

skine respecting the..... 522
Diary, extracts from a.... 442
Divine Counsels, strict unión

of justice with mercy in the 196
Dissenters Marriage Bill, his-
tory of the


Ecclesiastical Polity, scheme

of, familiar to the members
of the Christian commu-

Ecclesiastical Government,
observations on.

Edinburgh Review, the Bi-

shop of London misrepre-
sented by....


T, philip-
pic to the editor of... 139
Edinburgh, prevalence of
Scepticism in.....

Elective Monarcy, secret his-
tory of an..

Elizabeth, Queen, possessed
arbitrary power....


, proclaim.
ed martial law against the
importation of bulls and
forbidden books

......... ibid.
England, government

of, pre-
vious to the reign of Henry

England, Church of, warning
to its Clergy.

England, Literature of, slow

progress it made, till re-

cently on the Continent.. 148
England and Ireland, the
tithe system of

English travellers, respect

shown towards, in Arabia 257
English Parliaments, ingeni.

ous discovery of a French-

man with respect to... 443
Entail, or Lairds of Grippy,

character of its hero 433
Episcopaoy, the apostolical

institution of, considered.. 231

[blocks in formation]
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