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would be wild and desperate to rejent them on account of accidental corruptions : for this would be doubly to beg the question; since first, it would imply that the corruptions of the mode of private proselytism, are only accidental; and secondly, that it was practised by our Lord and his Disciples; whereas the Doctor is .proving that these corruptions are not coci: dental but necessary to private proselytism; and that our Lord and his Disciples did not practise it, but expressly and by example condemned it.

Before we take leave of Dr. Miller's interesting publica. tion, we wish to point the attention of our readers to the following extract, which serves to shew the Christian spirit in which it was written.

“If our Saviour deemed it fitting, that himself and his immediate followers should decline a private and personal communication, which might indeed have procured more numerous proselytes, but would have rendered them partizans rather than Christians, is it not obligatory on all his followers to observe a similar conduct, and to labour for the dissemination of just sentiments of religion, only in that manner which has been sanctioned by His wisdom? And are we not authorized to regard, at least as unsafe friends to religion, all those who engage in practices which appear to have been providently shunned by our Divine Master? It is indeed our bounden duty to endeavour to spread around us the knowledge and the influence of divine truth; but, if we attempt to discharge this duty by intriguing with the vanities and fears, and hopes of individuals, we shall assuredly fail: we may form a great and powerful party, but we shall not aid the cause of true Christianity. There is, however, a method of doing this which is clear from all danger of abuse. Let every one that nameth the name of CHRIST depart from iniquity. Let us endeavour to regulate our own lives, strictly, by the precepts of the gospel, and there will be no difficulty in persuading others to embrace a religion, which they behold so realized to their observation. No iptrigue shall then be necessary for captivating assent, no stratagem of party shall then be required, for adding to the profession of Christianity the importance of numbers. The moral influence of a truly religious example shall, under the Divine Providence, be fully adequate to the accomplishment of the gracious mission of the Saviour of mankind, for He will sanctify with his favour the efforts which are exerted in a conformity to his own example, and will bless them with a powerful operation on the minds of those, who have unhappily been ignorant of the faith or inattentive to its dictates.”

Certainly, we may humbly trust that the Holy SPIRIT of our approving God will give efficacy to such Christian efforts as are here described by Dr. Miller: and we may best assured, that they who under the Divine Grace, shall steadfastly persevere in such conduct, will in no wise lose their high and infinite reward.

We thank Dr. Miller for his interesting Letter to the late Primate of Ireland ; and we recommend to the attention of the public, this short but valuable production.

The conclusion of the review of PALÆOROMAICA will appear in our next Number.




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