Wisconsin Reports: Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Volume 78

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Page 518 - One who gains a thing by fraud, accident, mistake, undue influence, the violation of a trust, or other wrongful act, is, unless he has some other and better right thereto, an involuntary trustee of the thing gained, for the benefit of the person who would otherwise have had it.
Page 508 - In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the Department of the Interior of the United States to be hereunto affixed.
Page 38 - It is indeed the general rule that a policy, and the money to become due under it, belong, the moment it is issued, to the person or persons named in it as the beneficiary or beneficiaries, and that there is no power in the person procuring the insurance by any act of his, by deed or by will, to transfer to any other person the interest of the person named.
Page 432 - It is publicly pledged to those who deal with the corporation for their security. Unpaid stock is as much a part of this pledge and as much a part of the assets of the company as the cash which has been paid in upon it.
Page 667 - ... notice in writing, requiring, in the alternative, the payment of the rent, or the possession of the premises, has been served, in behalf of the person entitled to the rent, upon the person owing it, as prescribed in this title for the service of a precept.
Page 507 - The United States of America, To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas Isaac Gullett of Butler County, Ohio has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States...
Page 481 - It does not deny that it is binding on those whom, on the face of it, it purports to bind; but shows that it also binds another, by reason that the act of the agent, in signing the agreement, in pursuance of his authority, is in law the act of the principal.
Page 480 - There is no doubt that where such an agreement is made, it is competent to show that one or both of the contracting parties were agents for other persons, and acted as such agents in making the contract, so as to give the benefit of the contract on the one hand to, and charge with liability on the other, the unnamed principals ; and this, whether the agreement be or be not required to be in writing by the statute of frauds ; and this evidence in no way contradicts the written agreement.
Page 508 - Eighty acres, according to the Official Plat of the Survey of the said Lands, returned to the General Land office by the Surveyor General...
Page 596 - ... property; that there be offset against any money for which defendants might be entitled to reimbursement the damages due plaintiff for the loss of the possession and use of such property; that plaintiff have judgment for any excess in her damages above any amount due defendants; and that plaintiff have such other and further relief as might be just and equitable in the premises. By answer, defendant denied the alleged breach of the contract and otherwise joined issue. The court did not rescind...

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