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1838. Apr. The Educator. Easton, Pa. into Edited by teachers of Lafayette College. --_August 15 1839. Quotations from State reports, Stowe's report, German, English, and Dutch education, Fellenberg. July. Educational Disseminator. Cincinnati. A. and J. W. Pickett, editors. -- 1838.

Aug. Connecticut Common School Journal. Hartford.

Published under direction of Board of Commissioners of Common Schools: Henry Barnard, secretary of board, editor. Suspended, 1842; revived by Barnard in 1851, as Connecticut Common School Journal and Annals of Education, and edited by him, 1851–1854; continued (new series) as organ of C. S. T. A., 1854–1866, under management of committee of editors. Sent to all school visitors at expense of State during most of the time. A few volumes published at New Britain. + December, 1866.

Jan. Common School Journal. Boston.

Semimonthly. Horace Mann, secretary Massachusetts Board of Education, editor, 1839–1848; William B. Fowle, editor, 1849–1852. -- December, 1852.

Jam. Family and School Visitor. Bangor and Portland, Me.
Cyril Pearl, editor.


Mar. District School Journal for the State of New York. Albany.

First volume issued from Geneva. Francis Dwight, editor, 1840–1845: S. S. Randall, 1846–1847, 1850; Rev. W. H. Campbell and Edward Cooper each editor for a year or more. State subscribed for more than 10,000 copies annually, 1841–1850. United with New York Journal of Education as District §§" Journal of Education of the State of New York, May, 1851. -- April,

1841. Jan. Mirror and Students' Repository. Newbury, Vt. “Devoted to the interests of common school education, science, and literature.” + December, 1841. May. Illinois Common School Advocate. Springfield. Published under auspices, of Illinois State Teachers’ Society; E. R. Wiley and A. T. Bledsoe, publishing committee. Only five numbers issued, MaySeptember. Nov. Mental Cultivator. Poughkeepsie. Isaac Harrington, editor. -- October, 1842. 1842. Apr. Western School Journal. Louisville, Ky. (or Covington?). O. S. Leavitt, editor. -- 1842. 1843. Oct. Southern Educational Journal. Mobile, Ala. F. H. Brooks, editor. (Barnard.) 1844.

Jan. Common School Journal of the State of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. “Published under supervision of the Superintendent of Common Schools of the Commonwealth.” John S. Hart, editor. -- December, 1844. Pennsylvania laws and reports, quotations from Mann and Barnard. Feb. Teachers' and Pupils' Advocate. Philadelphia. E. Rea, editor. (Barnard.) 1845. Sept. Teachers' Advocate. Syracuse, N. Y. * Edward Cooper, oditor, 1845—1847. Removed to New York, united with American Journal of Education, 1847. -- May, 1847. Nov. Journal of Rhode Island Institute of Instruction. Edited by o Barnard and committee of editors. First volume included

# ombers and 13 extras; second and third volumes even larger. -i- January,



Jan. Practical Educator and Journal of Health, Boston.
William W. Cornell, M. D., editor. -- 1849.

July. Essex County Constellation. Newburyport, Mass.

Weekly. John S. Foster, editor. With 16 contributors, four being ministers, the rest chiefly schoolmen. -E June, 1847.

1846. July. Ohio School Journal. Kirtland. A. D. Lord, editor. Removed to Columbus after first year. -- January, 1850, united with School Friend of Cincinnati. Oct. Common School Advocate. Indianapolis. H. F. West, editor. One number published.

Oct. School Friend. Cincinnati.
W. B. Smith & Co. publishers. Gratuitous circulation during first two
years : united with Ohio School Journal, January, 1850, and called School
Friend and Ohio Journal of Education. † September, 1851.
Nov. Free School Clarion. Masillon, Ohio.

Conducted by Dr. W. Bowen until 1848; then by Lorin Andrews and M. D.
Leggett. -- * 1849.

1847. Jan. Connecticut Common School Manual. Hartford. Rev. Merrill Richardson, editor. Two annual volumes issued ; was ther taken over by Connecticut S. T. A. -- December, 1848. Jan. Educational Magazine and Review. Boston. J. W. Ingraham, editor. Only one number issued. (Barnard.)

Jan. Northwestern Educator and Magazine of Literature and Science. Chicago. J. L. Enos and associate editors in 1847; later renos became editor and publisher. -- 1849. The object stated to be the exposure of the dangers : §acious theories of education and setting forth and defense of true princupies. Feb. American Journal of Education. New York. Joseph McKeen, editcr. May, 1847. united with Teachers' Advocate and continued as New York Journal of Education. + May, 1851, consolidated with District School Journal. Feb. Public School Advocate. Houston, Tex. Conducted by Texas Literary Institute. J. W. Miller, P. W. Gray, H. H. Allen, editors. -- 1847; only one or two numbers issued. May. The School Journal and Vermont Agriculturist. Windsor. Bishop and o cditors. Approved by State school commissioner and V. S. T. A. -- April, 1850. July. Monthly Educator. Rochester, N. Y. Parsons E. Day, editor. -- 1848. (Barnard.)

Nor. The Radix or Virginia Public School Advocate. Richmond. S. A. Jewett, editor. -- December, 1847; continued as Southwestern Journal of Education, Knoxville, Tenn. Western School Journal. Cincinnati. W. H. Moore & Co., publishers. Gratuitous circulation. + c 1848. 1848. Jan. Massachusetts Teacher. Boston. Semimonthly during first year. The first monthly periodical conducted by a State teachers' association and edited by board of editors. -- December, 1874, consolidated in New England Journal of Education. Jan. Southwestern Journal of Education. Knoxville, Tenn. one's the Radix of Virginia. S. A. Jewett, editor. -- 1849. (BarInarti. May. Common School Advocate. Belfast, Me. Semimonthly. Edited by secretary of State board of education (Crosby). + “August, 1849. Oct. Southwestern School Journal. Tennessee.

Rev. D. R. McAnally and Rev. Thomas MacIntire, the first principal of female academy, the second of East Tennessee Deaf and Dumb Institution, were editors. -- 1849.


Jun. Practical Teacher. Providence, R. I.
W. S. Baker, editor. -- 1849. (Barnard.)


Jan. Ohio Teacher and Western Review. Cincinnati.
Thomas Rainey, editor. -- 1851.

1 S50. ' June. Eclectic Journal of Education and Literary Review. Chicago. O. F. Bartlett, editor; succeeded by Dr. N. S. Davis, April, 1851, editor of one number. -- April, 1851. July. Free School Clarion. Syracuse. W. L. Crandall, editor. A campaign paper in the interest of the frce school law thought to be in danger at the polls. -- 1850. Oct. Journal of Education. Bath, Me. Semimonthly. J. T. Huston, editor. -- 1853.

Nov. Teachers' Magazine. Pittsburgh.
J. J. Buchanan, editor. -- 1850. (Barnard.)

Northwestern Journal of Education. Madison, Wis. O. M. Conover, editor. -- 1850. (Barnard.) 1852. Jan. Ohio Journal of Education. Columbus. (Published at Salem, 1876–1881; Akron, 1882–1895.) Established under auspices of O. S. T. A., conducted by resident editor and committee until 1858; called Ohio Educational Monthly beginning with 1860; E. E. White, “ditor, 1861–1875; W. D., Henkle, 1875–1881; Samuel Findley, 1882–1895; O. T. Corson, 1895— Continued, 1916– Jan. Rhode Island Educational Magazine. Providence. Conducted by E. R. Potter, State commissioner of public schools. Sent gratuitously to school officers by means of public contributions. -- December, 1853 Feb. American Educationist and Western School Journal. A. D. Wright, editor for first three numbers, issued from Indianapolis; B: , K. Maltby, editor of remaining three numbers, issued from Cleveland, Ohio. + 1852. July. Pennsylvania School Journal. Lancaster. A continuation of a Lancaster County educational journal begun six months earlier; the official school journal of the State, sent at State expense to school boards, except for short intervals, from 1855 to the present. State superintendents have been the editors; Burrowes, 1852–1871; Wickersham, 1871–1882; Higbee, 1882—1889; Waller, 1889–1893 : Schaeffer, 1893– McCaskey was associate editor in 1866– Continued, 1916. 1853. Jan. District School Journal of Education of the State of Iowa. Dubuque. R. R. Gilbert, editor. Name became Iowa Journal of Education at beginning of second volume. -- At close of Vol. II, 1854. Jan. Southern School Journal. Established at Columbus; Vol. II published at Madison. Published as private venture by Rev. T. F. Scott; in November, 1853, G. S. T. A. adopted it as official organ and appointed committee of editors, most of them ministers. + January, 1855. Jan. The Teacher and Western Educational-Magazine. St. Louis. John H. Tice, superintendent of St. Louis schools, editor. -- December, o.

Oct. New York Teacher. Albany.

Established as organ of N. Y. S. T. A... edited by board appointed by association, T. W. Valentine, first resident editor; J. Cruikshank, resident editor, 1856–1866; large subscription at expense of State, 1855–c.1865. -- September, 1867— subscribers received American Educational Monthly which for two years added New York Teacher to its title.

1854. Jan. Michigan Journal of Education. (Detroit, 1854–1858; 1861; Ann Arbor, 1859–1860.) Established by M. S. T. A., Rev. J. M. Gregory, first resident editor, assisted by board of editors; circulated at State expense, 1857–1861. -- September, 1861. Jan. Western Teachers' Advocate. Louisville, Ky. Edward A. Cooper, editor. -- 1854.

Delaware School Journal.
A. H. Grimshaw and others, editors. Only a few numbers issued.
Indiana Journal of Education.
J. H. Gilkey, editor. (Barnard.)

Teachers' Woice and Vermont Monthly Magazine.
Under sanction of W. S. T. A. Z. R. Pangborn, editor. -- 1855.

Jan. Journal of Education. New Orleans.

Jan. Journal of Education. Washington, D. C.
D. B. De Bow, editor. -- 1855. (Barnard.)

Jan. Teachers' Institute. Brownsville, Pa.
L. F. Parker, editor. -- 1855. (Barnard.)

Feb. Illinois Teacher.
(Bloomington, 1855; Peoria, 1856–1872.) , Established as organ, of State
Teachers' Institute and conducted by board of editors until 1859; represented
State superintendent more or less officially most of the time until sold to the
Schoolmaster, Normal, February, 1873.
lsar. Rhode Island Schoolmaster. Providence.

First two volumes edited by Rev. Robert Allyn, State school commissioner; W. A. Mowry, editor, 1857–1860; edited by committee of R. I. Institute of Instruction, 1860-1869; after iapsing from March to October it was revived by T. W. Bicknell, commissioner of IRhode Island, and chiefly edited by him until §: + December, 1874; consolidated in New England Journal of Educaon. Aug. American Journal of Education. Hartford, Conn.

Quarterly. First two numbers issued as American Journal of Education and College Review, with Henry Barnard and Rev. Absalom Peters as editors. After this Henry Barnard, editor. -- 1881. Wisconsin Educational Journal. Janesville. - James Sutherland and George S. Dodge, editors. -- 1856. Transferred to Wis. S. T. A. 1856. Jan. American Journal of Education and College Review. New York. Rev. Absalom Peters, editor. -- 1857.

Jan. Indiana School Journal. Indianapolis.

Established as organ of I. S. T. A.; W. D. Henkle, first resident editor; association elected editors in of the State superintendent, exercising decreasing control until 1870, when the journal was sold to G. W. Hoss and . A. ll ; Bell became sole editor August, 1871, remaining editor until June, 1899. Continued as Educator-Journal, 1916. Jan. Southwestern School Journal. Louisvilla, Ky.

J. Heywood and N. Butler, editors. -- 1857.

Mar. Wisconsin Journal of Education. Madison. (Racine, 1856–1857.) Conducted by Wis. S. T. A., with resident editor and board until 1865; received State aid, 1857–1864; suspended, 1865; revived, 1881, by State superintendent. Continued, 1916. Sept. North Carolina Common School Journal. + 1857. Northwestern Home and School Journal. Chicago. J. T. Eberhart, editor in 1859. -- 1862. 1857. Jan. Educational Journal. Forsyth, Ga. Weekly. G. T. Wilburn, editor. Devoted to education, with attention also to “arts, science, and news.” + 1861. Jan. Educational Journal. Montgomery, Ala. William F. Perry, State superintendent, editor. -t 1858. Jan. Journal of Education. Manchester. (Concord.) Established by Rev. N. E. Gage; conducted by N. H. S. T. A., after first year; published at Concord ; H. E. Sawyer, resident editor. It December, 1862. Jan. School Wisitor. Knoxville, Ohio. A. Clarke, editor. -- 1857. (Barnard.) Jan. The Voice of Iowa. Cedar Rapids.

Organ of State superintendent of schools, I. S. T. A. and Iowa Phonetic Association. J. L. Enos, editor, assisted by 15 others elected by I. S. T. A. + October, 1858.

Har. Educational Herald and Musical Monthly. New York.
O. St. John, editor. Conducted until “ 1864.

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1857. July. Missouri Journal of Education. St. Louis. Established as organ of M. S. T. A. Ira Divoll, local editor. Only one full number issued. July. School Journal. Philadelphia. G. N. Townsend, editor. It 1859. (Barnard.)

Sept. The Normal. Lebanon, Ohio.
J. Holbrook, editor. -E 1857. (Barnard.)

Our Schoolday Visitor. Philadelphia.

Jan. North Carolina Journal of Education. Greensboro.
Established by N. C. S. T. A. and conducted by board of editors, J. D.
Campbell, resident editor. H- May, 1861.
Jan. Sargent's School Monthly. Boston.
E. Sargent, editor. -- December, 1858.

May. Missouri Educator. Jefferson City. Thomas J. Henderson, first editor, assisted by board selected by M. S. T. A. + October, 1860. June. Maine Teacher. Portland, Me. Edited by State superintendents; M. H. Dunnell, 1858–1860; E. P. Weston, 1861–1864, assisted part of the time by a dozen_associates appointed by M. S. T. A. Title is Maine Journal of Education and School Officer, 1862. -- 1864. Oct. Alabama Educational Journal. Montgomery. Conducted by S. T. A. Noah K. Davis, resident editor, with 12 associates and State superintendent. ex officio. + 1859. * Nov. Teachers' Journal. Allentown, Pa. R. W. McAlpine, editor. -- June, 1859.

Journal of Progress. Cincinnati.

John Hancock, editor. Advocate of phonography; contributions from Fo Ohio teachers; o rinted in phonetic alphabet. Same pub#;"; Longley Bros., conducted similar journal, Type of the Times, precedg this.

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1859. Feb. Kentucky Family Journal (Educational Monthly). Louisville, Ky. Weekly. Established under K. S. T. A., discontinued by resolution, 1859; succeeded by Educational Monthly, November, 1859, with E. A. Holyoke as resident-editor, aided by board of nine editors. -E • August, 1860. Apr. Vermont School Journal and Family Visitor. Montpelier. Established through efforts of W. S. T. A. -- 1865.

May. Literary Advertiser and Public School Advocate. Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Rev. S. S. Howe, editor. -- October, 1860.

May. The Educator. Pittsburgh. - Under auspices of the West Pa. T. A. Rev. Samuel Findley, editor. April, 1861, became Pennsylvania Teacher; issued simultaneously from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. July. Iowa School Journal. Des Moines. T. H. Benton, secretary, State board of education, editor. -- September, 1862, united with Iowa Instructor. July. Southern Teacher. Montgomery, Ala. Bimonthly ; later became monthly. W. S. Barton, editor. Suspended in summer of 1861. Aug. Tennessee Journal of Education. Richmond. C. L. Randolph, editor. (Barnard.)

Oct. Iowa Instructor. Davenport.

(Vol. II published at Tipton.). Published by committee of I. S. T. A., consolidated September, 1862, with Iowa, School Journal, the resulting periodical carrying both names for several years; published at Des Moines after 1862; edited by committee of I. S. T. A. until August, 1870; name changed to Iowa School Journal, then to Common School. = * 1877.

Nov. The Educator. Baltimore.
- J. N. McGilton, editor. -E 1859.

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