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“Neque enim est ulla res, in qua proplns ad Deorum numen virtns accedat humana
quam civitates aut condere novas, aut conservare jam conditas."—Cic. de Repub.

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Ebtxbkd, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1801, by


In lie Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York.

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Adam*' Inaugural Address—His conflicting feelings—Dislike of Wash-
ington's Cabinet—Washington and Hamilton called jugglers—Tem-
per of the Cabinet—A commission to France—Cabot to be one—
suggested—Adams proposes mission to Jefferson—and nomination
of Gerry, Madison, and Pinckney—Adet urges mission of Jeffer-
son—Adams' tirade against Jefferson and Pinckney—Notion of the
Vice-Presidency—Prejudice against France ; her military successes;
arrogant policy; insulting deportment toward Pinckney; refusal

. to receive a minister until redress of grievances by U. 8. Overture

of Pinckney disregarded—Refusal to confer with him—Decree vio-

lating the treaty with U. S. announced—Public reception of Mon-

roe, who commends the constitution of France—Reply of Barras,

assailing the American Government and extolling the people—

PL-ckney to leave France—Democratic presses defend the insults by

France—Defence of U. S. by Pastoret and censure of French cap.

lives, .......


Hamilton to Pickering—Advice as to measures of Government—Reply of
Pickering—Hamilton urges Tracy to propose a commission, includ-
ing Jefferson or Madison—His advice to McHenry—Efforts to pre-
serve peace—Preparations for war—An internal invasion—Final
preservation of peace—Pickering's statement of treatment of Pinok-

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