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1793. June, Commissioners correspond with Governor Simcoe.

July 15, Commissioners meet Brant and hold a council.
July 21, Commissioners at Elliott's house, mouth of Detroit river.
July 31, Commissioners meet Indian delegates.
Aug. 16, Final action of the commissioners and Indians.
Oct. 7, Wayne leaves Cincinnati with his legion.
Oct. 13,

Wayne encamps at Greenville.
Oct. 24,

Wayne is joined by Kentuckians under Scott.
Oct. 17,

Lowry and Boyd attacked.
Nov. French emissaries sent west.
Dec. 25, Field of St. Clair's defeat taken possession of by Wayne's troops.
Dec. 25,

Dissatisfaction in the West.

Opposition to excise feebler. 1794. January, Whiskey riots recommence.

February, Lord Dorchester's speech to Indians. V
February, The Mingo Creek Association formed.
Spring, Wayne prepares for his campaign.

General Simcoe builds a fort on the Maumee..
April, Democratic society formed at Pittsburgh.
May, Spaniards offer help to Indians.
May, French emissaries forced to leave west.
Summer, Contest respecting Presqu'isle.
June 30, Indians attacked Fort Recovery,
June, Suits commenced against whiskey rioters.
July 16, First gathering about Neville's house.
July 17, Neville's house burnt.
July 23, Meeting at Mingo Creek.
July 26, Mail robbed by Bradford.
July 26, Scott, with 1600 men, joins Wayne.
Aug. 1, Great gathering at Braddock's field.
Aug. 7, Washington issues proclamation against whiskey rioters.
Aug. 8, Wayne near Maumee.
Aug. 13, Wayne sends his last peace message to Indians.
Aug. 18, Wayne builds Fort Deposit.
Aug. 20, Wayne meets and conquers Indians.
Aug. 21, Commissioners of government meet committee of rioters.
Sept. British try to prevent Indians making peace.
Sept. 11, Vote taken upon obedience to the law in Pennsylvania.
Sepi. 25, Washington calls out militia.
Sept & Oct Fort Wayne built.

Dec. 28, Indians ask for peace of Colonel Hamtramck. 1795. Jan. 24, Indians sign preliminaries of a treaty. .

Spring, Prisoners are interchanged,
May, Connecticut prepares to sell her reserve.
June 16, Council of Greenville opens.
July, The Baron de Carondelet writes Sebastian.
July, Jay's treaty formed.
Aug. 3, Treaty of Greenville'signed.
Aug. 10, Council of Greenville closed.
August, Grant by Congress to Gallipolis settlers.
Sepi 5 or 9, Connecticut sells Western Reserve to Land company.
Oct. 27,

Pinckney concludes treaty with Spain.
Nov. 4, Dayton laid out.

Chillicothe founded.
M. Adet, French Minister, sends emissaries to disaffect the west to

the union.

Sebastian visits the southwest.
Sept. Cleveland laid out and named.

British give up posts in northwest.
August, Difficulties with Spain begin.
August, General Wayne died.

August, First paper mill in the west. 1797.

Power visits Kentucky, and writes to Sebastian.
Oct. Daniel Boone moves west of Mississippi.

Oct. Occupying claimant law of Kentucky passed, 1798.

W. H. Harrison appointed secretary of Northwest territory.
Alien and sedition laws passed.
Nullifying resolutions in Kentucky.

Death abolished in Kentucky, except for murder.
Dec. Representatives for Northwest territory first chosen.

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1799; Feb. 4, Representatives of Northwest territory meet to nominate candidates

for Council.
February, Kentucky constitution amended.
February Internal improvements talked of in Kentucky.
Sept. 24, Assembly of Northwest territory organizes at Cincinnati.
Oct. 6,

W. H. Harrison appointed delegate in Congress for N. West territory. 1800. May 7, Indiana territory formed. May 30, Connecticut yields jurisdiction of her reserve to the U. States, and U.

States gives her patents for the soil.
Oct. 1,

Treaty of St. Ildefonso.
Nov. 3, Assembly of Northwest'territory meets at Chillicothe.
Nov. 3,

First missionary in Connecticut Reserve. 1801.

W. H. Harrison appointed Governor of Indiana territory.
St. Clair re-appointed Governor of Northwest territory.
Cincinnati, in place of Chillicothe, again made seat of government for

Northwest territory.
Dec. Thomas Worthington goes to Washington to procure the erection of

Ohio into a state.
1802. January, University at Athens, Ohio, established.

January, First Bank in Kentucky.
April 30, Congress agree that Ohio may become a state.
Oct. 16, The Spanish Intendant forbids the use of N. Orleans by the Americans
Nov. 1, Convention meets to form a constitution for Ohio.

Nov. 29, Constitution formed.
1803. April, New Orleans opened to Americans again.

April, Livingston and Munroe in France-purchase Louisiana.
April, Lands located for Miami University
April, Miami Exporting Company chartered.
Oct. 21,

The Senate ratify the purchase of Louisiana.
Dec. 20, Louisiana given up to the Americans.
1804. March 26, Louisiana organised.

May 14, Lewis and Clarke start on their expedition. 1805. Jan. 11, Michigan territory formed.

June 11, Detroit burned to the ground.
June, Burr visits the west.

General Assembly meet in Indiana territory.
June, Tecumthe and the Prophet begin to influence the Indians.

Steps taken to make National road. 1806. July 29, Burr's letter to Wilkinson.

Aug. Spaniards cross the Sabine.
Aug. 21, Burr goes west ; is at Pittsburg.
Sept. Lewis and Clarke return from Oregon.
Nov. Davies tries to arrest Burr.
Dec. 6, Sebastian found guilty by Kentucky House of Representatives.
Dec. 10,

Burr's men go down the Ohio.
Dec. 14, Burr's boats and stores arrested.

Burr meets his men at the mouth of the Cumberland.
1807. Jan. 17, Burr yields to civil authority of Mississippi.

Burr escapes and is seized.

Burr's trial at Richmond.

Slavery finally forbidden in Indiana. 1808.

Bank of Marietta chartered.

Bank of Chillicothe chartered.
June, Tecumthe and the Prophet remove to Tippecanoe.

Illinois territory formed.
Feb. 17,

Miami University chartered.
1810. August, Meeting of Tecumthe and Harrison at Vincennes.
1811. July, Tecumthe goes to the south.
August, Harrison proposes to visit


Harrison marches toward Tippecanoe.

First steamer (New Orleans) leaves Pittsburg.
Nov. 7, Battle of Tippecanoe.

Dec. 16, Great earthquakes begin.
1812. June 1, General Hull marches from Dayton.

June 28, British at Malden hear of the declaration of war.

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Jan. 18,

1812, July 1, Hull sends men and goods by water to Detroit.

July 2, Hull hears of the declaration of war.
July 12, Americans at Sandwich.
July 17, Mackinac taken by the British.
Aug. 7, Hull retires to Detroit.
Aug. 13, Brock reaches Malden.
Aug. 14, Brock at Sandwich.
Aug. 16, Brock before Detroit.
Aug. 16, Hull surrenders.
Aug, 15, Massacre of troops near Chicago.
Sept. 8, Fort Harrison attacked.
Sept. 17, W. H. Harrison appointed Commander in Northwest.

General Hopkins attacks the Indians on the Wabash.

Governor Edwards attacks the Indians on the Illinois.
Dec. Colonel Campbell attacks the Indians on the Missisinneway.
1813. Jan. 10. Winchester reaches the rapids of Maumee.
Jan. 17, Sends troops to Frenchtown.

British at Frenchtown defeated.
Jan. 22,

Americans defeated at Frenchtown, with great loss.
Jan, 23, Massacre of the wounded.
Jan. 24, Harrison retreats to Portage river.
Feb. I,

Harrison advances to Maumee, and builds Fort Meigs.
April 28, Fort Meigs besieged.
May 5, General Clay reaches Fort Meigs; Dudley's party lost.
May 9, British return to Malden.
July 18, British fleet prepare to attack Erie.
July 31, Fort Stephenson besieged.
Aug. 2, Siege of Fort Stephenson raised.
Aug. 4, Perry's vessels leave Erie.
Sepi. 10, Victory by Perry, on lake Erie.
Sept. 27, American army at Malden.
Sept. 29, American army at Sandwich.

Oct. 5, Battle of the Thames.
1814. Feb. Holmes's expedition into Canada.

Feb. J. C. Symmes died.

Expedition under Croghan against Mackinac.
July, Fort Shelby, at Prairie du Chien, taken by the British.
July 22, Treaty with Indians at Greenville.
Oct. Nov. McArthur's expedition into Canada.
Dec. 24,

Treaty of Ghent. 1815.

Various treaties with Indians.
Feb. Ohio taxes the Banks.
1816. March, Pittsburgh incorporated.

March, Columbus made capital of Ohio.
Dec. Bank of Shawneetown chartered.
Dec. General Banking law of Ohiu passed.

Dec. 11, Indiana admitted to the Union.
1817. September, Northwest of Ohio bought of Indians.

Jan. & Oct. United States bank opens branches in Cincinnati and Chillicothe. 1818. Aug. 26, Illinois becomes a State. 1819.

The first steamer on Lake Erie. September, Contest of Ohio and the United States bank. 1820. December, Nullification resolutions of Ohio.

Nov. 23, Missouri admitted to United States.

May, Cass visits Lake Superior, &c. 1822 Jan. 31, Ohio moves in relation to canals. Jan. 31,

Ohio moves in relation to schools. 1823. Feb. 14, Illinois moves in relation to canals. 1825. Feb. 4 & 5, Ohio passes canal and school laws. 1826.

The first steamer on Lake Michigan. 1830.

Treaty by Keokuk at Prairie du Chien. 1831.

Blackhawk driven west of Mississippi. 1832.

First steamer at Chicago.
Blackhawk crosses Mississippi again.

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1835. May,

1836. Sept.

1832. February, Great flood in Ohio.

May 14, Stillman's defeat.
May 21, Indian creek settlement destroyed.
July 21, Blackhawk defeated on Wisconsin.
Aug. 2, Blackhawk defeated on Mississippi.
Aug. 27, Blackhawk delivered to United States.

Cholera among Scott's troops and along Lakes.
Sept. Treaty with Indians.

Cholera at Cincinnati and along the Ohio.
Michigan asks admission to United States.
Congress offers her conditions.

Terms offered Michigan rejected.

Terms in a second Convention agreed to. 1837.

Michigan admitted.

Alton riots, Lovejoy killed. 1838.

Contest with Mormons in Missouri. 1839.

Bank Commissioners appointed in Ohio. 1840. Spring,

Nauvoo founded.

Cincinnati Astronomical society founded. 1843.

Illinois banks closed by Legislature. Nov. Corner stone of Cincinnati Observatory laid. 1844. June 27, Joe Smith killed. 1845.

Banking law of Ohio creating & State bank with branches, and

independent banks. April,

Observatory at Cincinnati finished,

1842. May,



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