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during the Session of 1819, relative the paper-money, and the



No. L. A Lotter" to Messrs. Johason, form could produce to them.-Lot-

Bagueley, and Drummond, on their ter to Mr. Hunt.
Imprisonment, and on the Line of 13. Letter to Mr. James P. Cobbett,
Conduct which they ought to pur- on Mr. Cobbett's Progress from

são; and on Political Shoy-hoys. Liverpool to London, and on the
2. Letter IX, to Mr. Hunt, on the re- State of Public Affairs in England

cent Tricks of the Boroughmongers, at that time,
relative to their main Prop, their

14. Letter to the Earl of Liverpool,

on the present State of the Country,

3. Letter X. to Mr. Hunt, on the same and on the Measures proposed to be


adopted at the present time.--Letter,

4. Letter IX. to Mr. Hunt, on the to Mr. J. P. Cobbett, about Wright,

Workings of the Poor Laws.

15. Letter II. to the Earl of Liver-

3. Letter to Lord Viscount Folkestone, pool, on the Powers of Taxation to

on the Proceedings in Parliament, produce Misery; and on the Speech

of Mr, Baring relative to the Taxes,

to the Paper-money.-Letter to Mr.
Hunt, on the Confusion introduced 16. To the Reformers of the whole
by him 'at Mr. Peel's City Finance Kingdom, and Prospectus to the
Meeting, &c.

Daily Evening Post.
6. Letter II, to Lord Viscount Folke-11. To the Female Reformers of the
stone, on the Progeedings in Par:

llament during the Session of 1819,

18. To the Reformers of England,
relative to the Paper-money.

Scotland, and Ireland.

7. Lotter XII. to H. Hunt, Esq. on

19. Letter to Earl Grosvenor, on his

the Meeting at the London Tavern, Speech of the 17th December last;

on the 18th of May, 1819, relative

on the Inducement for Englishmen

to the Bank Note affairs.

with Families and with Capital to go

8. Letter to Sir R. Peel, on the Peti.

to settle in the United States of Ame.
tion presented by him against the rica; and on the President's most
Resolutions, in Parliament, relative important Speech of December last.
to the Specie Payments.---Letter to 20. A Plan for the promotion of So.

Mr. Hunt on Paper-money affairs. briety and Frugality, and an abhor-

9. To the Female Reform Society of rence of Gaming.


21. To the Bishop of Landaff, on a

10. Letter to the Prince Regent, on Speech published in the Courier on

the wild and visionary Schemes of

the 11th of December last, purport-

the Boroughmongers.

ing to be a Speech delivered by him

11. Letter II. to the Prince Regent, on the 10th of that month, in which

on bis Proclamation against the Re. Speech is contained certain Re-


marks relative to the Subjects of

12. Letter to the Middle Classes of Blasphemy and that of Paine's Age

England, on the benefits which Re- of Reason.



Bancroft Library


Fitzwilliam, Earl, 361.
Atwood, Mr, 201, 229.

Files, M. 516.
Adams, 16.

Flower, Mr. George, 703.
Auckland, Lord, 255.

Frend, Mr. William, 206.

Bagueley, 1.

Gillray, 2.
Burdett, Sir F. 23, 24, 29, 47, 62, 124, Grenville, Lord, 29, 138, 141, 142, 149,
-211, 233, 494.

157, 221, 246, 305, 318.
Bagot, Mr. 49.

Grenfell, 198.
Brutus, 89.

Gifford, Wm. 199)
Bourne, Mr. Sturges, 105.

Goldsmith, 246.
Binns, John, 126.

Garnier, 284.
Benbow, Mr. 125.

Grose, Judge, 305.
Bentham, Mr. Jerry, 127.

Grey, Mr. 423.
Becket, Mr. 199.

Grey, Lord, 466.
Baring, Mr. 246, 298, 450, 465. Grosvenor, Lord, 500, 779.
Burke, 254, 421.

Gibbon, 633, 732.
Bedford, Duke of, 308.

Blackstone, Sir Wm. 327, 749.

Harrison, Mr. 330.
Birch, 339.

Haines, Richard, 15.
Brougham, Mr. 362, 378, 488.

Hone, Mr. 31.
Bayley, Judge, 365.

Hunt, Mr. 33, 66, 148, 199, 228, 241,
Bennet, Mr. 378.

246, 249, 495.
Barker, Jacob, 412, 504.

Horner, Mr. 145, 222, 245, 370.
Birckbeck, Mr. 703.

Hume, Mr. 299.
Belsham, Mr. 725.

Hun, Mrs. 310, 369.

Holland, Lord, 466, 631. .
Cobbett, Charles, 15.

Hulme, Mr. 631.
Castlereagh, Lord, 26, 28, 132, 135,

221, 241, 247, 254, 318, 334.

Johnson, 1, 10.
Cobbett, Mr. 67, 120, 189, 224. Johnson, Dr.7.
Chatham, Lord, 80.

Chopstick, John, 99, 370.

Kotesbue, 88, 90.
Calvert, Mr. 107.

Knight, Thomas, 15.
Chamberlayne, Mr. 23, 28, 378. Kitchen, Alice, 259.
Canning, Mr. 133, 247, 318, 369.

Cartwright, Major, 197,

Landaff, Bishop of, 717.
Castles, 199.

Liverpool, Earl of, 221, 362, 417, 449.
Clarke, Mrs. 314.

Lamb, 359.
Coburg, Prince of Saxe, 336, 894.

Lowndes, Lieut.-Col. 280.
Cashman, 341.

Locke, Mr, 106.
Cobb, Captain, 387, 777.

Lauderdale, Earl of, 144.
Coigley, Father O’, 573.

Little Shilling, Lord, 185.
Clay, Mr. 617.

Lopez, Sir M. M. 638.
Cochrane, Lord, 620.
Cobbett, Mr. J. P. 699.

Carlisle, 730, 776.

Morrell, 22, 23.

Minchin, 52, 67.
Drummond, 1.

Malthus, 99, 111, 120, 492.
Dallas, Mr. 249.

Mansfield, Mr, 107,
Dick, Mr. Quintin, 329, 638.

Milton, Lord Viscount, 254, 688.
Duan, Mr. 573.

More, Mrs. Hannah, 267.

Mansfield, Countess of, 279.
Elliot, Mr. Wm. 133.

Macqueen, Major Potter, 280.
Ellice, Edward, 156, 216, 378.

Maddocks, Mr. 334.
Eaton, D. I. 773.

Moore, Peter, 378.

Mitchell, Judge, 385.
Fox, Mr, 365, 422.

Manners, Mr. 533.
Fearon, Mr. 127.

Monroe, James, 612.
Folkestone, Lord Viscount, 129, 143,

154, 161, 450.

Northington, Lord, 278.

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Saxton, S. 516.
Oliver, 199.

Stewart, Peter, 533.
Ogden, " the revered and ruptured,” Stewart, Daniel, 533.

Swann, Mr. 638.

Smith, Mr. Wm: 725.
Palmer, Fyshé, 23; 278.

Sandt, 88, 89.
Pitt, Mr. 31, 228, 237, 238, 255, 364,

422, 471.

Titus, Mr. 17.
Perkins, Mr. 49, 50, 54.

Tarquin, 89.
Paine, 92, 131, 231, 255, 364, 422, 471, Tell, William, 89.
599, 709, 730, 778.

Tierney, Mr. 175, 188, 232, 294, 428.
Peel, Mr. 121, 154, 155, 318, 362. Temple, Earl of, 280.
Peel, Sir Robt. 195, 222, 226, 236, 248. Taylor, Mr. 466, 479.
Perry, 242, 316, 374, 473, 495.
Perceval, 246.

Vansittart, Mr. 254, 365.
Plunkett, Mr. 684.

Voltaire, 730,

Rose, George, 29, 504.

Waithman, Alderman, 22, 24, 47, 69,
Ricardo, 80, 82, 108, 156, 216, 618.

211, 316.
Ryder, 134.

Wilson, Sir Robert, 22.
Rush, Dr. 180.

Western, Mr. 101.
Riley, 341.

Wellington, Duke of, 233, 394.
Russell, Lord J. 309, 313.

Wooler, 155, 197.
Richmond, Duke of, 422.

Wood, Lieut. 281.

Wolesley, Sir Charles, 329.
Sidmouth, Viscount, 133, 199, 221, 318, Wilberforce, Mr. 422.
374. .

Wright, Isaac, 573.
Southey, 199.

Sebright, Sir J. 238, 247, 248.

York, Duchess of, 269..

Smith, Adam, 365.

York, Duke of, 269.
Smith, Egerton, 391,

Yong, Madam De, 188.
Spooner, Mr. 477, .

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Appleby, 330.
America, 39, 127, 211, 250, 434.

Bolton, 389.
Bath, 546.
Botley, 22, 23.
Blackburn, 257, 258, 389.
Bedford, 282.

Coventry, 23, 156, 408.
Cuba, 615.
Durham, 481.

England, 7, 20, 35, 37, 45, 85, 116, 122,
132, 173, 184, 251, 283.

France, 7, 20, 83, 85.
Floridas, 21, 612.

Germany, 88.
Gatton, 330.
Gosport, 504,


Preston, 389, 483.
Patterson, 466.
Portarlington, 618.
Prussia, 138.2

Russia, 138.

Southampton, 504.
Sandhurst College, 269.
Sarum, Old, 330.

Washington, 620..
Warrington, 389.

Yorkshire, 481.

Hampstead, North, 1.
Hamburgh, 90.




COBBETT3 ENGLISH GRAMMAR. you look back into history, you Price 2, 6d.

will find that lycants have, : for Lotended for the Use of Schools and of Young Persons ió general; bat; more especially for the most part, been brought to the Use of Soldiers, Sailors, Apprentices, punishment by the "iminediate and Plough Boys.

Upwards of 13,000 Copies of this Grammar exertions of those who have uave beeo sold in Six Montus,

The THIRD EDITION is Jast Published smarted under their tyranny. Be by Thomas DOLBY, 34, Wardour Street, of good cheer, therefore. You are sellers, Newsmen, &c. in Great Britaiu aud young men. The present active Ireland.

tyrants will, according to the In consequence of the illness of Mr. Wm. course of nature, quit the world Cobbett, Jan. No. 36, of vol, 54, containing before you. But, the chances are, and the Title and index to tbiat volume, is that, if you be prudent, and espe. fer a short time postponed.

cially sober, you will see the ToMessrs. JOHNSON, BAGUELY,

effect of complete justice on their


They sent me, or, rather, caused On their imprisonment, and on the me to be sent to prison for the

line of conduct which they ought same length of time, that they to pursue; and on Political have caused you to be sent to Shoy hoys.

prison. At that time all was a North Hampstead, Long Island, deep gloom. The public mind was

Soth June, 1819. in darkness. One half of even GENTLEMEN,

good men thought my horrid The news of the proceedings punishment necessary, if not just. and sentence against you have Then my punishment was, with reached me. They do not at all many, a subject of jesting. There surprize me ; for such things have was one villain, whose name was taken place, in all ages and in all GILLRAY, and who was pensioned countries, duwing the struggles of by the Boroughmongers, who ca. the oppressed against the oppres- ricatured me looking through my sorg. Men should never despair prison walls. Some : villains of of the Commonwealth; for, even farmers, then fat, riding by one of in the hardest of their sufferings, my fields, where my inen were there is a source of consolation ; putting up a fence, cried out, seeing that, in the end, those suf-“ wheer be the iron bars. This ferings are always visited upon scoundrel race has been well the heads' of the oppressors. If pinched sivce, and GILLRAY, Priäied by HAV and TURNER

11, Newcastle Sireol, Sinbad, for T, DOLBY, S4, Wardour Street, Sobo.

before I had been in prison eight tyrants, money being the all-in-all months, died racing mad! with a system of corruption. I

At that time delusion was at its had long been of opinion, that ihe height. The war was profitable Bank-Notes could never be paid to many persons. The base paper- in specie; and, in Paper against money served its end : that is, to Gold, I proved that this was the give a frid:appeșrance to trade case. That is to say, they never and agriculture. The nation was could be paid in specie, without pad with what it deemed pros. a total breaking up of the whole perity. The commerce of all system of corruption and tyranny. nations was laid under contribu. If Corruption attempted to pay, tion by the Boroughmongers. she could not raise the taxes, ne. There never was so gloomy a cessary to pay the interest of her period for the friends of law and Debt. She could not attempt to justice.

pay without putting a stop to all But, I did not despair. On the the labours which sustained her contrary, I never had hopes more and gave her the means of tyranlively. or thoughts more gay. The nizing and of making war against time, which the tyrants had given; freedom. Yet, if she could never the “ abstraction from Society," pay, without blowing herself up as the old, hard-hearted ruffian in at once, it was clear, that, sooner the den called it, or, rather the or later, she must be overwhelmed abstraction from rural affairs, in by her own base paper. which the barbarous villains had Therefore, I, within my prison placed me, enabled me to reflect walls, bent all my force to prore, on, and to examine into the real that she never could pay without state of their affairs. That reflec- blowing herself up by the act of tion and that examination led paying. This was a heavy blow to the series of papers, entitled for her; for, though the nation Paper against Gold," which has took little notice, at the time, of contributed more than any other what I said, events went on, as I effort towards the danger, which knew they would, to confirm all the tyrants now experience.


doctrines and predictions. We must be patient. We must About the tiine that I was sent ** cast our bread on the waters." | to what Corruption thought to be

The efforts which destroy tyran- death, or total ruin, the Westminnies are, generally, those which ster Wiseacres had before them have not an immediate effect, what they called a Report from a visible to all eyes. Sap and mine Conimittee, which, in their gibare better than assault, where the berish, was called the Bullion fortress is strong. I was convinced Committee. This had been prothat the nation's best hope was duced by a motion of the oul-facthe insolvency of the Borough! tion, who pretended to want to

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