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some of the particular doctrines of Christianity. His objections against the doc-

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dispositions. That it did not confine benevolence to those of their own particu-

lar body, nor was founded in the principles of persecution, shown, in opposition

to the author's attempt to prove to the contrary. What he further offers to

prove, that human sacrifices were indulged and encouraged in that law, shown

to be vain and insufficient. His exceptions, with'regard to the case of Abraham's

offering up Isaac, considered. That patriarch vindicated from his charge of en-


. 399



What he offers to show the whole power of the government, by the Mosaic consti-

tution, was vested in the tribe of Levi, examined. His vain attempt to vindicate

what he said concerning the priests having twenty shillings in the pound upon

all the lands of Israel. The falsehood and extravagance of his computations

shown. The burden of the legal priesthood not the cause of the revolt of the ten

tribes from Rehoboam. The law of Moses did not forbid all inquiries into the

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