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DRAMA. Miss Edgeworth has a volume of Comic On the 1st of March will be published, Dramas in the press.

elegantly printed by Whittingham, and each embellished with a fine Engraving,

Price 2s. 6d, sewed, Esop Modernised and Moralized, in a Elegant Extracts in Prose, Part I. series of instructive tales, intended as read Elegant Extracts iu Verse, Part I. ing lessons for youth, with an Appendix Elegant Epistles, Part I. of Poetic Readings, will soon appear. One part of each will be published

Monthly, until the whole is completed in

Twelve Parts. Speedily will be published, Compositions The late Prof. Robinson's System of Mein Outline, from Hesiod's Theogony, chanical Philosophy, with notes and illusWorks and Days, and the Days. Evgrav. trations by Dr. Brewster, is printing in ed by J. Blake, from Designs by John four octavo volunes, with numerous plates. Flaxman, R. A. Professor of Sculpture to At


the Round Table, a Collection the Royal Academy. Folio Size, to cor

of Essays, on Literature, Men, and Man. respond with the Outlines from Homer, &c.

By William Hazlitt. lu 2 Vol. Mr. Newman, of Soho-square, has in the 12mo. press, an Essay on the Analogy and Har.

At press, and will appear very shortly, mony of Colours, with a new theory of The Correspondent, consisting of Letters, their relations and arrangements.

Moral, Political, and Literary, between eminent Writers in France and England.

The English Articles collected and arrangSpeedily will be published, The Annual ed by Dr. Stoddart. No. II. Register; or, a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year 1808, be

In the course of this Month will appear, ing the Eighth Volume of a New Series. The Speeches of Charles Phillips, Esq. Inocne large volume.-The volume for delivered at the Bar, and on various Public 1797,in continuation of the former Series;

Occasions, in Ireland and England. In 8vo. will also be published about the same time. This volume is edited by Mr. Phillips himin which, among much other important self, and is the only publication of his Matter, will be found a more full and au- Speeches authorized by him. thentic Account than has has hitherto ap In a few Days will be published, neatly peared, of French Affairs, from the Au- printed on a fine pa per, in two large Votumn of 1795 to that of 1797.

lumes, a New Edition, considerably im. At press, an Abridgment of Universal proved, and corrected to the present Time, History, commencing with the Creation, being the Tenth, of The Peerage of the and carried down to the Peace of Paris in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire 1763, in which the Descent of all Nations land, with the extinct and forfeited Peer. from their common Ancestor is traced, the ages, a List of the Family Names, second Course of Colonization is marked, the Pro Titles, &c. and a Translation of the gress of the Arts and Sciences noticed, and Mottos. Also, a List of Knights Grand the whole Story of Mankind is reviewed, maucers of the Bath, alphabetically ar

Crosses, Knights Commanders, and Comas connected with the moral Government of the World, and the revealed Dispensa- ranged, and of British Subjects holding Pos tion. By the Rev. E. W. Whitaker, Rec. reign Orders of Knighthood. By John tor of St. Mildred's, Canterbury. 'ln 4 Debrett, Editor of the New Baronetage of

England. By the same Editor, the New vol. 4to, 81. 8s.

Baronetage of England, in two large VoMr. Charles Mills is printing, in an oc lumes, Price 11. Ss. in boards. taro volume, the Uistory of Mohamedanism, or a view of the religious, political, Jished, A Description of the People of

In the course of February will be pub. and literary annals of the disciples of the India; with particular Reference to their Arabian prophet.

Separation into Casts ; the Influence of Mr. Andrew Horn has in the press, in a their Civil Policy and Domestic Superiaquarto volume, Illustrations of the Mosaic tendence ; their idolatry and Religious Cosmogony and Noah's Deluge.

Ceremonies ; aud the various Singularities At press, the Second Volume of the of Custonis, Habits, and Observances, Ilistory of Brazil. By Robert Southey, which distinguish them from all other Na. Esq. Poet Laureate, Member of the Royal tions : taken from a diligent Observation Spanish Academy. In 4to.

and Study of the People, during a Resi.





dence of many Years among the various A new Edition of the Antidote to the Tribes, in unrestrained intercourse and Miseries of Human Life, will be shortly conformity with their Habits and Manner ready. of Life. By the Abbé J. A. Dubois, Mis An Edinburgh Monthly Magazine is sionary in the Mysore. In 4to.

about to be commenced; the first number At press, Letters from the late Mrs. will appear early in April. Elizabeth Carter to the late Mrs. Montagu, chiefly upon Literary and Moral Subjects. Published from the Originals in the posses- troduction to Entomology; or, Elements of

At press, The Second Volume of an lo. sion of the Rev. Montagu Pennington, M.A. the Natural History of Insects

. By the her Nephew and Executor. 2 vols. 8vo.

Preparing for the press, The Fables of Rev. Wm. Kirby, B. A F. L. S. Author of Æsop, and others, with Designs on Wood, Monographia Apum Angliæ; and William by, T. Bewick. To be printed on Impe-Spence, Esq. F.L.S. Illustrated by colour

ed Engravings. rial, Royal, and Demy papers, to match the Histories of Quadrupeds and British Birds.

Melincourt, in three volumes, by the At press, The Comforts of Old Age, with author of Headlong Hall, is in the press. Biographical Illustrations. By Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart.

The Second Edition, Johu Shakespear, Esq. professor of foolscap, 8vo.

oriental languages at the East India ComMr.' Isaac Blackburn, ship-builder al pany's Military Seminary, will soon publish Plymouth, has ready for the press, a Trea a Dictionary Hindoostavi and English, in a tise on the Science of Ship-building, illus- large quarto volume. trated by more than 120 figures and tables, and will form a quarto volume. On the 1st of March will be published,

Mr. John Scott will soon publish the printed in Double Columns, on a fine pa- House of Mourning, a poem, with some per, Tegg's Cheap Song Book. Price is smaller pieces. In a few weeks will be published, a new

Miss Emily Greaves is preparing for work, intituled “ Boarding School Corres- publication, Select Amatory Poems, with pondence; or, a Series of Letters between Essays on the passions and affections of the a Mother and her Daughter at School,” mind. being a joint production of Mrs. Taylor, The Early Minstrel, or a Sketch from author of “ Maternal Solitude," " Practio Rural Nature, descriptive of a Spring cal Hints to Young Females," &c. and morning, with other Poems, second editiou, Miss Taylor, author of “ Display,” « Es considerably altered and enlarged in one says in Rhyme." &c.

Volume foolscap: will be published early Mr. Nicholls will publish early in March, in March. two volumes of Illustrations of Literary Mr. Bayley, formerly of Merton College, History, consisting of authentic Memoirs has in the press, Idwal, The Narrative of and Original Letters of Eminent Persons ; | Brito, and the Hostage, detached portions and intended as a sequel to his Literary of an Epic Poem ; with a poem in Greek Apecdotes.

Hexameters. In the Press, A new Edition of a very choice Collection of Moral Apothegms, Mr. W. Beck has published a new ediwhich first appeared in the Year 1711, un tion of Dr. Price's observations on the Nader the title of The Club ; in a Dialogue ture of Civil Liberty and the Principles of between Father and Son. By James Government. Puckle : embellished with a Portrait, and å Sketch of the Author's Life. Numerous

At press, Gethsemane; or, Thoughts on engravings on wood, in a novel and very the Sufferings of Christ. By the Author superior style, by first rate artists, will be of the Guide to Domestic Happiness.given; the whole are from Designs by Foolscap 8vo. Thurston. The size will be a royal oc

A new and greatly enlargcd edition, by tavo, price 1l. 1s. in extra boards. Alithe Author, of the Rev. Rowland Hill's cemited number will be printed on Imperial lebrated Village Dialogues, is in the press, Drawing Paper ; and a few copies will be and will be completed in about 24 numtaken off on Chinese Paper, printed on one bers. No. 1 will appear on the first of side.

April, with a portrait of the Author, Mr. Allen's Translation of Dr. Outram's price 6d. Valuable Dissertations on Sacrifices is ex

TOPOGRAPHY. pected to appear about the end of this T. S. Raffles, Esq. late Lieutenant-Gomonth, or early in April.

vernor of Java, has in the press, in a quar




to volume, An Account of the Island of Greene, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. Java, illustrated by a map and numerous 78. 6d. plates. At press, A Journal of a Tour in Ger

An Elementary Treatise on the Differenmany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, &c. By J. tial and Integral Calculates. By S. F. T. James, Esq. Christ Church, Oxford. Lacroix. Translated from the French, The Second Edition, 3 vol. 8vo, witb with an Appendix and Notes : Illustrated Plates.

by Plates. 8vo, 188.







Ethical Questions; or Speculations on The Transactions of the Horticultural By T. Cogan, M. D. 8vo, 10s. 6. d.

the Principal Subjects in Moral Philosophy. Society of London. Part IV. 4to, 15s. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the

A view of the History, Literature, and late Dr. Lettsom, with a Selection from his Religion of the Hindoos; including a Correspondence with the principal Lite Minute Description of their Manners and rati and Foreign Countries. By T. J. Customs, and Translations from their prinPettigrew, F.L.S. Surgeon Extraordinary cipal works. By the Rev. W. Ward, one to the Dukes of Kent and Sussex, &c. &c. of the Baptist Missionaries at Serampore. S vols. 8vo. £1 16s.

Now first published in London, 2 Vol.' 8vo, 18s.

An Examination of the Objections made The Second Number of the New and in Britain against the Doctrines of Gall Improved Edition of Stephens' Greek and_Spurzheim. By J. G. Spurzheim, Thesaurus, is just published. Price to sub-M. D. 8vo, 2s. scribers-small paper, One Guinea-large, Armata, a Fragment, 8vo, 8s. 6d. Two Guineas. The present number has Lectures on the Principles and Institubeen delayed a considerable time by a tions of the Roman Catholic Religion ; with treaty with Professor Schæfer, of Leipsic, an Appendix, containing Historical and for his valuable MSS. which the Editors Critical Illustrations. By the Rev. Joseph have at length procured; but they trust Fletcher, M. A. royal 12mo, 9s. that their present arrangements will enable A Third Volume of the Curiosities of them to publish the future nombers regu-Literature, Svo, 128.--A New Edition Jarly. The first two numbers will be found(being the Sixth of Vol. 1 and 3) in 3 vol. to contain about two thousand words Svo, 36s. omitted by Stephens. A few copies be Eccentricities for Edinburgh ; containlonging to deceased subscribers may be had ing Poems, entitled A Lamentation to at twenty-three shillings for the small, and Scotch Booksellers.-Fire : or, the Sun two pounds ten shillings for the large pa- Poker.-Mr. Champeryoune. — The Luper ; the price will be raised hereafter from minous Historian; or, Learning in Love. time to time.

-Loudon Rurality; or, Miss Bunn and

Mrs. Bunt. By George Colman, the The French Scholar's First Book, com. Youvger. Foolscap, 8vo, 5s. prising a copious Vocabulary, a Collection of Familiar phrases, Reading Lessons, and

The Pastor's Fire Side, a Novel. By a concise View of French Grammar, designed to introduce the Learner to the Miss Jane Porter. 4 Vols. 12mo, 11. Ils. 6d. Compiler's Grammar. By Ph. Le Breton, A. M. late of Ex. Coll. Oxford, and Mas. The Literary Gazette and Journal of ter of the Academy in Poland-street. the Belles Letters, a large Sheet, con

taining 16 pages, Price 1s. to be continued A Report of the Proceedings upon an regularly every Saturday, and sent by the Information in the Nature of a Quo War. Newsmen, free of postage, to all parts of ranto, at the Suit of the King against

the Kingdom. Waller O'Grady, Esq. respecting the Right of Appointment to the Office of Clerk of The Conflagration of Moscow; a poem, the Pleas in his Majesty's Court of Exche- By the Rev. C. Colton, A. M. Fellow of quer in Ireland, tried at the Bar in the King's Coll. Cam. 8vo. 2s. 6d. sewed. Court of King's Bench, Dublin, upon the The Shades of Waterloo! a Vision, in 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 22d, 230, 25th, and Verse; wherein many fallen Heroes are 361h days of November, 1816. By R. W. individually celebrated; the conduct of








particular Regiments severally noticed ; , and Natural History, together with some and praise or censure deservedly applied to Details respecting the Manners and Cusmany living Actors of that memorable tons of the Inhabitants. By W. Plees, Drama. By M. Young. Svo, 6s.

many Years resident in Jereey. With Harold the Dauntless, a poem in Six bighly finished Engravings, and a correct Cantos. By the Author of ihe Bridal of Map of the Island, 4to, with Proof ImpresTriermain ; to which work it forms a se bions of the Plates, il. 158. 8vo, il. 19. cond volume; foolscap 8vo, 7s. 6u.

A view of the Agricultural, Commercial, The Search; and other Poems. By J. and Financial Interests of Ceylon. With Edmeston, Jun. 12mo, 4s.

an Appendix ; containing some of the principal Laws and Usages of the Can

diaus; Port and Customhouse Regulations; The dangers with which Great Britain Tables of Exports and Imports, Public and Ireland are now Menaced by the De Revenue and Expenditure, &c. &c. By mands of Irish Roman Catholicsshown, and Anthony Bertolacci, Esq. late Comptrol. proved from Authentic Documents. 8vo, ler-general of Customs, and acting AuditorSs. An Appendix, containing important general of Civil Accounts in that Colony, Documents, Is. 6d.

With a map of the Island, conspiled at POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Columbo from the latest Surveys, in the A Letter on the Distresses of the Coun-year1813, by Captain Schneeider, Civil

Engineer. 8vo, 18. try; addressed to his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, in cousequence of bis motion respecting “the Revulsion of Trade, and our sudden Transition from a System Mr. Sotheby (late Leigh and Sotheby) of extensive War to a state of Peace;" in will submit to the Public the following which the supposed Influence of our Debt Collections during the present Season . and Taxes upon our Manufactures and The interesting and rare Collection of Foreign Trade is investigated. By John the Rev. Menry Meen, B. D. late Rector of Ashton Yates. 8vo, 5s.

St. Nicholas, Olave, and St. Nicholas, Cole On the Present State of Public Afairs, Abbey ; Author of Remarkson Lycophron, Svo, 3s. 6d.

and Succisivæ Operse. Cursory Hints on the Application of The Duplicates of the Library of the Public Subscriptions in providing Employ- Medical and Chirurgical Society of Lonment and Relief for the Labouring Classes; don. in a Letter to the Editor of The Times." The very valuable and highly interesting By a Member of the University of Oxford. united Libraries of Thomas Hollis, Esq. Svo, Is.

and Thomas Brand Hollis, Esq. luclud. THEOLOGY.

ing likewise the Theological and Political Prayers and Meditations, extracted from D.D. F. S. A. removed from Hyde, near

Library of the late Rev. John Disney, the Journal of the late Mrs. Trimmer.

Ingatestone, Essex. 12mo, Ss. bound.

Among the former Sermons, preached in the Parish Church

are a complete Collection of the different of Kilmallie . By the Rev. John Ross, A. M. Editions, and various Works of Milton ;

likewise Violet's various Pieces. A very 8vo, 59. Scripture and Reason the only Test of large Collection of Historical Tracts rela

tive to the Grand Rebellion and CommonChristian Truth. A Sermon, delivered at Lewin's Mead Meeting, in Bristol, Decem- wealth. The entire Collection by and reber 22, 1816 ; and published at the request lating to the Works of Dr. Priestley. of the Congregation. By John Rowe.

A very valuable and extensive Collec

tion of Ancient and Moderu Coins and 12mo. 18. A Reply to a Letter from a Rector to his and Thomas BrandHollis, Esq. removed

Medals, collected by Thomas Hollis, Esq. Curate on the Subject of the Bible So from Hyde, Essex, comprising oumerous ciety. By a Deacon of the Church of Eng. and highly preserved Specimens in the land. 28. 6d.

Saxon and British Series, Pope's Medals, TOPOGRAPIY.

large Roman Brass, Greek and Roman An Account of the Island of Jersey; Medals, &c. &c. in Copper, Silver, and containing a Compendium of its Ecclesias- Gold. tical, Civil, and Military History; a State A considerable Selection of Bronzes, ment of its Policy, Laws, Privileges, Com- Vases, Lacrymme, Lamps, Terracottas, merce, Population, and Produce; a Sur. Raphael's China, and other Curiosities of vey of the Public Buildings, Antiquities, the Hollis' Collection.



8. That the names of all future benefic

tors to the funds of the college, be also reForeign Literary Cazette. gistered as such ; with the amount and

date of their respective contributions.

9. That if at any time it be found neces.

sary to limit the number of students to reHindoo College, at Calcutta. ceive iustruction in the college, a preference A second meeting, for the purpose of es

be given tu the sons and relations of those tablishing a College for the Education of who have been recorded as founders and Hindoo Children, has been beld at Cal- benefactors, or registered as benefactors of cutta, at which a President, Vice Presi- the college. dent, and Committee were chosen, and It was also resolved, that William Coates further progress made in promoting the Blacquiere, Esq. Ram Gopal Mulik, Copee design of the Institution.

Mohun Deh, and Huree Mohun Thakoor, It is greatly to be hoped that the constituied a committee, for 'taking ness of the Asiatic mind will not deprive measures towards providing a proper sithis undertaking of that support which it tuation for the seminary, and that the well merits. There can be no doubt of native part of the committee reconsider the beneficial results of the plan, if the na

and report on the means of providing tive Hindoos will but steadily support it.

funds. The following is the general plan, under lodian method of instruction, with the

The committee were of opinion that the which it is proposed to form this useful es

British improvements, should be adopted tablishment.

in, the college, and resolved that the 1. That the primary object of this insti- secretaries be desired to ascertain and tution be the tuition of the sons of respecto report what teachers will be necessary, able Hindus, in the English and Indian and can be procured for the Bengalee and languages, and in the literature and science English departments of the college, asof Europe.

suming the number of students to be 200. 2. That the admission of students, con The amount subscribed for the estabsistently with the above primary object, be lishment of the Hindu college, was 59,300 left to the discretion of the managers of the rupees on the 6th. Institution. 3. That persons who are not students be

Valuable Library of Curious Books. allowed to attend any literary or scientific lectures, in the English Department, with

The late Gaetano Poggiali, of Leghorn, the consent of the committee of managers world, of which Europe is the centre, by his

was celebrated throughout the literary 4. That the terms on which students, bibliographical knowledge, as well as by shall be admitted to receive instruction in the beautiful editions he published of the the college, be fixed, from time to time, by principal classic authors of Italy, such as the managers of the institution.

Dante, Tasso, Ariosto, Machiavel ; the old 5. That a fund be raised by voluntary Italian Theatre in eight volumes, 8vo. the contributions for the purchase of a sufficient best Italian Satires, in seven volumes, 8vo. quantity of ground in a convenient situa-, !he best Italian Novels, in twenty-six votion, within the limits of the city of Cal- lumes, Svo. &c. &c. cutia, and for erecting a suitable college, The library which he had collected, with other requisite buildings thereupon. comprized nearly 19,000 volumes of the

6. That a book of subscription for this choicest works; and was the completest purpose be kept open for a period of one

known in respect to Italian literature. It year, and that all persons who have al. included not only the most rare editions, ready contributed, or may coutribute dur. but also works previously unknown. The ing the present year, to the funds of the copies also were selected with the greatest institution, be considered original benefac- care, and the major part were in perfect tors and founders of the College.

preservation and magnificently bound.

The classification of this library was un7. That the names and contributions of der the following arrangement:such original benefactors and founders be recorded in the annals of the college; and

I. A collection of the books cited by the be also engraven on a tablet of marble, to Academy della Crusca, with two supplebe affixed in some conspicuous part of the ments; the first, containing the works of

the authors cited, not mentioned by the principal edifice.

Academy; the second, the works which Vol. V. No. 30. Lit. Pan. N. S. Mar. 1.

2 M


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