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The whole building is warmed by a sin

Beautiful Paint. gle stove situated in the cellar, calculated

The following is a Recipe, given in an by the inventor * for burning the Rhode American paper, to make a very beautiful Island coal. Owing to the smallness of its paint for the walls of stair-cases and lobdraught, it burns this coal iu great perfec- bies, the cost of which is less than one.. ljon, keeping up a permanent and intense fourth of that of oil colour, and the beauty heat. The stove is surrounded by a brick far superior :- Take 4 lbs. of Roman vi. chamber, from which a brick fue is car. triol, and pour on it a tea-kettle full of ried up to the second story, con nunicating boiling water ; when dissolved, add two by Jarge pipes or apertures with all the priu- pounds of pearl ash, and stir the mixture cipal rooms of the house. The air is admit well with a stick, until the effervescence ted from the outside of the building through ceases, then add 1 lb. pulverised yellow a brick passage way, down to the stove; arsenic, and stir the whole together; let a portion of it goes to maintain the com

it be laid on with a paint or white-wash bustion; the rest being rarified by the heat brush, and if the wall has not been painted of the stove, ascends rapidly through the before, two, or even three coats will be fue, and may be delivered at pleasure into requisite. To paint a common sized room any, or all the apartments, by opening the with this colour, will not cost more than pipes or communications. The strong cur: five or six dollars. If a pea-green is rerent of heated air tbus obtained is sufficient quired, put in less, and if an apple-green, to warm the iargest room in a very short more of the yellow arsenic. space of time.

We have inserted this, partiy as it A cistern of water is placed near the may affurd a hint to the judicious; but, more roof, which is supplied by pumps from a especially (as it appears in all the papers) well in the cellar, and may be drawn out to caution agaiust the use and application for use by pipes coinn unicating below.

of arsenic, in any form. When the inadvertence of servauts, the ignorance and

meddling of children, and what may be National Register :

termed the force of accident, are consider

ed, the hazard of allowing any dangerous FOREIGN.

drug, except under the management of a

professor, to be brought into our houses AMERICA: UNITED STATES.

is striking. Revenue and Finances. The New York Advertiser of Dec. 14th

Statistics : University. contains the Treasury Report, by Mr. Dal. By the last census the city of Mexico las, comprising a view of the sources of contained more than 180,000 inhabitants. Revenue, the objects of public expendi. Iu 1809, the number of births were 6,693 ture, and the fiscal arrangements for the the deaths, 6,160: judging by this latter year 1819,

fact, its population is about one-third of The actual receipts

D.59,403,973 o that of Paris or London. The demands on the l'rea

Among many liberal establishments of sury

98,745,699 0 this great city which indicate, not only The excess, exclusive of

an enterprizing spirit, but an advanced the amount in the Trea

stage of refinement and arts, and zeal to sury on the 1st Jan. 1816 20,658,179 0incourage intellectual improvement, is a Treasury notes issued 36,133,191 o university, under the direction of able and Rein bursements

27,400,000 o learned teachers, which contains upwards Outstanding Balance, 1st

of three thousand students. Here in adAugust

8,735,794 0dition to the ordinary branches of science, The aggregate Public

painting, botany, chemistry and mineraDebt,

120159,481 55 logy are taught. Consisting of Funded

Public Debt before the late War..........

Marriage Gifts to the Empress,

87,779,274 32 Contracted since

73,096,414 89 Vienna, Dec. 28.–The deputations of

the different provinces of the Austrian moMaking a grand total,

varchy have presented their different gifts with the floating out.

to the Emprens. The Provincial States of standing Debt, of.......D.,123,630,692 93 Bohemia presented ten thousand ducats ;

those of Moravia, one hundred thousand Mr. Jacob Perkins.

florins; those of Styria, fifty thousand i.



rins; those of Upper Austria, à like som ; | last, who were eighty-three Roman subthose of Lower Austria, one bundred thou- jects, bave been delivered up, and expesaud forins; all in hard cash.

dited to Civita Vecebia, whence they will The Hungarian Deputation is yet ex. proceed to their own homes. This circular pected at Vienna; it will be composed of announces that a meeting of the Society 52 persons, and present forty thousand du will take place at the Hotel de Montesson, cats; but this offering will not be made on the 29th of the month, the second aanitill the coronation of the Empress as

versary of its foundation. Queen of Hungary, which will take place Extraordinary Band of Robbers. next spring at Baden. The ceremony of the coronation is very important to the

The public of the British metropolis Empress, for without this act she could have been alarmed and astonished at the not have a right to the rich jointure of bands of youthful depredators, which have that kingdom.

lately paraded oor streets. The band of

Justice has seized several; but rather BELGIUM.

enough to shew the extent of the evil, than Distress from wunt of Corn.

to suppress it effectually. The same calaBrussels, Dec. 23.-Letters from respect. mity bas afflicted Paris ; of which the folable authority in the Grand Duchy of Lux lowing article is witness. It may also reemburg, present a dreadful picture of the mind the reader of some of the dextrous public distress in the Ardennes; provisions performances of the famous Cartouche. have risen to an exorbitant price, and the

Paris Dec. 22.–The Court of Assizes coarse bread which the inhabitants feed on

this day, after four hours' deliberation, is paid for with its weight in gold (au poids

pronounced judgment on the affair relative de l'or). Speedy measures are necessary to put an end to distresses which daily into

a great number of robbers, viz. eleven

men and five women: some, as authors of crease in that happy country. For some time past troops of indigent most part by stealing; others, as receivers

midnight depredation, committed for the persons have traversed the couvtry of Hainault; they demand of the farmers corn named Gonthier, was aged only fifteen

of the stolen goods. One of the prisoners, and potatoes, and threaten to burn down their farms, onless these articles are für: years six months; the rest

had hardly passnished them at their own price. Hitherto fested at the trial a surprising effrontery.

ed thirty years. Almost all of them manithe evil has been only local, but it threat- One of them, named Jardinaud, the elder, ens to become more frequent and exten- who was called, as a nom de guerre, Piedsive; the Goveroment has judged it pro-de-Celeri, said, “ How! Mr. President, do per to take repressive measures, which it has, however, preceded by a proclamation, you desire me to avow myself guilty, to she wing the folly as well as wickedness of shall be safe, and I will acknowledge every

destroy my mistress? Promise me that she such proceedings.

thing." Another, named Gurgy, pleaded

his owu cause; he dissembled nothing, Expatriation proposed : cui bono ? and sought only to affect the Judges by A person at Copenhagen has made a pro- stating the misfortunes, true or false, whicki posal, in order to relieve the distress of the according to him, left him po alternative, Inbouring class, to establish a colony in the since the age of thirteen years, but to beNicobar Íslands, and to conduct it thither come a robber. One of the complaiuts himself.

against Jardinand the elder, the Chief of this band, was, that he had introduced

bimself, in the month of January last, into Statistics : Population.

the apartments of the Countess of Caraman, According to official documents com- Rue Saint Dominique, and of having carmitted to the two Chambers, the popula- ried off a gold watch, suspended at the tion of France, exclusive of Corsica and head of the bed, without disturbing her the colonies amočuts lo 28,813,041 souls. Ladyship's repose.

Christian Slavery suppressed. Paris, Dec. 28.--In a printed circular addressed to the Knights and Ladies, and

University Statistics : Gottingen. other subscribers of the Anti-Pirate Insti. The number of Studeuts this year at tution, the President, Sir Sidney Smith, the University of Gottingen is greatly inconfirms the intelligence that we had al- creased, and amounts already to 1,152; of ready given, that there does not remain a these only 386 are natives of Hanover, 566 single Christian slave in Barbary; that the are from other German States, and 180 fo




reigners; of the latter, 36 are Russians, | States only are competent to obtain. 17 Swiss, 63 Danes, 10 English, 6 French, Third. One hundred crowns to the Aca25 Hungarians, 4 Americans, 2 from the demy of Saint Luke. Fourth. One hunGreek Isle of Chios, &c.

dred and twenty crowns to the Academy Stutgard, Dec. 7.- The Arts appcar to of the Lynx. And fifth. One thousand acquire new life. The orgaßization of a

one hundred crotus to relieve poor, old, new Academy, and a new school for the and infirm artists residing in Rome. Arts, is confided to the celebrated 'sculp

Cardinal Caricatured!!! tor Counsellor Von Dennecker. Several

Rome, Nov. 28.-Lovers of rare prints casis are already ordered troma Rome. We seek eagerly in Rome after a print repre, hope also soon to receive from Ergland scoting Cardinal Gonzalvi presenting to casts of the celebrated collection of Lord the Pope the lost Provinces, which are als Clgin.

legorically represented in delivering the West Indian Royalty : German linen. Act of Congress. It is on the largest folio

Among the orders received for the linen paper, designed by Francisco Mundo, and and damask Aanvractories of Bielfeld, in lengraved under the direction of Bertollin, Germany; is a very large one fately given, by Antonio Lauzo. As soon as the Cardifor king lleury of Hayti. Among oiber sal heard of the existence of this priot, he things a quantity of the richest damask ta not only bought up all the impressionis ble-clothis has been bespoken, for which about a bundred in number), with the ex. kiug Heary has sent a driwing of his arms, ception of a few that were accidentally with various devices, and his mot:0,“ God, preserved before, but caused his owe por my canse, and my sivord.” Besides these trait to be effaced from the plate, ami an orders, large purchases have been made in allegorical yoddless to be put in its stead. Bremen, and ihe other H nseatic.cities, for Singular vicissitules of Weather. 1 the Queen of Hayti, of services for the Capua, Dec. 7. We have had most extable, brilliants, pearls, &c. which have traordinary weather here, for some time. been paid for in readymoney, at high prices. On the same day we have had the oppres

sive heat of summer; a storm, accompaCrution to Experimentalists.

nied with thunder, lighting, and hail; Mr. J. Welner, a German chymist, re and in the evening, a sharp cold, with tired last summer to his house in the coun

Aakes of show, just as if it were the month try, there to devote himself, without being of January in Siberia. We have had some disturbed, to the study and examination of shocks of an earthquake in the direction poisonious substances. Mr. Welner tried of the north. Orders have been given for his poisons upon himself, and appeared in public prayers in all the churches; the host sensible to the great alterations which sach has been raised; the relics of St. Bridget davgerous trials produced upon his health. I have bécu carried in possession; and the At the latter end of the mouth of October ecciesiasties have recommended a strict obhe invented some unknown poisonous mix servance of fast during the Advent.. ture, and wished to assure himself of its

Prize Question. etfect. The following is the account which he gives of it iu tħe Inst page of this mann

The Academy of Bologná proposes for script

t :-“ A potion composed of bere the the subject of a prize the following ques. substances are named, and the doses iudi- tion :--"Which is the class of citizens' most catco) is mortal: and the proof of it is

interested in the preservation of Govern: that I am dying!"

ment?” The prize is a medal of 300 se

Society of a new kind.
Munificence qui Deu ficence.

The Grand Duke of Tuscany has formed The Pope has attacheri to the title of Mar. quis of Ischia which he conferred on the those of his subjects who shall perform the

a society for the “Reward of Virtue," for sculptor Canova, an annual pension of 3,000 most disinterested act towards his fellow Roman crowns. This celebrated artist

creatures. tras dis, osed of this revenue in the follow- of 300 crowns, with the effigy of his Ma

The prize is a golden medal ing manner: First, a fixed rotation to the

jesty thereon. Ronal Aradlemy of Archaiology of six bundred crowos. Second, one thousand

Dreadfid destruction by Avalanches. and seveaty crowns,

to found aonual A letter from St. Bernard, dated Dee. prize's, and a triennial prize for painting, 25, contaiqs the following details :-"A scuipiure, and architecture, wlich the trightful Avalanche on the 18th buried two young artists of Rome and the Roman domestics of the hospital, and four men of



the town of St. Pierre, without a possibility 178,005 pieces for masts : 44,815 deals; of affording them any assistance. Four of 1,617 barrels of pitch; and 906 of tar. thèm had quitted the Convent charged

To Liverpool : 8,780 pud of tallow; with letters. The two others had come to 1,648 do. of hemp; 8,409 do. of iron; 2,000 meet Ibem from the town, and all disap- masts; and 30,000 deals. peared. To heighten the misfortune, all our dogs have been buried under the of Alax; 1,000 barrels of tar; and

To Leith: 2,209 pud of tallow; 1,006 There remains at the Convent only one of

15,000 pieces of masts. these courageous animals, which were so

To Newcastle : 2,983 tchetverts of wheat; Jong the hope of the traveller--their race is extinct. It will require a long time and 5,999 pud of tallow ; 3,357 do. of potash much attention to repair this misfortune. 3,986 barrels of tar; 1,480 masts; and For eight days the wind has not ceased to 4,185 deals. accumulate snows. The Avalanches have To Hull : 1,205 pud of hemp; 3,460 do. changed the form of the mountain, it can of iron ; 3,160 tchetverts of linseed ; 1,588 be no longer recognized. On the south barrels of tar; and 4,185 deals. bide of the Convent they precipitate them To other British Ports : 1,575 pud of selves from the summits bordering on the iron; 2,873 tchetverts of wheat; 850 do. Jake, and by that unusual circumstance, of rye; 14,029 barrels of tar; 16,979 pieces the house itself is threatened. All the in- of masts; and 12,093 deals. habitants of St. Pierre capable of labour,

To Amsterdam : 2,284 tchetverts of are on the mountaio. The passage is in- wheat ; 23,317 co. of rye; 24,791 do. of terrupted. The carriers met a band of linseed; 120,000 masto; 16,953 pud of tipkers, whom they made return to St. tallow, &c. Pierre. Without this precaution, they must all have perished.”

To Hamburgh: 18,241 tchetverts of Rye; 20,050 pud of tallow; 279,924 pieces

of masts, &c. Brick Houses encouraged.

To Bremen : 4,612 tchetverts of rye ;

5,033 masts, &c. Warsaw, Dec. 26.--By an Ordinance of the 26th ult. 300,000 florins are to be an

To Antwerp and other Dutch Ports : nually advanced from the public trea-2,325 tchetverts of wheat; 11,577 ditto of sury to this city in a loan, for 23 successive rye; 3,880 ditto of linseed; 15,000 barrels

of tar, &c. years, on certain conditions, for the assistance of the inhabitants, who are ioclined

To Cadiz and Gibraltar : 1,364 tchetverts to build new brick houses.

of wheat. Konigsberg, Nov. 20.-Of 634 vessels To Lisbon and Oporto : 12,811 tchetverts which have sailed this year from Pillau, of wheat ; 2,164 barrels of tas, &c. 491 were laden with about 23,000 lasts of To Bordeaux and Havre: 1,649 pud of coro. After they learned there that the tallow: 5,383 ditto of tallow, &c. harvest had proved indifferent in many To New York: 10,704 pud of tallow ; parts of Germany, Holland, France, Eng Jand, and the South, the prices of tye rose

12,992 do. of hemp ; 11,100 do of iron. from 70 10 80 per cent. and wbeat to 100

To Baltimore: 4,457 pud of hemp; per cent. bigher than in summer. The

4,499 do. of iron, &c. harvest in that country has been about two

There still remained in the warehouses thirds of the usual crop.

at Archangel, besides large quantities of

hemp and tallow, 3,080 tchetverts of wheat, Commerce and Navigation.

1,000 do. of Rye, 9,000 do. of linseed, &c. Archangel.-An account of the exports which took place in the course of last Requisites for Citizenship. summer from this port, one of the great outlets of the produce of the Russian em.

Stockholm, Dec. 10.-His Majesty has pire. The shipments were made in 176 seeks to obtain the freedom of any of the

ordered that in future every person who vessels, The account of the quantity of cities in the kingdom of Norway, as a grain exported is interesting at the pre-wholesale dealer or merchant, must be full sent moment. The following are some of twenty-five years of age, write a legible the principal items in the list :

hand, and write the Norwegian language To London : 7,798 tchetverts of wheat; with orthographical accuracy ; be able to 20,839 do. of linseed ; 55,064 pud of tal- read and write English, French, and Gerlow; 1,076 do. of dax; 30,606 do. of iron; man; be well acquainted with book keep:



ing, and have been at least four years a merchant's clerk. Jo every town three

National Begister: respectable and experienced merchants shall be chosen, who, in conjunction with

BRITISH the Magistrates, shall judge, by means of an examination, which is not to last above three or four hours, whether the applicant

The King's Health is qualified by his knowledge to be a mer

Windsor Castle, Jan. 4.-His M&-" chant. No person shall obtain the right of jesty continues to enjoy a good state of a citizen, or the liberty to be a buxter, bodily health, and has been generally publican, &c. who is not forty yesrs old, tranquil during the last month. His Ma. versed in writing and accounts, and able

jesty's disorder remains unaltered.” to prove that he has been some years in

Signed as usual. some business, or unable to get a livelibood by some other allowed profession. If

The Prince Regent has been pleased to any person is deficient in any of these qua

direct, by his Order in Council, that all the lifications his Majesty reserves the further vessels in the navy shall, in future, be disa decision to his Norwegian Government, tinguished by the number of guns and upon application being made. It is to be carronades they actually mount, and not understood, of course, that unexception according to the erroneous denomination, able character, and exemption from mili. which had long since grown into use. tary duties, must be particularly proved. By the regulations lately issued from the

Horse Guards for the future dress of the SWITZERLAND.

British staff, no medical officer, will wear Difficulties in the way of Commerce. an epaulet on his shoulder, or a feather in An article in the Arau Gazette of July his hat. 4, says, that the want of success by the

Naval pay adjusted. Swiss ia their application to the French The Lords of the Admiralty bave made Government for the free transit of their

în alteration and increase in the pay of manufactures, arises pot from the Minis- the Officers of the Navy, when employed., ters, but the clamours of the manufacta: The Jong accustomed compensation for ring towns. The Duke of Richelieu, and servants has been taken away, ani tha almost all those who have a voice in these following full pay established :-Captains matters, admit that it would be better to of 1st rates, 8001. ; 2d ditto, 7001. ; 3d allow the Swiss the transit, than to com- ditto, 6001. ; 4th ditto, 5001. ; 5th ditto pel them to connections with foreign ma 4001. per annum: 6th ditto, 261. 178. per jitime cities, as Genoa, to the injury of month; 7th ditto; 231. Os. 4d. per month ; Marseilles, Havre, &c.

Lieutenants of seven years rank, if servThe cries of Messrs. Terneaux and ing as First Lieutenants, lll. 108. per Company, overpower all argument, and month; all oiber Lieutenants, 91, 48. in particular with respect to cotton mana

Commodores to havo 208. factures; the constant answer is,

per day; Commanders-in-Chief to receive nous, ferious lajude si vous cedious sur ce libree guincas per day as table money, point.” We should hazard our lives if we all otber Admirals 3001. per annum. Midyielded this point. It is thought that the shipmen, who have passed, to have 5l.. importation of cheese, and straw works, per month. perhaps lipen, may be allowed under more

New species of Timber adopted. easy conditions than bitherto.

The sloop of war about to be laid down

at Woolwich, and named the Athol, is The following list of the number of not to be built of fir, but of that bighly Jews in the towns and counties of Europe esteemed and valuable timber the larch and Asia in which they are now most nu. (or Jarix), of which there are now such merous is collected from documents recent- immense young forests all over the moonly published :

tainous parts of the kingdom. The larch In six districts of Poland, 20,000; In a native of the Alps) bas not been introGermany, 200,000.-In Konigsburgh and duced into this country more than 80 Dantzick in Prussia, 1,600. In Hungary, years at most, and was not propagated as 75,500. Gallicia, 80,000. In Constanti-a forest tree till within these 30 or 40 pople, 80 or 90,000. In Salonica, 12,000. years, so that it has not till now been lo Aleppo, 5,000 : Rome, 9,000: Leghorn, fonind practicable to procure trees of saf. more than 15,000. Bolismia, 46,000; and ficient size to give a fair trial to this valua. Moraris, 87,000.

ble timber.

« Nous,

per month.


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