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As a favourablc opportunity offered, a , states that among all classes of people the box containing 270 copies of the Spanish Scriptures have been received with uncomNew-Testament, confided to the care of a mon sarisfaction, and that much good will gentleman of respectability, has been sent result from the distribution. to the Mexicaa provinces, for gratuitous From the reports of various Bible distribution. These New-Testaments are Societies now existing in the United to be taken on to the Mexican Congress, States (to the number of one hundred and, if it meets with their approbation, and eight by the latest accounts) it apo will be distributed under their direction. pears that many exertions are makjug Individuals going to Mexico bave been en to promote the circulation of the Bible - trusted with a few more copies for distri- throughout the Union : and from the inbution. No account of the reception of formation contained in the last report of these books, has yet been received ; but, the British and Foreign Bible Society, it is from the representationsof different persons, certain that at no time since the Reformait is believed the inhabitants will be pleased tion have Christians shewn more zeal for with them. An American gentleman, who the universal diffusion of the Gospel, was at Campeache last summer, states Success, too, heretofore uuexampled, has that, wishing to learn the Spanish language, crowned their labours. he endeavoured to purchase a Spanish When we contemplate what is now do. New-Testament (of the London editioning, by the general distribution of the which had been presented at Jamaica to Bible, for the moral and religious improve. • Spaniard; and offering him five dollars ment of the world; when we see Christians. for it, the Spaniard refused to relinquish of all denominations, forgetting the little bis book at any price.

distinctions which have heretofore divided The English Bibles have been distributed them, and uniting in one simple and magamong the troops of the United States vificent plan of conveying the knowledge stationed at New Orleans; among the of the Living God, and his son Jesus sailors on board of the vessels of the United Christ, to the ends of the earth ; surely we States on this station ; and among the have encouragement sufficient to animate Americans in different parts of the state. our perseverance; and should renew ous

A few copies of the English Bible efforts, to the extent of our means and inhave been given to slaves who were fluence, that we too may share in the ho able to read. A negro woman applied nour which those have gained, who first for a Bible, stating that her mistress, plauned aud formed Bible Societies. having got angry with her, had taken her's There remaineth yet very much lond te from her and burnt it; that she was un be possessed," even in Louisiana : and tho able to buy another, and would be very managers hope that the members of thie thankful for one. It was given her; and Bible Society will not be backward in their meeting sometime afterwards in the street duty, nor neglect to supply that portion of accidentally the distributor, she said to our country with the Sacred Trush, which him, “ Master, I thank you much for that is allotted to them. Bible, I never go to sleep without remem

By order of the managers, bering you for it."

ALFRED Hennen, Secretary. In order to give more publicity to this. society, extend its influence, and circulate

AMERICANA, more generally the Scriptures, the managers, in the month of February last, ap

No. IV. pointed the Rev. Benjamin Davis to make

AMERICA: BRITISI. á tour throughout the state. To the zea

THE WEATHER. dous exertions of this gentleman, the soci

Quebec, June, 13.—We noticed in this, ety is much indebted. He has visited a very large proportion of the state, obtained paper of Thursday last, the 6th inst, the

extraordinary circumstance of a fall of dovations to a considepible amount, en

snow, of upwards of an hour's duration, gaged many persons to act as agents for the distribution of Bibles; and he has, in has presented more permanent and extra

on that day. Since that time, the weather various ways, much promoted the interests ordinary features of severity. On the af. of the society.

ternoon of the 6th, when the clouds Mr. Davis was furnished with a letter of cleared away, the tops of the mountains instructions, relative to the object for which to the north of this city were perceived to he undertook his tour; and, on exhibiting be covered with snow, the most distant it, he was well received wherever he went apparently to the depth of a foot. On the In his communications to the managers, he 7th there was a slight fall of snow during

the whole of the day, the thermometer The woods are every where on ire, constantly standing at the freezing point and the smoke is so thick that whilst í At half past 10 o'clock at night, the roofs now write at 5 in the afternoon, though of the houses, the streets and squares of there are no clouds, the sun is not to be the town, were covered with snow; and seen. I am told the woods are on fire the next morning, the 8th, it was observed from this place to Ticooderoga, and that, that the whole of the surrounding country in many places, great damage will be suswas in the same state, having, withiu tained by it. Besides the injury caused twelve days of the summer solstice, the by the destruction of these fires, I fear that appearance of the middle of December!! the smoke which they produce, accumu. A gentleman who was on Friday on the lating in the atmosphere, must intercept south shore, about 15 miles back of the the rays of the sun, and deprive us of some St. Lawrence, found banks of snow up to of that genial beat, of which the earth the axletrees of his carriage, and a drift seems every where so much in want. I as in the midst of winter. On the sth, should be glad to see the remarks of the Buow couti. ued to fall at intervals, in dif- philosophers on these things.” ferent parts of the country. It again Ogdensburg, Oct. 22.-A gentleman of sllowed ou the gih.- From the 6th to the Johntown, U. C. passed through the state 10th it froze every night. On the 7th, the of Vermont, the last days in Sept. and ground, in exposed situations, became first of Oct. and remarks, “ that it is very hard with frost in the day time. The difficult to travel through that country, for wind was constautly strong from the N. W. the smoke: that the fire climbs the high driving before it an immense mass of low, and rugged mountains, and thence des ering clouds, which continually concealed scending sweeps along the vallies, leaving the sun; it was not till Sunday afternoon black destruction behind; the smoke is so that they finally began to clear away. It dense upon the bosom of Lake Chamwas then discovered that though the snow plain, that the steam-boat moves very slow which fell on the night of the 7th, had and cautious, continually sounding, pot disappeared in the vicinity of this city ear being able to discover either shore when ly on the following day, the tops of the

near the middle of the lake.” Although the mountains to the north and to the south fire had taken so extensive a spread, the still mained covered with snow. On the gentleman was informed, it had doue no west side of the Chaudiere, large tracts of essential injury excepting i: the woods. clear land were still covered, and continued

Fire in the Woods. so on Monday. We are informed that, in

It has been observed here for several that quarter, the snow lay for some time about a foot in depth.

days past that the atmosphere has been June 20.—The season during the last filled with smoke. It proceeds from a very week has been remarkably favourable. extensive and destructive fire in the DisThe grain and the meadows in this vici- trict of Maine. We have not been able nity never looked better than at present; to ascertain its extent, with much precision, though vegetation generally is still about but we are informed by a gentleman from three weeks more backward than usual.

the neighbourhood of the conflagration,

that it extends over a very large tract of UNITED STATES.

country in the county of Oxford, includ. From Plattsburgh, Sept. 28.-" The ing the towns of Paris, Albany, Hebron, Autuinpal equinox is past, but we have Bethel, &c. aud the northern part of the had neither wind nor rain. The oldest county of Cumberland, including Minot inhabitants say, that such a drought has and other towns. Ope dwelling. house and never been experienced here since their two barns have been burnt at Paris. The remembrance. The ground has not been extreme dryness of the fields and forests, wet two inches deep since the month of renders all aitempts to stop its ravages, so June. The creeks are quite dry, and pe long as the drowih continues, almost hopegrass for the cattle. The wells have gene. less. We are told that in some parts of ihe rally failed. The Lake (Champlain) is District of Maine, though at a great disalso lower than ever kuown to be before. tance from the fire, the smoke is exceed. The Saranack is so low, that the water ingly thick, and the air very much darkdoes not cover half the falls above the essed. þridge. The whole Summer has also There are likewise extensive fires in the been so cold that there will be no Indian woods ju New Hampshire, viz. in the towns corn in all this country. On the 26th, of Rochester, Gilmanton, Guilford, Newafter suurise, there was ice formed on the Durban, Farmington, Plymouth, Weut. steps at the door of the house where I re-worth, Warren, &c. lo Gilmantou a re. vide,

markable explosion is said to have taken

place, which threw up trees and timber 10 ) good. New. Haven Bank, payable at Newa heiyht of 60 feet, and a column of fire York, 5 dollar bills... well done. Norwich to a much greater height, for an extent of Bank, 5 dollar bills..few in circulation. five rods square, attended with a noise like Newburyport Bank, 3 dollar bills...scarce. an earthquake.- Boston Daily Advertiser. New-London Bank, 1 and 5 dollar bills... FORGED Bank Notes.

well imitated. New-Hampshire Bank, at

Portsmouth, 1 and 10 dollar bills, few It is a singular evil that produces no

in circulation. Narraganset Bank, at Wickie good in any form : the stoppage of the ford, R. I. 1 and 2 doilar bills... well imiCountry Banks in England, has certainly tated. Nantucket Bank, 3 dollar bills, well diminished the uumber of forgeries: the imitated. Pacific Bank, at Nantucket, 5 resolution pot to pay in specie, universally dollar bills...well done. Providence Bank, adopted by the Banks in America, laid 5 dollar bills, few in circulation. Phenir them open to forgeries; and we learn from Bank, Nantucket, and Phenix Bank, Hartthe following list, that the forgeries were ford, have bills altered from a smaller to a not only numerous, but well executed. larger denomination. Rhode Is:und Union This is tire most alarming fact of the whole; Bank, at Newport, 5 and 10 dollar bills for, if artists able to excel in this kind of

... many in circulation, and well done. work make a practice of it, there is nothing Union Bank, Boston, 1, 2, 5 and 10 dollar to prevent their ruining a whole country.

bills, old plates, well imitated...few in cirThe subject is of vital importance to all culation. . Worcester Bank, 5 doilar bills, commercial countries; but, as things stad, old plates, weli imitated...few in circulato America, in the first place. We there- tion. Warren Bank, land S dollar bills. fore subjoin an account of an alternpt to There are several other denomina.' prevent this evil. If we rightly under tious of courserfeits in circulatiou, of the stand the description, it refers to a thonght Banks south of Counecticut, and several that was subajitted some years ago to the bills altered from one denomination to anoBank Directors, in London. Those gen-ther, and well done-but by holding the tlemen, if we are not misinformed, desired bill up to the light, are easily discovered. to know whether the Public could more This is done at the request of several readily under that process, distinguish a gentlemen, by GILBERT & DEAN. forged note from a true one? Whether it.

017 State House, No. 16, did not require, some skill to discern the

South Side, Oct, 12, 1816. genuine imprint? If it did, it was not ad. ditional security, as no skill ought to be presumed on the part of the Public We shall be glad to see a specimen of these

Richmond, (Va.) May, 15.- In the art American miracles.

of engraving bink-noies, and, of course, in the mean time of preventing counter

teits, we have for a long time got the start CIRCULATION,

of England. The steel die of Murray and

Co. impressed on the margin of the plate, Boston Bank, 1, 3, 5 and 10 dollar bills... and the engraving which fills up the body many in circulation, and well imitated. of the noie, bas been looked upon as a Beverly Bank, 3 and 10 dollar bills...few chef d'ouvre in the art. But an impression in circulation. Bank of Bristol, 5 dollar has lately come under our view, which exbilis...many in circulation. Commercial cels every previous attempt. The steel Bank, at Bristol, R. I. 5. and 10 dollar die is not confined to the margin alone, bills, well imitated...not many in circula but extends over the surface. The figures tion. Concord Bank, W. A. Kent, Cashier, are stamped upon the copper, with so ...2 dollar bills. Cheshire Bank, at Keene, much regularity, that the engraver, wlio 3 and 10 dollar bills, old Corporation, to comes after the die stamper, can trace lerable imitation....but few in circulation. with the utmost ease the form of the note, Exchange Bauk, at Providence, 1, 2 and 3 mong the strokes of the die. The latter dollar bills, many of one in circulation, will appear in a lighter kind of ink. The and hard to distinguish from the genuine. whole execution of the note requires such Eagle Bank, at New Haven, payable at an extraordinary combination of skill, that New York, 5 and 10 dollar bills, well imi- it seems beyond the means of any assoriatated. Ereter. Hunh 2, 5, 5 and 10 dollar tion of counterfeitcrs to possess it. The bills, well done. Hartford Bank, 2 and simpression is from the North; but whedollar bilis, well imitated. Manufacturer's' ther from Mr. Perkins of Boston, or Marand Mechanics Bank, Boston, 2 and 3 ray and Co. of Philadelphia, we are unable dollar bills, poorly done...siguatures pretty to say.





Singular Acciilent -- A stage (says the During the year 1815'there were cuined Philadelphia-Gazette) between this and at the Mint in Philadelphia –

Trenton, took fire and was entirely con

It was occasioned by a passenger In gold coins, 635 pieces, amounting to sumed. 3,175 dollars.

putting a hot brick on the Moor on the In silver coins, 69,232 pieces, amounting stage to keep his feet warm; and what is to 17,508 dollars i making in the whole, most extraordinary, it burnt with such 69,867 pieces, amounting to 20,882 dollars. rapidity, that the passengers, six in num

During the last year no cents were ber, with difficulty made their escape. coined; but the director contemplates coin

WITTE SLAVES IN GEORGIA, ing in the present year filty tops weight of Milledgeville, (Geo.) June 12. Two copper, yielding 47,000 dollars.

persons armed, by the names of - -Stro. American Tonnage and Duties, ten years back.

bo and Johu Costello, were on their way, The Tonpage of the United States was in

passing through the county of Jasper, on

the 28th ultimo, inquiring for the road Yeart For. Trode. Coasting. Fishing. Tolal.

leading into the Cherokee nation, having 1805 922,293 284,963 59,415 1,266,606 in their custody five Spaniards in sailors' 1806 1,044,005 286,909 66,957 1,397,271 dress, whom they say it is their intention 1807 1,116,241 295,000 75,744 1,480,985 to sell to the Cherokees. On inquiry,

The duties on goods imported from the they say they purchased them in Telfair Cape of Good Hope and places beyond the county, and that one of the two paid part sa me were

down and gave his note for the balance of lo 1805

9,370,055 dollars. the consideration money, to which the In 1806 9,808,91.5

other is a witness. But the wortunate In 1807 3,960,686

persons in custody, intimate, in terms The duties on importatious from the hardly intelligible, not being able to speak West India Islands were

English, that they are from Europe, and From In 1905

being strangers in Pensacola where they

1806 1807 Brit. W. 1. 1,864,119 2,560,665 1,918,672 ricavs out of town by fair promises; and

landed, were decoyed by these 1•vo AmeOther W.1.7,257,525 7,751,855 8,665,326 having got them into their power, confined College annulled.

them in such a manner as to render resistAt the late commencement of Queen's auce useless. Colleg?, N.J. only five students graduated. “ lo this manner, it appears they have The College exists no longer, but in the been driving these men on foot, (they on room of it is opened a Grammar School, horse back and well armed) through the under the direction of the Boari, by a very country-a country too, boasting of its respectable Teacher, wherein is taught all liberties, and of the sacred rights of hosihe branches necessary to qnalify students pitality! There is nothing in the appear. for admission into the Junior and Senior ance of these Spanish prisoners that indi. classes of other Colleges.

cates any mixture of African blood in their

veins." Census of New York, for 1916. The census of the inhabitants of the city We copy from a Philadelphia paper, the of New York, taken in April, 1810, returns following singular advertisement. The 44,424 white male inhabitants, 43,819 Ampbitrite, a Swedish ship, lately arrived wbite females, 3.891 male aliens, 3,094 female aliens, 3,19; coloured males, 4,576 at Philaslelphia, after a passage of 70 days, coloured females, 928 male slaves, 389 fe from Amsterdam, with 3 15 passengers. male slaves-making altogether, a popula

German Redemptioners. tion of 100,619. The number of tenements

Arrived from Holland in ship Amphi. are above 17,000.

trile, Farmers, Gardeners, Posters, Taylors, Total number of fomales 51,879 Shoemakers, Bakers, Butchers, Carpenters, inales


Cabinet-makers, Musical Instrument Ma.

kers, Weavers, Brewers, Gilders, Diamond 100,619 (unters, Vineyarit Ner!, Millers, stocking

Weavers, Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights, Excess


capstresses, Sugar Refiners, Distiliers, Total aliens


Shepheses. Confectioners, Coopers, GleTotal colouied inhabitants, not

21:15, hlasons, &c. ervants, Boss and slaves

Girls, who will to bind themselves for Ditto slaver........."


their passage money. Apply on board the

ship, lying in the siream, opposite Callow8,391

wilt street.

MEMORANDUM OF ANTIQUITIES. I have not; but one thing is remarked by the
From the New Jersey Journal.] ancient Cherokees, that a tradition bas

| been handed down to them by their fore- In autumn, 1810, was discovered in a cave, in Warren county, on the waters of

fathers, that part of the country near where the Caney Fork of Cumberland River, by

those carcases were found, was noted as a a man who was collecting copperas and

battle ground, where the ancient Chero

kees and Shawnee ludians had many hard alum, a nicely wrought box of cane, which was under a small declivity in the cave,

battles, or usually met and had their fights, and completely covered with an 'incrusta- MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL COLLEGE. tion of petrifaction supposed to be from the dropping and oozing of the water from

The state of improvement in the country, the surrounding rocks. The cane box

having made it necessary to increase the was entire, and appeared to have under

means of instruction in the Medical Pro. went but little decay from antiquity.

fession, the State Legislature some time Upon examining the coutents, there were

since authorized the Government of the in it complete carcases of two human per

University, and granted them fuuds, to sons, one a male and the other a female-

erect a building, in Boston, for the purpose the male much the largest, but they were

of giving Medical lectures. This edifice both thought to be fully grown.,

has been constructed from the plans of Mr. They were in the first instauce, wrapped

Jacob Guild, who has ingeniously accom-. with a coarse hempen twilled wrapping,

modated every part of the internal ar, which had been nicely woven in a twilled

rangement to the purposes for which they texture, and though having laid almost

were destined; and executed the whole in time immemorial. contained considerable a masterly sty.e. strength.

The Massachusetts Medical College, in In the second place, they were wrapped situated in Mason-street, near the Boston In a nicely wrought texture of plumage of Common and Mall. The building is of a light brown color, tipped or tinged with brick, 88 feet in length, and 43 in its a beautiful red and yellow, of a very five, greatest breadth. Its figare is oblong with soft, texture.---Those plumages were tied a pediment in front, and an octagopal cennicely together with small hempeu cords, tre rising above the roof, and also forming in such a manner as to make one close a three-sided projection in the rear of the strong covering.-Enveloped in those co- | building. This is surmounted by a dome, verings or wrappings were the carcases ;with a skylight and ballustrade, giving an they were laid in a contracted position on appearance of elegance to the neatness and their backs, their legs drawn up and their fit proportions of the building: knees elevated. The whole of these car- ! The apartments on the first floor are cases appeared dry, somewhat resembling a spacious Medical Lecture room of a tanned leather, and nearly of the same co square form, with ascending semi-circular lour. All moisture had entirely escaped

seats; a large Chemical Lecture room in from them-their bones had a yellowish

the centre, of an octagonal form, with as: complexion, but remained entire their

cending seats ; a Chemical Laboratory, hair of a dark brown colour, fine and strait, fitted up with ́ furnaces and accommodabut entire, Neither any part of the cover

tions for the costly apparatus used in the ings or wrappings shewed any signs of pe

lectures; and a room to be occupied by trifaction, though the cane box in which the Massachusetts Medical Society, which they were contained was completely incrus | is olled by a Medical Library, already ted with a lhin shell of petrifaction.

consisting of 3 or 4000 volumes. In the Of what race these persons could have

second story is the Anatomical theatre, the been, no person has heretofore pretended

most extensive room, occupyivg the whole to form a conjecture, but one thing is cer

central part of the building, covered with tain, that they were of some race who had

the dome and skylight ; with semicircular the knowledge of spinniug and weaving;

and weaving ; seats which are entered from above, and therefore we may conjecture, they were in descend regularly toward tbe centre. Jo some degree in a state of civilization.

this theatre are placed a beautiful statue of Inquiries have been made of the neigh the Venus of Medici, and a noble cast of bouring ab-origines of the woods, whether the Apollo of Belvidere, desigued to illusthey have any knowledge of any people of trate the external forms of ibc buman this description, or whether they have any body. A large and a small room for prac. knowledge of this manner of burial, or re-tical anatomy, together with another for pository of the dead, practised by any of the the museum, occupy the extremities of the Judian nations, to which they answer, they same story.

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