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Forty Letters addressed to the Editor of Surgical Observations ; being a Quarthe Glasgow Courier. By Colonist. 8vo, terly Report of Cases iu Surgery. By 10s 6d. Charles Bell. Part I. illustrated by Plates. Inrontestible Proofs, from the internal Svo, Os sewed.

Evidence, that S. W. Nicoil, Esq. is not the A Memoir on the Cutting Gorget of Author of A Vindication of Mr. Higgins, Hawkins : by Antonio Scarpa ; with an from the Charges of Corrector (although Engraving; to which is addeil, a Biogra- Mr. Higgins attributes it to hinı). In a phical Account of J. B. Carcano Leone, Leiter addressed to Earl Fitzwilliam.. Professor of Anatomy in the Uuiversity of | 2s 6d. Pavia, Translated from the Italian by A Treatise on Mills ; in Four Parts. I. J. H. Wishari, M mber of the Royal Col. Ou Circular Motion. Il. On the Maxilege of Surgeons, Edinburgh. 8vo, 58 mum of Moving Bodies, Machines, Engines, sewed.

&c. III. On the Velocity of EMrent Wa. A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Bin IV. Experiments on Circular Mo. ning, M. P. &c. &c. containing some re- tion, Water Wire's, &c. By John Banks, marks on the state of Lunatic Asylums, Lecturer in Experimental Philosophy.and on the Number and Condition of the Second Edition, 9 Engravings, 8vo. 10: 6d. Iosane Poor in Scotland : by Dr. Andrew A Descriptive Catalogue of Antique Halliday. Svo. 2s.

Statues, Paintings, and other Productions A Treatise on some practical Points re

of the Fine Arts that existed in the Louvre lating to the Diseases of the Eye: by the

at the time the Allies took possession of PaJate Jobu Cunningham Saunders, Denon

ris in July 1815. To which are added strator of Anatomy at St. Thomas' Hospin some nsefal charts to those who wish to tal, Founder and Surgeon of the London visit the memorable Field of Waterloo. lufirmary for curing Diseases of the est 1 yo. 4s 6d. Second Édition, with Additions, 8 Lugra A Catalogue of an extensive Collection vings, and a portrait of the Author. To of Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, which is added, a short Account of the Midwifery, Chemistry, Botany, &c. &c. Author's Life, and his Method of curing New and second-hand; including a selecthe Congenital Cataract, by bis Friend and tion of Foreigu Medical Works, lately im. Colleague, J. R. Farre, M. D. 8vo, 145, co portrd : sold by Joint! Anderson, Medical loured il 5s.

Bookseller, 40, West Smithfield, London,

to which are added Tables of the pay of the Elements of Mehanical and Chemical Medicai Department of the Army, Navy, Philosophy : by Johu Webster, vo, 10s. aud East loin Company's Service: A

The Emigrant's Guide, or a Picture of complete list of ihe Lectures delivered in America : exhibiting a View of the Unite: Loudou, with their Terms, Hours of Ats States, divested of democratic colouring, endance, &c. &c 12mo. Is 6d. taken from the Origiual, now in the posses sion of James Madison and his Twent Albyn's Antholog: ; or a Select Collecone Governments. Also a Sketch of the

tion of the Melodies and Voc:) Poetry, British Provinces, delineating their native

neculiar to Scotland and the Isles, bitherto Beauties, and superior Attraction : by au unpublished Collected and arranged by Old Scene Painter. 8vo, 2s 6d.

Alexander Campbell, Author of the llis. Historical Mentoirs of Barbary, and its tory of Poetry in Scotland, &c. The first Maritime Power, as connected with the Volunie, folio li is. Plunder of the Seas; including a sketch of

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis, the Mangers

An lutroduction to Fotomology ; or, and Customs of the Inhabitants, and the Elements of the Natural History of Insects. various Attacks made upon them.

T. By the Rev. Willian kiriny, M. A. F. L. S. which are added, an Estimate of the Present and William Spence, £.q.F.L.S. Volume State of Defence of the Barbary Coast, the First, illustrated by coloured Plates. and the Original Treaties made by King Second Editio, &va, 188., Au Appeudix Charles II, 1062 (and since repeatedly re

to the First Edition, comprising the adnewed) with Algiers, Tripoli, and Tuuis. ditional Vlatter idserted in the Second With a coloured View of the City of 31. Edition, 1s 6d. giers, seen from the Mediterranean. 18mo, 2s 6d sewed.

The Days of Harolde, a Metrical Tale, . The Edinburgh Review and the West by John B. Rogers, 8vo, 128. Indies ; with Reniarks on the Slave Regis Chronicles of au sustrious House, or the try Bill; and Observations on the Pamph- Peer, the Lawyer, and the Hunchback, by lets of Menora. Stepheo, Macaulay, &c. in Aune of $wansea, 5 vols, 12mo. 27s. 6d, bds





The Orphan of Tintern Abbey, by Mrs. Chapel, St. Mary-le: bone. 1s: a smaller Zeingenhirt, s Vol. 158.

Edition 9d, or 8s a dozen. Faith and Fiction, by Eliz. Bennett, 5 Sermops, by Thomas Snell Jones, D.D. Vol. 117s 6d.

Minister of Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Brougham Castle, by Jane Harvey, 2 Vol. Edinburgh ; printed at the Desire of the 10s. 6d.

Congregation : 8vo, 10s 6d. The Spinster's Journal, an Answer to the The Fourth Volume of Practical and Bachelor's Journal, by a Modern Antique, Familiar Sermons, designed for parochial 3 Vol, 16s 60.

and Domestic Instruction, by the Rev. EdMatilda, or the Barbadoes Girl, hy the ward Cooper, Rector of Hamstall Ridware, Author of the Clergy man's Widow, &c. 4s. wd of Yoxall, in the County of Staffo.d;

Lairds of Glenfern, or Highlanders of the and late Fellow of All Sou's College, Ox: 19th Century, by Mary Johnston, 2 Vol, ford: 12mo, 58. 10$ 6d.

Lectures to the Young, on Interesting Sous of St. David, a Cambro-British Ilis subjects : by Robert Mav, Missionary al torical Romance, by Griffiths ap Griffiths,

Chiusurah, Eist Jodies ; with a recomEsq. 3 Vol. 158.

mendatory Preface, by the Riv. Ceorge Hiermoine, or the Defaulter, by Caroline Burder, Secretary to the Missionary So. Scott, 2 Vol. 10s 6d.

ciety, 18 mo, Ss. Mary aud Fanny, by Juvenis. 4s.

Observations on various Passages of Original of the Miniature, by Selina Da Seripture : placing them in a new Liglit, venport, 4 Vol. 11 2s.

and astertaining the Meaning of several not

determinable by the methods commonly Waterloo, and other Poems, By J. Wed- made ise of by the learners ; originally derburne Webster, Esq. 8vo, 5s 6d. sewed. compiled by the Rev. Thom's Harmer, Kleist's Verpal Season, a poem, tralis

from Relations incidentally mentiosert in lated from the German, with a sketch of Books of Voyages and Travely into the the Author's Life. By G. H. Egestorf. 3s.

East. The Fifth Edition, with many imThe Lyre; a Collection of 220 of the portant Auditions and inuumemalise corbest Songs in the Eug'ish Language: by sections, by Adam Clarke, LL. D. F. A. S. Thomas Rees, late of the Theatre Rovai, 4 Vol. 8vo, 21 58. Covent-garden ; and a Glossary. Fools

Two Apologies; one for Chris janitv, in eap, 8vo, 3s.

a Series of Letters, addressed to Edward

Gibhon, Esq. -the other for the Bible, in POLITICAL ECONOMY. Report from the Select Committee of Auswer to Thomas Paine. 'To which are the House of Commons, appointed to in added, Two Sermons, aud a Charge in Dequire into the Education of the Lower fence of Revealed Religion. By Richard Orders in the Metropolis, with the First, I Watson, D, D. F. R. S. Lord Bishop of Second, Third, and Fourth Report of the Llandaff, and Regius Professor of Divinity Minutes of Evidence taken before the Com in the University of Cambridge ; new mittee. Ordered by the House of Com Edition ; 8vo, 9s. mons to be printed. To which are sub

A Sermon, preached at the Parish joined, an Addenda, and a digested Index. Church of Wakefield, July 4, 1816, at the 8vo, 15s.

Annual Meeting of the Wakefield District
Committee to the Society for Promoting

Christian Knowledge. By the Rev. C. Bird, An Apology for the Ministers of the M. A. Rector of High Hoyland, is 6d. Church of England, who hold the Doc.

A Letter respectfully addressed to the trine of Baptismal Regeneration, in a Let. Rev. Thomas Gisborne; in Reply to his ter addressed to the Rev. George Stanley | Letter to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, Faber, B. D. in Consequence of the Misre. ou the British and Foreign Bible Society ; presentations of their Opinions contained by the Rev. H. Marriott, Rector of Claverin his Sermons on Regeneration : by Christon, 2s. topher Bethell, M. A. Dean of Chichester;

TOPOGRAPHY. 2s. A Defence of the Doctrines of the Tri-Being a correct Guide to the Curiosities,

The new Picture of Edinburgh for 1816. nity and the Atonement, as maintained by Amusements, Public Establishments, and the Church of England: in an Address to Remarkable Objects in and near Edinthe luhabitants of St. Albans, and its Vi. burgh. To which is added, a Description cinity, occasioned by a Pamphlet, entitled of Leith and the Trosachs. ; with 27 En. A Letter to Triuitarian Christians, by W. gravings of Public Buildings, &c. 18mo, 6s. Marshall, Minister of the Unitarian Chapel, St. Albans, Herts. By the Rev. Thobert Sharp; with numerous decorations.

The History of Hartlepool, by Sir Cuthmas White, M. A. Minister of Weibeck | 11. ls.



Danish Poetry, in programs. Foreign Literary Gazette. hy Seideliu, under the title of 'Danskt Dog

The collection of Davish poetry begun

lerr, will be continued at the cost of the BAVARIR.

wool:seller Bonnier, of Copenhagen). The The first year of t.e Zeitschrift für das voiuines which have already apared one Fors i sori, &c. Juurand of the Science in Hoibery's comic poeri, Peter Paars, of Woods, and Field-Sports, in Bava

witli the poems of W18:', Tulin, Troje!, and ria, is completed in tweive numbers. - undby, accompanied by biographica and This work'locludes memoirs on the ou critical notices from the prior Professor jerts properly forming part of its contents;

Rabben. The subsequent volumies will historical documents, relating to the aptient contain the works of John Evalu, which management of forest atfrirs, and of bunt have long been out of priut. ins parties, in Bavaria ; forest-regulations ;

Danish History, in progress. descriptions of remarkable forests ; expla A Society has been formed at Copenpations of forest language; natural history; hagen for the purpose or translating the ecouomy, analysis of works, &c.

iwo Northern Historians, Saxo aud: We should think it likely, that this work Serno. Professor Grundvig has been may contain articles interesting, beyond charged with the translation; and the first the kingdom of Bavaria ; it is well known, volume will probably appear in the course that our antient forests were thought or of the year 1816. great importance, and their laws were The Society of Sciences at Copenhagen very severe; our present game laws are is publishing four maps of the Dochies of the only remains of them which we feel, Schiesnic and Holstein, three of which in the present day; except in particular form Numbers 10, 11, 12, of the Atlas of places, where rights and privileges of long the Danish Movarchy, published by this standing are in question.

Society. The fourth, or No. 18, contains DENNARE.

the South-east part of Holstein, and comIristory of Iceland, in progress.

pletes the Atlas. A collection of ancient Icelandic Histo.

Danish Literature, in progress. riaus, urder the Title of Noregs Kununga The Committee pamed by the Society, . Sugos, 8c. Historia Regum Norwegorum, for conducting the Great Danist: Vocanu. &c. was advanced to three volumes in the lary, has associated several other Members; interval from 1777 to 1783. The fourth among others, the Coulisellor of State M. volume was begun in 1795, but the ini-Wolff, who has undertaken the words empression was interrupted by the great fire ployed in jurisprudence; M. Brunning, jo that year, which consumed a hundred who contributes the terris useri in Mineand fifty copies of the quantity then priutralogy, aud Mines; M. O. Barin, ivbo bas ed; the whole edition being only five collected a great number of provincial. hundred. In 1807 during the bombard. isnis in Jutland; together with M. lib, ment of Copenbagen, fifty more copies were ship-builder, who has sent a list of words destroyed. By this misfortune all hope of belonging to navigation, aud tu the service contiouing the work was exhausted ; wheu, of the marine geueraily. the present editors, Messrs. B. Thorlacius

Leader of the Druscs, conretted. and Werlauff, offered to complete the whole in eight years, on receiving a pension of

Dr. Rasmussen has pubiisised in the 550 crowns, which wys enjoyed by their Danish Theological Library two letters predecessors. These offers were accepted, relating to the conversion of Moutana and the fourth volume appeared in 1813

Bohr-Eddin, one of the leaders of the It contains the life and history of King Druses, trausiated from the Arabic, and

These Swerrer, of his son Hakon, of Guttorn acconipanied by explanations. Sigurdson and of Ingi Bordurson, the letters have been taken from a manuscript whole including a period of sixty-six years in the library at Viella, ano corated with

The fifth volume contains the history another which was found in the Royal of Hakon the elder, and part of that of library at Paris, avo communicated to Dr. Magous, the legislator, and of Eric, called Rasnussen, by M. de Sacy, "the Priests' enemy." This volume will The Bible Society which was proposed appear in the course of the year 1916. The in May 1914, by Bishop, Vüuter, to be supsixth and last will contain the table of ported by voluntary subscriptions, like this contents to the whole work. And thus pareut society at loudong has not only met after singular misfortunes, and in spite of with the greatest suitesall'ong the nobilia despair, the work will be completed; per. !y, especially, hut wis taken under the haps to its eventual advantage, aud curiosity. Royal protection by a resolution of tus Vou. V. No. 25. Lit. Pan. N. $. Oct. 1. | King, dated July 16, 1816.

year 1816.

River Styx analysed.

several Vagn tes of the Kingdom of IlunIo the siíting of the Scandinavian Soci- gary, and also several Professors of the ety, August 25, 1815. Professor Brænd. University. He was respectfully complıhave read a Memoir on the Styx, and its mented by the Director M. Fr. d'Eckstein, source, near Nonakais in Arcadia. At the and by the celebrated Astronomer John same time Professor Oerstedt read a che- Pasquich. mical analysis of the water, taken from its

It is remarkable enough, that this sospring head.

lemn day was preceded by several distriFRANCE.

guished Astronomical phenomena. On Ignorance respecting England. the 13th of October, was a conjunction of To shiew the little information current the planet Venus with the Sun; on the in France on English matters, especially 14th, was a conjunction of Jupiter with literature, we translate from a French the Sun; and on the 15th was a conjuncjournal the following remark :-Dr. Sib- tion of Mars with the Sun. ly's Astrology, &c &c._" This work which

ITALY. has reached its eleventh edition, liad been SUPPRESSED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT, as

List of Almanacks published in Italy for containing secrets dangerous to be revealed

the to the public: but, that Act has been sub

1. Strenne di Educazione, Almanacco, 18m o. sequently repealeil;"--of course by another

Turin. Price 1 lira 75 c. Act, which escaped the notice of all the 2. Il Raccoglilore poelico, 18mo. Turin, 80c. gentlemen who favour the public with their 3. Il Tedesco in liulia, 18mo. Milan. reports of the debates which take place in 4. L; Uomo che puo dirsi felicie in questo the British Senate.

Niondo. Milan, 60 c.

5. Il fa per tutti. Milan, 50 C.

6. Un Café, Almunuccu. Milan 75 c. New Work publishing in numbers. 7. La serva Cuisiniera c credensiera. Milan, Two learned Grecks, Messrs. Demeter

50 c. Schina and Andreas Mus'oxydi, propose to Il piccolo Buffon della Gioventu. Milan, publish a periodical Collection of Greek 2 liri 50 c. anecdotes, selected from the principal libra. 9. Proverbj e le sentenze proverbiuli. Milan, ries of Lurope. They intend to publish

50 c. every montli a number, containing two 10. La luna in corso, del Dottore Vesta verd. sheeis, to be had of the chaplain The. Milan 50 c. o'sletre, at Vienna. The price is one ducat 1. Il muestro de Giuochi, de' Bussoli. Milan, for six sheets. * The practice of publishing in num

12. Il Pienano Ar lotto. Milan 60 с. bera, is wholly, we believe, due to our IS. Truttenimenti Piacevoli e Horali. Milan. country.non. The writer who wished for 60 c. ali opportunity of astonishing Archimedes, 14. L'Utile Giornalo. Milan, 30 c. by shewing him a British man of war of the 15. Omaggio al bel sesso. Milan, 9 liri. first class, ini chat more effectually still asto

16. Dono re farsi a Madre e Spose. Almadish Aristotle, by explaining to him the

pacco per sei Anni. Milan, 5 liri. oerations of the British press; by shewig The titles of some of these works like him inat every mouth encreases the literary some among the Germans, give no indicatrenseres of the island beyond calculation; tion to an English ear, of any thing apand that the example las extended itself proaching the nature of an almanack. even to his Greeks!-- Further stiil; by The Poctical Repository,” may be well shewing him the productions of our daily enongh; but “The man who can call himpress;

and marking the rapidity with self happy in this world," has little appawhich the intercourse between buyer and rent relation to any fixed time of the year. eller, learner and teacher, the senate and « The Coffee House,"-_"The little Buffoon the public, is maintaivedl, in spite of every for Youth," -“ Moral maxims and proobstacle, of wind and weather, of day or verbs,” and some others, afford the same night. The Sage might exclaim with the remark. “A present to be made to moMechaniciali --“ Give me too, such a ful-bers and wives," can hardly fail of engaging erun), and I will move the moral--the the attention of husbands and fathers; we literary- or the scientfic, world."

suppose that presents equally acceptable IluxGARY.

from lovers to mistresses are to be had; Astronomical Observatory.

but those are, probably, reserved for Valen. The inauguration of the Observatory, tine's Day, when birds pair: and why not constructed on the Blocksbery, near Often, lads and lasses, in mutual Omaggio $ iu llungary, ivok place on the 19th of Oc

Memory : surprising. tobor, 1815 The Archduke Palatine as Dissertatione, &c. Memoir on the sub. osted at this ceremony, accompanied by Iject of persons endowed with surprising

60 c.

and prodigious memory; also on those Among the Memoirs presented on this who have lost their memory. By Fran occasion, one deserves notice, it purports cesco Cancellieri. The author has added to describe the cure of a species of hydroan Appe dix, respecting the libraries of phobia, produced by the vapour of burning writers who have treated the subject of charcoal. The paper was by Dr. Lichtenartificial memory, on those a ho have been stein. The cause of the disease interests a precociously learned, on the art of selecting great number of workmen, in various and woiing, and on the game of chess. branches of industry, and the aris. NETHERLANDS.

Nachrichtiger. Notices respecting the Court and Establishments.

history of the Arts and erudition of the The Court Calendar of the Kingdom of middle ago; a periodical work, pulstished the Netherlands, for the year 1816, con

by J. G. Brasching, at Breslau, according to

the intention of the Editor will contaju in tains a statement, which may claim a place in our pages

After the usual division of succession whitever relates to the progress the Calendar, and the Genealogical Table of Arts and letters, in the period referred of the Sovereigns and their families, follow, in January and February 1316, conprize a

10. The first two numbers, which appeared 1. Establishment of the Courts, at the ilague, selection of tales, fictions, ballads, pieces and at Brusselles. 2. Civil Establishment, composed of seven Ministerial Departments from ancient authors Orientals

, Spaniards,

written for the Carnival, &c. extracted of the Exterior,—the Interior, - the - Italians, French, Germans, Danish, &c.vacces-of Justice-of the Navy-of the Dykes and Cauals, and of Public Instruc Iuterspersed are notices respecting ancient tivo. S The Council of State; the number

works and manuscripts, the greater part of its members are forty six. 4. Ambassa- belonging to the literaiure of the North. We dors and Ministers Plenipotentiary ia Fobave not seen this work ; but from accounts reiya Courts. 5. The Navy, which con

of it, conclude that it must be amusiug and sists of one admiral-lieutenant, eight vice entertaining, if not instructive. aunirals, eight rear admirals, four commo

Russia. dures, and forty one captains. 6. The Statistical Account of the Russian Empire. Army cousists of seventeen divisions of in

The Menoirs of the Academy of Petersfautrs; one regiment and eleven battalions for the Indies-four Swiss regiments-tew burgh contain the following statistical acgarrison companies-one regiment of light count of the Russian Empire, which ininfantry-fourteeu battalions of artillery- cludes some particulars to the year 1815. a corps of light artillery-a battalion of As more authentic memoranda cannot be pontooners

, sappers and miners—a corps expected, we set the whole, in the form in of engineers-three regiments of carbineers --two regiments of light dragoons-three which it appears in a Foreign Journal, beregiments of huzzars--one regiment of car: fore our readers. bineers landwehr, and—the Marechaussée. According to an enumeration of the Po. 7. The Orders of William, and of the pulation of Russia, made in 1806, the Belgie Lion. 8. List of ambassadora, mi-l amount of the whole was 41,253,485 inhasisters, agents, consuls, &c. from foreign bitants. In this total are comprehended parts, resident in the kingdom.

great number of distiuct and different peoEach Ministry is divided into several de ple; such as-Native Russians-Polouese partments: the names of all governors of-timus – Tartars Caucassians Sacolonies in both Indies, on the coast of moiedes-Mongols, &c. The number of Guinea, &c. is given under that of Colo- the foreign tribes, which have at various nies and Commerce. The department of times submitted themselves to Russia, has Public Instruction includes the establish

never been ascertaived, nevertheless, the ment of the Roman Catho'ic Clergy, &c. following estimate, which is that of Hero and that of the Interior, includes the administration of the customs, the posts, the

m111, may be admitted :

6,073,044 waters, the forests, and the chase.


2,492,779 Prussia.


550,000 Constitutions, English: Hydrophobia.


64,089 At the sitting of the Philomathic Socie Sanoiedes

12,000 ty of Berlin, January 11, 1816, Professor Mongols

300,000 Wolf read a Memoir on English Constitu


1,500,000 tious—meaning, we presume, the physical These taken together form a mass of nearly coustitutions of the English people.)— M. eleven millions, which deducted from the Delbrick, presented a sketch of the Histo total of the population, reduces the number rical and Genealogical Almanacks, which of native Russians to thirty millions bave been published in Germauy from Before the year 1811 the Coustitution of 1703 to the present time.

Russia was an absolute Autocracy, but at




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