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this has hitherto been paid out of the funds, if the whole population of France be 29 belonging to the State; but it has now millions, the middle term of human beings been intimated to the Council General, who attain the age of 20 years is 251,690. that the city of Paris must support this ex

Dextrous Criminal. pense, and some tax will shortly be laid

The Prevotal Court of Caen has conupon the richer classes for this object. The sum necessary at present is about demned a man named Dumesnil to per

This 40,000 francs a day; but if corn should petual labour, and to be branded. rise, this sum must be augmented,

person had formerly escaped from the gal

leys several times, and always had got This has caused great divisions: the clear off

. It was remarked, that if all the Parisian Council urging, besides want of preceding sentences were united they would money, that as the object is national the amount to the term of 105 years. nation should pay the difference: the MiDisters reply, they have no disposable

Falls of the Rhine. funds.

Gertnan papers state, that the fall of the Matrimony increasing.

Rhine continues to excite admiration, and It is the custom in Paris, to strike at the to present a most magniffcent scene. The mint of medals, pieces called marriage tokens height of the river is at Schaff bausen alwhich are given by bride-grooms to brides most equal to that in 1770, when people on the celebration of marriage: of these there traversed in boats the plain of Rorsebach. were sold, during the first and second In Appenzel, the mountains are covered quarters of the year 1812,-1,171; and dur- with snow at the seasou when the docks ing the second and third quarters of the usually cover the rich summer pastures. year 1816,-2,224, being an increase of At Geneva. the waters of the Lake and of 1,053. It is unnecessary to state the re- the Rhone have not been so bigh for these flections which must occur to every good fifty years. Freuchman on this list.

Winter begun early.
Proportion of Parisian morality.

The winter, it appears, has set in with The small Almanack of the Board of extreme severity in the interior of the Lougitude preseuts this year much addi. Continent. At Augsburg, on the 19th of tional interesting matter. Besides a short November, the eclipse of the sun was evand curious treatise on Finances, it con- tirely obscured by a fall of snow, which taios tables of population which may fur commenced at 7'o'clock in the morning, nish matter for singular remark. That en- and lasted till noon. The ground was cotitled Progress of the Population of Paris vered with snow a foot in depth. There during the year 1815, is a small treatise on

was a great fall of snow at Frankfort on morals ;-a balance-book of morals for the same day, and Reaumur's thermometer 1815, and gives a sketch of morality was from 9 to 10 degrees below the freezwith a sort of mathematical precision. Of ing point. If the frost continued, the Main 22,612 children born that year, 19,630 would be soon frozen over, which would were born in, wedlock, and 8,982 out of impede the arrival of provisions and firea wedlock; which proves by simple arith wood. The latter had accordingly risen me tical proportion that morals are to cor

to double the price. About the latter ruption in the ratio of about 13 to 8, or end of November the navigation of the that there are nearly two honest wonen for Elbe at Hamburgh was already impeded oue loose one.

by ice. At St. Petersburgh, about the Proportion of duration of life. middle of November, the Neva was frozen Other French Almanacks give the fol

over for a day or two; but the return of lowing table for the population of Paris for milder weather enabled the barges laden 1815 :-_Of 20,000 children (as nearly as with produce from the interior to proceed

to Cronstadt and Riga, to the great satispossible) borp every year in Paris, 10,000 only attain the age of 20, and 6,800 attain faction of the merchants. the age of 45. One-fourth of the children

State of the Sun. born, die within the first year, and ove The Rev. M. Stark, Canon and Astrothird vever attain 2 years of age. Not nomer of Augsburg, bas observed in the withstanding all the efforts of the French sun a vast opening or cavity, 4 minutes 26 Govermanent in support of vaccination, seconds from its easterii, aud 15 minutes deaths by small-pox form a formidable 7 seconds from its southern edge.- lu that item in this bill of mortality. The calcu- carity, the apparent diameter of which is lator proceeds to draw the inference, that three times larger than the real diameter

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of the earth, are seen two black hollows or own consumption is not more than seven holes, separated from each other by a millions, or one-twentieth part: this large Juminous space, and the Jargest of which quantity, estimated at its average price, ternijoates in a point at its upper extre produces them about £1,800,000, or nearly mity, and is very wide, and crenated at iwo milijous sterling per annum. The its lower. Between this vast appareut abyss value of the butter they manufacture is full and the eastern edge of the sun there are 24 millions of guilders, or about two milseveral asperities, below which four snjali ions wore, of which their own consumpLlack spois are seen, and six above.--(Ga- tion is about one-tenth part: all the sur sette de France, Dec. 3.)

plus they sell, about £1,800,000 annually;

these together, for these rede provinces of HOLLAND.

so small territory and extent, are a produce Public collections : Charities.

vufacture and exportation, of at out 45 Letters from Holland to Nov. 3 state, millions of guilders, or nearly 9} nulling t' nt in conseqnence of different provinces sterling per annum, for buiter and wheese of that kingdom being much aitieted by

only: at some times, in the last thirty the di plorable situation to which the un

vears, these simple productions of the soil formate inhabitants of Gueldre, and a have sold for vearly double, or almost seven part of South Holland, are reduced b: the

millions. incessant rains during the summer, it las

Corn at dowlle expences. been ordered that collections should be made thronghout the States, in order to The following curious fact has transpired succour those who have suffered by the relative to the importation of corn from calamity. Directions have therefore been Holland:-Among the cargoes which have given, that in every town of these provin already arrived, are several which were cial States Comr stees should lie formed 10 originally sent from the Baltic to this cous afford relief, esu on being so establisbed, try in 1813, but which were allerwards they have sent addresses to invite the as sent to Holland in consequence of the corn sistance of their fellow citizens. The Ad-bill passed at that time. This grain non dress of the C'ommittee of Anisterdam is in costs at least double the price laid down in ihese terms:

England, which it would have stood the “ A vireadful calamtiy, of which there is English importer in, if then landed and no former example, has injured the fertile warehoused. territories of Gueldre, aud the rich provinces of south Iloilaud.. Contiunal raius, extraordinary rise of the rivers, and the

Warsaw, Nov. 21.-By a decree of his overflow of llie waters in the interior, Majesty the Emperor our King, of the lith which has been the consequence of these, of fout mouth, relative to the military conhave destroyed the batural herbage, and scription, which was published the day with the fruits of the earth, potatoes, and before yesterday in 60 articles, every per every artıcle of indispensible necessity. lo son in the kingdom of Poland, without dis addition to these sources of distress, an

tinction of rauk, origin, or religion, is før epidemic disease has prevailed among the

ten years a soldier, viz. from his 20th to cultivators. It is not possible moder such bis 30th year. Two corps of reserve are circumstances to iuriemuly those who

to be formed; the conscripts of the first are Wave sufliere loss, for the injury is incal destined to complete the troops of the line

, culable ; but it is our duty to assist thon and those of the second come into tbeir sands of our felow.creatures in the cruel places. situation to which they are reduced by the From the Conscription are exempfunfavourable season, and to place them in a Foreigners and their sons horu abroad, only condition to pitserve the caitle that remain sous, one sou out of each family, brothers to turn, the only resource of the country is guardians of their prinor brothers, people, either for the present or the future.' 'vidowers who have children, the officers of

The sum collected at Amsterdam for relief state, those married before this decree was of the unfortunate inhabitants of Curdres published, or who shall be married in future, and Noribe : oud, amounts to 47,000 for before the age of 20, the rlergy, professors

, rins, sori that, from he other parts of lawyers, physiciaus, surgeons, manufacturNorth ilolland, to 20,000 forins.

ers, artists, with their journeymen; and

among the jews, a rabbiju every commune. Usuel fertility of Vorih !!«l!and, &c.

Substituts are allowed. The conscripts of North and South Belland, Groningen, the fist reserve must appear at their depot avd livechi inaké together 140 millions of every yer on the 15th of April, and exerpoetuds of cheese annually, of which their cise till the 5th of June.



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Heary loss : Fishermen.

University dissolved.
On the 5th ult. there was a very heavy

The kingdom of Saxony has just afforded gale of wind at Lisbon, in which thirty auother striking picture of the fermeutation three fishing-boats foundered, and above which it is doomed to undergo in conse100 poor fellows were drowned. The ra- quence of the obstinate regard of its Sopidity with which the gaie came on is re

vereign for Buonaparte. The College of markable : vot more than ten minutes be Erfurt, once the pride of Germany as a fore the fatal catastrophe it was a calm! eat of learning, is no more!'. The funds

for its support are returned as nil, and the

materials of wbich it was built are to be Brandenburg, Dec.1.-The great increase used in the construction of a fortress; for in manufactories which the kingdom of Erfurt, according to the uew limits of SaxPrussia has obtained by the incorporation ony, must now be a place of arms !–Hisof the industrions duchy of Berg-of the tory affords but few instances of a similar productive provinces on the Rhine-by the transition. recovery of the wavufactories of iron and steel of Westphalj-of the bleach fields of Bielefeld -of the linen and napu

The King of Spain, in testimony of Lord factories of Ravensberg, which Frederick Exmouth's brilliant services against Althe Great used to call his good spinning siers, has seat him the Grand Cross of the country, and the new commercial relatious Order of Charles III. in general, have made a new offi e neces Sale of honours in favour of the Virgin. sarı, specially charged with this department This post has been given to Mr. Knuth,

The following article affords a singular Coursellor of State, under the title of Coni: specimen of the policy which prevails unmissioner of Trade and Manufactures. The

der the government of Ferdinand VII: important questions which have already

Madrid, Nov.22. The King has granted beeu brought forward respecting foreigis to the Dominican Monks of our Lady compierce, and the systems to be adopied of Atocha, the privilege of selling for their by Prussia, obtain by means of this new

owo profit four Castilian titles (of Marquis office, which has at its disposal all authen

or Count), two of which shall be free in tic accounts, tables, and archives, a desirable perpetuity from the taxes of lunce and de organ, which guarantees to the Sovereign mi-annate: the produce of this sale is to be and the Ministerial Department a mature employed in the restoratiou of the chapel examination of all proposals that may be of the Virgin. This pious concession is made, and at the same time a never failing not vew in Spain, titles having been source, fron, which the riches furnished by granted the same way on various occaexperience towards commercial legislationisious sime the reign of Philip V. The Exmay be drawn.

chequer being exhausted of ready money, he King permits the religious fraternity

which he wishes to aid, to sell a privilege, Statistics.

the produce of which would have otherAccording to a special list, the number wise found its way directly into the Exof births in the Russian Empire, of the chequer.” Established Greek religion was in the year

Linen trade: Irish. 1814, as follows:

Extract of a letter from Cadiz, dated Males

643,388 Females


August 13:-" The liuen trade, which had

emained inactive so long, from the inter1,228,077

ruption of the South American traders, has

revived, and large sales have lately been The deaths in the same period were made of Creas, Britagnes, and Phdillas, Males ......


all made in Irelawd, io imitation of the Females

S90,261 French and German linens, which they are

superseding fast at this market: Droyliedas

838,222 are also a favorite article here. The article Difference 389,255 more births thau deaths. alluded to in this letter as being in demand, The number of marriages was 399,614.--. is of that description already noticed as Among the deatios were two persous one Having been so well manufactured by Mr. between 145 and 150 years old, the other Dowder, of Bandou."-'So ther, if foreignbetween 125 aud 130.

ers imitate British goods, we imitate theirs !



PRINCE REGENT, will be graciously pleased Small Pox erterminated.

to give directions that the Sum of Five In Sweden, the universal practice of vac

Thousand Pounds should be issued to the

Association for the Relief of the Poor in cination has entirely exterminated the Spitalfields and its vicinity, at the rate of Small Pox; so that no case of that disease has occurred during the last two years ; and funds at the disposal of bis Majesty."

one thousand pounds a fortnight, out of the nations of the Continent, particularly Russia and Prussia, are making rapid pro

19. Leopold's Birthday. gress to the same object; while in Eng Monday Dec. 16. was the first birth-day of land the number sacrificed to popular pre- his Serene Highness Prince Leopold, since judice in the horrid form of Small Pox, his residence in England and union with the though constantly diminishing, is still very Princess Charlotte, which was celebrated considerable.

with particular attention, and every mark WALES, New South.

of respect. The Princess Charlotte de: Distresses from drought.

clined prolonging her visit to her Royal

Father at Brighton, and left there on SupLetters from New South Wales give a day, to be amidst, and enjoy a circle of deplorable account of the grazing and friends and distinguished characters at agricultural state of the colouy last year, Clermont House, to celebrate the day. from the long continuance of dry weather. The Prince and Princess Esterhazy, and It is said that out of upwards of 80,000 Count and Countess Lieven, were of the Jambs dropped, not more than 4,000 bave

party. been saved; and that seed wheat had re

Notice of the Riots suppressed. mained 24 weeks in the ground, during which time there had not fallen moisture from Lord Sidmouth's Office on Monday

The following notificatiou was issued sufficient to cause its vegetation.

evening, and circulated widely through Accounts a few weeks later than the the country by means of the Post office:

London, Dec. 2, 1916. above, brought by way of ludia, and re “ Exaggerated accounts will probably reach ceived within these few days, state, that the country of what is going on here. The most the Colony had been relieved from the se

effectual means, civil and military, are taken by

Government, to prevent mischief ; and the same verity of its distresses by rains, which, if vot vigilance and activity, if there should be any 80 abundant as could be wished, yet were doubtless produce the same good effects.”

appearance of disturbance in the country, will deemed sufficient, and an earnest of future

Symptoms of improvement. security.

For some weeks past the three great branches of the revenue, Customs, Excise,

and Stamps, are said to have been in prove National Register : ing, and our external and interual irade

becoming inore flourishing. BRITISH.

Government has purchased its still large

supply of prime pork, about 25,000 cwt. " Windsor Castle, Dec. 2. in Ireland, under 3d. per 1b. for the meat * His Majesty has enjoyed good bodily alive. . health, and has been generally tranquil

Great negligence somewhere. during the last mouth, but his Majesty's A Board of Longitude was held at the disorder is not abated.” (Sigoed as usual.) | Admiralty on Thursday, Dec. 5, which

sat a considerable time. It is said, that Munificent present to the Arts.

very great errors in the calculations for The Prince Regent has lately received a the recent eclipse of the sun have been devery fine collection of casts, from the tected in the Nautical Almanack for the choicest ancient sculptores, from Rome' and present year. Paris, which bis Royal Highness, with a view to the cultivation and the improv

Bank Resumption of Cash Payments. ment of the Fine Arts in this country, has the Bank of England, dated the 28th

The Gazette contains a Notice from presented to the Royal Academy.

November:-“ That on and after the 9th Bounty to Spitalfields sufferers.

December next, the Bank will pay cash WHITEHALL, Nov. 27, 1816.

for all notes of one and two pounds value, " Lord LIVERPOOL, Lord SIDMOUTH, that are dated prior to 1st of January, and the CHANCELLOR of the ExchEQUER 1812, or exchange them for new notes have the satisfaction to acquaint Mr. of the same value, at the option of the HONYHAN and Mr. Buxton, that the holders.”

A statement of the produce of the Revenue, and an account of the payments into the

Exchequer, for the last four years, ending
5th July, 5th July,

5th July, 5th July,


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12,193,76% 26,176,608 5,288,006 1,567,000 6,289,026 14,174,133 1,129,098 345,452

9,821,998 25,545,872 6,223,843 1,472,000 6,020,902 14,226,442 1,087,226 371,850

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From this table it appears that the produce of the year ending the 5th July upon a comparison with the same period in 1815, is lesse ned about £2,800,000, but exceeds the produce of the year 1813 by £5,559,669, and that of 1814, by £1,611,436.

Twenty four loa ves a day allowed for

bis highress' greyhounds! To the Editor.

Ordered thai all poblemen and gentleSir,--The insertion of the following will meu, at the end of tbe Sessions of the Parj very much oblige


liament, departe to their several counties,

on pain of the royal displeasure ! Ertracts from a curious Manuscript, containing Directions for the Household of Henry VIII.

Trade to the East Indies.

Since the opening of the trade on the His bighuess' baker shall not put alum in 14th of April, 1814, to private individuale the bread, or mix rye, oaten, or beau with the East Indies, 189 ships have proflour with the same; and if detected he cured licenses up to the 1st of August. shall be put in the stocks.

Important to Insurers His highness' attendants are not to steal

A public meeting took place lately, con. any locks, or keys, tables, forms, cup-sisting of the greater proportion of ihe subboards, or other furniture, out of nobleinen's scribers to Lloyd's Coffee house, respector gentlemen's houses where he goes to ing the uses of unstamped slips of paper, in visit.

forming memorandums of agreements Master cooks shall not employ such scul- which are afterwards put upon policies of lions as goe about naked, or lie all night insurance duly stamped. The revenue on the ground before the kitchen fire.

to Government is 58. for every £100 inNo dogs to be kept in the court, but sured by sea voyages. The revenue thus only a few spaniels for the ladies.

derived from the great trade of the country The officers of his majesty's privy cham- must be imniense. The Comunittee of ber shall be loving together, no grudging Lloyd's have recommended stamped slips or grumbling, vor talking of the king's to be used, which may afterwards be cx pastime.

changed at the Sea Policy Stamp Office, The king's barber is enjoined to be clean. Act of Parliament is clear, that any person

without expence to the insured. The late ly, not to frequent the company of mis making insurance on any unstamped slip guided women, for fear of danger to the of paper, is liable to a peualty of 500l. king's royal person.

Custom House, Whitehaven. There shall be no romping with the

The following remarkable entrirs of ships maids on the staircase, by which dishes

were made at our Custom House, in the and other things are brokeu.

course of Friday last, viz. the Wellington, Coals only to be used by the king's, (by a Manksmalı), the Marquess of Welqueen's, and lady Mary's chambers.

lington (by a Scotchman), the Duke of The brewers not to put any brimstone Wellington (by an Englishman), and the in the ale.

Priuce of Waterloo, (by an Irishman!)

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