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must then be taken out, well wrung, and termined men may retard and baffle an dried. When dry the membraneous sub- Army for a long time. They had only stance is to be removed, and a paste, three guns, and ginjals, with which they formed of equal parts of ground Alum, killed und wounded four or five of our Rock Salt, and Europe Chalk, niixed with Pioneers and followers. One of our Grea little water, applied over the whole in- nadiers was shot through the hand in the terior surface, and put in the sun to dry. storm. Little was got by plunder, as their The skin is then to be rubbed well with valuable property had been removed to the hand till it becomes perfectly pliable, Dwarka. Having left a garrison here, we and afterwards rubbed with hone or any sat down before the fort of Dwarka, but very rough substance to smoothen its sur-when our batteries were ready to open, face. This process must be repeated ihree the place surrendered at discretion, withtimes before the skin can be considered as out a shot being fired. Here is a most dressed. One seer of the above composi. magnificent Hindoo Pagoda to which Piltion is in general enough for one skin." grimages are made froin all parts of India,

and the riches of which are very great, BOMBAY

yielding an annual revenue of some lacs of The following letter, from an intelligent rupees. This place is delightfully situated Correspondent, gives a full and interesting on a charming creek near the Sea, in which detail of the successful operations against Along the bank are Temples innumerable,

the devoters perforio their ablutions.a horde of Pirates on the banks of the and in the water the fishes and guils are so Indus, subsequent to the Campaign in tame as to sport around the people bathing. Cutch,

This fort is by no means strong, but we

piaced a garrison in it, and another place Camp, Mokasir Talow, 15th March 1816.

called Barwalla, and proceeded against “ We proceeded rapidly down the north Bate, an Island in sight of the northeru ern coast of Kattywar via Noanagur and headland of Okamundel.' But the overRambalia, nearly all the way iu sight of whelming nature of our force induced the the Gulf of Kutch, which cheered us with Chief to send in his submission, and his a charming sea breeze every day; on the Capital is now in our possession. 26th we entered the Okanundel by the “ Having destroyed some small places Isthmus of Muddy. Our march so far was that evinced a hostile spirit, without diffi. pleasant and uninterrupted. The country culty, and left the 5th Regiment N. I. in abounded in game, and our sportsmen shot Okaniundel and Bate, we are returning, numbers of them. Numerous clear running This place is a march from the isthmus. rivulets every where water its face, yet it is We arrived here yesterday, and Colonel poorly cultivated and thinly inhabited, Barclay's detaehment joined us from Kutch, owing, I believe, to the distracted state of when they settled every thing without loss its government for many years. But under

or difficulty. Captain Whittle and 400 a settled and vigorous system, this large Sepoys are left to garrison Anjar and province might be a valuable gem to orna Toonia, and Captain M Murdock is fixed ment any crown. The object of our visit as Resident at the Court of the Rao of Kutch. to Okamundel was to extirpate a clau of Our Goverument seems to have gained a Pirates who for a long time bave injured, very great advantage by establishing a firm and prevented, the trade of the neighbour footing in that strong country. You will ing seas. They opposed our entrance and gain a correct idea of Kattywar from Capkilied some of the followers, poisoned the tain flardy's faithful map in the Hindoo tauks and wells, and indicated a deter- ufanticide, but neither be tor Rennell mined spirit of resistance About eight knew any thing about Kutch. It is during miles iuland we were detained three days, the S. W. Monsoon, an island bounded on reducing a little fortified post called Dhin one side by the ludes, ou its two others, by gee, situated in a most impenetrable jun. the gulph Ran—and Scind Ran. During the gle of prickly Pear. Every road and ap- S. W. winds the Tides of the Indus rise to a proach to it being blocked or broken up, prodigious height, and force the waters of we could not get nearer than three miles, that river to overflow a valley which sepaeither to reconnoitre or surprise it. How rates Kutch from Scind, and is called the ever, by fire and sword we got to it, and Ran--and at the same the waters of the Gulf our brave fellows took it by storm, when it are forced up the Kutch Rau making a was given up. to plumier, the Pirates and triangular Island of the Rao's dominions. inhabitants having escaped into the woods. “The People of Kattywar, Okamundel The place was only strong by nature, but and Kutch are evidently one race. They shews that in such a post a handful of de are in general large, fine, bold men, and


had we got entered their country with an pondent in Kandy, giving an account of overwhelming force, I think, we should iis Excellency's Tour, an extract of which have experienced much serious opposition. we have the pleasure to lay before our It is perhaps from the accumulation of readers. sand and salt in the Rans that the climate

Extract of a letter from Kundy, dated of Kutch is so fluctuating. When the

April 22. wind blows across them I observed ihe

Ou arrival at this place brings the Thermometer, even ju January, as high as 90° and a few days after a change made it

Governor on known ground, and the novel biter cold, and the Thermometer at 360 part of his Tour may be considered as at

an end. By looking at the map you will see how near we have been to the route of Alexan

I believe His Excellency is much satisfied

with what he has seen, and unless appearder the Great. How easy it would be for our Government to establisli a line of frou

ances are very delusive, the reception he tier fortresses from Loodiana to the Indus every where met with expressed the genuine They would secure

ser:timent of real cordiality. our Indian Empire from Invasion from the North, and check abouuding both in cultivation and planting,

Satlragam is a rich and beautiful Province the Mahrattas in their rear.

“I have left Okamunde!, notwithstand and producing a variety of commodities, ing its fine healthy breezes, without regret. fee, pepper, wax, cardamoms, and several

such as areka nut in great quantities, cof. it is a poor barren place, a rock, but valuable as a key to Kattywar, and as a strong place , easily defended with a small force. and the vext in authority, Ekneligodde

The second Adigar was there in person We have received orders to return to Nilame, who risides in the proviuce, had Noanagur, the Jam's Capital, whose Arabs are in a state of rebellion, and he requires zeal for the service of Government and of

given the most convincing proofs of his our being near to dismiss them. From

the assistance he had been able to comthence we are to march to Juanuggur, a strong Hill City and fort, on the southern mand from the people-at every haiting coast of Katty war, where some political place (about ten in number) extensive and arrangements require our presence.

ornamented buildings were prepared for “ The first day we attached Dbingee

the reception of bis Excellency and Su te with 700 men, two howitzers, and three _and from the commencement of the Dis. held pieces, under Col Fitzsimous. A ter- savony at Sitawaka to its termination bio rible fire was kept up for six hours, and youd Halpe Cadavetty, the natural impethe Pirates came out to attack us, but it all diments of the road had been evercome ended in smoke,the jungle was too green

with an admirable degree of industry and to burn, and too impenetrable to be forced." ingenuity, and a permanent line of good

road fornied for a distance of 40 miles. CEYLON.

Judulyasinha mountain, across which the FROM THE CEYLON GOVERNMENT

Province of Ouwa is entered, is a formidGAZETTE, April 24, 1816.

able ascent; considerably more difficult

both in its length and acclivity than BaHis Excellency the Governor and Suite lani --Sickness bad prevented the Dessave arrived in Kandy on the 17th instant. His of Ouwa from repairing to his station, and Excellency was niet at a considerable dis a little misunderstanding on the part of the tance from that place by ali the Kandean second Chief called Adikarum rendered our Chiefs with every demonstration of respect first stage down the mountain somewhat and attachment to the British Governor : uncomfortable, there being no Bungalow and they preceded bis Excellency iuto erected at Dombakiva the place of halling. Kandy in grand procession. His Excel- The mistake however was afterwards fully lency's arrival in the capital of our new explained, and we experienced uo inconterritories was announced by a salute of venience but that of more than usual cold. vineteen guns

The thermometer in the air at five in the His Excellency, we understand, ex- morning was 51. pressed himseit much pleased with the At our next stage we met the Adikarum, great improvements which had taken place and his Excellency received great atten in Kandy since his last visit. The troops tious throughout the remainder of the road stationed there are extremely healthy, and to Badulla. This province, of which an handy has become the favourite station extensive prospect appears from the top of with them.

the Pass, presents a continuance of green Since writing the foregoing, we have hills-these are not cultivated, and it is obbeen favoured with a letter from a corres vious they occupy a very great proportion


[628 of the area of the district. The rallies, the streets adjoining the square; of the however, are fertile, and cultivated with whole only two were marked for capture, case. The crops were in blade and looked and they were secured to-day, all the yery thriving-grain is the principal proothes, except five, bad been previously duce, and the inhabitants shew themselves let go. The two taken were poosed by one good farniers, adding to the level ground a of the hunters, then tied to a tame ele. considerable space up the slope of the hills phant, and afterwards to a tree. Parti. shelved into varrow Paddy fields, and wa

culars would lead me too far-but we tered in an artificial and beautiful manner, were principally amused by one of the Eleby the streams which every where fow phants remaining after the first was securfrom the heights.

ed, having tried the gate, and fuding he At Badulla his Excellency gave several could make it crack, put his strength to it, audiences, and conferred publicly with the and broke through the bars. The whole Chiefs about the administration of justice, number confined immediately rushed out, the support of local customs, the services of and run about the great square and in the the people, current specie, and other sub- streets; but theywere constantly and easily jects of principal importance, all of which turned, either by the tane elephants, or excited much interest, and were arranged the hunters armed with sharp the general satisfaction.

They were brought back three times, and Ou Good Friday we had prayers and a as often forced the gate ; at last the second sermon from Mr. Bisset, combining in the was caught, and the exhibition ended. most happy and affecting manner the com

The ciimate is remarkably healthy, not memoration of our Saviour's passion, with a single soldier stationed at this post bas the peculiar circumstances under which hitherto been attacked with sickness. his Gospel was then first preached in a POTATOES, CABBAGES, WHEAT, INTRO- , region hitherto so impenetrable to the light of Revelation.

We extract the following from the letter The journey from Badulla to this place, of a correspondent with the Party of His little remarkable, except that after all we Excellency the Governor. had met with of steep and rugged bills,

“ Amongst the novelties of the Trip, it bad fords and other obstacles of travelling, has not been the least pleasing to find the we found this part of our tour much the Potatoe and Cabbage introduced with most arduous. On the 17th instant the day of our dola these vegetables are common and ex

complete success, both at Kandy and Baarrival here Mr. Sawers bad invited His tremely good Cauliflowers have beeu tried, Excellency to breakfast at the Palace of and thrive well, Turnips grow to a large size, Cundasale, where we saw an Arrack-still and all European Seeds seem to find in this at work, the first experiment in the country a climate and soil perfectly couProvinces, and which promises in a short genial to them. There is every reason to time entirely to save the expense and believe that our Settlements on the Sea Jaboar of carriage from the Sea Coast in Coasts will sbortly receive the same saluthis great article of supply; the spirit daily tary and abundant supply from the interior distilled at present almost suffices for the which Madras of late years has enjoyed consumption of this garrison aud is of ex- from the Mysore Provinces. cellent quality. Yesterday divine service “ A trial of Wheat has been made on a was performed in the Great Hall of Au- small scale, and produced a great return, dience to a Christian congregation of about which when compared to the seed Wheat one hundred persons.

lately sent up was found much superior in We have just returned from seeing two weight and fineness." wild elephants snared and secured in the

JAVA. great square. It is more amusing than the hunt on the coast. The Kandyans understand the animal better, and train him to By letters from Java, we learn that much greater perfection. Besides the tame there has been a severe shock of an earthelephants, properly so called, they have quake on the Island ot Bali-boling—one others, mostly females, half tame, having large town swallowed up, and upwards of been frequently driven. Being let go two thousand souls perisbed-two officers again they form new herds—their bauois are said to have been killed by lightning. are known, and their consorts follow them We regret to amounce a most melancholy -a troop of 29 passed quietly within a and fatal accident, which occurred on the few paces of the Governor and a crowd of 7th of this month at Sourabaya. A party spectators into a craal formed in one of of Gentlemen were at dinner in the house




of Mr. Brown, the Master-Attendant, | peculiar family or fraternity ; each family when a valent tornado passed through the has its own peculiar range of pasture, and town—a flash of lightning struck the house does not intrude iuto that of its neighbours; in which the party was assembled, by he is not a rambler, and this family attachwhich Lieut. Roxburgh was most unforment is so strong, the hunters know if they funately killed, and four other gentlemen, can knock down but one of them they can Captain Dudley, Mr. Brown, Lieutenants make sure of the rest at pleasure. Pemberton and Sibbain, severely injured. The name of this animal, in the lan. We are happy, however, to add, that the guage of the aborigines, is Wapiti, which two former have quite recovered, and tbat has been adopted by Professor Mitchill, no apprehensions are entertained for the of the university of New York, and by the safety of the others.

late Dr. Barton, of Philadelphia ; but some naturalists have mistaken bis character, and called bim the Elk or Moose, which is an animal with broad palmatéd horos, and an uncouth figure, whereas the horn

of the Wapiti is round, and his figure eleFour new and nondescript animals are

gant. now exhibiting in the King's Mews

The age of the male of this species is Riding-House: they seem to be an extra, ascertained by its horn till it is full grown; ordinary species of deer, lately arrived he sheds them annually: the fe:vales havé from North America. The following is a

no horos. sketch of their natural history.

The colour of these animals is, in the As these new quadrupeds are natives of winter, on the body, of a peculiar dunnish North America, wbich has now been dis. hue; the neck and legs are a dark brown, covered for more than three centuries past, the rump is a pale yellowish white: the it must necessarily excite wonder, that colour extending about six or seven inches neither the horns nor the skin of such a

from the tail on all sides, and very distiuct fine animal, vor its description, have ever

from the general colour of the body. A before reached Europe, notwithstanding black semi-circular line of unequal width that America was discovered aud settled, (from a quarter of an inch to two inches) and is now occupied, by the descendants separates the white of the rump on either of Europeans.

buttock, from the dun of the body. The persons who have charge of these

The head resembles that of the common animals state, that a German naturalist, American deer (Cervus Virginianus) and who had been employed several years in of the horse, much more than that of the exploring that part of Louisiana, called Elk or Moose, and is pointed and handthe Upper Missouri country, brought then

some. The legs are admirably formed for froin thence over-land to Baltimore, where, strength and activity, resembling those of as well as at Philadelphia and New York, the race horse, particularly the hinder; on they were exhibited for money.

the outside of each of these is a protuThey are in their nature very timid, and berapce of yellowish hair, which is the at the same time of such power and acti- seat of a gland that secrets av unctuous vity when grown, that it is not possible substance, and the animal applies it to to take them out of the forest alive; but smooth and dress his coat, which is so adsome remote tribes of Indians having dis- mirably constructed, that it is thus rencovered that they were susceptible of do- dered impervious to rain, or to water if he mestication, and of being trained to draw swiins across a river their sledges in winter over the snow and

The Wapiti has an oblique slit or opere ice, took them when fawus in nets, and ing under the inner angle of each ere, brought them up in their houses with great

nearly an iuch long externally, which pcare and kindness, thus depriving them of pears to be an auxiliary to the nostril. He their wild habits, and making them at last has no voice like the horse or the ox, and of great value and importance for their this organ seems to be given him as a comservices in harness.

pensation; for with it be makes a noise, Their flesh in the winter season is so

which he can vary at pleasure, and which juicy and nutritive that it is sought after is like the loud and piercing whistle that with avidity by the white hunters as well bors give by putting their fingers in their as the lucians; in cousequence of which, mouth. the species is threatened with an early and

The anatomist and naturalist will find total destruction.

in the structure of this apimal a variety of This animal is naturally inclined to be objects highly deserving their best attendomestic. lu his native abode he has his


Notwithstanding the Wapiti has a cloven foot and chews the cud like the ox, yet

PEAKS OF OTTER. he has a bridle tusk like the horse, and the lower jaw is admirably fitted to be ope

[From an American Paper.) rated upon by a bridle and bit. The

The height of the Peaks of Otter deemed tongue is remarkable for its softness and the bighest mountains (from their base) in smoothness.

Virginia, and amongst the highest in the The Wapiti is esteemed, and justly the United States, which has bitherto been a pride of the American forest, being un- subject of uncertain conjecture, has lately questionably the handsomest and most va.

been taken by geometrical operations with luable native quadruped that has yet been an excellent instrument and great care.discovered in that extensive country: He They are found to be much short of the is mature when he is twelve years old, and conjecture which lias prevailed. his full size is about eighteen hands. The largest of the two males now in the King's

The following are the particulars worthy Mews is full fourteen bands, and that he of notice. has but lately entered his sixth year is ma The latitude of the sharp Peak (which is nifest from his horns.

the south end) taken by a single observaLike all uther animals that are long in tion made on its apex, is 37 deg, 38 min. coming to maturity, they live to a great 17 sec. North. By a mean of the obserage; the full extent of their lives is indeed vations of the height of norih Peak, not perfectly kuown; but the Indians (who above the surface of the Otter River is keep no registers) say of a man, when he 31033 feet; of the south or Sharp Peak, is grown in years and inactive, that "he is 29464 feet. Their difference of height 157 as old as a Wapiti," which certainiy indi- feet. The distance of the two summits is cates that this auimal must at least equal nearly 1 and 8-10ths of a mile, but exactly the age of him to whom he is compared. 95071 feet. The magnetic bearing of the

The two females appear to be smaller summit of the North from that of the South and somewhat younger than the males; Peak is, N. 35 deg. 50 min. east-from their necks resemble in some degree that which two deg. must be subtracted for the of the dromedary:

present variation of the needle. The base The food of the Wapiti, in a domestic lines measured, the one of 2806 feet or 55-100 state, is the same as that of the cow or the of a mile; the other of 65-9 feet or le horse, and they are, if properly managed, mile, were on the plains of the Otter equally tractable. Ill usage or harshness River, belonging to Christopher Clarke, makes them alarmed and impatient; but Esq. and the heirs of Audrew Donald, they are very sensible of benefits, and lick near the mill of the latter; a former liue ia the hand that feeds them.

exact direction to the axis of the South No quadruped can be more personally Peak, the latter nearly parallel with the clean than the Wapiti; his breath is as bearing of the Peak from the other. The sweet as that of the cow. The males are distance of the base lines measured from attached to only one female, and the latter the points in the basis of the mountains vergenerally produce twins.

tically, under their súmnits, was, the The Upper Missouri country is in the nearest, 1600 feet; the farthest 24,523 feet, sanie latitude as England; its wouters are or about four miles generally. Supposing a little more rigorous and its summers the radius of the earth 3965 miles, the somewhat warmer; and it abounds in rich north Peak may be seen over a level counpastures of white trefoil, which the hunters try to the distance of 623 miles; this will cail Buffalo grass.

include the whole or part of the counties of From what has been stated, we find that Amherst, Nelson, Albemarle, Fluvanna, these animals were exhibited as curiosities Buckingham, Cumberland, Franklin, Bedeven in the principal American cities, con- ford, Campbell

, Prince Edward, Charlotte, sequently they must be uuknown in all the Patrick, Henry, Pensylvania, and Halifax; cultivated and settled parts of the United and it may be seen over the summit of the States,

Blue Ridge, in Rockbridge and Botetout. It is likely that these are not the We are glad to see that America is only new animals that better acquaintance getting forward in the Sciences, and applies with the interior of the vast continent of them to valuable Geograpluical purposes. America may furnish ;-but, as they may 1 To say the least, this measurement has corsoon be renioved, to gratify the curions on rected a prevalent popular delusion; and the Continent, we presume that our batu- has restored to their true dimensions, mouisralists will be gratified with this notice, tains, which estimate and conjecture bad and will supply its defciency by inspection. greatly heightened and enlarged.

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