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engravings, by George Cooke, and a map The Lives of Dr. Edward Pocock, the from a recent survey, made expressly for the celebrated Orientalist, by Dr. Twells of work, engraved by Neale. Price in 8vo. Dr. Zachary Pearce, Bishop of Rochester, 11. Is, and in 4to. with proof impressions of aud of Dr. Newton, Bishop of Bristol, by the plates, 11. 155,

themselves--and of the Rev. Philip SkelPreparing for publication, a Historical and ton, by Mr. Burdy. With a complete inDescriptive View of the Parishes of Mookadex, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Il. wearmouth, and Bishop-wearmouth, and the The Life of Raffael of Urbino. By the Port and Borough of Sunderland, in the Author of the Life of Michael Angela. County of Durham ; comprising a historical Small 8vo. 8s. 6d. account of their origin and present state, an Some Account of the Lives and Writings accurate description of the public buildings, of Lope Feliz de Vega Carpio and Guillea and ecclesiastical edifices, the rise and pro- de Castro. By Henry Richard Lord Holgress of the public institutions, and a view land. A new edition, with additions, and of the trade, shipping, manufactories, &c. two portraits. 2 vols. small 8vo. 11, 1s.

CLASSICAL LITERATURE. Mr. James Mitchell has in the press, a Virgil; with English Notes at the end, Tour through Belgium, Holland, along the taken from the Delphin and other editions: Rhine, and through the North of France, in with many original. 7s.6d. an octavo volume.

A Map of Scriptural and Classical GeoSir William Gell has nearly ready for pub-graphy; with an explanatory treatise, where lication, the Itinerary of the Morea, in a small octayo volume, with a rnap.

in the documents of sacred and ancient civil The Scientific Tourist in England and particularly examined and discussed. The

history, relative to the origin of nations, are Wales is preparing for the press.

whole intended to facilitate a knowledge of The author of Letters from Paris in 1802-3 the progressive colonization of the earth, is printirg, in an octavo volume, Two Tours and from which it is proved that the most tu France, Belgium, and Spa; one in the ancient records of the earliest states are desummer of 1771, the other in 1816.

rived froin, or have analogy to, the Mosaic history. By T. Heming, of Magdalen Hall, Oxon. 11. 1s.; on canvas 11. os.

Joannis Scapulæ Lexicon Græco-Latinum; Evening Amusements; or, the Beauties

ex Probatis Auctoribus Locupletatam, cum of the Heavens Displayed ; in which the Indicibus, et Græco et Latino, auctis et

correctis. Additum Auctarium Dialectostriking appearances to be observed in various evenings during the year 1817 are de- rum, in Tabulas compendiose redactarum scribed, By William Frend, Esq. M.A. Accedunt Lexicon Etymologicum, cum The Actuary of ihe Rock Life Assurance Com: matibus Investigatu Ditficiliorabus et Anopany, and late Fellow of Jesus College, nalis

. Et Joannis Meursii Glossarium conCambridge. 12.o. 3s.

tractum, hactenus desideratum. Editio nora, An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy;

in qua, nunc primum, Vocatula ex Appelor, an Easy Introduction to a knowledge of dice Askeviana secundum literarum seriem the leavens. Intended for the use of those inseruntur. 2 vols. 4to. 71. 7s. who are not much conversant in mathematical studies. By the Rev. A. Mylue, A.M. A Practical Abridgement of the Custom With four maps of the constellations, and a and Excise Laws, relative to the import, explate of figures, illustrative of the work. port, and coasting trade of Great Britain 8vo, 9s.

and her dependencies, including tables of

the duties, drawbacks, bounties, and pre Memoirs of the Right Hon. Richard iniums, and an index. By Charles Pope, Brinsley Sheridan. Drawn from authentic Controlling Surveyor of the Warehouses in documents, and illustrated by original cor Bristol; and late of the Custom-bouse, Lon. respondence, and a variety of interesting on. An entirely new edition, being the anecdotes: tu which is prefixed, a biogra- third. The additions to this third edition placal account of his family. By Jobm comprise 82 new acts of parliamen; all l'ackius, LL D. &c. Embellished with the treaties in any wise affecting Eritish portraits. 410. 11. 11s. 611.

commerce, recently concluded with foreiga Menorial Sketches of the late Rev. David powers; many reports of adjudged cases; Brown, Senior Chaplain to the Precedency opinions of law officers; and other matters. of Fort "Viiliam, at Calcutta ; with a selce Svo. 11. 11s. 6d. tion of his Sermons. Edited by the Rev. C. Simeon, M.A. Fellow of King's College, The Guardians; or, Faro Table: a coCainbridge. 8vo. 125.

medy, now performing at Drury-Lane Thea







tre. By the late John Tobin, Esq. Author other objects of curiosity and works of art, of the Honey Moon. 8vo. 3s.

not hitherto described. 8vo. 12s. HISTORY

Provincial Letters, containing an exposure The History of Ceylon, from the earliest of the reasoning and morals of the Jesuits. Period to the Year 1815; with character. By Blaise Pascal. To which is added, a istic details of the religion, laws, and man- View of the history of the Jesuits, and the ners of the people ; and a collection of their late bull for the revival of the order. Transmoral maxins and ancient proverts. By lated from the French. 8vo. 195. Philalethes, A.M. Oxon. To which is sub Genealogia Antiqua ; or, Mythological joined, Robert Knox' Historical Relation of and Classical Tables, compiled from the The Island, with an account of bis captivity best authors on fabulous and ancient bistory. during a period of near cwenty years. Il- By W. Berry, late of the College of Arms, lustrated by sixteen plates, and a map of the London, and author of an Introduction to island. 4to. 21. 125. od.

Heraldry, and the History of the Island of

Guernsey. Small folio, il. Is. boards, larute Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pubo paper, 21. 2s. 5. lished by the Medical and Chirurgical So National Difficulties practically explain

ciety of London. With seven plates, volume ed. By a Member of the Lowestofft Book VII. part II. 8vo. 12s.

Club. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Surgical Observations; being a quarterly The Inquisition Unmasked ; being a hisreport of cases of surgery. By Charles Bell. torical and philosophical account of that Illustrated by plates, part II. 8vo. 6s. tremendous tribunal; founded on authentic dewed.

documents, and exhibiting the necessity of MISCELLANTES.

its suppression, as the means of reform and Observations on the Projected Bill for regeneration. Written and published at the restricting the Practice of Surgery and Mid-time when the national congress of Spain wifery to Members of the Royal Colleges of was about to deliberate on this important London, Edinburgh, and Dublin; and to measure. By D. Antonio Puigblanch. TransArmy or Navy Surgeons : with some no-lated from the author's enlarged copy, by difications proposed, by which the measure William Walton, Esq. Hustrated by twelve

will be more compatible with the true inter- historical engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. il. 10s. 2. ests of the public, and not oppressive to the A History of the Jesuits ; to which is = present race of pupils for the profession. presxed, a Řeply to Mr. Dallas' Defence of

By a General Practitioner. 8vo. 1s. 6d. the Order. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 43,

The Whole Works of the late William The Statesman's Manual; or, the Bible Cowper, Esq. consisting of poems, letters, the best guide to Political Skill and Foreand a translation of Homer. 10 vols, small

sight, a lay sermon, addressed to the higher 8vo. 31. Ils. The works detached Poems, classes of society. By S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 3 vols. 11. 25.; Letters, 3 vols. 11. 19. ; Ho- 12mo, 4s. sewed. mer, 4 vols. 11. 8s.

The Identity of Junius with a distinguished Jackson's New and Improved System of living character established. Printed uniMnemonics; or, Two Hours Study in the formiy with Woodfali's Junius, with a fine Art of Memory, applied to figures, chro-portrait. 8vo. 12s. nolngy, geography, statistics, &c. Illustrated Theoretic Arithmetic, in three books; by many plates.' 12m0. 55. 61.

containing the substance of all that has been Eocyclopædia Edivensis, a Dictionary of written on the subject by Theo of Smyrna, Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Litera. Nichomacbus, lamblichus, and Boëtius: ture, to be completed in 6 vols. 4to. By together with some remarkable particulars James Millar, M.D. Part III. 8s.

respecting Perfect, Ainicable, and other A Series of Letters written on board his Numbers, which are not to be found in the Majesty's ship the Northumberland, and at writings of any ancient or modern mathemaSt. Helena; in which the conduct and con- tician. Likewise a specimen of the manner versations of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his in which the Pythagoreans philosoploized suite, during the voyage, and the first about Numbers; and a developement of m.ouths of his residence in that island, are their Mystical and Theological Arithmetic. frientially described and relatert. By Wild By Thomas Taylor. 8vo. 14s. Hans Warden, Surgeon on board the Nor A Translation of the Six Books of Proclus, thumberland. With two engravings, and a on the Theology of Plato; to which a seventh fac-simile of Bonaparte's llandwriting. 8vo. book is added, in order to supply the defici105. 00.

ency of another book on this subject which Vieworanduma of a Residence in France, in was written by Proclus, but since lost; also the Winter of 1815-16; including remarks on a Translation of Proclus' Elements of TheoFrench manners and society, with a descrip-logy. Also, a Translation of the Treatise of tion of the Catacombs, and notices of some Proclus on Providence and Fate; a Trassia

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tion of Extracts from his Treatise, enti:led Dean of Chichester's Apology addressed to

the Rev. G. S. Faber, BD. By George Translation of Extracts from his Treatise on Stanley Faber, B.D. Rector of Long Newthe Subsistence of Evil; as preserved in the ton. 2s 6d. Bibliotheca Gr. of Fabricius. By Thomas A Plea for Catholic Communion in the Taylor. 2 vols. royal 4to. 51. 10s.

Church of God. By J M. Mason, D.D.
From the second edition with corrections,

8vu. 10s. 60
An Essay on the Origin, Progress, and printed at New York.
Present State of Galvanism; containing in-

Seriuons on the Parables of our blessed

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By William vestigations, experimental and speculative, of the principal doctrines offered for the ex

Martin Trunder, L.B. at Oxford, and M.D. planation of its phenomena, and a statement

at Leyden. 8vo. 12s. of a new hypothesis. Honored by the Royal

Filty-seven Sermons, on the Gospels or Irish Academy with the prize. By M. Do Epistles of all the Sundays in the vear, novan, 8vo. 12s.6d.

Christmas-day, the Circumcision, and Good

Friday; for the use of families and country Tales of My Landlord, corrected and re

congregations : together with observations ported by Jedediah Cleishibotham, school-on public religious in-truction. By the inaster and parish clerk of Gandercleugh. 4 Rev. Richard Warner, Curate of St. James', vols. 11. 8s.

Bath, 2 vols, 12mo. 16s.

Part I. of Stackhouse's History of the A Third Canto of Childe Harold's Pil- Holy Bible, from the beginning of the world to griwage. By the Right Hon. Lord Byron. and improved, by the Rt. Rev. George Gleig,

the establishinent of Christianity, corrected 8vo. 55. Od. sewed. The Prisoner of Chillon; the Dream ;

LL.D. F.R.S.E. F.S.S.A. one of the Bishops Darkness; the Incantation, &c. By the of the Scotch Episcopal Church. To be Right Honorable Lord Byrou. 8vo. 5s. 6d. completed in fourteen monthly parts, comse wed,

prising 3 vols. demy 4to.,75. royal 4to. Os. A Fifth Volume of Lord Byron's Works';

sewed. containing the Siege of Corinth, Parisina,

Sermons by the late Charles Wesley, Fare Thee Well, Monody on Sheridan, and A.M. Student of Christ Church, Oxford several other poems, small 8vo. 7s. od.

wieb a memoir of the author, by the editor. Small 8vo. 7s.

Plain Preaching; or, Sermons for the An Inquiry into the Principles of Popula- Poor; and for People of all Ranks. By the tion ; including an exposiuon' of the causes

Rev. R. Mayo. 12mo. Os. and advantages of a tendency to exuberance of numbers in society, a defence of Hope, and Charity; with a morning and

A Century of Christian Prayers, on faith, poor laws, and a critical and historical view evening devotion, conducive to the Duties of the doctrines and projects of the most of belief and practice. 8vo. As. celebrated legislators and writers, relative to

Meditations and Prayers selected from population, the poor, and charitable esta

the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Pious blishments. By James Grahame, Esq. 8vo

Tracts, recommended to the Wayfaring man, 10s. Od. Further Observations on the State of the whepsoever'unavoidably precluded from the

the Invalid, the Soldier, and the Seaman, Nation : Means of Employment of Labour : House of Prayer. By the Rev. J. Watts. Sioking Fund, and its application: Pauper- 3s. 6d. ism: Protection requisite to the Linded a’nd Agricultural Interests, &c. By R. Pres

English Topography; or, a Series of Histon, Esq. M. P. 2s.

torical and Statistical Descriptions of the se

veral Counties of England and Wales, AcSermons. By I.N. Darnel, B.D. Pre companied by a correct map of each county, bendary of Dunham, and late Fellow of C. taken from original surveys, and beautifully C. Coilege, Oxford. Svo. 93.

outlined. Royal 4to. 31. 10s. half-bound; Annotations on the Epistles ; being a con- inperial paper, maps coloured, 51. 5s. tinuation of Mr. Elsley's Annotations on the Gospels and Acts, principally designed for Mungo Park's First Expedition to Africa the use of candidates for Holy Orders. By reprinted in Quarto, with (by permission) the Rev. Janies Slade, M.A, late Fellow Major Rennell's valuable Memoir ou the and Tutor of Emanuel College, Cambridge, Geography of Africa: with the portrait and ani Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop all the maps and plates. 21. 2s. of Chester, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

Travels above the Cataracts of Egypt. By The Doctrine of Regeneration in the Case Thomas Legh, Esq. M.P. With a map, 4to. of Infant Baptisin, stated in Reply to the 11. 15.







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Germany, or a collection of the projects Foreign Literary Bazette. and proposals ancient and modern, for the

union of different seas, of the rivers, and commercial states of Germany. The

whole forming one volume octavo. A spirited Editon of Buffon's Natural History has lately appeared at Paris, in

National Journal resumed. cluding his translations of Dr. Hales's Ve The modern Greek Journal published du. getable Statics, and Newton's Method of ring three years by the archi-mandrite AnFluxions. The whole forms thirty-four thimos Gaza, at Vienna, under the title of Volumes in 8vo. witb Maps and Etchings Hermes Logios, has suffered an interrupof the various figures, in number more tion of two years, but is about to be resumed. than a thousand. The whole is a close It will be published montbly. The new copy of the Louvre Edition, and the ani- editors are, M. Theoklitos, Chaplain to mals, as in that, are arranged in families. the Greek Chapelof St. George at Vienna; The price is 255fr.

and Constantin Kakkinaki, of the Island of This Edition is restricted to the works of Chio: who translated the Tartuffe of Buffon; printed verbatim. The notes and Moliere into modern Greek. supplements are placed according to the design of the Author: and the whole is rendered as classical as possible. The entire

Eminent merit rewarded. impression consists of only three hundred His Holiness has conferred on the Checommon paper copies; and twenty-five large valier Canova, the title of Marquis of Ispaper (double price). It will soon become a chia, with a pension of three thousand Roscarce book.

man crowns, per apuum. On this occasion, Caution on the effects of Canal Marshes.

the Pope inscribed with his own hand the In the course of the years 1810, 1811, Chevalier Canova's name in the golden book

of the Capitol. 1812, 1819, an Epidemic disorder broke out in those communes through which the

The Emperor of Austria has also decoCanal of the Ourcq passes: and in their rated Sig. Canova, now Marquis of Ischia,

with the order of Leopold. neighbourhood. It appears to be certain that it originated in the emanations rising

New Literary Journal. from stagnant water, in the canal, or oc At Milan, Sig. Monti, Breislak, Giorcasioned by the canal. These, converting dani, and Acerbi, have united to institute a the ground into marshes, became powerful Literary Journal under the title of Biblioagents in spreading the disorder. Dr. theca Italiana a Journal of Literature, SciCaillard has published an octavo volume ences, and Arts; compiled by a Society of on the subject, under the title of Memoirs on Literati. The usual contents of Journals the dangers urising from marshy emunations; are to be expected in this:-as analyses of and on the epidemic disorder that prevailed at New Works, pictures, engravings, maPantin, and in many communes adjacent to chines, inventions, discoveries in the Arts, the canal of L'Ourcq, in the years above &c. memoirs and unpublished writings of stated.

famous men, &c. A number is published It is every way probable that this subject monthly, at Milan Price in that city might deserve attention in such parts of about a guinea a year, subscription. our own country as are intersected by canals lying on dead levels, fens, marshes, &c. &c.

Statistics. The last enumeration made

of the inhabitants of Drontheim, ascerThough Bnonaparte's famous projects tained them to amount to eight thousand of navigable canals from the Mediterranean eight hundred and forty. This is a consito the Baltic, which read so pompously in derable population for a town so far north. the newspapers, as ordered by the Emperor Commerce has occasioned this assemblage. to be cut, and looked so prettily on paper, This town circulates the products of the failed, yet.there certainly are many advan sea, and of the mines; it diffuses life, popu

lation tageous points, which might be employed

and cultivation throughout the in such a purpose. Of this Dr. Reinhold, mountains, which otherwise would be baran architect, and M. J. Oltmans, an astro

ren and desert. nomer, appear to be fully sensible. They

Drontheim Society of Sciences. have lately published proposals for a work Within these few years a large and stately under the title of Der Deutsche Handels- edifice built of stone, has distinguished the canul, &c. The Commercial Canals of

town of Drontheim. It is the first, and VOL. V. No. 28, Lit. Pan. N, S. Jan, 1.






the only, of its kind, at present in the The greater part of the Notes are taken northern district of Norway. It is the low from the Flora Taurico Caucasica of stitution of the Society of Sciences, for the Marshall Biberstein, The Frontispiece is town and province; it also accommodates adorned with a Vignette representing an the Cathedral School. This Society is Onyx of the Imperial Aluseum, with the an establishment which contributes to legend Prima dedit fruges alimentaque spread and encourage the stndy of the miliu terris, with a pláte. Sciences throughout the northern regions. It possesses ample funds, and has the power

Remedies used in Guinez. of forming interesting collections of many M. Adam Afzelius having collected durarticles in Natural History, &c. It has al ing his residence iu Guinea a great number ready acquired two libraries of eminent of observations on the medical substances historians, deceased; with manv MSS. re

which were employed in that country, by lating mostly to the topography of the those best acquainted with their powers country. Though at present this Society be and properties, has since his return, comlittle known, and but slightly active, yet mitted to some of his most capable pupils hereafter, some happy genius may render the charge of treating them in Academic it famous and illustrious.

Programma, in order to their more general

communication throughout Sweden. Wood set on fire by rrater !!

These have been published, as is usual Certainly an age of inventions carries its for such Acadensic Exercises. The titles own applause with it ; and the present of the works respectively are, Remedia is an age of inventions. Our forefathers

Guinensia, quorum præside Ad. Afzelio, were accustomed to treat with derision the Collectionem primam, pro gradu Medico. p.p.

J. Ulric Nyberg;--Collectionem Secundam, p.p. notion of setting the Thames on fire: we J.J. Kallstenius.-Collectionem Tertiam p.p. are wiser now. But, the consequences of Petrus Brandelius ;-Collectionem quartam, a conflagration so extensive, in fact, so p. p. Carolus, 0. Bange, et Collectionem fatal; neither they, nor we, have suffi quintam, p. p.

Otavus Lindbom. 38. p.p. ciently considered. Among the articles 2fo. published in the Berlin Museum des Neue These substances are denoted by their sten, &c. Museum of new inventions, and scientific names; and are more accurately discoveries in Arts, Sciences, Mecla described if they are new or little known. nic processes, &c. tom. VI in No. 4 for Then follows the place where they are December 1813, is one, describing the found, the name given them by the natives inflammation of wood by means of the Vupour of the country, the use made of them in of water. The subject seems, at first certain diseases, with observations on their sight, sufficiently abstruse: buf, who shall uature and effects, &c. limit the faculties of man? and if the va. These substances are in number fifteen; pour of water is really found uuder certain and, for the benefit of those of our countrycircumstances, to set wood on bre: who ineo who may practice on the Coasi of Gui. shall say under what other circumstances wea, we shall insert their names; a further the river Thames may not burn down the acquaintance wiih tficm must be sought whole City of London?

in the works referred to.

1) Amomum latifolium Afzelii; 2) codarium State of Commerce.

acutifolium Afzelii; 3) zingiber dubium ; 4) Between the 911 of May and the 20th copsicum bacenivan 1; 5) justicia tunicata ; of October last, arrived it Cronstadt 899 6) scopariu uulcis L.; 7) achyranthes promerchant ships, viz. 41 Russian, 366 Bri

strata Lino. ; 8) (onaryllis ornata L. ; 9) tish, 37 Swedislı, 14 Norwegian, 57 Da-rasvia occidentalis Linné; 10) jasminum noe. pish, 92 Prussian, 44 Dutch, 5 French,

iijlorum ; 11) apocynum frutescens Lina. ;

12) Simeria Americana Linn; 13) Hippo. Spanish, 19 Portuguese, 9 Hanoverian, is

crotea relriina ; 14) nicotiana tabacum Linn; Meckleoburghi, 62 American, &c.

ct 15) bromelia ananas Linn. Moscow Bo'anic Garden.

The plate represents one of the most The Botanic Garden at Moscow, CO venomous insecis of Guinea; which the tained a few years ago, 3,594 Species of author describes as Araneu viperina, lir. curious plants ;, as appears by the cata- suta, fisca; gedibus super bimaculatis, suitus Jogue, published under the title of Hortus holosericus. Fabricius has described this Mosquensis, a quarto Volume; printed by insect as Aranen caletata. (Entomol. tom. the University. It is disposed io two | 11. p. 427.) The bite of this Spider is excolumns; by Alphabetic order, and by tremely dangerous: as a remedy, Tobacco genera. Whether the plants are officinal is ashes are employed, together with an inalso indicated by certain marks; and the fusion of the leaves of the Bromelia rotes express the syuonyms, and diagnoses. I ananus.


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