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my in India has extirpated a horde of pi- this new side, about the middle, was placed rates on the banks of the Indus. Several a magnificent group, in relief, of Venice, lives were lost on both sides.

Fame, and several other allegorical figures,

crowning the statue of Buonaparte with a Religious procession ; thanksgiving.

laurel wreath! The figure of Buonaparte A German Gazette gives the following before-and the whole of this fine group,

has been cut away all the rest remain as interesting account of a religious ceremony from the absence of any object or enseinble, of thanksgiving by the Italians, who were rescued from slavery at Algiers, by the has an air

extremely whimsical. The ce exertious of our brave comtrymen under lebrated Corinthian horses, which decoLord Exmouth, in a letter, dated “ Rome, rated for a moment the arch of the Cars Sept. 25. - Yesterday, as the day of La rousel, have resumed their ancient station Madonna della Merceda, was chosen to Mark. The following inscription has been

over the grand arch of the gate of St. administer the Holy Sacrament (of which they have beey so long leprived) to the placed round the edge of the arch:slaves who have been sent back from Al " Quatuor equorum signa, a Veneliig giers by the English. The ceremony took Byzantio capta, ad templum Divi Marci, place io the church of St. Maria della Mi- A.R.S. MCCIV. posita, quæ hostilis cupinerva. They were all new clothed in the ditas, A. MDCCCIII. abstulerat, Frandress of sailors, that is, in blue jackets and riscus primus Imperator pacis orbi data white trovsers, with red ribbons at the trophæum, A. MDCCCXV, Victor re breast, to which rosaries were suspended. duxit.” The many boys among them walked be The statue of Bonaparte, has been taken tween the Priests of the Order of the Tri. down, and sold to the artist who made pity, who, since their return, have in- it, a Veronese. He said he intended to re-! structed them in religious exercises; divi- touch it into a Cæsar! The winged lion sions of soldiers opened and followed the of St. Mark was shattered to pieces on its procession, which attracted an extraordi- way from Paris over the Alps. It has been nary crowd of spectators. The delivered rather clumsily put together, and placed slaves walked with great propriety and upon a pedestal which came from Egypt, devotion."

in the better days of the Venetian repube English travellers less profuse.

Jic. Most of the pictures have been re

placed. Many English now go on pilgrimage to

PORTUGAL. Loretto, and make the usual

offerings to the image of the Virgin. The greater

Conflagration ; Church Consumed. part of these islanders show some taste

Lisbon, Oct. 5.-" Yesterday ibe fine for the fine arts, but they are daily losing beautiful church of St. Julian, in this cits, that reputation for generosity which used in which was performing the funeral cereto procure for every Englishman the title mony of the old Queen, by some accident of Milord

caught fire, and in the course of two hours.

was completely destroyed. You may easily VENICE, Present state, statues, &c,

judge of the dreadful confusiou that eusued The two principal objects of the Aus. in cousequence of there being a numerous trian Authorities at Venice seem, accord. congregatiou present, but I am happy to ing to a private letter, to be the suppression say no lives were lost. Various reporta of freemasonry and prostitution. The are in circulation, but the cause of the Free-mason's-lodge established by the accident is not yet ascertained." French has been suppressed, all new asso Inclement season; Vintage spoiled. ciations strictly forbidden, and the very house in which the meetings had been ult. meytion, that the equinox has set in

Letters from Oporto, dated the ilth held razed to the ground. The measures

with immense rains, beating down and tiken against prostitutes have at least the merit of simplicity : they send away every the scantiness and inferiority of this year's

causing the grapes to rot; added to which, foreigner, and imprison every native pros-vintage has created great distress in the titute who appears in the streets. The Place of St. Mark, at Venice, very

wine districts. much resembles the Palais Royal at Paris. A church, which formed one of its sides,

Salt trade opened to freedom. was taken «way by the French, and a Berlin, Sept. 21.-It is incredible, and maze of public buildings, attached to the yet true, that in German countries Uicie palace, erected in its place, in a style cor still exists what is called a salt conscriptioni, responding with the remaining sides. On that is, a law by which every subject is


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obliged to purchase annually a certain tion are, Alexander Abadousky, Charles quantity of salt from the Sovereign, whe- Svenske, Mathew Tymayoft, and Theother he wants it or not. Our Knig, by a dore Bukse. His Imperial Majesty has asdecree dated in June last, relieved from signed them a sufficient maintenance, aud this burden the countries on the left baok placed them under the immediate direction of the Rhine to the western frontiers of the of Mon. de Strandman, the Rector of the Kingdom, which were partly :subject to it: College at St. Petersburgh, who is attached the other provinces of the Kingdom were to the embassy to London. relieved from it at an earlier period. Every “ When they shall have remained in body has now uo farther obligation than England a sufficient tinie to attain the obthat of purchasing his salt from the royal ject of the r designation, and when they salt works, or salt magazines.

have acquired the full and entire satisfaction of those who can judge in this first

object of their studies, they will probably So great has been the drought in Nor. be authorized to visit other countries of way, that

a Norwegian ship, now in Europe, Londonderry barbour, is taking in cargo

“ The examination of some other insti. of hay, as an article of speculation.

tutions, founded on the same privciples, will be the main design of their attention ; especially those which tend to conduct the

children of the poor to comfort and prosExtract from the Impartial Director of St. perity, by the love of industry and the

Petersburgh, Aug. 20, 1816. practice of virtue, will acromplish the la“ The Emperor of Russia, during his vi the epoch of their return to their own

borss of these four students, and will form sit to Englaud, particularly fixed his at.

country." tention on the establishments for edacation founded on the principles of the new sys- that the four young men mentioned in the

We are enabled to inform our readers, tems of Messrs. Bell and Lancaster. These Russian papier are arrived in London, systems are kyowu by the invariable suc cess which they have obtained. Their ob

Ertruordinary Rains. ject is to extend and to simplify the means We learn from St. Petersburgh, that such of teaching the art of reading and writing continued rains fell in June at Kjakla, on on a principle calculated for the whole the Chinese froutiers, that the torreuts world. Their design is benevolent; the from the adjacent mouutains caused an ininventors of these planis having in view, undation in Kiakla itself, which has done by the developement of their successive much damage. Nothing of the kiudhas operations, the promotion of religion and ever happened there in the memory of morals,

“ His Imperial Majesty concluded, that it would be advantageous to introdui e the

Iron Bridges : great convenience. new system of education into Russia :

Three irou bridges, which were in pre: consequently, he ordered that four students paration some time, have lately been should be chosen from the establishment Molka, the others over branches of the

erected at Petersburgh; one

over the for schoolmasters of St. Petersburgh, who had completed their studies; and that'these Neva. They sırpass in grandeur and con: young men should be sent to England to

venience' all others in that capital. examine the state of the primary schools founded on the principles of Bell and Lan General State of Leipsic Tuir. caster.

Augsburg, No. 10.--A great merchant • No system of education could be suc writes from Leipsic, as follows :The cessful in any country, unless it harmo- prospects for our fair were very good, but nized with its institutions. The principal have unhappily not been realized. As object of this mission is, to observe these long as there is not a certain solidity in new methods, and to study them with a trade, that is, in the sales of the manufacview to report on their bearing in the coun turers, no improvement can be hoped for; tries where they are to be established. These now manufactories have sprong up every ideas, once acquired and combined, will where, more goods are made thau it is pospaturally lead to understand the effect sible to consume.-The extraordinary times which these systems may have on those immediately preceeding the present period countries which desire to adopt them. gave birth and success to extraordinary

The four chosen students, and who are speculations; this has given rise to a spiimmediately to embark on this destina- rit of speculation which has become ex




Cessive.-Phe generality cannot now recou were present. The meeting elected a decile themselves to the eqırable course of putation which is to be permanent, and trade in a time of peace; they think on formed a Secretariat out of several of the their former great gains, and vast enter members. This assembly, which, accord. prises, and thus suffer themselves to being to the orders of the King, is to meet deluded into similar enterprises, which annually, is a new institution, the resulta most necessarily fail, because they are not of which may prove remarkable. Au orsuitable to existing circumstances, ganization of the same nature, formed on

“ In England such rash adventures have the existing deputations of the different been already severely punished; this has towus of the kingdom, which have long bad the favourable result for the Conti had no duty to perform except that of atnent, that manufactured goods were this tending at the coronations of our Kings, summer to be bought in England for a

would nearly complete a system of repremere trifle, and ihus the German merchants

sentative government. were enabled to sell at the same prices as Merino Sheep: not to be erported. the English, who, as it were, throw away Madrid. Oct. 14.-By a decree of the their goods on the Continent; for both 241h of September, the King has ordered must pay the same for the freight. It is that the exportation of Merino sheep, shall judeed bad for those who have an old not, under any pretext, be permitted, and stock, and must sell to make money! that the existing laws on 1bis subject be

“On the other hand, we learn from strictly enforced. His Majesty has charged Leipsig, that Mr. Ernst Carl Weber, of the Captajns-General, Intendants, and Gera, sent a priuted address on the 16th other Authorities of the kingdom, with the Oct. to all the manufacturers from the va... execution of this decree. rious parts of Germany and Switzerland, who were at the fair, calling on them to consult together wbile they were at Leip

Finances, Manners, Morals, fc. sig on the evident danger 1hat threatens Stockholm, Oet. 15.—The foreign debt of the German manufacturers, and to apply the kingdom having been partly paid, and to the Diet at Frankfort for protection partly in liquidation, by the sams received against the unnatural measures of England, from Pomerauia' and Guadaloupe, all atand for the establishment of equal rights. tention is now directed towards restoring He proposes several steps to effect this, the interval finances, and the value of moand has printed an essay containing his ney; because in the last eleven years, own views, in which he says, “Nothing the value of a pound sterling for examcan be more mortifying and alarming ple, has risen from four rix-dollars 28 skil. to the German manufacturers, than the lings, to 11 rix-dollars, 40 skillings. Promanner in which England tries to ex vincial Committees, composed of the most clude them, not only from all the Eu- enlightened and best informed men of all ropean narkets, but even from the Ger- classes, are now employed, in order to preman, and in contravention of the eternal sent within a month, their proposals for principle of reciprocal rights, shats its do- the prevention of luxury. After public minions, with unexampled severity, against opinion has been thus coupselled, laws and the importation of foreign manufactures, prohibitions are expected immediately to at the same time that it domineers in all follow, in which the whole nation has the public markets of Europe, as if they thus taken part, and by which it is hoped were its colonies; nay even has recourse considerably to limit the importation of foto artificial and unnatural “means, in or- reign luxuries. This importation has risen der to destroy our sober and indefatigable to the value of 20 millions of dollars, while industry, on our own soil, and to have the exportation was not much above seven every where an exclusive influence, &c.- millions. Here in Stockholm, of 250 whole(Allgemeine Zeitung, Nov. 10.)

sale dealers, there are only 25 who solely employ themselves in the exportation of

our productions. Plans are also in agitation Meeling of the Peerage.

for redeeming the paper currency by the

Bank, with silver, either by a reduction proMadrid, Oct. 10.— The Class of Spanish portionate to the rate of exchange, or by a Grandees bave had a meeting, under the change in the standard. But as this cannot presidency of the Infant Don Antonio, who be done without the concurrence of the represented the King. All the Grandees States, it is supposed the Diet will be soon in Madrid attended, and those who were summoned.-( Hamburgh Correspondenter* absent sent proxies to the Members who Oct. 20.)



Commerce Stagnant: perpetual rains, conflagration in the seraglio. The fire Stockholm, Oct. 29 The general stag. spread with such rapidity, that the women nation of commerce, says a letter from Got. had only time to save themselves in the surtenburgh, dated the 22d, has also bad an

rounding gardens. The Grand Seiguor, wfavourable influence on our city. The informed of the danger, ordered all the meaps of labour as well as profit are

avenues to be shut; and it was only after much circumscribed. Iron has, as usual, three hours of ravage, and after the women been this year our most considerable arti were conveyed to the apartments of the cle of export.

It rains here almost uvin. Sultana Mother, that the firemen were per terruptedly. We are glad to state, that mitted to approach. All the damage done the herrings, which since the year 1808 had by the flames, and the total want of arwithdrawn themselves from the Swedish raugenient, could not be estimated on coasts, have agaiu made their appearance, cipal wing is absolutely destroyed. The

the day followiog The interior of the printo the great joy of the inhabitants.

Joss in rich furniture clothing, &c. is imPublic Magazines: supply deficiencies.

That the weight of the bread may not be A striking exemplification of the strictlessened in consequence of the increased ness of Turkish etiquette is furnished by prices of coru since the bad harvest, thự | the accounts. It appears that the Palace bakers at Stockholm now receive corn at was suffered to burn for three hours, with lower prices from the public magazines.- out any attempt being made to extingnish This is a result of the fund of 2,000,000 the flames; it being thought of more imdollars, set apart by the last Diet to pur- portance that the women, who had fled in chase corn in good years, that the prices confusion from their burning apartments may never fall too low, to the prejudice of into the surrounding gardens (all the aventhe farmer, and that there may always be

ues to which were in consequence closed), a stock in hand. - Hamburgh Correspon- should be secluded from the gaze of the dent, Nov. 2.

vulgar, than the progress of the conflagra. We lear from Stockholm, that during tion should be checked. the year 1817 the frontiers between Swe. den and Norway will be surveyed, and where it is necessary new boundary marks

Death of the King. erected. The whole froutier, which is 140 The King of Wirtemberg died on the Norwegian miles (between 7 and 800 Eug. 30th of October, at two in the morning, of lish; in length, is to be visited in three a disorder in the liver. divisions, each by a Norwegian and a Frederick William Charles, first King of Swedish officer, and the rectification of the Wirtemberg, born the 7th of November

, froutier to be repeated every 15 years. 1754, was a son of Duke Frederiek Eugene,

who, during the seven years' war, distioFire in the Seraglio.

guished himself in the Prussian service,

while his brother, the then reigning Duke Constantinople, Sept. 25. • Notwith- Charles, led his troops with great bitter standing all the severe measures of our

ness against Frederick II. This sou of Goveroment, fires still occur frequently

Duke Eugene also, like others of his bro One burst out yesterday, wbich reached thers, entered the Prussiau service, which, the Sunimer Palace of the Graud Seiguor, however, he left in the life-time of the at Bestbiktasch, and reduced to ashes a

great Frederick, and weut into that of Rusgreat part of the Haram or apartment of sia. He succeeded his father, who was the women. That of the Grand Seignor reooly for a short time reigning Duke, co mained untom hed. The fire lasted five the 230 December, 1797, as Duke of Wirhours; less, however, in consequence of teraberg ; and his political relations bethe violence of the flames, thau by the

came uncommonly difficult, in consequence care taken not to expose the womeu's of the war with France, and the situa. apartments to the eye of curiosity, and to

tion of his own territory.-In 1808 he ex. renove the crowd who hasieved thither to changed the dueal dignity for the electoextinguish the fire. It is even said, that ral, and in 1805, (after the peace of Pres. the youngest daughter of the Sultau pe- burg) for the royal; and instead of the risht, at least it is not yet knowu whai duchy, his paternal inheritance, of about has become o: ber.

two hundred square miles in extent, with Vienna, Ort. 19.-The latest news from five hundred and eighty-five thousand inConstantinople, under date of the 26th of habitants, and a revenue of two millions of Septeniber, give afflicting details of the dollars, he left to his successor a kingdow,



Silver currency.

the smallest indeed in Europe, of 537 square thing in sight of a vessel of war, then miles in extent, a population of ore million the lieutenant commanding such revenue ciglit hundred thousand, and a revenue of cruiser shares with the lieutenants of the eighteen millions of forins. By his first King's ship. The act of 1764 is annulled, marriage with the Princess Angusta of aud the regulations take place from the Brunswick (sister of the Duke who fell tast 1st of July, 1816. The boys half a share; year be left behind him three children, and many other minor regulations are viz. tbe new King William It born in comprehended in the same order. 1781, and married this vear to the Grand Duchess Catherine, Duke Paul, and the

The Admiralty Navy List, corrected up wite of the Duke de Montfort (Jerome to the end of the present month, contains Buonaparte). His widow is the eldest sis. Commanders, 5,980 Lirutenants, 688 Mas

192 Admirals, 854 Post Captains, 814 ter of the Prince Regent of Englavu.

ters, 946 Surgeons, 442 Assistant-Surgeous,

and 935 Pursers. National B gister :

The Transport Board, as a separate EstabBRITISH.

lishment under Goveroment, is entirely abow lished. The shipping concerns of the office

will be conducted by the Navy Doard; and Windsor Castle, Nov. 2. the Sick and Hurt Department by the Vic“ His Majesty was rather less composed | tualling Office. than usual during the foriner part of the last month, but his Majesty has since resa med bis

Diving BELL.This machine was em. tranquillity, and is in good bodily health” ploved lately in Barnpool, Plymouth, (Sigoed as usual.) to examine the bottom, preparatory to

siuking the Eden sloop of war, with tlie

view of curing the dry rot; but it was cono The following notificatiou bas been sent sidered unsafe from its inequality and the from the Lords of the Treasury to the beavy ground swell which sets in with an Commissioners of Taxes:

easterly wind Mr. Smith, cierki ofthie works * Treasury Chambers, 241h Oct. 1816. now carrying on in Plymouth yard, bas “ GENTLMEN, The Lurds Commissioners suggested a plau for surveying and markof his Majesty's Treasury having had undering out the ground, and also for keeping their consideration your Report of the 4th up a communication with people below inst, on the subject of the extension of time and ou the surface of the water, which on for receiving Bank Dollar Tokens, by the Recrivers-General and Collectors, and also

a trial he carried into complete effect in with respect to the receipt of other Silver eight fathonis water. This plan will be Coin; I have it ia command to acquaisit you

essentially useful in the future operations that my Lords are of opition, that the Re- of the diving bell. 3 ceiveis General should receive from the Col. The experiment about to be made at - lectors of Taxes all the plain Silver Coin col. Plymouth by siuking ships, as a preventive

lected by them on account of Taxes, which of the dry rot, is by no means a new idea, : may, upon examination, appear in the judg- There has not been a ship built at Wirilby el ment of the Receiver General, not to be base for many years which was not been skule

or counterfeit. Dullar Tokens, my Lords are of opinion the iu salt water, with a view of guarding them Receivers General should receive all those against that great evil to shipping, and which inay be good from the Collectors, and which vever was kuowa 10 fail in the de wbich may have been collected by them before sired effect. At Bull a'so this prattice has the 1st of February next, provided they are hecome pretty general. At Liverpool it

paid over in the first payment to be made by is kuowo that ships sometimes in the babit by the Collector after the 1st February text. of taking cargoes of salt on board, are never

" I am, Geutlemen, &c. subject to the dry rot: the crevices ju the (Signed) “ C. ARBUTHNOT." ship being closed up with salt will preContraband goods : new regulation.

serve them from any attack of the fungus By a recent Order in Council, a new

for many years. regulation is to take place in all seizures

The mechavies and others employed in of contraband goods, &c. by his Majesty's the Dock-yard at Pty month have given novessels and revenue cruisers: they now tice, that it is their wish to be supplied, share in the same way as prizes taken in by contract, with beef, mutton, pork, and war from the enemy. The commander-in-potatoes, for themselves (2,000 mens) and chief, under whose command such men of fanilies, for six months certaiu. war and revenue vessels are, takes an The new light on Penżance-pier is now sigbth. If a revenue cruiser takes any visible. It is is intended to show this

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