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The following is an estimate of their Conjecture of Force. Horse,

Sindia Shahee

Good Horse of all Description Khoos:) Koowm


3500 950


Dost Mahomed 2500 .......... Imaam Buksh

6000 S15 Nambar Khan..................

Kooshale Koowar 275

and Namdar Khan 2000.......... 4000 Deedar Buksh


Holkar Shahee Khoda Buksh


Kadir Buksh 500 Tookoo Dhokra 159

............ 1200 Tookoo

400 Baksh Rhan 155


Sahib Khan and Rumjanee

184 Mulloo Jemadar

Bahwader Khan

800 132 Dhurina Jeniadar


Total 9200

21000 Bheekum Holkar and Bhunna Koowar.......... 27

In estimating the extent of mischief they

can do in the country wbich may be the Good Horse 2000 scene of their ravages no distinction should Sooteras and followers about 2000 be made as to good Horse or middling.

The very lowest of them being those who Total of Dhurra 4000 commit the greatest excesses. Considered Kurreeu is upwards of fifty years of age, moderate calculation will allow them

therefore as predatory Horse, the most Khoosal Koowar forty, and Namdar Khan

20,000 men. thirty years of age.

The Nerbuddah in general rises in the Dost Mahomed stands next in conse- middle of June, it is seldom fordable before quence to Cheetoo, and the first io rauk of November, and may be considered a nathe Sindia Shahee Leaders; being the sun

tural barrier against the inroads of the Pinof Herroo, to whose command he succeeded darrees to the southward, for five months in in 1814. The Force under Dost Maho--the year: that is, from the beginning of med who lately bas seldom passed south of June to the end of October :-The Pindarthe Nerbuddah, may comprize about 2500

rees seldom cross the river after May, good Horse, and 6oco of all descriptions though it be fordable, for their retreat He has five Gous, aud about 800 match might possibly be intercepted by its swelllock men, called two Battalions.

ing suddenly after the first rains in the be

ginning of June. HOLKAR SHAREE. The Pindarrees in thisClass are very in

NATIONAL BUDGET. ferior in strength, and consequence. They are said to look up to Cheetoo, rear whose of our readers to the principles of Represen

We have repeatedly called the attention Districts their Cantonments are situated, having no leader who professes a general tative Government, which are daily beauthority over them; and they scarcely go coming better known, and more general, out on plundering expeditions but in con- throughout Europe; to these we owe the junction with Cheetoo's parties. The principal Commanders of the Holkar Shahee communications which form the present Pindarrees are Kadir Buksh, Tookoo Jami- article. Had they not been addressed to dar, Sabib Khan, and his young brother, public bodies of the legislature, they had Bahauder Khan.

never appeared. Perhaps we could have Kadir Buksh Takoo, and Sahib Khan, wished that some more respectable term were lately seized and confined by Bun- than that of Budget, a mere tinker's term them Beg, Holkar's principal Officer of Ar -a term used originally in mere derision, tillery. The Chiefs have been negociating in the British House of Commons-had with Holkar's Government for their release for which they have agreed to pay 59,000 been current and adopted. It has, how, Rupees. These Chiefs were released in ever, this recommendation; it strongly November 1814.

marks the country from whence the term The Flag of this parly is made of alter (and practice) was taken: for, surely, no nate stripes of white and blue cloth. Those other language in Europe than our owo of Kadir Buksh and Tookoo are striped red could have furnished this (now) sfatesmanand white.

like appellation.

On comparing these documents, the rea- , quire a double supplementary fond of der will perceive, that the French Budget 83,051,151 fr. has not realized former estimates, but de

This last sum fell to be made good is

the budget of 1817. mands additional supplies:--that is to say,

The budget of receipts for 1817 cannot the country whose commerce is smallest in be the same as for 1816. It must be larger, proportion to its productions, is not getting because, independently of the wants of its forwards in its cash accounts. Now, this own serviee, it must make good portions

of the deficits of 1814, 1815, and 1816: is nothing wouderful; and always



and because it is burdened, conformably to been the case with France.

the conventions of the 20th of November, The principle of guthering the taxes with with 30 millions, from which the budget all simplicity, and from the land, has been of 1816 was relieved. favourite with French financiers :-to what

The budget proposed for 1817, is

- 1,008, 294,957 effect?

That for 1816 was .......... $39, 595,606 The Budget of the kingdom of the Netherlands shews a contrary result: that is


248,699,296 to say, the estimated expences are expected

WAYS AND MEANS. to decrease; the resources of the state are The King and his august family make, in expected to increase. In other words, the 1817, the same sacrifice to the state as in commerce of this country bears a greater to the wants of the state. A portion of it

1816. Five millions are given up by them proportion to its productions, than that of is devoted to the extinction of a debt France does; and the taxes taken from the analogous to that of which the law of the circulation of wealth, are more productive, 21st of Dec. 1814, authorizes the payment. cæteris paribus.

The surplus is destined to procure aliment

to labour, relief to the poor, and encouAs to the American Budget, it seems to

ragements to the arts. ps to be made the best of. We doubt, We bring over to 1817 a sum of 10 milwhether strangers can form a correct judg. lions not received in 1816, on the appro-ment on it, till the pational Bank gets into

priation made to that service of sums still

owing which arise from communal promotion. It seems be clear enough that

perty sold, from woods alienated, and from America had desperate difficulties to strug- discounts. gle against, and still has, and is likely to We take under the head of taxes a re. have, for some time, a memento of the cost millions left us by 1816, and the 5 millions

venue of 759 millions ; so that with the 10 attending her subjection to the yoke of a arising from the civil list, our returns candespot, who would have sacrificed the hu- not exceed 774 millions. man race to accomplish one of his purposes.

We maintain the laud-tax on the same

fooliug as in 1816. We know how FRENCH BUDGET.

much it requires alleviation, especially The Minister stated the total results of after the unfavourable season wbich so the budgets of 1814, 1815, and 1816, as fol- many provinces have experienced: but the lows:

wants of the State are imperious. 1. Their produceup to the 1st of August We must supply the place, for 1817, of last, amounted, taking it in round mum various resources which conld not be exbers, to 1 milliard, 728,827,335 fr.

tended beyond 1816; such, for justance, 2. That on these same budgets a possible as securities (cautionnemens) which prorealization may be expected of 432,225,281 | duced more than 50 millions. Necessity fr.

has not left us an option between rerenues 3. That the positive resources of these tried, certain, and speculative and doubtful three services, amount to 2 milliards, products. It appears 10 us that the tax on *161,052,616 fr.

persons and moveables, with that on doors 4. That the payments effected amount and windows, could bear witir least incoato 1 milliard, 753,636,358 fr.

venience a temporary augmentation. We 5. That those to be made, setting aside hope to obtain 14 millions from tbis in41,101,039 classed under the head of ar crease. rears, amount to 490,416,908 fr.

The customs and salt promise in 1817, 6. That these money expences, forming to realize the inmatets of 181075 millions). a total of 2 milliards, 244,108,767 fr. re- Registration and domaius gives us hopes of

raising 156 millions. The posts, lotteries, fore 148 millions for the active army, com* saltworks of the east, and accidental re- prising the King's military household, the ceipts, estimated at 29 millions in the royal guards, and the gendarmerie. budget of 1816, afford us ground to ex This sum will not appear too large, when pect only 20 millions in 1817.

we consider, that the pay of the troops, We propose, though with regret, the their subsistence and forage, absorb about provisional continuance of the drawback of 100 millions; that 7 other millions are deis millions on public salaries. It is in voted to expenses of clothing, and espemany cases attended with the inconve- cially to remounts become indispensable ; nience of lowering the salary below the and that the artillery, engineers, and milimerit of services; but the functionaries tary beds alone require 19 millions. will still resign themselves to this sacri The navy, which has been so long neg. fice, while they see those which necessity lected, will require great supplies to enaimposes on other classes of citizens. ble it to rise from its perishing state, and

After all, gentlemen, there is a great merely to place it in a capacity to protect interval between 74 millions and 1 mil our commerce, our fisheries, and to form liard 8 millions 294,957 francs. This in- seamen and officers. It had for 1816, 48 terval can only be cleared with the aid of millions; it confines itself in 1817 to askcredit, it alone can supply the deficiency of ing 2,570,000 fr. additional. taxation, and procure us by means of con-, fidence and the attraction of a legitimate interest, those capital suns which we have NETHERLANDS BUDGET. neither the right uor the power to exact. The future will come to the aid of the pre

Brussels, Nov. 8.. sent. Our children, being to enjoy the

The following is an extract of the speech deliverance which we purchase, will not delivered by the Minister of Finance to the reproach us for having bequeathed the second Chamber of the States General, in lightest portion of our sacrifices—the pay their sitting of the 5th of November :ment of interest of which we have fur “ High and Mighty Lords - It is under nished the capitals.

as favourable auspices as when I presented Credit is not to be obtained by resort. the budget for 1816, that I now again ing to dark courses: it requires the light have the honour to appear before you for for its excitement. We will not dissemble, a similar purpose. The elevated price of then, that in the 4 years which separate our public funds is a proof of the bigh deus from the 1st Jan. 1921, we shall be un gree of confidence wliich our finances ender the pecessity of appealing to the un-joy in public opinion: and the propositions employed capitals in France and in Eu- which I have now to submit to you, in the rope for a loan of from 7 to 800 millions, name of the King, must increase that conand constituting ourselves debtors for the fidence. interests to a proportional amount. We “ The law of the 11th Feb. Jast, wbich ask, for 1817, the power of selliug 30 mil- fixed ihe estimate of the wants of the state lions of inscriptions the negociation of for the present year, stated them at 82 which will procure us the means of raising niillious of floriys. The law which I am our resources to the scale of our wants.

charged to propose to you this day, for reWe now present a view of the expenses. gulating the expences of the year 1817, The interest of the public debt take it at does not exceed the sum of 73,400,000 ilo151 millions, as an increase of 26 millions, rins. [A florin is about is. Sd. sterling:] on the sum entered in the budget of last The estimates for the different heads of ex. year. This increase comprises.

pense are as follow:The War Ministry is that of which the

Florins. service is the most expevsive and most The King's household .......... 2,600,000 complicated. The sum of one hundred and Great State-bodies not forming eigbiy millions, fixed in the last budget, part of any branch of Adminiswas found even beforehand insufficient. tration

1,184,00* This department has shown, that it can- Department of the Secretary of not lower its demands for 1817 below 212. State

306,000 millions. Besides an army to be recon- Department of Foreign Affairs 856,780 stituted in all its branches, it has the

of Justice

9,000,000 charge of pay of retreat, half pay, &c. for

of the Interior

1,850,000 an army disbanded, and the fragmeuts of

of Affairs of the Protespreceding armies since 1792. These re

tant and other Wor. mains of a gigantic military force cust still

ships, Catholic ex64 millions. There only remains there




Department of the Catholic

adopted which were practicable, consist. Worship:

1,800,000 ently with the external relations and deof Public Education,

fence of the kingdom, and its internal ad. the Arts and Sci

ministration and welfare. At the same

1,200,000 time he will not omit this opportunity of of Finance, iucluding

repeating the assurance, that whatever the luterest of the

means of reduction and retrenchment may Public Debt 24,750,000 be suggested by time and experience, shall of the Navy

5,00,0000 | be anxiously adopted and carried into of the Army

23,000,000 effect." of Dikes, Canals, and

The Minister then proceeded to take a Public Works 4,500,000 view of the ways and means of providing of Conimerce aud the

for this expenditure. These were the Colonies

1,289,457 land-tax, the tax ou persons and moveables Unforeseen expences


on doors and windows, the indirect tases

on consumption, and the produce of the Total.......... 79,400,000

new tariff ou imports and exports. He • In the greater part of these branches calculated that from all these sources the of expenditure diminutions have taken

income of the state for the er suing year place since last year; in some of them very

would amount to 78,700,000f., thus sufconsiderable ones: and there still remains ficiently covering the experiditure. sufficient security that with the specified sums the regular service of the country will be sufficiently covered.

AMERICAN BUDGET. "Four branches of expenditure have, how ever undergone some increase. The increase In the details of the Treasury. Depart. of 90,000f. in that of the reformed and ment (wbich have been rendered. beyond other religious worships, and of 202,00A. all former experience, intricate and perin that of the Catholic worship, have plexing, by the necessities of the war, the originated from that tender regard for the inadequacy of the revenue during the war, situation of the Clergy, of which his Ma the depression of public credit, and the jesty has recently given a proof, by graut failure of national currency), a laborious ing a gratification of 300. to each of the and systematic perseverance has led to the ecclesiastics, to the number of 2,800, whose most beneficial results. pensions were reduced a third by the for.

4. The amount of the funded debt has, mer government, and who had reached the

on the oue hand, been augmented by the age of sixty years on the 1st October last.

operation of funding treasury notes; and * The increase of 200,0001. in the de-on the other hand, it has been reduced by partment of education, the arts and sciences the quarterly reinıbursements of the prin. is necessary for the purpose of covering the cipal of the old stock, as well as by purexpenses of the new colleges and athe chases. The aggregate amount of the pubnæums to be erected in the southern pro lic debt, funded and floating, was stated vinces, and to make furtber provision for on the 12th of February, 1816the support of inferior schools.

To be the sum of 123,630,692 g “ The increase in the department of But, on the 1st of Janu. finance and public debt has mousted from ary, 1817, (the floating 23,550,0008 to 24,750,000, although, in debt being extinguished, fact, the real disbursements of this depart and additional reimburse: ment are principally increased by a sum of ments of the principal of 420,000A. to cover the expences of the new the old stock being effect. coinage during the next year. The re-ed) the whole amount of mainder of the increase has been occa the public debt will, prosioned by various expences incurred by his babiy, uot exceed the sun Majesty, for the purpose of jutroducing of

109,748,279 11 greater order and regularity into the de. tails of this branch of tbe administration, Making a general re

“ Upon the whole, however, your Ex- duction, between the 12h cellencies will perceive, that the expendi- of February, 1816; and ture of the state for the ensuing year is di- the 1st of January, 1817, minished to the amount of 8,600,0007. of public debt bearing inBut his Majesty is convinced that all the terest, amounting to the * reductions and diminutions have been sum of ...........

13,882,490 89

sum of

1. SKETCH OF THE APPROPRIATIONS AND for the sum taken from the surplus of the PAYMENTS FOR 1816.

appropriation of 1815, for the sinking fund 1st. The demand on the

(1,354,762 62), and the whole is ready to treasury by acts of appro

be paid, upou demand, at the treasury. priation for the year 1816,


32,475,903 92

THE TREASRRY FOR 1816. For the civil

Ist. The cash balance department,

in the treasury (excluding foreign inter

of course, the item of treacourse, and

sury notes) on the 1st Janmiscellaneous

uary, 1816, was

6,298,652 26 expences 3,540,770 16

2d. The receipts at the For the mi

treasury from the customs, litary depart

during the first 7 months ment, current

of 1816 (from the 1st of Ja. expenditure... 7,694,250 75

nuary to the 1st of August) Arr 8,985,973 00

without any allowance for

debentures on drawback, 16,729,622 75

which may he estimated For the na

at 1,829,564 33, amounted val establish


21,354,743 76 ment............. 4,204,911 00

3d. The direct tax inFor the pub

cluding the assumed quolic debt, (ex

tas of New York, Ohio, clusively of the

South Carolina, and Geor. balance of the

gia, for the direct tax of appropriation

1816, has produced the of the preceed

3,713,965 03 ing year) 8,000,000

4th. The internal duties

-S2,475,303 93 have produced the sum of 3,864,000 00 2d. The payments made

5th. Postage and inciat the treasury on account

dental receipts.............. 127,025 38 of the above appropriation

6th. Sales of public to the 1st of August, 1816,

lands (excluding the sum amounted to the sum of ... 26,332,174 39 of 211,440 50, received in For the civil

the Mississippi territory, department,

and payable to Georgia... 676,710 40 &c.

1,329,015 02 For the mic

Amount of receipts in litary depart

revenue, from the ist Jament, current

nuary to the 1st August, expenditure ... 4,235,236 75

1816, ..

36,035,995 46 Arr............. 8,93.7,372 00

7. To which add the re

ceipts from loans, by fund13,170,608 75

ing treasury notes, and For the na

from the issues of treasury yal department 1,977,788 50

notes, about

9,790,825 21 For the pubJic debt (ad


estimated gross ding to the ap

amount of receipts at the propriation of

treasury, from the 1st Jan1816, a part of

uary to the 1st of August, the balance of

1816, being

45,825,920 67 the appropria

8. But it is estimated tion of 1815) 9,554,762 62

that from the 1st of Au.

gust to the 31st December, 26,332,174 89

1816, the amount of reMaking an unexpended ba

ceipts into the treasury lance of the anjual appro

will be about ................ 19,876,710 49 priation on the 1st of

Making the gross ani August, 1816, of ...... 5,143,129 04 nual receipts at the trea

sury, for the year 1816, This balance, however, is to be credited about the sum of ... under 65,702,631 87 Yos, V. No. 27, Lit. Pan. N. 8. Dec. 1. |

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