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of the poor laws, and a crítical and bistori A History of Great and Little Malvern, cal view of the doctrines and projects of embellished with engravings, is in preparathe most celebrated legislators and writers, tion.' relative to population, the poor, and charitable establishments. By James Grahame,

Travels beyond the Cataracts of Esq. 8vo.

Egypt. By Thomas Leigh, Esq. M.P.; witte

a inap. 4to. The Rev. John Jenkins, of lengoed, Travels from Vienna through Lower HunMonmouthshire, proposes to publish an gary, by Richard Bright, M. D. 4to. with Exposition of the Bible (in Welch) in 60 engravings, are in preparation. or 70 numbers; one number to be delivered At press, Historical Account of Discoevery inonth, price one shilling. The vannes veries and Travels io Africa. By the late of subscribers to be sent to the Author, John Leyden, M.D. Enlarged and cortie Quaker's-yard, near Cardiff; Mr. J. Evans, nued, together with a view of the present Caermartlien ; or Rev. J. Richards, Dol- state of that continent, by Hugh Murray, gellan.

Esq. F.R.S.E. 2 vols. 8vo. with maps.. Proposals are issued for publishing, in four volumes octavo, the Whole Works of the Rev. Oliver Heywood, B. A. with a new and enlarged account of his life, and much

ANTIQUITIES. interesting matter from his MSS. with an The llistory and Antiquities of the Abbey engraving of the author, fac simile of his Church of St. Peter, Westminster. Part I. hand-writing, copious index, &c. By the five engravings, royal quarto, 16s.; imperial Rev. Richard Slate, of Stand, near Man- quarto, 11. 48. ; ditto, with proofs and etche' chester; and the Rev. William Farmer, of ings, of which only 25 copies will be priiatLeeds.

ed, 21. 12s. 6d.; folio, 50 copies to correDr. Ryland's Sermon, preached Lefore spond with the small paper of the new edithe Western Association, held at Bath in tion of Dugdale's Monasticon, 11. 11s. 6d.; the Whitsun-week, 1816, is nearly ready for 25 copies to class with the large paper of the publication.

same work, 21. 125. 6d. No. XXX. of Periodical Accounts of the Numbers XXIII. XXIV. and XXV. of Baptist Mission, will shortly appear.

Londini Illustrata: containing seven plates At press, a Remarkable Account of the of the interior and exterior views, with Conversion of a family named Hart, from plans, &c. of Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate- ; the errors of Popery, through reading the street-ancient cathedral church of St. Irish Scriptures. Written by the Rev. James Paul's, after the destruction of the spire Neliyaa, Rector of the Parisli of kilmatigue, interior of St. James' chapel royal chapei near Ballina, in the Province of Connauyht, and exterior of the hospital, Ilford, Essex for the benefit of the Baptist Irish Society. interior and exterior of the Olympic Thea

The Conversion of a Deist; or, an ac tre-interior and entrance of the Sanspareil count of the remarkable change wrought in Theatre, Strand--and the cuflu plates of the mind of Charles Whitfield, who died, the Rebel Lords in 1745 and 1746—with last October, in Dean-street, Red-lion eight pages of letter-press. Each number, square, London: in four letters from a mi-| 3s.; large paper, 10s. 6d. nister to his son at school, will speedily appear.

The Biographical Dictionary; Volume, Early in December will be published, in XXX. Edited by Alexander Chalıners, 8vo. 123. boards, Sermons on the Parables. F.S.A. 8vo. 125.- Volume XXXI. will be By the Rev. W. M. Trinder.

published on the 1st of January next, and Speedily will appear, Christian Essays. Volume XXXII. will complete the work. By the Rev. 8. C. Wilks. In 2 vols, royal 12mo.

A Key to the second edition of Exercises The Rev. C. Simeon, of King's College, in Latin Prosody and Versification; or, InCambridge, will soon publishi, in octavo, troduction to Scanning and Writing Latin Four Discourses preached before the Uni- verse. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 2s. 6d. versity, in Noveniber 1815.

Juvenile Anecdotes; or, Aitbentic and The Rev. W. N. Darnell is printing a Interesting Facts of Children and Youth : volume of Sermons on Practical Subjects. designed for the moral and religious instrucTOPOGRAPHY.

tion of the rising generation. Compiled and The Rev. J. Nightingale has in the press, arranged, with useful observations, by John in a quarto volume, English Topography, or Bruce. 12mo. 45. a Description of the several Counties of

GEOGRAPHY. England and Wales; with a map of each An Atlas for the Use of Schools: containcouilly.

ing Maps of the Eastern and Western hemi






spheres of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Revealer of Secrets; by the author North America, South Ainerica, England of Substance and Shadow, ác. 3 vols. and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, 12mo, 15s. Spain and Portugal, Italy, and Gennany. Claudine, or Pertinacity ; by Bridget By Miss Wilkinson. Part I. contains the Bluemantle. S vols 1210. 15s. maps at large, and pari II. the blank dupli Villasantelle, or the Curious Impertinent, cates. Two parts, 8vo. 7s. 60,

a romance; by Catharine Selden. 1200. os.

The Balance of Comfort, or the Old Maid The Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1814. and the Married Wornan; by Mrs. Ross. 8vo. 11. 1s.

S vols. 12mo, 159.

The Wife of Fitzalice and the Caledonian A Vindication of the University of Edin Siren, a romance; by Marianne Breton. burgh, as a School of Medicine, from the 5 vols, 12mo. 1l. 79. Od. Aspersions of a Member of the University of Oxford. litha remarks on medical reform. By Lawson Whalley, M.D. Extra- of Britain. 12 mo. 75. Gd.



The Poetic Mirror; or, the Living Bards ordinary Member of the Royal Medical

Poems; by Hannah More: with an enSociety of Edinburghi, and Physician to the graved title and vignette. Royal 12mo. 89, General Dispensary at Lancaster. 8vo. 2s.

Copies of Verses to the Memory of the MISCELLANTES. A Historical Survey of the Customs, Ha- volent Quaker, whose charities, during his

late Richard Reynolds, of Bristol, the benebits, and present state of the Gypsies. By life, were perhaps unexampled, and to whose Joho Hoyland, Author of an Epitome of the

memory the inhabitants of Bristol are raisHistory of the World, &c. Designed to ing the most honorable monument that ever develope the urigin of this singular people, recorded and perpetuated the virtues of the and to promote the amelioration of their dead--a.charitable institution to reach the condition. 8vo. 7$.

objects of bis bounty while living. By J. Crosby's Complete Fainily Journal; or, Montgoinery, Author of the Wanderer of Housekeeper's Account Book, for the year Switzerland, &c. 2s. 1817: improved by introducing additional lines into the accounts, with other new and useful matter. 4to. 2s.

England may be extricated from her DifCrutwell's Housekeeper's Accompt-Book, ficulties, consistently with the strictest Prinfor the year 1811.. 410. 25. sewed. ciples of Polocy, Honour, and Justice. By

Letters on the Constrained Celibacy of a Country Gentleman. 8vo. 2s. 6d. the Clergy of the Church of Rome. 8vo.

Remedies proposed as certain, speedy, 105.

and effectual, for the relief of our Present A Companion to the Baul Room; con

Embarrassments. By an Independent Gentaining atinut 300 country dances, reels, tleman. 8vo. 2s. 6d, Borupipes, and Waltzes, wiih figures adapt

THEOLOGY. ed to ench. By Thomas Wilson, Dancing A Defence of the Divinity of our Blessed Master, from the King's Theatre, Opera- Saviour, in answer to some letters by Mr. House 12ino. 8s.

T. C. Holland, in wbich that doctrine was The New Cyclopædia; or, Universal Dic- attacked; with remarks on the personality tionary of Aris, Sciences, and Literature. of the Holy Ghost. By Edward Law, A.M. By Abraham Rees, D.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. &c. | Minister of the Church of the Holy Trinity Llitor of the last edition of Mr. Chambers' at Preston, and chaplain to the Lord Bishop Dictionary; wiil the assistance of eminent of Chester. As. professional gentlemen.

Vol. 34, part I. Unitarianism a Scriptural Creed : occa410. ll.; royal paper, 11. 6s.

sioned by the pamphlets of Mr. Law and Spanish Tales: translated from Le Sage, Mr. Baxter in defence of the doctrine of the and selected from other authors, wherein Trinity. By 1. C. Holland, Minister of the are contained a description of Madrid, Gre- Unitarian Congregation in Preston. 1s. 6d. bada, Saragoza, Seville, Milan, Paima, Pa A Form of Family Prayers, selected and lermo, &c. By Mrs. Frederick Layton. arranged for the use of a family principally 3 vols. 12mo. 11. is.

consisting of young persous. 25. Meteorological Journal and Barometrical Plain Discourses, delivered to a Country Diary, for the year 1817, upon a new plan. Congregation. Vol. III. By the Rev. Wii. 4to. 3s.

Tiam Butcher, M.A. 12mo. Ss. Od. 3 vols. NOVELS, &c.

15s. Purity of Heart; or, the Ancient Cos Some Important Points of Primitive tume; a tale : addressed to the author of Christianity maintained and defended; it Glenarvon. By an Old Wife of Twenty sevenl sermons and other discourses. By Years. 12mo, 5s.6d,

George Bull, D.D. Bisliop of St. David.


To which is prefixed, the history of his life, of a good collection in divinity and theoand of those controversies in which he was logy. To which is added, a very choice seengaged. A new edition. By Robert Nel-lection of classics; books of coins ; facetiz; sun, Esq. S vols. 8vo. 11. 45.

northern literature, &c. The whole iu fiue Sermons on the Union of Truth, Reason, condition. and Revelation, in the Doctrine of the Esta The entire medical and rriscellaneous li. blished Church of England and Ireland. brary of the late Robert Bland, M.D. F.A.S. Preached in the years 1814, 1815, 1816. of Leicester-square. To which is added, By the Hon. and Rev. Edward John Tur- the anatomical and medical library of a nour, A.M. formerly of St. Mary Hall, Ox- physician. ford; late Curate of Heston, Middlesex; The entire and valuable library of the late and Chaplain to the Dowager Countess William Alexander, Esq. F.S.A. and L.S. Winterton. 8vo. 125,

of the British Museur. Consistiog of a The Season and Time; or, an Exposition very fine collection of English topography; of the Prophecies which relate to the Two biography; antiquities; voyages and travels; Periods of Daniel subsequent to the 1260 poetry, and belles lettres. Very many of Years now recently expired; being the time the honks are illustrated with MS. anecof the seventh trumpet : and prophetically dotes; prints and drawings by the late Mr. assigned to the extirpation of apostacy, and Alexander; likewise his book and prints accomplishment of the reconciliation of the Jews, and introduction of the Millennium. The entire and genuine collection of pics Together with remarks upon the revolution. tures, prints, and drawiogs of the late Wil. ary Antichrist, proposed by Bishop Horsley liam Alexander, Esq. P.S.A. and L.S. of and the Rev. G. s. Faber.' By W. Ettrick, the British Museum ; highly distinguished A.M. Author of the Second Exodus, or for his ability as an artist, and taste as a Reflections on the Prophecies of the last connoisseur.---Among the pictures, drawtimes. 8vo. 12s.

ings, &c. ure some by Sir Joshua Reynolds, The Sunday

Lecturer, or fifty-two Ser- Gainsborough, Wilson, Zoffany, &c. Among mons addressed to Youtlı; selected and the prints are curious specimens of the Gerabridged from Horne, Cooper, Jay, Dod-man, Flemish, and Dutch schools, by A! dridge, &c. and adapted to the use of schools bert Durer, Lucas van Leyden, Aldegrever, and families : with questions for examina- Pens, &c. Etchings by Ostade, Berg, &c. tion. By A. Lee. 7s.

Landscapes by Waterloo, Swanerelt, and Stackhouse's History of the Holy Bible, other eminent masters; a most extensive from the Beginning of the World to the Es assemblage of engraved English portraits; tablishment of Christianity, corrected and numerous topography of the different conn. improved. By the Right Rev. George Gleig, ties; sets of elegant prints; proof impresLL.D. F.R.S.E. F.S.S.A. Primate of the sions on India paper of a great variety of Scorch Episcopal Church. To be com- modern publications; views; voyages; tra. pleted in four-een monthly parts, compris- vels, &c. Private etchings by amateurs of ing three volu.nes. Demy 4to. 75.; royal distinction; together with a matchles selec4to. Os. sewed.

tion of fac-simile drawings from unique and TRAVELS

extra rare engravings of heads in the English Travels in Upper Italy, Tuscany, and the series, subjects after Rembrandt, Mare Ecclesiastical State, in a series of letters Antonio, &c. (deposited in the British Muwritten to a friend in the years 1807 and seum) executed with the most exquisite 1808. To which are added a few occasional similitude and beauty after the originals, hy poenis. By Baron D'Uklanski. 2 yols. Mr. Alexander; also some colours, pencils, 12mo. ll. 1s.

and other implements of art; Egyptian anA Diary of a Journey into North Wales. tiquities, &c. By the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Print

The entire library of the late Rev. T. ed from the original MS. in his own hand. Goodinge, LL.D. Řector of Cound, forwriting; together with a fac-simile of a part merly of St. John's College, Oxford. Couof the manuscript. Edited, with illustrative taining a valuable collection of classics, crinotes, by R. Duppa, LL.B. Crown 8vo. Is. tical divinity, theology, &c. &c. The boots

are in a fine condition.

The duplicates of a nobleman's library.

A matchless collection of prints, the proMr. Sotheby (late Leigh and Sotheby) perty of Thomas Lloyd, Esq. Comprising will submit the following collections during the chef-d'ouvres and rarest specimens of the present season.--145, Strand.

engraving, from the earliest period of chalThe entire remaining library of the fate cography; including most of the capital Rev. Charles Dunster, M.A. Rector of Pet- works of the earliest masters ; in brilliant worth, in the county of Sassex; consisting condition.




Foreign Literary Cazette.

There is sometbiug amusing enough, provided it be not carried too far, in the new

scope of Titles obtained from Oriental per. BAVARIA.

formances. They are certainly expressive, New Measurer of Time.

extensjre, and poelical. Among these we The Artists Messrs. Rancis of Munich. may distinguisti a work lately published at and Buzen eiger, of Tubingen, have taken Stutgard, in two volumes octavo. Roadvantage of the Galvanic Balance of senoci Otto of Roses; or a Selection of the Zamboni, which has obtained the appel-traditions and tales of the East, from the lation of ihe "perpetual motion," to direct Arabie, the Persian, and the Turkish. it to the meisirement of the Aux of in The editor and translator of these Tales starts. They have constructed Time pieces apparently is no stranger to the East, but in which the oscillation of the pendulum, bas made some stay in those parts, where, placed between the piles, is not the princi: probably, he obtained some familiarity pal regulator, but the moving principle of with tveir general literature and

lanthe machine.

guages. In a preface, placed at the head

of the second Volupe, the author explains Journal des Sarans.

the plan bebas adopted, saying, that the This Journal which dates its first ap

difference which exists between the smaller pearance from so far back as 1665, and stories of the thousand and one nighưs, and which proceeded without interruption till !hose which he has here collected, consists 1792, supported its reputation and justified in that the former are merely tales, while its success during the long period of 127

those which compose bis work, are always years. It is now, to be resumed under ex

founded on some real or admitted historical

fact. press order of the King, executed according to official routine, by the Chancellor, the first Volume, begins with the Crea

The Legend of the Prophet, contained in Keeper of the seals of France. The inspection, composition, and other literary tion of the world, and closes with the birth superintendence is committed to meg off the Prophet, where real history begins. distinguished talents

, niembers of the In- Tivis legend has served as a basis for the stitut. The first number appeared on the mythology of the Persians, the Arabs, and first of September last; and the work will the Turks, as well as for a great wonber of be continuell monthly. Each number coni.

symbolical ideas and traditionis still curtaining eight sheets, or sixty four pages in

rent. The anecdotes which are comprized Quarto. T'he learned throughout Europe of Malionet, and the lives of the four Ca

in this' legend refer principally to the life will anticipate much advantage from this resumption.

liphs of Egypt, and present a picture Parish Churches casily re-built.

changing and shifting of the manners of

the great, and the prejudices of the lower' Among the most troublesome events to classes. In this picture are displayed alwhich the public is subject, is the dilapi ternately caliphs, princes, viziers, women; dation, or falling to decay of Parish eunuchs, inhabitants of cities, Bedoweens, Churches. Scarcely is the Vestry of any slave merchants, &c. acting in the Divan, parish proof against animosity on such oc the Harem, the Seraglio, at court, or in the casions: insomuch, that the Edifice being desert; under the canopy of state, equally pronounced unsaje by the neighbouring as under the feeble shelter of the shepherd's carpenter, complimented with the tiile of tent. “ Surveyor," it terrifies the people, usually What renders this publication peculiarly stands empty for years, and proceeds interesting to the lovers of Oriental litera. with due rapidity, from bad to worse. ture, is the care taken by the author, every

The subject has engaged the attention of where, to mark his authorities; together M. Coiutereau who has published a pam- with the notes and illustrations with which phlet intitled “ Au easy and economic me.

he has accompanied bis translation, thod of repairing and rebuilding Parish Many of these are drawn from history. Churches; and of ornamenting them at a We have not seen this work; but are small expense.” As to the ornamenting obligel, for this account of it, to a conthem, we shall not greatly trouble the au tinental pen. It seems to us, as if it might thor; but, if his plans for re edification repay the trouble of translation into our are practicable and substantial, we should

owa language. rejoice to see them naturalized anio..g us,

Ancient British Druids, for the benefit not only of the present, but Count Stolberg has lately published, at of succeding generations.

Munster, a Life of Alfred the Great, im Vou, V. No. 27, Lit. Pan. N. 8. Dec. 1.



one volume of $12 pages. The introduc- , Geometrician Measurers of Land (Land tion contains an abridged history of the Surveyors) and thirteen Doctors in Philo. Island of Britain till the days of Alfred; sophy. or rather, to the Saxon invasion. This Abridgement, which is necessary to a It is but just, that the diligence, perseproper understanding of the life of Al verance aud learning of Sig. Angelo Maio, fred, is intermingled with interesting wbich have been rewarded with various observations on the condition of an discoveries in the Anbrosian library, of cient Albiol, on the fuhabitants, and which Sig. Maio is curator, should be fully particularly on the Druids, in whom the set before the learned world, and duly author' believes, that he has discovered estimated by the public. The first of these the Bransins of India, and the ancient fragments, which conmands our attention Childeans, or Wise-men of the East. at present, is I. ll. Acci Plauti frogmenta His opinion is, that the Sciences spread inedita, I den ud Publium Terentinum themselves as the human race spread commentationes et picturæ inedita. Milae, themselves, and that one was the compa- 1815.-These fragments of Plautus were nion of the other: the whole departing found in the Ambrosian library. Sig. Maio from the original Chaldea.

has caused exact copy of them to be This theory appears to us to be somewhat engraved. They consist in near sixty ensingular in a foreigner. If the Court has tire verses, never before published; and in found any supports to his statements in the fragments of nany others damaged by time authorities of his own country, it is pos- and accident, of which part belongs to the sible that his volume may contain some Vidularia, a lost comedy of Plautus. These thing new. The rest of his work is found pieces form the first part of the volume, ed entirely on English authorities, prin. which also contains observations and crili. cipally Nennius; and is not likely to differ cal notes on eighteen comedies of Plautus. from what is generally received among us. The second part of the volume comprises

The University Calendar, or Almanack several writings and unpublished docu. for the University of Heidelberg for the

ments concerning Terence, consisting in a current year, answers at the same time the life of that famous comic writer--a compurpose of a guide to the inhabitants, as

plentary on five of his pieces, prior to the well as to strangers. The work is intro- tenth century of the Christian era, and in duced by a hisiory and sliort description of three engravings of the comic characters the city. This article is followed, by a

and masks, serving as a kind of substitute history of the organization of the Univer and supplement to the famous Vatican copy sity; of its principal Magistrates, of its of Terence, already published. public establishments, &c. An Alphabeti

Secondly. Isæi oratio de hereditate Cleos cai list of the principal magistrates, the nymi nunc primum duplo auctior. Inven,

Milan. public establishments, &c. A list of the Lore et interprete Angelo Muio. chief inhabitants is added, the number of the pleadings of Isæus for the herituge of

1815.-Uitherto little more was known of which adiounts to 8,989. A list of the Cléonymus, than about half of the discourse, principal streets; times of arrival and de which is placed at the opening of this parture of the post, are also given ; and on the whole, this Calendar of the University library has furnished the remainder. To

orator's works. A copy in the Ambrosian of Heidelberg, seems as if it might pass for these are added sundry variations in the a model for similar works, not in Germany barangue of the same orator, for the heritage only, but elsewhere.

of Minecles, first published at London in

1783, from a copy then preserved at University of Pesth, State of. Florence, The University of Pesih reckoned in the Themistä Philosophi Oratio in eos a quibus season 1814-1815 nearly 800 Students; ab prefecturam susceptam fuerat vitupeof which those in Theology were 77; in ratus. Intentore ct Interprete Angelo Maio, Jurisprudence 210; in Medicine, Surgery, Milan, 1816.--According to Phocion, the and Pharmacy, 62; in Philosophy and number of discourses of Themistius was Mathematics, 322.

thirty-six, of which thirty-three have been In the same year the University created published. Another has been discovered eleven Doctors in 'Theology; seven Doctors in an Ambrosian copy ; in this Thein Civil law; two Doctors in Medicine; mistius replies to the reproaches of his de. one Master in Surgery ; nineleen men tractors for having aecepted from the Eme tmidwives and allowed Surgeons ; ' one peror Theodosius, the place of Prefect of Master in Pharmacy; two practitioners as Constantinople. It is accompanied with Oculists; forty-six female midwives; twin au unpublished introduction to another *y-six Veterinary practitioners; fourteen harangue of Themistius.


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