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in all cases,

with the theatrical author exbibited, The Tyrant of the Church. 12mo. price

and with the number of the seat that fell 2s. Ogles, London. 1816.

to the bearer's lot. (Aischylus : Hemi

cycle. 1A, 11. 1B, 12.) There is mind in this little perform

Now, till the nature of the marks on ince: and, to say truth, it is on this ac

the forehead, those in the hand, the decount chiefly we notice it. But, the vice, and the number of the device, is wiiier must know, that mind, however ascertained, there seems to be little ex. exquisite, without competent informa- pectation of explaining the mystery sation, is, to say the least, liable to error tisfactorily. Nor is this at all cleared from causes of all kinds; even from con. by. tbe remark that onoma does not in all tradictory causes, and from the miscon. cases import name or appellation, but ceptions of ta ent, and ingenuity them distinguishing device; that by which selves,

& person, or thing, is distinguished from The object of enquiry is, the mark of all others. Notnames of blasphemy;" the Beast, in the Revelations, and the but devices of blasphemy; noi, that number of his name. Now, this ought the spirituality of Scripture prophecy," to bave been preceded by some account

“ directs to a spiritual and of the use of marks, and of their differ- Scriptural interpretation," only. There ent kinds, at the date of the original (say are allusions to customs then prevalent, A.D 96). There can be no doubt, but throughont the Revelations : some Chriswhat the Hindoos of that day, employ- tian; some Jewish ; some Heathen.-ed the marks on their foreheads, of which Whoever attempts to explain the book, devices inay be seen in Sunnerat, amount or any part of it, without possessing a ing to many scores. The practice dates complete familiarity with the manners from deep antiquity; for certainly, Eze of time and place, will certainly fail; kiel alludes to it, chap. ix. when he and deficiency in this respect, has been, orders the pious. in Jerusalem to be hitherto, among the most powerful causes marked on their foreheads with the let- of failure : what was familiar to the ter Tau; and the form of that letter was mind of the writer, has scarcely been simply (see Bayer on the Ancient He thought on by tho learned illustrator. brew Medals) the letter X, and no other.

Our friends will have observed, that, So that the Christian Fathers were cor- on various occasions, we have hinted at rect, when they said, that those who acquisitions beyond those usually obwere saved in Jerusalem, on that occa- tained, as necessary to illustrate the Resion, were sealed with the sign of the velations ;. and this Gentleman, in bis cross. To this, there is undoubtedly, a turn, has afforded us an opportunity of reference in the Apocalyptic writer, Rev. repeating, and explaining, the sentiment. vii. 3, where the Jews, the servants of His talents are more than sufficient to God, are marked in their foreheads, ac- enable him to discere our intention, and cording to their tribes, with a seal, or

to avail himself of our advice. If he impression, denoting their relation and has, as we suspect he has--the comcharacter.

mand of a respectable library, Fortune But, beside these marks on the fore- may happily direct him into a course of head, ibere were others in use, answer- reading rather among antiquaries than ing the purpose of our admission tickets. divines, to which he will acknowledge They were given, for instance, to those himself beholden, for now, and more corto whom were allotted certain seats at rect views of things. the Theatre; ard two examples of this

We add bis notion of the name in his we have in the Antiquities of Hercula- own words. neum, Vol. IV, Pretace, where many

We observe, in the last place, the Oppoolbers of a like kind are referred to sition of Person, with its demonstrative Title These tickets, or marks, are not only | HIMSELF to be God.” This is the grand

as the Name of the Beast. impressed with ibe device of a Thea

arcanum that completes the Mystery of Intre, but with that part of the thea- quity, Linds the allegiance of souls to the tre to which they admitted the bearer; person of a mun, and places the crown of Vol. V, LIT. PAN. 27. N. S, Dec, 1816,


" Shewing


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Christ upon the head of the usurper. IPSE, I is, to receive and to hold the Roman power, ECCLESIÆ CATHOLICÆ VISIBILE as the l'isible Head of the Catholic Church: CAPUT.

to have the Number is, to hold in all it's The following table will, more concisely, multitudinous annexations, the Roman sysexhibit the correspondence between the tem of Doctrine: the first, grounded on the character and the name, with the numerical principle of Supremacy; the second, on that estimate of the latter.

of Infallibility. The perfect correspond.

ence between the antichristian authority and E......

o title, is strikingly exhibited in the victory C.......

..100 over the adversary, chap. xv. 2. where the C.......

..100 Name is omitted : the Number, however, IN 'TIE L..

50 baving a distinct reference, that distinction E..

o is marked. In the first representation of S

o the Beast, as at his rise, we find the Name I

1 of Blasphemy inscribed upon his heads: in TEMPLE

o the last, before his destruction, we discorer

the Beast Himself, (who yet is styled a C.......

.100 head,) to be full of Names of Blasphemy,

o indicating, perbaps, the complete body of т

o antichristian sovereigns. It is not, however, H.

0 to be doubted, that some of these passages 0.

o have a further reference. L.

50 GOD I

1 C.



Authors, Editors, and Publishers, are particularly I


requested to forward to the Literary Panorama P...

Office, post paid, the titles, prices, rind other S. SUEWING

particulars of works in hand, or published, for E...

insertion in this department of the work.

5 >I




1 A new edition of the Antiquarian Calicet HIMSELF B.

o is now publishing in numbers, each contais1

1 ing ten plates, printed on royal octavo, each L.

50 plate forming a head-piece to the descripE.

0 tion. This arrangement is calculated io

avoid the inconvenience of turning the book, C......

100 which so frequently occurs in the first edi. A.

0 tion; besides this important advantage, the P..

o work will thus be comprised in about five or

5 sis volumes, of a more elegant size than the GOD, T..

uformer edition, and at about half the price.

Ten numbers will forin a volume, compris

666 | ivy 100 plates. We leave the Gentlemen of the Catho

Mr. Britton's Ilistory and Antiquities of lic Communion to answer some things in and will appear early in the year 1817. It

the Abbey Church at Bath is in the press, this little volume, if they please. We be will consist of a copious history and descrip: lieve, that of late, Mess Joon has given tion of that curious and latest specimen of the Triple Tiara litile trouble ;- but, | English eccl-siastical architecture : also a now the Jesuits are restored--aye, now novel Es-ay on Ipiraphs. By the Rev. Joha the Jesuits are restored

Conybiare, Prutessor of Puerry to the UniSays our author,

versity of Oxford. The essay will be eluci

dated by examples of various styles and It may be proper to notice the points of classes of epitaplus from that church, which our inquiry, in their connexion with the ge- may be called the Western Mausoleum of neral prophecy. If, then, the Name of the Invalids. Like the abbey church at West Beast be Ecclesia Catholicæ Ipse, Visibile mioster, that of Bath is filled with sepalCaput; and the Number of the Beast, chral monuments, and thus becomes a ser DCLXII, to receive and to have the name of show room of statuary, and mayazine of





epitaplıs. This volume will be embellished , singer in this size, are requested to secure with eight beautiful engravings, by J. and copies to complete their sets on the large II. Le Keux, &c. from drawings by F. Mac- paper of these dramatic writers, by an early kenzie.

application to their booksellers."

Mr. T. Dibdin is preparing for the press, Steel and Goddard will shortly publish a

the posthumous Dramatic Works of the late new and enlarged edition, greatly improv- Mr. Benjamin Thompson, which will be ed, of the Shipinaster's Assistant, and Own- published by subscription, for the benefit of er's Manual ; comprehending all the laws bis widow and six children. and regulations of shipping and navigation,

Dramas, by Sir James Bland Burges, including those affecting the East - India Bart. are printing in two octavo volumes. trade, the fisheries, marine assurances, the conveyance of ship-letters, aliens, and pas The author of Orthoëpy Simplified (an sengers, with the British customs and excise English Pocket Dictionary for general use) duties, the Sound, Russian, and American is printing, uniformly with his dictionary, duties, the respective dock rates and regu- and as a suitable companion to it, a sinall lations, with the particular laws affecting English Grammar; to which .s added, Geoevery article of importation and exportation, graphical Pronunciation, or an attempt to and various other inatters, equally interest

give the pronunciation of difficult names of ing to the merchant, owner, and shipmaster, places, duinestic and foreign; and Lingua complele and correct to the present time. Technica, or technical words of art and BIOGRAPHY.

science, with their pronunciation and meanIn January will be published, Memoirs of ings. the Life and Writings of the late Dr. Lettsum, with a selection from his correspond

Part IX. of Lodge's Illustrious Portraits, euce with the principal literati of this and with biographical and historical memoirs, foreign countries. By T. J. Pettigrew, will be ready for delivery in the course of F.L.S. Surgeon Extraordinary to the Dukes the present month.—The subscribers are reof Kent and Sussex, &c. The work will be spectfully desired to make early application comprised in three volumes. The first two will consist of a mnemoir of Dr. Lettsom, and lers, as the publishers do not bold theme

for their copies to their respective booksela selection of general correspondence with selves liable to complete any sets which may Linnæus, Lord Lansdown, Sir M. Martin, become imperfect in consequence of delay in Bart. Rev. Drs. Madison, Lathrop, &c. claiming the parts upon publication. The Drs. Aslı, Bisset, Cuming, Currie, Darwin, proprietors beg to acknowledge with the utFalconer, Fothergill, Benj. Franklin, Perci

mnost gratitude the very extensive patronage val, Rush, Waterhouse, Zimmermann, &c and a nemoir of the late Dr. Neild, written they have been honored with, in the pro

gress of this work; as well by the numerous by himselt - The third volume (which may subscribers to it, as by the condescension be bad separate) will be composed of ori

with which their solicitations to have drawgival inedical papers, cases, and correspondings made from the most valuable pictures ence with Baron Haller, Drs. Cullen, Struve, bave been listened to, and the readiness &c.— The price of the first two volumes, to

with which the use of them has in every insubscribers, 11, 1s.; the third volume 12s.

stance been granted by the possessors of In the press, and will be published in January next, Mlemoirs and Remains of the many of the most distinguished collections

in the country, among which are those of late Rev. Charles Buck, collected and ar

the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Dukes ranged from his papers, and interspersed of Bedford and Dorset ; Marquisses of Stafwitis observations illustrative of his charac- ford, Bath, Winchester, Exeter, and Angleter; to which is added, a brief review of his

sea ; Earls Spencer, Pembroke, Carlisle, various publications. By John Styles, D.D. Egremont, Essex, Clarendon, Verulam, War

wick, Radnor, Guildford, and Derby; Lords In the press, the Plays and Poems of Arundell of Wardour, Clifford, Bagot; DawJames Shirley, now first collected and chro-* son Turner, Esq.; the British Museum, the nologically arranged, and the text carefully Bodleian Gallery, the Penshurst Collection, collated. With occasional notes, and a bio- &c. &c. The plates are engraved in the graphical and critical essay. By William first manner hy Messrs. Agar, Scriven, Gifford, Esq. with a portrait. Ilandsomely Cooper, Picart, Holl, Cheeseman, Fry, printed by Bulmer, in six vols. 8vo. uni- Meyer, &c. from Pictures of the most unformly with Massinger and Ben Jonson.— doubled authenticity by Mabuse, Holbein, " As only one hundred copies of Shirley are Zucchero, Jansen, More, Rubens, Vanprinted in royal octavo, those gentlemen dyke, Mytens, Oliver, Houthorst, Mirevelut, who have copies of Ben Jonson and Mas- Lely, and other early masters.”


Mr. George Cubiberland has prepared for Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. the press, a work on the Commencement | By Mr. William Mariner, of the Port-auand Progress of the Art of Engraving, as far Prince, private ship of war; the greater part as relates to the advantages Art has derived of whose crew was massacred by the natives from the productious of the Italian school. of Lefvoga : Mr. Mariner remaining for seHISTORY.

veral years after, a constant associate of the At press, a View of the History of Scot- king and the higher class of chiefs. To Jand, from the earliest records to the rebel- which is added, a grammar and copious volion in the year 1745. In a series of letters. cabulary of the language. In 2 vols. 8vo. s yols. 8vo,

with a portrait. At press, Narrative of a Residence in Speedily will be published, price 7s. 6d. Belgiuin, during the campaign of 1815, and in boards, or 9s. half-bound, the Present of a visit to the field of Waterloo. By an Peerage of the United Kingdom, with the Englishwoman, Author of Circumstantial arms of the peers and baronets. “Stockdale's Details of the Battle of Waterloo, by a Near Peerage will be carefully corrected to the Observer. 8vo.

time of publication, and the arms printed The History of the late War in Spain and from a new set of copper-plates. Au elePortugal

. By Robert Southey, Esq. in two gant engraving of the Cobourg arms is advols. 410. is nearly ready for publication.

ded to this edition."

At press, the Round Table: a collection JURISPRUDENCE.

of essays on literature, men, and manners. Baron Field, Esq. of the Inner Temple, 2 vols, foolscap 8vo. is printing, in two octavo volumes, a Prac A Series of Letters from the celebrated tical Treatise on the Commercial Law of Earl of Chesterfield to Mr. Arthur StarEngland.

hope, relative to the education of his gon MECHANICS.

Philip, the late Earl, are preparing for pubAt press, a System of Mechanical Philo- lieatiou. sophy, by the late John Robison, LL. D. The Franklio Manuscripts are in a for. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Uni- ward state for publication. versity, and Secretary to the Royal Society

At press, a History of the Jesuits; to of Edinburgh. Witb notes and illustrations, which is prefixed, a reply to Mr. Dallas' comprising the most recent discoveries in the defence ot' that order. In 2 vols. Svo. physical sciences, by David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S.E. In 4 vols. 8vo. with numerous bistorical and pbilosophical account of that

Also, the Inquisition Unmasked; being a plates. « A copious article on the history tremendons tribunal; founded on authentic ! and operations of the steam engine, has been documents, and exhibiting the necessity of completely revised with many additions, by its suppression, as a means of reform and James Watt, Esq. and his son, of Soho; ant regeneration. Written and published at a it is now become the only account which time when the national congress of Spain can be relied upon. This subject is illus was about to deliberate on this importaut trated by eight large and original engrav-measure. By D. Antonio Puig blanch.ings."

Translated from the author's enlarged copy, Just ready for pubilcation, Letters to a by William Walton, Esq. In 2 vols. 8vo. Mother on the Management of Infants and illustrated by twelve historical engravings. Children; embracing the important sub A Third Volume of the Curiosities of jects of nursing, food, dress, exercise, &c. Literature, 8v0.-Also, a Sixth Edition of with cursory remarks on the diseases of in- the Curiosities of Literature, Vols. I. and fancy. By a physician.

II. 8vo. are now nearly ready for publica

tion, Mr. Maclachlan, of Old Aberdeen, will

At press, Observations, Anecdotes, and soon publish a volume of medical effusions.

Characters of Books and Men. By the MILITARY AFFAIRS

Rev. Joseph Spence. Arranged with notes, At press, a Complete Course of Instruc a preparatory dissertation, and illustrations, tion in the Elements of Fortification; ori- Handsomely printed by Bulmer, in 8vo. ginally intended for the use of the Royal The Fourteenth Volume of the EncycloEngineer Department. By Lieut. Colonel pædia Londinensis is complete, rad ready C. W. Pasley, R. E. F.R.E. Author of an for delivery. The Fifteenth Volume is in Essay on the Military Policy of Great Bri- great forwardvess: it will contain a very tain. In 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated by five ample treatise upon Mineralogy. The rocopper-plates, and five hundred engravings lunies may be had complete, or in numbers, in wood.

according to the convenience of purchasers, MISCELLANIES.

at the following prices : common paper, At press, an Account of the singular Ha- plain plates, eight.pence; ditto, coloured bts and Curcumstances of the People of the plates, fourteen-peuce; fine, vellum paper,


cinental press.



plain plates, one shilling; ditto, coloured own country ; but the French letters will be plates, one shilling and six-pence.

translated into English, and the English leto An 8vo. volume is in the press, consisting ters into French ; and the whole will apof Memorandums of a Residence in France pear, at the same periods, in English at Lonin the Winter of 1815-16; including remarks don, and in French at Paris. The work on French society and manners, with a de- will thus embrace the utmost possible vascription of the catacombs, and notices of riety, in the authors, in the subjects, and in some other objects of curiosity and works of the style and mani er of treatment. It may art not hitherto described.

also be looked to, as the most correct and Miss Ann Plumptre is preparing for pub- authentic source of inforination, in respect lication, a Narrative of her late residence in to the state of education, laws, manners, Ireland, which will be illustrated by plates political institutions, literature, arts, reof remarkable scenery.

markable events, and important personages NATURAL PHILOSOPIIY.

in both countries : and may thus serve to Nearly ready for publication, in 2 vols. correct that cominon ignorance, and comSro. a Descriptive Catalogue of Recent mon distrust of each other, which has been Shells, arranged according to the Linnean too successfully fostered by the policy of inethod, with particular" attention to the the revolutionary governments, by the presynonomy; to which is subjoined a copious judices of many persons in England, and index of the synonyms used by previous con- above all by the absolute slavery of the conse chological authors. By L. W. Dillwyn, F.RS. F.L.S. Honorary Member of the Geological Society of London, the Linnean Mr. Racine, Professor of Languages, SoSociety of Philadelphia, &c.

mers Town, is about to publish a New The

oreticaland Practical Grammar of the French The Continuation of Miss Burney's Tales Language, founded on the easiest principles. of fancy is expected in the course of a few He strongly enforces the necessity of gramweeks.

matical translations, by which the idiomatic Tales of My Landlord, collected and re- subtilty and pure principles and language can ported by Jedidiah Cleishbotham, School alone he obtained, and clearly understood; saster and Parish Clerk of Gandercleugh, and which has been the method adopted by in 4 vols. 18mo. will shortly be publishiech

himself, in a successful practice in London At press, Mandeville; a domestic story

for the last twenty years, of the seventeenth century. By the Author of Caleb Williams, 3 vols. 12mno.

The following works are in the press.

The Prisoner of Chillon : a fable--the A new weekly publication, entitled, The Dream --Darkness--the Incantation, &c. Literary Bee; or, the New Family Library, 8vo. By the Right Hon. Lord Byron. will appear within a few days. It will con

A Third Canto of Childe Harold's Pila sist of moral and critical essays; sketches grimage, 8vo. By the Right Hon. Lord from bistory; classical tales; poeins ; de

Byron. scriptions of remarkable ruins, and of sub

At press, Harold the Dauntless, a poem, lime and beautiful scenery; with pictures

in four cantos. By the Author of the Bridal from real life, and essays on the manners of Triermain; to which work it forms a seand customs of different nations, by some of cond volume. Foolscap 8vo. Also, in two the best British and foreign writers of the volumes, the Bridal of Triermain, Harold present age.

the Dauntless, and Miscellaneous Poems. On the 1st of Jannary, 1817, will be pub A Fifth Volume, in foolscap 8vo. of Lord lished (to be continued every two months), Byron's Works, containing the Siege of Coprice 5s. No. I. of The Correspondent'; rinth, Parisina, Fare. Thee Well, Monody on consisting of letters, moral, political, and Sheridan, and several other poems, is in literary, between eminent writers in France

readiness for publication. and England. This work is designed, by

At press, the Selected Beauties of British presenting to eacti pation a faithful picture Poetry, with lives of the poets, and critical of the other, to enlighten both to their true dissertations. To which is prefixed, an Esinterests, promote a mutual good under- say on English Poetry. By Thomas Campstanding between them, and render peace bell

, Esq. Author of the Pleasures of Hope. the source of a common prosperity. The In 3 vols. crown 8vo. writers, who have concurred in a design so beneficial to both nations, are no less emi. At press, an Ir.quiry into the Principle of nent in rank and character than in literary Population, including an exposition of the attainment. Each will write in his own lan- causes and the advantages of a tendency to guage, and principally on the affairs of his li exuberance of dumbers in society, a defence




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