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forded to the indigent the succours offered Impelling power for Vessels. by the pious and charitable.

Anthony Lehoager, a watchmaker, in MuOn this occasion, the room in which the ravia, made on the 12th of August a successQueen was confined in the Conciergerie, was

ful trial on the Danube, with a machine of his solemnly consecrated as a chapel to her me. invention, by wbich ships of the greatest burmory. It was bung with black, and lighted den may proceed against the stream, on the with wax tapers. On the left of the altar was most rapid and largest rivers, without the asa picture, representing the Queen standing sistance of animal power or steam-engines. Dear her bed of straw ; her aspect noble and

Plunder partly restored. majestic, and at the same time expressing resignation and piety. After the gospels, that the negociation with the French Govern

Letters from Hamburgh of the 11th state, the Abbé. Alontes, Chaplain of the Conciergerie, advanced to the nave, and read ment, relative to the restitution of the proper. the letter of the Queen to her sister Madame ty of the Bank, has been brought to a close. Elizabeth, which was often interrupted by The amount of the money and bullion seized sobs, which the sacredness of the place could by Davoust was 16,000,0008. The French not restrain. After this, the Countess Anglés, than 10,000,0008. This offer has been accept

Government would not consent to refund more conducted by M. de Hangeranville, made a collection, the proluce of which was destined ed, and the deputies, Senators Sillem aud Pehfor the prisoners. Amorg others present were

maller, were expected to return immediately the Dukes of Havre, Giammont, Guiche, main there, to urge the claims of his fellow

from Paris. Mr. Chapeaurouge was to reCoiguy, and other noblemen.

citizens for payment of the requisitions made Monday last, the first English coacb seen upon them by the French. in France, was launched at Dieppe, with all its paraphernalia. The horses being put to, Mr. Plant, of London, à coachman of about

Rewards and Distinctions. eighteen stone weight, and a real John Bull, mounted the box, and astonished the inhabi

Amsterdam, Sept. 25.-We learn that his tauts, as much by the dexterity of cracking of Majesty has given to Admiral Von Cahis whip, as the bulk of his person for the bur- pellen the Grand Cross of the Order of den of his horses. Away he started for Si

William; and has conferred the dignity of Denis, amidst the various grimaces of the po. Knights of that Order on the Commanders pulace. A company of London proprietors of the Netherland ships, who were in the have obtained the permission of running En-glorious battle at Algiers. His Majesty has glish stage coaches between St. Denis and Pa- also given the Grand Cross to Lord Ex. ris. Three more of these vehicles are on their mouth, and the rank of Kuight to several route for the same destination, with English British Officers. coachmen, barness, &c.-Brighton Paper.)

Solar Spots.
Two new opaque bodies are now passing the

Dying Advice from a Prince to his Son. Sun's disk. They appear to traverse it quicker

Madras, April 30. than the bodies formerly observed, which Accounts have reached the Presidency seems to indicate that they are less distant of the death of Ragogee Bhousela, the from the earth. One of these new bodies is Rajah of Berah, and of the quiet and the largest that has appeared, and the other peaceable succession of his son to the does not seem so very considerable. - Paris Musnud. This event took place on the paper.

27th of February at Nagpore, and the fol

lowing account of the last moments of this Commerce : Great Fair.

prince has been handed to us :Frankfort, Sept. 29.-Our fair is over; “ On the morning of the 28th of Rubbee it remained of the same character from ool'Avel, the Rajah, haying performed the beginning to end; that is, it was in gene ceremonies of ablution and prayer, ordered ral bad, though some branches in trade the ministers and principal officers of state turned out favourably; the retail trade was into his presence, and his son being seated such as to give satisfaction. We have this near him, he examined and adjusted the year an uncommon number of insane per. accounts of all the departments; and those sous; we kuow not to what cause to ascribe to whom any ing was due were imme. this. The heat of the summer has cer. diately paid, and all the dues to the Circars tainly not occasioned it.

were cancelled.

When this was FROM THE Maire, Sept. 29.-In a stone cluded, the Rajah addressed his son iu prequarry, near Brunswick, there has been sence of the assembly, and recommended discovered a whole bed of petrified Mam bim to take and profit by the advice of his moths. It is hoped that they will afford, counsellers and ministers, and protect as at New York, a complete skeleton of them, as he his father had done, and inMis apimah

treated him never to deviate from the ad




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vice be then gave him. After this ye dis- | to Brescia. A reward has been offered tribuied 1,000 cowsin charity, besides other for the discovery of Swezayente, charged very considerable donations. He was thus with having committed 37 acts of assassioccupied until the afteruoon, when he ex nation. pired."

Turin, Sept. 14.-A great number of it is said that the property which the strangers pass through this city. The Enlate Bhow Begum bequeathed to the Ho- glish disyuise themselves as much as they nourable Company is calculated to amount can, for fear of being inade to pay too to nearly 90 lacs of rupees. Of this enor- dearly at the inns. They take this premous sum, 74 lacs are in bullion, 6 in caution in consequence of some disputes jewels, and the remainder in elephants, they have had upon this subject

. They ofhorses, furniture, and vast stores of grain. ten bring up their bills before the autho

rities to get the moderated. Conversions ; Catholic Church.

Absolution denied to Tight Breeches, Naked Bosoms,

Arms, and Short Petticoats. Rome, Oct. 5.--Yesterday, Cardinal Fon

An article from Naples, of the 6th ult., tana officiated pontifically in the Church of St. Mary of Angels, when five Protestants and says, that a mandement has lately been adtwo Jews abjured their faith, nd entered the dressed to confessors, containing a list of bosom of the Catholic church. Several il the sins for which they are not to grant lustrious prelates and nohle Roman ladies absolution, and which are reserved for the acted as god-fathers and god-mothers to the Archbishop. Among other persons are catechumens. The most of these converts those who wear tight breeches, the tailors were in easy circumstances; the two Jews that make them, and the merchants that were physicians.

sell them. They are not to be absolved Rome, Sept. 18.-Lord Exmouth has without having proved their penitence for written the following letter to the Holy two months. With respect to ladies, the Father :

mandement says, “ Sacrumenti panitentiæ The Queen Charlotte, Algiers Bay, Aug. 31. ministri deprehendentes mulieras, quae or

“ Most Holy FATHER-I have the ho. natus gratiâ pectore, vel sinu, vel brachiis, nour to inform your Holiness, for your sa supra cubitum detectis sese conspiciendas tisfaction, of the success of the expedition dederint, nec non viros qui indiverint femoagaiust Algiers, coufided to my command. ralia tam arcta, ac inhoneste composita, ut The slavery of Christians is abolished for naturalem pudorem lædant; ac denuo sarever; aud I have, in consequence, the hap- tores, qui ea efformaverint eorumque ven. piness of sending back to their families ditores, illos nou absolvant," &c. 173 slaves, your subjects. I hope they will be an agreeable present to your Holiness, and that they will give me a claim

Berlin, Oct. 10.-Bybis Majesty's special to the efficacy of your prayers.

command, the memorable days, Ist, the “ EXMOUTH."

battle of Leipsic (18th October)-2d, the Rome, Sept. 21.-One hundred and seven- tle of La Belle Alliance (18th June), shall

taking of Paris (31st March)

-3d, the batty three subjects of the Papal States, de- be considered as national festivals, and if livered from slavery at Algiers by the they do not fall on a Sunday, be duly celearms of his Britannic Majesty, have arriv, brated on the Sunday following by an ap. ed in this Capital. Captains Hely and propriate mention in the sermous.-HamAylmer, have had the honour to be pre-burgh Correspondenten, Oct. 15.) sented to his Holiness, who received them

It is stated from Berlin, that in the Hoswith great affability, and testified to them his gratitude for the signal service done to pital of Charity in that city, 11 persons had his States by the English forces in the been treated for hydrophobia during the Mediterranean.

course of the last six years. Of these, five The 173 Roman slaves delivered by died, five others were cured, and one woLord Exmouth are lodged at the Trinita

m3o is now under a course of medicine for dei Pellegrini; where they pay their de- this disorder. They were all bitten by votions.

dogs but one, who was bitten by a rabid

cat. Cimarosa's bust has been placed in the Pantheon at Rome, where Paesiello's will also be placed.

Statistics : Birth and Deaths. The north of Italy is the theatre of new Accordmg to a special list, the number robberies and pillage. Two carriages in of birtlis in the Russian Empire, of the ese the suite of the Archduke Raynier were tablished Greek religion, was, in the year lately stopped and plundered, ou the road 1814, as follows





two thousand one hundred and ninety-eight 584,689

individuals !!




Stockholm, O{t. 4.- The Committee of 15 The deaths in the same period were persons named by the King, in order to Males 448,561

find out meaus to check the progress of Females 890,261

luxury which draws so much money out of

the kingdom, has had their first meeting. 838,822

Accounts from Swedeu state, that the Difference, 389,255 more births than harvest has turned out tolerably good in deaths. The number of marriages, 309,644. that country. Among the deaths were two persons between 1-15 and 150 years old, and between

Constantinople, Aug. 24.-This city has 125 and 130.

been again visited by a dreadful conflagraEnglish Fashions Prevalent.

tion; in broke out in the night of the 15th, An Englishman, who left Moscow in thc in the finest quarter of the city, and laid month of May last, after a residence of 1,200 houses, and 3,000 shops and masix years in Russia, states, that the uational gazines, in ashes. The Sultan was present dispositions have undergone a great change and active the whole night, and till nive in siuce the last war; that English fashions the morning, but did not find in the Jaand English taste predominate in

nissaries the requisite alacrity in extin

every thing, It was extremely hot at Moscow in guishing the flames. The palace of their the mouth of May. The tower was half former favourite Jussuf Aga, has remained rebuilt; but as every individual was at alone undamaged, in the quarter which liberty to follow his own fancy in the

is destroyed. buildings, it has not become more beautiful. The streets are as narrow as before, and superb edifices appear by the side of

National Register: miserable cabins.

BRITISH A person, who left Devonshire some six or seven years ago, to reside in Russia, has just returned to Exeter, and gives some

Gold has had another fall. The preinteresting particulars of the present state sent price of the finest Portugal gold is of the country, and the dispositions of the £3 18s. 6d. per oz.; that of new doubloons people :- Previous to the invasion, French £3 14s. Silver remained at the former tutors and domestics were in great request, prices - standard at 5s.; new dollars at and few respectable families were without 4s. 104d. The price of gold has risen in one or more of them. The invasion put every Paris

. It sells at a premium of from six to thing French completely out of fashion, and

seyen francs in a thousand. It is ascribed begot a decided partiality for the English, to the quantity purchased by foreigners; whom they now consider as more worthy I among others by agents of the Bank of of esteem and coufidence. Whatever may

England. be their legal prohibitions of English ma

The New Silver Coinrge. nufactures, our cottons are very generally The uew coinage goes on with great raworn by the upper and middle classes ; pidity: each press produces per minute 60 amoog wbom English cheese is also in ge-pieces, that is, 3,600 per hour. The hours peral use. The person alluded to left of work are ten daily, making the whole Moscow in May last, and describes the number of pieces from each press 36,000; weather as then very warm there. The there are eight presses at work, and of city is about half rebuilt; but as the builcourse the whole number daily finished is ders have been left at liberty to cousult 288,000. The amount to be issued is to the their own taste and convenience, it exhi. value of 2,500,0001. in shillings and sixbits very little of improvement; the streets pences, in the proportion of seven of the are as narrow as before, and many fine former to five of the latter. houses are joined by mere hovels.

Costly present to the Duke of Wellington,

The King of Portugal's present of plate Compliments at Court.

to the Duke of Wellington is arrived at MADRID, Oct. 1.---The young Qucen is Portsmouth in the Perola frigate ; conbeautiful; the Infanta, her sister, is less sisting of a table service for 55 persons, with handsome, but has a very agreeable person ; a variety of vases and temples for a banon the 30th tbeir hands were kissed by twenty quet, bearing most rich and superb alleVOL, Y. No. 26. Lit. Pan. N. S. Nov. 1.




gorical representations of bis Grace's yic- quickly as possible. By the aid of this or. tories—the silver alone cost 200,0001. der which amounts to 150,0001. immediate

The amount of the British Naval Force employment is given to that suffering disup to this day is-In Commission 207–trict. There is also in the Gazette of SaturShips and vessels in ordinary and repairing tion to Parliament for an Act to incorpo

day night a notice of an intended applicafor service, 578-Building, 35–Tolal, 618.

rate a Company for the supply of Paris New Custom House.

with water. It is said, that, according to The New Custom house for the port of the estimate of Mr. Milne, the engineer of London, erected upon the site of the old the New River Company, who will superbuilding, destroyed by fire, now

intend this undertaking, the cast irou-pipe the appearance of a public edifice of con will occupy a distance of 199 miles, and siderable inportance. It is a quadrangu. require 20,000 tons of iroil, and 2,000 lar building of fine brick and stone, ex: tons of lead, which, by the conditions of a tending from Billingsgate Dock to the Oid treaty entered into with the Corporation Custonı-house stairs. The front towards of Paris, are to be manufactured there. the river is adorned with architecture, which affords a noble appearance. The down at the foot of Blackfriar's-bridge, on

A new sort of road-way has been laid wings, east and west, are distinguished by the Surrey-side. It consists of cast iron beautiful columus, pilasters, and entabla squares, in the form of paving stones; a ture of the Ionic order, surmounted by a

stratum of gravel is laid under the ironstone balustrade. The space nearest the work, which is intended to form a hard river forms a spacious quay for landing foundation. It is not at present known goods. The numerous apartments intend what etfect the iron may produce when it ed for offices are large and commodious, comes in contact with the horses' shoes in and the building altogether is constructed frosty weather. A vast number of spectato suit the multifarious duties relating to tors assembled round this novelty. the exports and imports. It is roofed with lead and slate, and is expected to be com

It is gratifying to find that the Woollen pleted in the course of a few months.

Manufacture has lately improved in Exeter,

Ashburton, Creditou, and other parts of Passes to France.

Devonshire. Besides the orders in band for It appears

that a new regulation has taken the East Indies, and the South of Europe, place in the granting of French passports. It large orders have been received from Holhas been heretofore the custom for persons to land. apply to his Excellency the French Minister, by whom they were gratuitously granted; but

We are happy to bear that the manufacnow it seems, they are to be provided by the tures of this city and neighbourhood have been French Consulate, who charges ten francs for enableci to advauce the wages of their weavers each passport.

ls, per cut.-Carlisle Patriot. State of the Hop Market.

An artist in the cutlery business at Man.

chester, has lately made a knife, which conThe season has proved so unfavourable tains three blades, a button hook, a saw, & to the hops, that not a pocket was brought punch and screw driver, a box, cork-screw, to our great fair, nor will the whole plan- book and giinblet, two phlemes, picker and tation produce a good pocket this year.-tweezers, two lancets, with a ring at the head, The quantity grown last year in this and the whole weighs but one penny weight plantation was about 27,000 pockets ; this fourteen grains. year it is thought there will not be pro The Northampton Saving Bank has, in 11 duced 3,000. The stock on hand is not a weeks, received deposits amounting to 1,8531. month's consumption, consequently prices The second Quarterly Meeting ofthe Trustees have taken a rapid advance. Currency: of the Hertfordshire Saving Bank was holden 1814, 141. a 167. 1815, 161. 16s. « 201. on Saturday, the 121h inst. at the Shire-ball, Sixteen pockets of yearling hops were this Hertford, when it appeared that upwards of day (Fridaysold in our market at 201. a 2,4001. had been deposited since its com. pocket."- Worcester Heruld.

mencement on the 30th of March last, from

which time it is remarkable that not a week Iron Manufactures.

has passed without some fresh depositors. Some recent circumstances have given much relief to the iron manufacture; the

Emigrants in Dudgeon. principal houses in that trade in Staf The English emigrants to France are fordshire having lately, as it is asserted, returning home rapidly; most of them disreceived an order from the New River contented and disappointed in their ConCompany for a quantity of iron pipe, wbich tinental excursious; great antipathy having is to be delivered and laid down as been shewn towards them by the French

.. 2,416

people. It is a curious, but positive fact, at the head of the poll. The numbers that immense quantities of Buckingham and that polled wereother British thread lace, smuggled into For the Lord Mayor

2,656 France, have been purchased there by our

H.C. Combe, Esq. credulous countrywomen, and brought

C. Smith, Esq.

1,055 home as real French !

A Common llall was held on TuesFrench fruits now arrive pretty regular Mayor was confirmed by the Court of Al

day, when the Election of the present Lord ly at Covent-garden market, packed in. dermen, by a majority of 14 to 12. strong baskets, made of oak, ingeniously split into a kind of thin laths.

The Magistrates of Wareham, in Dor. Twenty thousand hogsheads of pilchards the beer vended by the publicans of that

setshire, in consequence of complaints of have been cellared in Corowall, as a sup- town, who are tenants' to the brewers, ply for the approaching winter.

have resolved in future oot to grant liHumane Society.

censes to houses so circumstanced. We understand, that since the year

A few days ago, the keeper of the toll1800, the Humane Society at Hull has distributed rewards for preserving 260 persons penalty of 20s and costs, for refusing to

bar at Kiddall-lane, was convicted in the from drowning.

take a six-pence, of the current coin of the Apples were lately 'sold in Plymouth realm. This is a conviction calculated to market at two-pence per gallon.

ensure a re-circulation of mint sixpences;

It has been intimated, that the person who Wonderful Apple Tree. There is now (Oct.10.) growing in Mr. caused this conviction is going about the

country, perhaps for the two-fold purpose, Grubb's garden, at Saltash, Cornwall, a

of pecuniary advantage to himself, and of fine apple tree, bearing both blossom and fruit. On the principal limb of the general benefit to the public. stock, near the lowest part of it, are several While William Key, a labourer in Dal. large apples perfectly ripe-about a foot ry, was engaged in the repair of a road, higher are a number of apples just set, a few miles from that village, on Friday and at the top of the bough, the most beau-Oct. the 4th, an adder crept into his tiful blossom that can be imagined. No- jacket pocket, which he had laid down thing can more plainly shew the peculiari. beside the gravel pit in which he was ties of the present season.

working; the pocket being slit, it lay Mr. Coke, of Holkham, was the purcha- around the bottom of bis jacket for three ser, at Mr. Roscoe's sale, of the fine por-days unperceived, until Monday, he found trait of Leo the Tenth, for 500 guineas.- it stirring, when he threw offhis jacket,

The library sold for £5,150.; the prints for called his neighbours, and, to his great £1830: and the drawings £738.

surprise, found it alive, and killed it. It

measured 21 inches in length. Government Contract, An extraordinary sensation was excited

DREADFUL ATTACK. in the City on Saturday Oct. 5, by the pro. The Exeter mail coach, on its way to posal made by Government to contract for London, was attacked on Sunday night at 8,000 tierces of pork and 5,000 tierces of Winterslow Hut, seven miles on this side of beef; but it should be recollected, that Salisbury, in a most extraordiuary manner. formerly the Americans supplied provisions | At the mon:ent when the coachman pulled to the West India Islands, because they up to deliver his bags, one of the leaders could afford to do it on cheaper ternis thau was suddenly seized by a ferocious anicould be obtained in England. Now mal. This produced a great confusion and provisious in America are at the rate of alarm; two passengers who were inside 51. 5s. per barrel, when the same kind the mail got out, ran into the house, and in England are at 31. 10s. This differ-locked themselves up in a room up stairs; ence of price, together with the policy of the horses kicked and plunged violentiy, supplying our colonies from bome, may and it was with difficulty the coachman sufficiently account for the proposed con could prevent the coach from being overtract of Government.

turned. It was soon perceived by the

coachman and guard, by the light of the Lord Mayor elected a second time.

lamps, that the animal which had seized On Saturday Oct. 5, the election of a the horse was a huge lioness.

A large Lord Mayor for the ensuing year termina- mastiff dog came up and attacked her ted, when a large majority placed the pre-fiercely, on which she quitted the horse sent Lord Mayor and Alderman Combe and turned upon him. The dog fed, but

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