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two considerable libraries are established; | executed M. S. copy of Valerius Maxithe one which derives its name from the mus, and appears to bave been written Holy Virgin, contains an extensive col- in Germany in the fourteenth century. lection of printed works, commencing from the very infancy of the art of typo-Ovidir Metamorphoses in usum Schography, both in Denmark and abroad. The other, called the Chapter Library,

larum Excerptæ ; quibus uccedunt of 6000 volumes, contains a large num

Notule Anglice et Questiones. ber of important modern works. The Studio C. Bradley. Price 4s. 6d. author proceeds to give a detailed des

Longman and Co. London, cription of the Giants' Hall near Kvedholm . it is an erection of nine

Of all classic writers Ovid most stands masses of stone, of two ells and a half in in need of that expurgation which height, and nearly five feet in breadth modern manners demand, and modern from east to west, approached by an

skill effects. His style is not exceptionavenue twelve ells in length, closed by a able; while his descriptions and sentigate. It was discovered by a workman, ments are, occasionally, highly cenand from the human bones, ancient surable. Nevertheless, there is a kind knives, flints, &c. appears to have been of fascination in his verse, which dethe place of entomhment of nine or ten lights the mind of the inexperienced, individuals. At Areskov, Count Schaf- to whom it is most seductive. To select falizky exhibited to the author a very such parts as best deserve selection, curious and valuable image of the Virgin and to present them at a moderate Mary, sculptured in box-wood by Al- price, is a service done to youth, and þert Durer, about four inches in height.

to learning. The added notes are useThe artist has identified his work by the ful. A. D, in cypher, and the date, 1517.

The author flattered himself that on his arrival at Hvidkilde, he should be Literary Register. able to find the valuable parchment MSS. which once formed part of the Library of Baron Lehn, namely, Sal- Authors, Editors, and Publishers, are parti. lust, Livy, and Cicero's Orations: but he cularly requested to forward to the Litefound that the manuscripts, on the de rary Panorama Office, post paid, the titles, cease of the Baron, had been transferred prices, and other particulars of works in to the Library at Copenhagen. There hand, or published, for insertion in this do those MSS. have been described by partment of the work. Professor Birger Thorlacius, in his tract entitled Tres Codices pergamini

WORKS ANNOUNCED FOR PUBLICATION. auctorum latinorum, ex Bibliotheca Kaas Lehniana in Lallandia. pp. 54 4to. Havniæ 1814. According to this

Speedily will be published, in 2 Vol. 8vo. author, the Sallust contained Cataline's Dr. Edward Pocock, the celebrated Orien

with a complete index, &c. The Lives of conspiracy, and the Jugurthan war; talist, by Dr. Twells- of Dr. Zachary he maintains that the copy dates about Pearce, Bishop of Rochester, and of Dr. the end of the twelfth or beginning of Tho. Newton, Bishop of Bristol, by themthe thirteenth century. It is in fine selves—and of the Rev. Philip Skelton, by preservation, and comprised in sixty- Mr. Burdy. one quarto leaves. The secoud M.S., in Mr. Campbell, the Poet, has determined one hundred and seventy two leaves, to proceed with bis Critical Lives of the small quarto, contains the Rhetorica ad Poets, with Specimens, which will certainly Herennium, of the date of the thirteenth appear in the course of the winter. century, and of French penmanship.- lished in a few days.

Mr. Duppa's Life of Raffael will be pubThe Rhetorica forms the text, and this The Memoirs of the Life and Writings is accompanied by a vocabulary of rhe- of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, comprising his Sorical synonyms. The third is a finely private and familiar correspondence, now



first printed from the original manuscripts | recommended by Mr. Gibbon, and arranged bequeathed to his grandson, William fem for containing an account of every day's ple Franklin, Esq. are in a forward state employment for the space of one year, with for publication

Indexes, &c. Both works will be ready DRAMA."

for delivery with the Pocket Books and Mr. Wiillam Gifford, the Editor of Mas. Almanacks for the New Year.

The valuable works of the late Professor singer and Ben Jonson, is preparing an Robison, on Practical Philosophy, which edition of Shirley, of whose valuable Plays are in the press, will be enriched by a no collection has hitherto been made; complete History of the Steam Engine, they will consist of 6 vols. 8vo.

contributed by Mr. Watt, of Soho. Mr. Monney, the humane and philan

Shortly will appear a new work, comthropic author of " Cousiderations on Prisons," has in the press a second edition of prising The State Lottery, a Dream: by

Sam. Roberts.--Also Thoughts on Wheels, bis Tragedy of Caractacus, with prelimi pary remarks on English Dramatic Tra; the Wanderer of Switzerland, &c. In oue

a Poem: By James Montgomery, Author of gedy, including a blank verse Gamut, and

vol. Duodecimo. Strictures on Theatrical Committees, Ma

S. T. Coleridge, Esq. has in the press, pagers, and Players.

the Statesman's Vanual, or the Bible the

best Guide to Political Skill and Foresight. The First Part of the History and . An

Mr. D'Israeli is printing a third volume tiquities of Westminster Abbey, with five of the Curiosities of Literature. He has engravings, from Mr. J. P. Neale's De also pearly ready for the press, a History signs will appear immediately.

of Men of Genius, being his Essay on the

Literary Character considerably enlarged. GEOLOGY.

A new editiou of the orst two volumes of the Mr. Ryan has in the press, a Treatise on

Curiosities is nearly ready for publication. Mining and Ventilation, embracing the

Memorandums of a Residence in France subject of the Coal Stratification of Great in the Winter of 1815-16, including remarks Britain and Ireland.

on society and manners, and notices of some works of art not bitherto described,

will soon appear in an octavo volume. It is expected that the Historical Ac

MILITARY ATFAIRS. count of the Battle of Waterloo, drawu up under the best authority, by Mr. Mud Colonel Pasley's valuable work on Miliford, and embellished with numerous co tary Fortification, will be ready in a loured plates, plans, &c. will be completed month. in the present month. The Rev. Samuel Burdy, author of the

NOVELS, &c. Life of Skelton, is preparing a Compen The Continuation of Miss Burney's dium of the History of Ireland.

Tales of Fancy, may be expected in the course of a few weeks.

In the course of the ensuing season will Mrs. Anne Plumptre is engaged in writ be published, Fortitude and Frailty, a 10ing a Narrative of her Residence in Ireland, vel, in 4 vols. by Miss Holcroft. in the the Summer of 1814, and in that of Ju the press, Purity of Heart, or the 1815, which will be published early in Antient Costume, a tale, in one volume; December, It will consist of one quarto addressed to the author of Gleuarvon: hy volume, embellished with a portrait of the

an old 'wife of twentv years. author from a picture painted by Mr. A work, entitled Tales of my Landlord, Northcote, and several engravings of re in 4 vols. containing three admirable nomarkable scenery in Ireland, from original vels, descriptive of the Manners of the drawings taken on the spot.

Covenanters, &c. is very shortly to be pubA Series of Letters is preparing for lished in Edinburgh. publication, written by the celebrated Earl of Chesterfield to Mr. Arthur Stanhope, relative to the education of bis sou A new Periodical Work will appear on Philip, the late Earl.

the 1st of January next, to be continued Messrs. Taylor and Hessey have in the every two months, entitled The Correg. press new editions of the Student's Journal pondent, consisting of Letters, moral, pc(for literary purposes), and the Private litical, and literary, between eminent wrie Diary (for general use) formed on the pian ters in France aud England; and designed.







by presenting to each nation a faithful pic-| two octavo volumes, Free Suggestions and ture of the other, to enlighten both to their Reflections submitted to the Legislature of true interests, promote a mutual good un- the United Kingdom. derstanding between them, and render Peaee the Source of a common Prosperity.

The Rev. R. Warner, of Bath, will soon A new Edition is printing of the first Number of the Journal of Science and publish, Sermons for every Sunday in the Arts, edited at the Royal Institution, by Year, including Christmas Day aud Good Mr. Brande.


Dr. Mason, of New York, who is now in

this Country, is about to publish his new Speedily will be published, in a neat work, entitled “A plea for Catholic Comportable Volume, A New Grammar of the munion," iu ove volume octavo. French Language, on a Plan perfectly To be published by Subscription, in 8vo, original, intended for the use of those who 12s. boards, Sermons on the Parables : by wish to acquire a speedy and grammatical the Rev. W. M. Trinder. Kuowledge of Modern French : inter A new edition is printing of Whitby on spersed with ingenious Exercises and Ex- the Five Points in dispute between Calviamples, illustrative of the peculiar Con- nists and Arminians, in which the Hebrew, struction and Idiom of the language : the Greek, and Latin quotations are transwhole calculated facilitate the Acquire-lated. ment of Grammatical Kuowledge, without The Hon. and Rev. E. Turyour has in the unnecessary fatigue and perplexity of the press, Sermons on the Union of Truth, the old s, stein: by Charles Peter Whita- Reason, and Revelation in the Doctrine of ker, formerly of the University of Gotlin- the Established Church. gen, Professor of Languages.

Dr. Badham is preparing for the press,

an Itinerary from Rome to Athens, by the In a few days may be expected, from route of Brundusium, the Ionian Islands, the pen of Mr. Montgomery, author of the the various sites that occur in the journey.

and Albania, with classical recollections of Wanderer of Switzerland, &c. Copies of Verses to the Memory of the late Richard

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Reynolds, of Bristol, the benevolent Qua Mr. Mariner's Account of his Shipwreck, ker, whose charities, during bis life, were and long detention and adventures at the perhaps unexampled, and to whose me- Tonga Islands, is nearly ready for publicamory the inhabitants of Bristol are raising tion. the most honourable monument, that ever Mr. Legh's (M.P. for Newton) very inrecorded and perpetuated the virtues of teresting and valuable l'ravels beyond the the dead -a 'Charitable Institution to Great Cataracts of Egypt, in company with reach the objects of his bounty while liv. Mr. Smelt, whose Journal has also been ing.

contributed, will be published in NovemLord Byron has sent home two distinct ber. works, viz. The Prisoners of Chillon, a A very small edition has been printed in drama, and other poems; and a Third quarto, of the first volume of Mungo Park's Canto of Childe Harold, both of which are Travels in Africa, with the portrait, map, to be published on the same day,

and plates, accompanied by the valuable A new edition of Miss Taylor's “ Essays memoir of Major Rennell. in Rhyme on Morals and Manners," will be published in a few days. Poems by the late Edward Rushton, of

AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ECONOMY. Liverpool, are preparing for the press. Miss D. P. Campbell, a resident in

The Agricultural State of the Kingdom, one of the northernmost isles of Scotland, in February, March, and April, 1816; bewill speedily publish (by subscription, ing the Substance of the Replies to a Cir10s. 6d.) au octavo volume of Poems, to- cular Letter sent by the Board of Agriculward the support of a distressed mother, ture to every part of the Kingdom. 8vo. Is. and a younger brother and sister.

In the press, and speedily will be pub A Dissertation on the Epistles of PhalaJished, a volume of Odes and other Poems, ris; with an Answer to the Objections of by Mr. Henry Neele, of Kentish Town. the Hon. Charles Boyle: by Richard Bent

ley, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary and LiPOLITICAL ECONOMY.

brary-keeper, to his Majesty. To which W. H. Yate, Esq. will soon publish, in are added, Dr. Bentley's Dissertation on




son, LL. D.

the Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, practice: by Thomas Packer, Dyer. 12mo. Euripides, and others; and the Fables of 4s. 6d. Æsop, as originally printed : with occa

The Experienced Butcher; showing the sional Remarks on the whole. A new and respectability and usefulness of his calling, correct edition, 8vo, 16s.

the religious considerations arising it,

the laws relating to it, and various proSouter's Complete Set of Arithmetical fitable suggestions for the rightly carrying Tables :-Printed on both sides of a large of it on: designed not only for the use of 8vo. Card, 4d. or on one side of a large 4to. butchers, but also for families and readers Card, ou.

in general : with seven plates, 12mo, 6s.

Nautical Astronomy by Night; comFINE ARTS. Picturesque Delineations of the Southern ing and observing the principal Fixed Stars

prehending practical Directions for knowCoast of England. Engraved by W. B: visible in the Northern Hemisphere; to Cooke and G. Cooke. Part ?, Imperial which is prefixed, a short Account of the Paper 18s. Royal Paper 12s. 6d.

most interesting Phenomena in the Science Walks through London, including of Astronomy: the whole illustrated by Westminster and the Borough of South several Engravings: intended chiefly for wark, with the surrounding suburbs; des- the use of the Royal Navy, and calculated cribing every Thing worthy of Observa- to render more familiar the Knowledge of tion in the Public Buildings, Places of En. the Stars, and the Practice of observing by tertainment, Exhibitions, Commercial and them: by William Edward Parry, LienteLiterary Institutions, &c. dowu to the pre-nant in the Royal Navy. 4to, 10s. 6d. sent period, and forming a Complete Guide

Sketches of India ; or, Observations to the British Metropolis ; by David Hugh- Descriptive of the Scenery, &c. in Bengal.

Number 1, containing 10 Written in India in the Years 1811-12-13 Engravings, to be continued Monthly. 2s.6d, and 1814 : together with notes on the Cape Demy 8vo. 45.

of Good Hope, and St. Helena : 8vo, 75. GEOLOGY

A Catalogue of Books, with their Sizes Transactions of the Geological Society, and Prices : containing the books that have illustrated by a Volume containing nume been published, and those altered in size rous plates and maps, most of them co or price, since the London Catalogue of loured. Vol. 3, 4to, Sl. 13s. 6d.

Books, 1814, to September, 1816. 8vo, MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY.

Civic Honours; or a Succinct Historical Medical, Geographical, and Agricultural Display of the Origin, Prerogatives, and Report of a Committee appointed by the Mode of Election of the Chief Magistrate Madras Government to inqnire into the of the City of London; is. 6d. Causes of the Epidemic Fever, which pre Duncau's Itinerary of Scotland : convailed in the Provinces of Coimbatore, taining the Roads through Scotland, and Madura, Dindigul, and Tinnivelly, during the principal Roads to London ; with the the Years 1809, 1810, and 1811, of which | Gentlemen's Seats and other remarkable Dr. W. Ainsle was President, Mr. A. Objects on each Road: with a Map of Smith, second Member, and Dr. M. Chris Scotland: the Third Edition, and much im. ty, third Member. Ilustrated by a map proved. 12mo, 6s. half-bound. where the fever prevailed. 8vo, os. Od.

An Essay on the Spontaneous Evolution of the Fætus : by John Kelly, M. D. 8vo,

Experimental Outlines for a New Theory Ss.

of Colours, Light, and Vision : with criti

cal Remarks on Sir Isaac Newton's OpiPractical Illustrations of Typhus, and othor Febrile Diseases : by John Arm- nions, and some new Experiments on Ra

diant Caloric: by Joseph Reade, M. D. strong, M. D. 8vo, 10s. 6d.

Annual President of the Royal Physical

and Member of the Royal Medical SoThe Dyer's Guide; being an introduc- cieties of Edinburgh, &c. &c. Volume the tion to the Art of Dying Liven, Cotton, First, sro, 85. Silk, Wool, Silk and Muslin Dresses, FurDiture, &c. &c. with Directions for Ca

Strathallan, a novel: by Miss Lefanu, lendering, Glazing, and Framing the va

4 Vols. 12mo, ll. 4s. rious Species; with an Appendix of Observations, Chemical and Explanatory, estential to the proper and seientific know The Magnetiser's Magazine, and Annals ledge of the Art, according to modern of Animal Magnetism : by Francis Cor

1s. 3d.









baux, number I. Published in monthly, and Customs of that ancient City; an Innumbers, six numbers to form one volume: troductory Sketch of the County, &c. &c. Subscription for each volume, 21. 28. with plates; small 8vo. 78.- large paper, PHILOLOGY.

10s. 6d. Institutes of English Grammar; with an Appendix, containing remarks on the

Travels in Brazil, from Pernambuco to Figure Ellipsis, Rules of Punctuation, and Also, a Voyage from Marana. The whole

Seara ;

beside Occasional Excursions. Examples of Grammatical Resolution, &c. By the late Rev. R. Harrison, A new

exhibiting a Picture of the State of Soedition, revised and improved by the Rev. Tiety, during a Residence of Six Years in W. Harrison : 18mo, 2s. bound.

That Country. By Henry Koster. Illus

trated by Plates of Costumes. 4to. 21. 10s. Emigration; or, England and Paris : a Poem: 8vo, 3s. 6d.

Mr. Saunders will submit the following The Naiad, a Tale, with other poems. Libraries, &c. for Public Sale, during the 8vo. 4s.

present season, at the Poet's Gallery, FleetPoems: by John Hall, of Durham. The street:second edition, reprinted from the Edition A Circulating Library of Novels, Roof 1646 : only 125 printed. lo foolscap, mances, and Miscellaneous Books, the 8vo, 12s.

property of Mr. Livermore, of Tottenham,

declining that business. The Monarchy according to the Char

The genuine and valuable stock of Mr, ter: by the Viscount De Chateaubriand, S. Bagster (excepting those works pubPeer of France, &c. &c. translated from lished by him). This collection comprises the French. Svo, 7s. 6d.

valuable Topography, with most of the De la Monarchie selon la Charte: Par English Authors in History, Divinity, the le Vicomte de Chateaubriand: dvo, 6s. ral, with a set of 4to Delphin, and other

Arts and Sciences, and Literature in gene. THEOLOGY.

valuable Classics and Miscellaneous Latin; Sermons on Various Subjects : by the some illustrated Books and Books of Prints. late Richard Price, D.D. FR.S. 8vo. 103: 6d. A portion of the Library of William

Faith and Works Contrasted and Re- Parys, Esq. removed from his residence at conciled, in Six Letters to a Christian Camden Town ; together with a Collection Friend :

: containing Remarks on a late of Paintings, Priots, and Drawings. Address by Dr. Chalmers, (of Glasgow) The entire and valuable Library of the and other Sentiments as to the Doctrine of late Henry Hope, Esq. of CavendishGrace: showing also that the influence of square; comprising a very fine collection the Gospel extends to all the common of Books, in general Literature: the whole transactions of life, 2s.

elegantly bound. The Biblical Cyclopædia ; or, Dictionary The Library of a well known Author, of the Holy Scriptures: intended to facili- removed from Devonshire; containing tate an Acquaintance with the Inspired some rare and curious Specimens of early Writings: by William Jones, Author of Typography; a good selection of Works the History of the Waldenses : illustrated in Natural History, Divinity, Philosophy, by maps and plates, 2 Vol. 8vo, ll. 16s. General History, Topograpby, and Belles

A Letter respectfully addressed to the Lettres, in excellent condition. Rev. Thomas Gisborne, in Reply to his Let. The Duplicates of a Bookseller's Stock, ter to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, on consisting chiefly of Works in Medicine the British and Foreign Bible Society. and Divinity, including the Library of an By the Rev. Harvey Marriott, Rector of eminent Physician deceased ; among which Claverton. 8vo. price 2s.

are the last Editions of some of the most A New Literal Translation from the approved Authors. Original Greek, of all the Apostolica) The select Library of the Rev. H. HornEpistles. With a Commentary and Notes, man, of Stockholm, deceased ; containing Philogical, Critical, Explanatory, and a collection of rare Books on Northern Practical. To which is added, a History | Antiquities, Auctores Classici, Dictionaries of the Life of the Apostle Paul: by James and Lexicons, an original MS. of Mary Macnight, D. D. A new edition, to which Queen of Scots, ancient Silver Coins, and is prefixed an account of the Life of the other curious articles, recently imported Author. 4 Vol. 8vo, 21. 8s.

from Sweden.

The Library of James Craufurd, Esq. TOPOGRAPHY.

deceased, late Consul at Rotterdam; comThe History of Lincolo, containing an

prising a collection of Miscellaneous Books account of the Antiquities, Edifices, Trade ; in very good condiiton.

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