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sailors: aud that a certain conscious feelings creeps over the frame, that the same

Commercial Chronicle. force which has done this on one side of the Mediterruean, could do as much in another quarter, were it so dire ted.

STATE OF TRADE. A question occurs, how for Turkey will be pleased with this justice done on her

Lloyd's Coffee House, Sept. 20, 1816. servant, which she ought to have done

The general spirit of Trade is improve hersell. We have more than oncecautioned the Divan to be wary: we expect witti ing; that is to say, the merchants feel some impatience the accounts of this treat greater confidence in each other, in their ment of the crescent, and true be'ievers, as customers, and in general circumstances,

than they did some time ago. It should ouderstood, and digested at Constantinople A history of it in genuinc Arabic, will appear, that the stocks of English goods on

the Continent, are sensibly diminished : be a curiosity, especially if fithfully trans

hence further orders will follow, as a matlated by Ali Bey Emir-el-Abassi. When

ter of course. It is certain, that from the the Empress of Russia, Catherine, caused

inigh course of Exchange in favour of this a regiment of horse to enter Constantino ple with their swords sirawn, in attendance country, the Continental Merchants find on ber ambassador, the Turks felt the de- it to their advantage to send over Bullion ; gradation hi lund : will they not now feel and Bullion to a great amount, actually

reaches this island every week. a degradation by sea ? Fanaticism is not confined to Algiers.

Iu the meanwhile, it is equally certain, lu another part of the Mediterranean, that the manufactories abroad are gra report announces the intention of the New dually getting into employment ; for, un. World to obtain a footing in the Old | less this were so, why draw such immense World. This is reversing the order of quantities of materials for manufacture, thies; an inverted Pyramid! America from this and other countries?

passes bis demunded from Naples compensation for certain, that some of our people are for the ships confiscated by Murat. Why jealous of the amount of cotton yarn exdoes she not much rather demand from ported; they conclude that if the foreignFrance, compensation for the ships confis ers who purchase this did not work it up caled by Buonaparte? And, why not ac into piece goods, they themselves should company this with a civil suggestion, that bave that occupation.

There is some if it be inconvenient to pay in cash, she truth, in this; but not all they contend for; will accept a port or two in the Mediter those foreigners would contrive to spin at rasjean We have called this a report, for least a portion of that yarn for their own the proceeding is so disgraced by meanness use ; and thus they would feel their inde. that we dloubi murh whether it could ori pendence. giunte (as stated) in any regular govern It is remarkable also, that Commodities ment under the sun.

of most kinds--meaning the principalIt is understood that Russia and Prussia have been gradually settling towards very are decreasing their armies; this angurs different prices from what they fetched well for the duration of peace; the King of some months ago : some which had been France has given notice that his body depressed too low, have risen considerably, guard is complete ; and his army is others have slowly suink in price, till they Dearly as strong as he wants it; this tou became fair objects for speculation. This looks well. The north is quiet: the South, has to a certain degree supported them; Spain, bas enough on her hands abroad; aud probably, they need not greatly fear and is not overwell pleased at home. In any considerable fluctuations of the marshort, we hope, that by every man mind- kets. ing his own business, the world will once

Perliaps, it will be thought rather sinmore return to its old state, and go on

gular, that we should include among sympagain, much as usual; which is saying a

toms of returning Commerce, the slow de. great deal, after the heavy troubles and tur- preciation of the stocks; but, this inay not moils which have been witnessed and en

be so wide of the mark as it appears at dored by the present generation. We ought not to close this article with made by order of Merchants who want

first sight, if it be the consequence of sales out observing that the King of Fraure bias that money to make good commercial enput the loyalty of his people to the test, by agemeuts, either already entered into, or dissolving the chambers, and demanding from bis people a new Election Reports been a great pressure among men in busi

in contemplation. Undoubtedly, there has keep up on a similar subject in Britain.

ness : undoubtedly, it continues, and will Wool has risen in price ;-about 2s. tbe contine some time longer, yet ; but, there stone: it is still ri-ing, and likely to rise. are always some men whose property se- Report says that large orders for clothing cures them from feeling such pressures,- (supposed to be for the army) have been or from feeling them, mustand these are received from Russia. The stock of cloth the most likely to be first getting into mo. in the hands of dealers has been greatly di. tion; they foresee a more profitable en minished ; a small rise bas, therefore, ployment of their money, than the stocks taken place in its price; and the manufacnow afford; and they gradually prepare, turer feels some beuefit from it, and hopes by selling out, those sums, which they are for more. likeli to want.

Cotton finds purchasers; and will conThe ('orn Trade, which was so deeply tinue to find them, while the export deand unreasonably depressed, bas progres. mand for yarn, is so extensive. A modesive's risen, till it exceeds for the time, the rate slack, is, however, to be expected ; as Act of Parijament importation price. This the shipments for the Baltic must close, by has ..of been the case louvy ruough to jus the regular return of the season ; there is tify opening the ports for foreign coru; bul, no standing against frost, suow and ice. it si-ws that the late distresses of the agriculturas, interese, it may reasonably be

Some report that the weavers in some horend, bave in a great measure abatid, places want work: we bave no such inforant' will altogether cinse, in a time not very all do not receive the bighest price for

mation generally : though we believe that distant. In the meanwbile, it is earnestly to be hoped, that the ensuing hrvest wilt their goods. Coulous, in the piece, are beple: tifu- of which there is every ap. continue; the power of production is fully

declined in price, and will probably so permie -ax forrigo paris report their inabits to justify our depending on them, qual to the demand, for a supply.

SUGAR has bad its turn : the reductiou What signifies our ports being open to

of the import duty to 27s. was foreseen and the importatiou of Canaria whes, it'l'aua calculated on: the Order for that purpose, du has no wheat to send us:

If the Uuired bas, therefore, had little or no effect on the how can they furnish cargoes for Europe? for sale: 5610 bags in one sale : the prices, States have barely a supply for themselves, market. The East India Company has

lately brought forward great quantities The general consequence, we presume, of course, something lower than the last, will be, that the Agriculture of each country will speedily'find its level; and after a

say 2 or 3s. while it will accommodate itself to the de. There have been several sales of COFFEE mund, by price and profit.

containing in the whole a considerable The bome Tracie will follow the estab. quantity: a decline, has, in cousequence, lishment of the Agricultural level; and taken place, speaking of the whole, say though certain classes of workmen will ticular kinds have fetched prices above the

1s. to 2s per cwt. nevertheless, some parhave gnitted their old labours, yet, we hope and trust, that they will have obs.

currency, and have sold freely at a small

advance ! tained engagements in view labours, and again return to life and comfort.

The Export Duty on East India Coffee We coutinue to receive from various has lately been made to the Lords of the

is, at present, 5s. per cwt. An application parts of the country complaints of present Treasury for the removal of the duty; and sufferings. The labours o harvest, with

a favourable answer has been returned. the beautiful weather at length granted by The duty caunot

, indeed, be taken off Providence to our supplications, will, we trust, dissipate into thin air, the gloomy the Lords Commissioners have agreed to

without the sauction of Parliament ; but forebodinys, which accompany those complaints. The realities we regret exceed

recommend that step to Parliameut; and ingly: the predictions we leave to Time,

in the mean while they suffer the article to whose scythe may cut them up by the

be exported, takiig bond of the Merchant roots, as lic is in the habit of duing, by which, it is thought, will never take place.

to the amount, to be paid, if called for; those of all men ;--each in his turn. We now direct our observations to the Auctuation in the article Brandy; which

The Spirit Trade has experienced much Je::ding articles in the Commercial Mar

on the report of a vintage in France, better et.

than had been expected, declined from the

price to which it had been raised: not that | Hackett J. Breedon, Leicester, lime-dealer, it is down to its proper level; but that the Sols. Baxter and Co. Furnival's Jup. alarm has greatly subsirled. Rum has Hetheringtoa f. late of Lonning, Cumberland, somewhat feit the advantage ; and is now cattle-jobber. Sols. Mouncey and Co. Staventured on speculation to the Irish mar

ple Inn. ker, on the calculation byt 20 indifferent, Huband J. Evesham, timber merchant. Sol. coru harvest will forsis' l'ut an indifferent Moore J. Bishop Monckton, York, Tennant

Bupsfield, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. corn - spirit distillation; and, therefore,

James, Leeds, and Foster Jonathan, Bishop Rum, at a low price, will stand a fair

Monckton, flax-spinners. Sol. Wilson, chance of attracting the public attention, Greville-street, Hatton-garden. aud consumption. Pale Geneva is in Northcote H. Í Lime-street, London, wine demand, and bears an advance of prire. and spirit merchant. Sol. Abbot, Abchurch

Tobacco, is thought of chiefly for expor yard, Lomb rd-street. tation. The stock on hand for home con Olroyd W. Blackman-street, Surry, bookseller. , sumption was low; and little anxiety to

sl. Fisher and Co. Gough-square, Fleetincrease it. The knowlerle of this, low-Pearsen J. Wombwell. York, miller. Sols. Ex

street. ever, did keep up the price, efectually, ti! a somewhat sudden arrival of 2,000 librs: Phillips w. late of Brightelmstone, Snssex,

ley and Co. Furnival's lon. of Virgiuia, within a few days, rendered

builder, Sols. Palmer and Co. Bedford-row. all prices nominal. Since that time, busi- Platt R. Southsea, Southampton, baker. Sol, ness in that article is suspended; but Chilton, Exchequer Office, Lincolu's Ino. Marylands, being more limited in quanti- Power R. W late of Birmingham, but now or ty, fully support their prices.

late of Northfield, caudlestick-maker. Sol. Nava! Srones are declined to a low Platt, New Boswell-court, Carey-street rate. The demand for Whale ol has been Rosevear J. Culloden, Cornwall, spirit mere so extensive for exportation that the stocks

chant Sols. Sandy's and Co. Crave Court. are greatly reduced. The exports from Simpson W. Spilsby, Lincoln, corn merchant. Hall are stated at not less than 2,000 tons.

Sols. Walker and Co. Chancery Lane

Stoor J. Owstwick in Holderness, York, od This naturally assists other oils; and (od and Seal oil are on the advance. What

R. C. Young, of Sculcoats, York, merchants,

Sul. Ellis, Chancery Lane. ever extent the Gas-lights anticipate; and Stuchbury C. Straud on the Green, Chiswick, they seem to be spreading fast and widely, Middlesex, dealer in borses. Sol. Charter, this chanuel of Commerce, export (ion, Cook's Court, Lincoln's Ian. will, nevertheless, remain open : though Turner J. lato of Bury Mill, near Heinel such is the ardour of speculation, that, Hempstead, berts, corp dealer. Sols. Lee were it possible, the pipes would be carried and Co. Three Crown Court, Southwark. under the sea, and foreign cities be supplied Vickery J. Virgiostow, Devon, linen and wool. daily, with gas distilled in London.

leu draper. Sol. Buckle, Size Lane, BuckJersbury.

CERTIFICATES, August 20. Bankrupts and Certificates in the order of W. Jones, Chester, innkeeper. C. Mellon, their dates, with the Attor ries.

Birmingham, victualier. R. Hoshin, CroyBANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED, July 30.

don, Surry, linen draper. J Steven, now or Jent T. Piccadilly, chinaman.

late of Cheltenham, Gloucester, victualler. G Smith, of Tansley, Derby, dyer. J. Bishop,

jun Shadwell, Middlesex. J. Cooke, ManBentley W. Denton Holme Head, Carlisle, chestir, hat manufacturer. T. Meicer, 1 te

and Ireland Joshua, Carlisle, merchants. of Tunbridge, Kant, bauker. W. Andrews, Sol. Hodgson, Bucklersbury.

Minories, Londoo, ship and iusurance broker. Brown E. W. late of the Saracen's Head lon, W. C. Hill, of Bristol, carver and gilder, J.

Friday-street, Cheapside, livery stable-keep- Horrocks, of Bitou-le-Moors, Lancaster, ma

er. Sol. Swau, New Basinghall-street. nufacturer. M. Earushaw, Buroley, LancasBuchanan W. St. James's, merchant. Sol. ter, victualler. Tucker, Bartlett's-buildings.

BANKRUPT3, August 3, Callaway T. B. Bath, apholsterer. Sol. Pear. Briscall R. Liverpool, d'aper. Sol. Umney son, Fen-court, Feuchurch Street.

Clement's Inn. Clay J. Ossett, York, clothier. Sols. Fisher Cogan M. T. B. Puget, v' E. Matthews, - and Co Gough-square.

Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, bankers. Collyer J. late of China-walk, Chelsea, dealer

Sol. Langton, Çare Street. in potatoes. Sol Aspiuall, Quality-court, Collyear J. Cheyne W.'k, Chelsea, dealer in Chancery-lane.

potatoes. sól. Aspia, Quality Court, Collman G Stourbridge, Worcester, grocer. Chancery Lane. Sols. Swain and Co. Frederick’s- place, Old Chipperfield T. Much-Haam, Hertfordshire, Jewry.

miller. Sols. Exley an' Co. Furnival's Ina. Cornfoot G. late of North Shields, ship-ow-Court J. and J. L. Digg\-s, Savage Gardens,

ner. Sols. Mitchell and Co, Tower-street. merchants, Sols. Bupce and Co. Temple.


Drake J. Bath, grocer, Sol. Mayhew, Hol- | Hallowell J. North Shields, Northumberland, born Court, Gray's Inn.

ship owner. Sol. Watt, Cushion Court, Gibson W Liverpool, merchant. Sols. Avi. Broad Street. son and Co Liverpool.

Kershaw S. Oldham, Lancaster, draper. Sols. Handley J. Coton, Staffordshire, miller. Sol. Milne and Co. Temple Barber, Fetter Lane.

Lane T. North Audley Steret, Grosvenor Hird J. Liverpool, ship builder. Sols. Grif. Square, Middlesex, upholsterer. Sol. Pearse, fith and Co. Liverpool.

Salisbury Square. Isherwood, Manchester, dealer. Sol. Makin- Little R. and J. H. Blair, Birmingham, gun son, Temple.

makers. Sols. Swaine and Co. Frederick's Jacobs S. Manchester, warehouseman. Sol. Place, Old Jewry Reilly Clement's lon.

Munro W. and H. Munro, Upper Thames Jones W. Plymouth, haberdasher. Sols. Ad Street, London, merchants. Sols. Blund lington and Co. Bedford Row.

and Co. Old Bethlem Lythgoe P. Liverpool, timber merchant, Sols. Sambell P. East Stonehouse, Devon, merchant Avison and Co Liverpool.

Scl. Makinson, Temple
Lambell P. East Stonehouse, Devonshire, sier W. Nayland, Suffolk, victualler.

Sol, merchant, Sil. Makinson, Temple.

Toms, Copthall Court Milligan A. Wellington, Shropshire, draper. Smith R. Tipton, Stafford, iron master Sols. Sols. Clarke and Co Chaucery Lane.

Price and Co Lincoln's Inn Parsons J. Whitechapel, victualler. Sol. Bos. Sharp B, J. Queen Street, Cheapside, London, well, Austin Friars.

warehouseman Sols. Lowe and Co. SouthRichards T Liverpool, merchaut. Sols. Avi. ampton Buildings son and Co. Liverpool.

Shepley A. Heaton Norris, Lancaster, cotton Rogers N. Row hedge, Essex, oyster-dredger. spinner Sols. Longdill and Co Gray's Inn

Sols. Bridger and Co. Angel Court, Throg Square morton Street.

Walton J. E. Walton, and T. Walton, Bread Swales W. C. Somerset Street, Portman Square, Street, factors. Sol. Walton, Waroford

dress maker. Sol. Bull, Holles Street, Ox Court ford Street.

Willcox J. now or late of Aldmondsbury, Wood J. Great Yarmouth, victualler. Sols. Gloucester, dealer and chapman. Sol. King, Clarke and Co Chancery Lane.

Serjeant's Iun

Whitehouse T. St. Albans, Hertford, Stafford.

shire ware dealer.

W. J. C. Wood, Liverpool, merchant.

Sol. Downes, New Inn

Wilson J. Brompton, York, linen manufactu. Hodgson, Playhouse Yard, Whitecross Street, paper stainers. J. Foot, Southampton, wine Watts J. Manchester, draper.

Sol. Hoogson, Bucklersbury

Sols. Clarke merchant. J. Masson, Bourne, Lincolnshire,

and Co. Chancery Lane draper. J. Donne, Old Street Road, auc

CERTIFICATES, August 27. tioneer. D. Cornish, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, clothier. J Nobes, Old Bond Street, Newbury, Berks, barge master. J. Mathias,

J. H. Allen, Oxford, druggist. R. Horner, patent wholebone c:rriage manufacturer. . Haverfordwest, banker. s. Kingsell, Poplar, Barlow, Tunbridge, Kent, banker. J. Smyth, Middlesex, painter. R. Horgson, NorthallerMaidstone, brewer. Visick, Midburst, Sussex, draper.

ton, York, surgeon and apothecary. J. Aus. W. M'Quoid, Leadenhall ley, Star Court, Bread Street, merchant. W. Streel, merchant.

R. Gibbins, jun. Level Allanson, Castle Street, Holboru, silversmith. Ironworks, Staffordshire, iron masters.

G. Surenne, Dean Street, Westininster, gold. BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED, August 6.

smith and jeweller. A. Mantz, Wapping

Wall, merchaut. T. Herring, Huddersfield, Herbert W. the elder, Llanidloes, Montgo-York, saddler. mery, bankers.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED, August 10. Oakley W. Stroud, Gloucester, trow owner.

Buckley W. Parnley, Yorkshire, manufacturer.
Harker G. Shaftesbury-place, Aldersgate-street,

straw hat manufacturer. Beckett R. Dorking, Surry, grocer.





BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. Lindsay, St. Thomas Street, Southwark.

Kay W. Barnard Castle, Durham,' woollen Barvard J. J. late of Boston and Skirbeck draper.

Quarter, Lincoln, banker. Sols. Exley and
Co. Furnival's Inn.

Bodill J. and W. Liverpool, hosiers, Sols. Barnett C. L. Nottingham, Upholsterer. Sols.

Blackstock and Co. Temple. Alsopp and Co Nottingham.

Blackshaw J. Nelson, Leicestershire, butcher. Beckley S. W. Bilston, Stafford, dealer iu iron. Berrey J. Exter, carpenter. Sols. Anstice and

Sols. Long and Co. Gray's Inn.
Sols. Price and Co. Old Square, Lincoln's Co. Inner Temple.

Bibby G. Chorlev, Lancashire, muslin manuField J. and J. Woolley, late of Gibraltar, and faciurer. Sol. Meddowcroft, Gray's Inn.

now i esiding in London, merchants. Sols. Bullock J. Chalford, Gloucestershire, clothier.

Richardson and Co. Bury Street, St. James's. Sol. Meredith, Lincoln's lon. Hall ) Nuneaton, Warwick, ribbon manu Carlisle W. Bolion, and J. Bainbridge, Preston, facturer. Sol. Constable, Symond's Inn. Lancashire, cotton manufacturers. Sol. Medo

dowcroft, Gray's lan,



Evans H. Fishguard, Pembroke, shopkeeper. I merchants. Sols. Avison and Co. Liverpool.

Sols. Sweet and Co. Basinghall-street. Hunt E Liverpool, merchant. Sols. Adlington Ellison R. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars-road, and Co. Bedford Row... cheesemonger. Sol. Crosse, Great Suffolk | Horneman F. H. Queen-street, Cheapside, street, Borough.

merchant. Sols. Rooke and Co. ColemanEdwards T. and T. Bradford, Wiltshire, clo!

street. thiers. Sols. Egan and Co. Essex street, Lock H. Bedminster, Somerset, baker. Sol.

King, Serjeant's Inn. Gray H. R. Black Raven-court, Seething-lane, Lewis R. late of Trefnanney, Montgomery, wine merchant. Sol. Hackett, New-court, ianner. Sol. Stevenson, 'Lincoln's Inn. Swithin's-lane,

Murray J. Whitehaven, Cumberland, grocer. Heaton L. Heaton, Lancashire, cutton manu Sol. Clennel, Staple Inn.

facturer. Sol. Meddowcroft, Gray's Inn. Pinckney R. late of Marlborough, Wilts, maltHardman A. Bolton, Lancashire, cotton manu ster, Sols. Bishop and Co. Size-lane.

facturer, Sol. Meddowcroft, Gray's Iun. Pearse J. Exeter, wine and brandy merchant. Harris W. Birmingham, button maker. Sol. Sol. Bruton, Broad-street. Alexander, Carey-street.

Strange T. laie of Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, Hawkins R. Bath, coach master. Sol. King, ca'tle dealer. Sol. Warry, New Inn. Serjeant's Inn.

Woodhead G. late of North Anston, York, Hands A. Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, starch manufacturer. Sol. Bigg, Southamp

surgeon. Sols. Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn.' ton-buildings, Chancery-lane. Metcalfe E. Leeds, merchant. Sol. Battye, White R.J. fate of Newport Pagnell, Bucks, Chancery-lane.

dealer in lace. Miles J. Fairford, Gloucester, innholder. Sol.

CERTIFICATES, Sept. 3. Mereduh, Lincoin's Inn.

W. Hamilton and M Agar, Riches-court, Moreton W. Manchester, umbrella manu Lime-street, nierchants. W. Balding, Grain. facturer. Sols. Adlington and Co. Bedford thorpe, Lincoln, beast jobber. T. Harrison, Row.

North Shield, Northumberland, block maker Ongles E. Sandhurst, Kent, grocer. Sol. J. Gibson, Manchester, calico printer. W. H. Brendon, Cursitor-sireet.

Clarke, Lydcomb and Wydcomb, Somerset, Routlidge J. Camomile-sirect, carpenter. Sol. cool merchant W. Hopkinson, 'Chiswell Clarke, Bishopsgate-street Within.

street, Finsbury-square, merchant. J. Ranney, Storr J. Devonshire-street, Queen-square, mer | Northumberland-square, near North Shields.

chant. Sols. Rose and Co. Gray's Inn. ship owner. J. Cox, Chipsłable, Somerset, Sanderson B. P. Newgate-streei, wine and miller, and late of Minehead. T. Coburn, late

brandy merchant. Sol. Flashman, Ely-place, of Newland, Oxford, woolstapl-s. J. Bennett, Thompson J. Wapping-wall, Shadwell, ship Manchester, woollen coid manufacturer. owner. Sol. West, Red Lion-street, Wap BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED, August 17. ping.

Cattel S. Daventry, Northampion, carpenter. Taylor J. Walsall, Staffordshire, saddler's iron

BANKRUPTS monger. Sol. Meredith, Lincoln's Inn. I Buckingham W. Ipswich, upholder. Sols. Watts W. and J. Rigby, Manchester, linen Lewis and Co. Princes-street. Bedford Row. drapers. Sols. Adlington and Co. Bedford Bildick T. St. Issey, Cornwall, corn factor, Row.

Sols Adlington and Co. Bedford Row.

Cooper R. Cambridge, grocer. Sol. Dalton, V. Labrow, St. John-street, West Smithfield,

Union-street, Bishop-gate-streel.

Downer H Fleet-streel, ironmonger. druggist. J. Sertle, Liverpool, merchant. L


Sarel, Surrey-street, Strand Frost, Liverpool, merchant. J. Meacock, Li

Drew A. and M Drew, Godalmin and CamberTerpool, merchant. J. Heskin, Liverpool, 1.

well, Surrey, milliners. Sol. Nibleit, Breadstraw hat manufacturer. A. Read, Lower

street, Cheapsie. Grosvenor-street, wine merchant. W. Prit

Demain J. Menwich-hill, York, linen mannfaccbard, Hereford, scrivener. J. Vaux and J. W.

turer. Sol. Gedmond, Blackfriars. Ballock, Cullum-street, merchants. S. M.

Eyres J. New:on, Chester, victualler Sol. Faro worth, Old Broad.street, merchant. R.

Hildi ch, Gray's lon-lane Road. Rooke, Halifax, York, merchant. J. Dunn,

Harrison T. and W. Hembrey, Market-street, White Lion-court, Birchin-lane, merchant. J.

St. James's, butchers. Sol. Oldershaw, Lower White, Old Broad-street, insurance broker.

street, Islington M. Fortune, Tower, London, victualler. F.

Jones į Liverpool, innkeeper. Sols. Davie White, Mark-lane, merchant. J. Hampton,

and Co. Temple. Stow bridge, grocer. J. Stackard, Whitechapel

Mackay D. Old Broad-street, merchant. Sols. road, leather cutter. J. Dickinson, Guildhall

Hooier and Co George-street, Mansionpassage, warehouseman. W. Moore, Salisbury

House. court, Fleet-street, victualler. J. Thomson, C.

Page J. jun. Liverpool, iron merchant. Sols. Osborne, and I. Westmorland, Billiter-square, Blackstock and Co. Temple. insurance brokers.

Smith B. and N. Redhead, Penrith, Cumberland, BANKRUPTCY ENLARGED, August 13. bankers. Sol. Young, Charlotte Row, ManFay J. late of Upper George-street, Portman sion House. square, child bed linen manufacturer.

Smith J. Thirsk, Yorkshire, grocer. Sois. Bell BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.

and Co. Bow Church-yard. Bayliss W.C. Birmingham, merchant.

Taylor J. New Sarum, saddler, Sol. Collins, BANKRUPTS.

Fin bury-square. Boville R. and T. Boville, Swainby, York, mer Thompson J Mattersey, No'ringham, tanner.

chants. Sols. Morton and Co. Gsay's Inn. Sol: Allen, Carlisle-street, Soho. Frost L. Macclesfield, Chester, J. Ashton, Li- Taylor J. Wapping, ship chandler. Sol. Wilson,

verpool, and M. Ashton, Liverpool, timber Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate-street.

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