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whole, and 3,744 half tierces of rice, and

Austria. 1,90 4 bogsheads of tobacco, of which there National Bank almost besieged. exported :o this countri 44,296 bles of

We learn from Vienna, under date July cotton, 6,924 ubole, and 696 half tierces

21st, that in cousequence of disturbances oi'cie, 97 hogsheads of tobacco; and to

which had taken place in the street where Fi ise 1, 172 bales of otton, 2939 whole, the oational bank is held, by which several ann 577 .asf tierces of rice, aud 79 hogs

persons had been severely hurt, and two he:ds of tobaco.

j.dividuals had even lost their lives, an { irilization of the Indians.

order bad been issued, that all the paper. “It appears that the indians of this moner intended to be exchanged for cash Settlenient faitauraugus - have, withiv or bank shares should be transmitted, not three or four years pist, inclosed with personally but by letter. govolence and ruitiv vied, several hunrired

August 8.-For these three days past acres of land, a considerable proportion of there is no longer such a crowd about the which was in corii, potatoes, oats, &c. and Bank, because every one knows for certain generally looked well

. A number of fa- the day when he can change his paper; milies live raised wheat, and are preparo | but there is such a pressure at the Bureau ing to sow more this Fall: several have when the petitions are delivered that it raised fx, and about twenty-five of their has been necessary to double tbe guard. women have leared to spin. During the

BELGIUM late summer, a number of the girls attended to this busness under the care of the

State of Manv factures. woman Frienci mere, and spun yarn suffi BRUSSELS, Sept. 19.-- Among the nucient to make near eighty yards of cloth, merous petitions presented to the Second which was woven and divided amongst Chamber, is one from the straw manuthum: their women also manifest an im. facturers and weavers of Tournay, who provement in vlejnjiness, both in their complain of the loss they sustain by the dress and houses.

smuggling of English and French articles, Corskiera' e improvement has also which, if not stopped, will wholly ruin their taken place in the mode of building: many manufactories, which are already reduced have good horises: some have barns; and to two-thirds of the number that existed scarrely any of the old cabins are seen in 1812. standing.

Mr. Gendebieu brought up a Report “ They have five waggons and two carts, from the Committee of Petitions: he gave with which they draw much of their wooxi an account of a petition from a great num. and produce; also several yoke of oxen ber of spinners of the city of Gheut. The and ploughs. Divers of them have planter reporter employed the very words of these fruit trees, and some of the young men workmen, to show the importance of those hivé manifested ivgenuity in several great establishments, which give employbranches of mechanical Lusiness." ment and support to 15,000 persons; he

On the state of the natives at Tunesassa, showed the necessity of protecting these they observe

manufactories, by adopting strict and pru* The Indians generally on this reserva. dent legislative measures against envious tion hive increased their stock of cattle, weighbours, who would wish to destroy horses, and suive, quite equal to their them. meatis of supporting them through the wine

China. ter: many of them have good crops of corn),

Stale of Christianity. onts, and potatoes, and several were preparing to sow wheat. But although their

Rome, Sept. 4 —A journal published here improvements in agriculture bave not pro

coutains the following extract of a letier gressed much of lutter time, owing in part from the province of Su Tcheu, in China, to the interruption they b've met willi on

dated the 25th Sept. 1815:account of the war, and the circumstance “ Religion is preached in China by of some baving again introduced liquor; Missionaries of different corps and different yet there are, in other respects, visible nations; the Chief of the French Missions marks of u arvancement in civilized na in the province of Su Tcheu, where I am biis maus of the womeil, especially in at present, has made, within some months, winter; have paid some attention to spin-thirty native priests and four European. wir. ; they appear more cleaniy in their Not long ago persecution deprived us of persons and houses than they formerly did; the Vicar Apostolic, sacrificed to the rage ana their univers and deportment in ge of the Governor of this province, an enemy neral have become more assimilated to the equally to the Europe'in and Christian modes and practices of white people." name. The Bishop Coadjutor has been

compelled to fly, and I believe has taken the New Testament, or other parts of the refuge in Touquin. Three native priests, sacred Scriptures. and a number of the faituful of both sexes,

FRANCE. have finished their mortal career by a glo

PARISIAVA. rious martyrdom. There is still, in almost all the prisons, a pumerous body of gene sells at this moment, as dearly as in Lon.

Almost every necessary article in Paris rous confessors, who suffer for the cause ; don, and some articles more so. and I, who have not yet merited the grace muiton fetch fourteen and fiiteen sous a

Beef and of shedding my blood, am charged with the spiritual and temporal cares of these round, that is to say, seven pence and eiglit missions, which before the persecution proce; a small fou i fetches three franes

(half-a-crown). Bread is almost as dear as numbered 60,000 Christians (Signed) J. E. ESCOLECA BOISSONADE, fruit is cheaper : lodgings are much dearer.

in London: vegetables are cheaper, aud Missionary Bishop.

They ask ten pounds a week for aport. Comparatire estimate of the expenses of Printments, corre pongiug with such as in the

ing in the Chinese manner, by wooden blocks, English capital would let for five. Wine and moreoble types.- From Rev W Mor is cheajer of course in Paris than in Lonrison, Chinese Translator to the East ludia dou; but it is a more expensive beverage Company, at Canton in China, under date of for the table than any of those that are Feb. 10, 1816.

commouly in use in Logland. Retreuche, What is true in respect of English writ ment is, in a great nersure, counterbaiog and printing, does not appear to hoidanced by the temptations, in positionis, true in Chinese ; for in the latter, the plain and inconveniences that way-lay strangers. written hand is exactly the same as print. lu the provinces ; 'rices are much lower, as

la China, a printer will cast off about they are in the villages of England; but 9,000 sheets a day, for one mace five cau.cheapness here is attained by terrilje sadoreeus, about one shilling.

crifices, as all the English who have tried Moveable single types, made of various the experiment of residing in the country materials, have been known and used in

of France, bave found. The Euglish are Chiua for centuries past; but the old generally hated in France. Certaining in way,' the wooden stereotype, bas general

some instances the English have merited ly been preferred. So early as the 11th severe reprehension : they too often act century, moveable types were made of like our countryman amongst the Alps, clay, hardened by burning; and about the who being warued by his swiss guide not same time, the people of Pelang, in Che

to speak above his breath in a particular keang, used lead nioveable types. The pussy for fear of bringing down the im. Emperor Kang-he about A. D. 1690, bar ending snows, the moment he :rrived at a large fount of type made of copper; and the place pulled out a pisioj and fired it off. kien-luug, had a fount of wooden move The harvests arourid Paris are said to able types made, which consisted o present an unfavourable aspect. The rain 250,000 characters. I have now befor: routines pouring in the departments of me an imperial Chinese work, printed by nie norih, nor is there any prospect of its moveable types; but it is not equal in immerliate reasing. The s:ne quantit: of beauty to the best wooden block printing. I read which was very lately sord for 26 Some characters appear to have been sois bas visen in price io $2, and was for. longer than others, and whilst some made merly to be had for 16 or 17. No fruit of a strong impression, others were faiut. - any kind is to be met with. The characters on the head of some types Regimental Devotion ani Justruction. appear cut away. The exterlence of

By a roval ordinariet, bearing date the wooden stereotype is, that it requires, on 24th of July, an Almuner or Chaplin is Chinese paper, no pressing, and the cha' attached to ever: regineut in the French racters appear to the eye pleasantly laid on service. He will have the rank ane puis of the surface of the paper, instead of being captain of mutantry. He is 110: 10 le suite tbrusi by force hali' through it. For staud

ert to martial law, but to lie under the juard classical books, stereotype, whither me risdiction of the ''rand .0161. leis tal or wood, is preferable to moveab : types. bave in his custom alle annicles such

Mr. Milne, at Malacca is there formimi. spuses and ori 14.15, here:sary for the a fount of Chinese types for printing Letration of vivine worship: they are to mouthiy traut, of a reiigious and mor to kept in a chesi called the vin in the Bature, for the benefit of ive (hinese co secretari ai war to proville. Ilam ne Ionists on the isunds of Java, Borneo, &c. als. Beices his spiriinal fejretilisele It is intended theie siso, as circumstances Ilmoner is to be keeper o he ingry of pay require, to print further editions of his regiment, and was also have tise inspec

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tion of the schools in the regiment esta

State of Trade. blished for young soldiers or soldiers' chil. Frankfort, Sept. 14--We do not recoldren.

lect to have seen, even at the most critical National Representation.

epochs of the late war, a worse fair than Paris, Sep. 10.-In execution of the the preseut. The loo abundant produce Royal Ordonnance of the 5th, the 86 de- of the looms, or of English machinery, is partments of the kingdom are to elect 256 not the sole cause of this decline ; the Deputies. The population of France, ac want of purchasers is connected with that cording to the last documents, is 29,400,000. exhaustion of pecuniary resources which Each Deputy, therefore, will represent is still felt as the general consequence of about 114,000 individuals.

While provisions are enormously The Gazette de France contains the foldear, the prices of all merchandize are exlowing ridiculous article, dated Genoa, tremely low ; money is scarce, and disSept. 8:---" Accounts from Algiers state, counts are at 6 per cent. that the Dey has cut off the heads of seve The Michaelmas Fair of Leipsic has, of ral of his subjects, whom he accused of late years, been more of a literary nature treason. It is believed, in fuct, that the than any thing else: this year, it is said, English bought over some of the Algerine that the abundance of new works will extroops!! Though the Dey has suffered a

ceed every thing ever before heard of. No great check, he has lost none of his pride; less than nine scientific Gazettes are puband he still displays the most invincible lished at Jena alone: one on Theology, hatred to the English! He is still the idol four on political History, one on General of his people !!" &c. &c.

Criticism, one on Chymistry, one on the GERMANY.

Natural Sciences, and, to crown the whole, Hamburgkers invited to Hayli.

an Encyclopedia Gazette. A wbite man, who is in the service of

Liberty of the Public Press. the pretended King of Hayti, arrived five Hesse-Cassel.-The Commission for the or six weeks ago at Hamburgh. He was Censorship of Books, Journals, &c. lately the bearer of letters from Count Marma- received fresh instructions, among which lade and Count Leepi, Minister of the In

are the following :terior. These letters contained brilliant “ The commission must pay particular offers for such artists, manufactures, cul- attention to all journals and newspapers tivators, &c. as should proceed to the do- published in Germany, in order to get acminions of his black Majesty. Some in- quainted with them speedily: to sequestrate dividuals allowed themselves to be seduco all those jourvals and newspapers whose ed, and began by taking the money in- editors show the intention of circulating tended for the expenses of the voyage. dangerous ideas, of exciting discontent in

There were among them many per- the subjects with the existing political insons who were involved in debt. A new stitutions, of spreading presumptuous opiletter requested to have a turner in wood, nions and criticisms on the actions of a dancing master, painters, carvers and Princes, or the Administration of the State, gilders, and some soldiers. The painters or in general of maliciously influencing and carvers were to decorate the palace of people's sentiments to the prejudice of the King Christophe. Two painters from general

geveral welfare; and they are to take the Hamburgh, who are brothers, determined necessary measures for preventing the cirto try the voyage; these were the only culation of them in our states." Hamburghers who adopted this resolution :

A German Journalist calculates that all the other adventurers were foreigners who had been settled in Hamburgh." An there are 34,000 inhabitants and 54 bookofficer of the Hanseatic Legion allowed sellers at Leipsic, and at Paris, 580,000

inhabitants, and 320 booksellers; which himself to be tempted hy 4000 dollars annuity. A distinguished literary Character gives, at Leipsic, a bookseller to every of Hamburgh was offered 10,000 dollars 629 inhabitants, and, at Paris

, one for every per annum: an university and an academy 1822 inhabitants; to this it is to be added, of Blacks were to be founded, but the that Paris is the only place in France above gentleman refused the offers. The where the bookselling trade is carried on. persons who have agreed to go occupy

Luther's Bible. two vessels.

In the 34th edition, which was coofia Christophe has purchased in the cated, and is now very rare, occurred the Hanse-towns many articles of luxury, such same omission which distinguished an as glasses, lustres, lamps, jewellery, &c. English edition of the sacred volume, and Bremen alone has supplied him with made one of the Commandments read 21,000 dollars' worth.

thus, Thou shall commit adultery. The

copy of this edition, in the library of Wol-1 Longerity : Posterity. fenbuttel, cost 50 dollars. Page 81.

At Kaponas Bysnie, in Hungary, died A work, which has but lately been pub- lately, Michael Krauss, at the age of 125 lished on the Continent, affirms, hit bv years: he lived in three centuries, having an accurate calculation, there are 13,000,000 been born in 1891: his last marriage was of Jews in Europe

wbeu he was 111: his descendants to the Vaccination.—A foreign journal contains fourth generation amount to B6. the following details relative to the progress

ITALY. of Vaccination in different parts of the

Antient Ceremony ; difficulties. globe:

“ The English Ambassador at the Court Naples, Aug. 18 - The differences beof Ispahan announces, that the presumptive tween the courts of Naples and Rome are Heir to the Crown, and 15 of his suite, not vet adjusted. The Pope will absolutehave been vaccinated with matter broughtly have the old Tribute of a White Horse from Europe, and that this salutary prac- revived, and the King absolutely refuses it tice is daily making progress in the town as an antiquated unworthy custom, which of Telieran. Dr. Scott has vaccinated forty was never permitted to be brought forward, thousand persons on the coast of Coro even under the illegal Government of the maudel, and the operation had complete family of Buonaparte. What is expected sucress with all the patients."

wholly to alienate the Roman Court are "A Society for Vaccination similar to two Ordinances that have been lately issued that of London, has been formed in Ja- in Naples; the first (which is already maica, and maintains relations with the known) requires in future for_all Papa mother-society. The small-pox has yield- Bulls and Decrees the King's Exequatur ; ed to the efforts of vaccination at the Cape and the other subjecting all Episcopal Pasof Good Hope; so that that frightful ma

toral Letters to the censure of the Council lady is no longer known there. This happy of State. result is ascribed to the insulated state of

American temptations ; squadron. the colony. At Ceylon, where the small

The Americans here use every means to pox used to make horrible ravages, that induce the Neapolitans to quit their fine disorder is become extremely rare. Denmark and Sweden, vaccination is in country for the banks of the Ohio. The full vigour, and the small-pox no longer der severe penalties, all communication

police has, in consequence, probibited, undreaded. The Committee establised at with the American squadron, whose flag Berlin has been yery surcessful in its labours, and since its foundation has vacci- appears to fly with pride in our beautiful nated 19,841 persons."


Right hand; use of, natural.
Storks : second progeny.

Dr. Ziuchionelli, at Padua, has publish

ed an essay on the reasons why people use The Amsterdam Gazette says, that a re- the right hand in preference to the left. spectable old man, a gardener at Dubbert. He will not allow custom or imitation to dam, cites as a remarkable thing, that be the cause, but affirms, that the left arm among the storks which have returned a se

cannot be in violent and continued motion cond time this year, one of them has laid without causing pain in the left side, beagain, which, according to the testimony cause there is the seat of the heart and of of the most aged persons, generally denotes the arterial system. Nature herself, therea fine autumn.

fore, contends the Doctor, compels men to HUNGARI.

make use of the right hand. Storm.-On the 12th July, such a dread Venice, Aug. 14.-We receive nothing but fal storm fell upon the town of Worscbetz, i afflicting news. The Albanian pirates in Hungary, that of 2,600 buildings, of are numerous, and menacing on all points wbich the the town consists, none escaped of the coast. It were to be wished ibat a without damage: the steeple is wholly de- squadron had been sent to sea to protect stroyed. The storm was accompanied by our cominerce. Where are now the times lightning, hail, and torrents of raio; and when the gallies of the Republic caused the terror which it caused had such an ef-Venice to be respected as the Queen of the feet on the minds of many people, that se- Adriatic ?- The creation of a new religious ven women were delivered of dead chil and military order destined to war against dren. The damage is estimated at four the Infidels is spoken of, but which shall millions and a half of florins. The storm however have nothing in common with lasted only an hour.

the Order of Malta.

rode on

Adventure, speculatire.

Kattegary is a Tartar Sultan, formerly We learn from Vienna, that a merchant a Mahomedan, now converted to the of Trieste lately freighted at that port, ou Christian faith; and who being desirous of his own account, a vessel with iron for becoming a Missionary to his countrymen, Rio-Janeiro. Should the speculation suc is put uider the care of the Edinburgh ceed, it would furnish a new opening for Missionary Society for education. the produce of the Illyrian mines.

Bibles and Tes'aments distributed. Poland.

Last year were distributed above 11,000 Emigrations into Poland from the neigti copies of the scriptures. iu twenty different bourhood of the Rhine have for some time languages, to an amount of 40,000 rubies. past been exceedingly numerous: by the Not fewer than five different vew editions last accounts, they are rather increasing were resolved upon at the last meeting of than otherwise.

The Petersburgh committee. Under the PORTUGAL

auspices of the Russian Bible Society, Funeral ceremony for the late Queen. 22,000 copies of the scriptures left the Lisbon, July 20.—The ceremony usual at

press in the course of the year; about the death of our Sovereignis took place this 30,000 more are printed off. His Impeday. Three amphitheatres or cenotaphs,

rial Majesty has proposed to have the Bible hung with black, were erected. Ove is translated into the Russian language, and the place de la Memoriu, the other at the the Holy Spod has approved of the proRegency, and the last opposite the Cathe position, and given orders for its execution. dral. In the centre appeared an escutcheon

This exceeds all that board ever beeu antici. partly covered, which announced the end pited, and is of more real importance or of the reign of Mary the First, and the com

Ruysia, and perhaps, for Christianity, than mencement of that of John the Sixth. All all that has hitherto been done; the work the Tribunals and the Senate clad in

has already commeuced with the New mourning assisted at the ceremony. The festament, and we hope that, in the course

of the Attorney General


year, this portion of the scripture wearing black and crape, which descended will be finished.' This will form a new from his bat to the ground, his horse was

epoch for Russia, and for all the nations also caparisoned in back. It was on the surrounding that vast empire. wliole a sad spectacle. Those who followed

New Exchange opened. on foot wore long cloaks; their hats were turned downwards, and each carried

Si. Petersburgh, July 31.—The new exwand. The Members of the Senate closed change was opened on the 27th with great the procession, wbich moved along between cration was performed by the Archbishop

solemnity. After the ceremony of consedouble files of troops. Behind followed

Ambrosius, a most splendid entertaiuwent two hudred cavalry and infantry with their arms reversed. Solemn and pathetic

was given, at which the Emperor, the music disposed every miod to sadness and Empresses Eliz'beth and Maria, the Grand melancholy reflections upon the frailty of Duchess Maria, and the Hereditary Prince

Dukes Constantine and Michael, the Grand humau grai leur. Russia.

of Saxe Weimar, were present, with a

great number of persons of distinction. Missionary Efforts patronized. Ilis Imperial Majesty takes the most

Sicily. lively interest in the cause of Missions to

Harrest and Vintage, the Mahomedaus and Heathens, who re The harvest has been the most abundant side in bis vast empire. Having heard witnessed for the last 24 years. The price that M. Kattegary was going to Scotland of corn 76 fr. per sulma, which sum is for education as a Missionary, he desires: still a high price to a Frenchman or GerPrince Galitzin to enquire how he might man; but we were accustomed by the revder him any assistance. A Memorial English to esorbitaut prices so long as was drwn up, concluding with petition their armies were in Sicily and Spain. The ing his Majesty to grant him assistance, salma was then nearly double the above by defraying his expences during the time price. he should reside in Scotland. It was then The culture of the vine has been very asked, How much would be requisite for much improved latterly, and especially in this purpose ? Six thousand rubles per the vicinity of Marsala. The wines there year, the sum stated, was immediately produced are all exported. An Englishgranted ; and in a way wbich shewed how man of the name of Woodhouse, engaged deep an interest he took in the cause, in this trade, is making thousands by it.

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