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and leaning on a column, on which are the Goveroment intend reducing the maximum following inscriptions

of military pay to a dollar a day. At the 1. Peace of Abo, 1743.

same time the Mouks suffer notbing, and 2. Peace of Kudschuk Kainardschi, 1774. the Jesuit vovices, of whom there are al8. Peace of Friedericksham, 1809.

ready 30 here, are ordered to receive each It is worthy of remark, that in one fa a dollar a day. These same friars bave mily, the father, son, and grandson, have procured the extinction of the establishconcluded treaties of peace highly advan-ment of the church of St. Isidore, and tageous to Russia. Alexander Romanzow bave secured the emoluments for themconcluded under the Empress Elizalieth, selves. In this church the remains of the the peace of Abo with Sweden, by which martyred patriots of the 2d of May, 1808, the towns of Nysteh, Williamstrand, and are deposited. Who could have antici. Friedericksham;" were ceded to Russia. As pated that tbis Order would bave been rea recompence, be received the title of vived to guard their ashes, or that their Count Count Peter Romanzow, his so!), blood should have been shed to bring about the celebrated Field Marshal, concluded such a result! The cold here is terrible : the glorious peace with the Porte at Kud Reaumur's thermometer has fallen to five schuk Kaivardschi in 1774. The son of degrees below Zero. the field Marsbal, the Chancellor Count Madrid, Jan. 29.-The King, on the Nicholas Romanzow, concluded the peace 21st visited the state prisons incognito, acbetween Russia and Sweden at Friederick companied by the Captain of the Guard, sham, 5th September, 1809, by which the Duke of Alagon, "His paternal solicithe Principality of Finland and the Aland tude led him into the cells of the prisoners. Islands were ceded to Russia.

His Majesty examined every thing in dePay of the Army increased.

tail; perceiving the machine which was

formerly used to apply the question, he orPetersburgh, Dec. 26.- The Emperor dered it to be burnt, that even the redistivguished the anniversary of this birth- membrance of that infernal instrument day by a most remarkable and advan- should be effaced. Those in the other prilageous ordinance for the Russian army. sons are also ordered to be destroyed. The pay of all the Subalterns and Staff Officers, to the Colonel inclusive, is for ever doubled, and a large addition of in

National Register : crease given to the Generals, under the

BRITISH. name of table money. Every Chief of a regiment receives an addition of 3,000 rou

King's Health. bles, a Brigadier General 4,000, a General February 1, the Queen's Council met at of Divisiou 6,000, and a Commanding-Ge Windsor, on the subject of the King's peral 10,000 roubles.

health; and the following bulletin, being

signed by the physicians in attendance, The Journal of Savoy, under the head

was exhibited at St. James's Palace;of Chamberi, January, contains the fol

Windsor Castle, Feb. 1.-His Majesty lowing :-" The fine weather, and extreme- has been uniformly quiet, yet cheerful, ly mild temperature which prevail herc, during the last month. His Majesty's disare by no means so extraordinary as the order is undiminished, but his bodily health following circumstences, which will form continues very good.” Signed as usual. an era in the annals of meteorology and

Thanksgiving Prayer. agriculture. We this moment learn, that they are reaping in our mountains the oats Thanksgiving for the preservation of the

The following Form of Prayer and of last season, in proportion as the melting Priuce Regent was ordered to be used at of the snow leaves them uncovered. Tlie straw has sufferent

, but the grain is well morning and evening service, after the Go preserved. Near Entremoot hey are dig: the churches and chapels in London, and

neral Thanksgiving on Sunday last, in all ging up the potatoes, which are likewise

in all others on the Sunday after it is of very good quality.”

received :

“ Almighty God-Merciful God, who, Commerce: Monks : Cold.

in compassion to a sinful nation, hast deu Extract of a letter from Madrid of the feated the designs of desperate men, and 9th of February. "The distress in this ca-bast protected from the base and barbapital is unprecedented. The public trea- rous assaults of a lawless multitude the Resury is exhausted. There is a report that gent of the United Kingdom, accept our



praise and thanksgiving; continue, we im- and thanks for his splendid victory in the plore thee, thy protection of his Royal bombardment of Algiers. The Noble Lord person. Shield bim from the arrow that was attended by ten Captains of his feet, Hieth by day, and from the pestilence that who had shared the dangers and glory of walketh in the darkness; from the secret that expedition. The Lord Mayor accomdesigns of treason, and from the madness panied the presentation by an appropriate of the people.

speech; to which Lord Exmooth replied “And whilst we pray for thy mercy and by the most cordial expressions of his protection, give us grace, O God, to per

grateful feelings for the honour conferred ceive and know what things we ought to

on him by the City of London. do; lest, impatient of present evils, and

It is a singular circumstance, that none unmindful of thy manifold goodness, we

of the Almanacks notice the now returning seck relief where relief cannot be found, direction of the magnetic needle towards and abandon those never-failing sources the North ; in the year 1657 it poiąted of national prosperity and happiness, due North, but has been 160 years increasobedience to thy commandments, and the ing in declination westward; last year it fear of thy holy dame.

attained a declension of 25, and theu be“These prayers and praises we humbly back again to the North.

came stationary, and it is now receding offer to thy Divine Majesty, in the name and through the mediation of our Lord

It is ordered that all the three-deckers and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen." are to be in future first-rates; second-rates,

80 gans; third-rates, 70 guos; fourth-rates, The Priuce Regent, with a view to les

50 guns; 6fth-rates, 36 guns; and sixthseu the consumption of corn, has ordered rates, 24 guns. No ship to be a post-ship the allowance of oats to the cavalry to be under 24 guns. One of the yachts is to be reduced from tep Ib. to seven lb. per diem rated as a second-rate; the rest as thirdfor each horse in barracks and quarters. rates. The horses actually employed in the coast

Saturday se'nnight the Thetis frigate was duty aire excepted.

lauuched from Pater-yard, Milford; she is A proclamation, dated Carlton House, a remarkably fine ship, and will mount Jan. 29, is placarded all over London, upwards of 50 guns; she went off the slip offering a reward of £1000 for the disco- in a very gratifying style, amidst the cheers very of lhe persons who tlirew stones at of a vast concourse of people assembled the carri age of the Prince Regent, with a from the different parts of the neighbourpromise of pardon to all those concerned, hood to wituess so novel a scene, the Theexcepting: the person who actually broke tis being the first frigate ever launched the wind ow.

from the new Dock-yard. We un derstand that the tenure of the At Gravesend and Northfleet, during magnifice ot house near St. James's palace, the last month, such a quantity of foodwhich w: is granted to the first Duke of water has come down the river as to imMarlborough about 100 years ago, ex- pede the tide, and render the Thames at pired with the death of the late Duke, and Gravesend partly fresh; a circumstance dow revert's to the Crown. This was the never recollected by the inhabitants to house in w bich Queen Anne resided before have before taken place. ste ascendied the throne; and in all pro

The labours of the late Captain Tuckey bability it will now be granted to the Princess Charlotte and her illustrious con

are not lost. His journals have been re

ceived complete, to the farthest point to sort. The foreign journals announce the in southern Africa. The journals of the na.

which he proceeded in the interior of tended pub lication of the travels of the turalist, botanist, &c. who accompanied Princess of Wales in Palestine and Syria : the expedition, are also received by the the work is written by a young physician Admiralty, and the whole are undergoing in the suite of her Royal Highoess.

a revision, for the purpose of being preLord Exmouth.-On Friday Feb. 5, af. sented to the public. ter the adjou rnment of the Common-hall, the Lord Mayor proceeded to the Common Council chamber, where Lord Ex Royal Mint, Feb. 1, 1817.---The ex. mouth had been in waiting a considerable change of the old for the new silver coin time, in conseçluence of invitation to re- of the real being now fixed by proela. ceive the splend lid sword voted to that No- ation to commence throughout Great blemau,, as a mark of public approbation Britain on Thyrsday, the Isth instant, no



P d







of pe


tice is hereby given, that the following four reverse, Rex Rid. Def. Britanniarum, with principal stations are appointed for the the Royal Arms and Motto encircled by said exchange for the metropolis and its the collar of the Order of the Garter, sura vicinity :- 1st, Bank of England; 2, South mounted with a crowu. On the shillings Sea-house ; 3, Gujldhall; 4, Goldsmith's- and sixpences is his Majesty's head. with hall. And the following sixteen auxiliary the words Geor. III. D. G. Britt. Rex, stations are appointed in aid of the above F. D. 1816.- The arms on the reverse are principal stations:

encircled with the Garter, surmounted

The raised rim will 1. Fisher's Auction-room, King-street, with the crown. Covent-garden.

protect the impressions, and each coin has

a milled edge. 2. No. 17, Pickett-streei, near Temple-bar.

The Society of Arts have chosen a Se3. No. 61, Swallow-street, facing Conduit-street.

cretary in the room of the late Dr. Taylor.

The election was by ballot, and Mr. Aikia 4. No. 248, Oxford-street, the corner of was the successful candidate. The numPark-street.

bers were : 5. No. 22, Denmark-street, vear Saint Mr. Aikin, 415-Mr. Hiort, 107-Mr. Downing, Giles's church.

Sir J. Sinclair made the Society a pre6. No. 53, Hatton-garden.

sent of a portable mill for grinding corn: 7. Astley's Theatre, Lambeth.

it is of French construction, and is one of 8. The corner of Abbey-street, near Ber- the sort used by Buonaparte in his Russian mondsey church.

campaigns. 9. Sessions-house, near the King's-bench

An English calculator, says a German prisou.

paper, has estimated, that a Parliamentary

Orator speaks 7,000 words, at an average, 10. No. 33, Thomas's-street, near St. Tho- in an hour; and 7,500 words when warmmas's Hospital.

ed by "zeal or hatred of the French!! 11. Mathematical Institution, Crispin-street,

Extraordinary Hen. near Spital-fields.

A gentleman residing on Stoke Hill, near 12. The Angel and Crown, opposite White-Exeter, has in his possession a hen, which chapel church.

answers the purpose of a cat, in destroyiog 18. No. 17, Worship-street.

.mice. She is constantly seen watching 14. No. 166, Wapping-street, at the end of close to a corn rick, and the moment a Old Gravel-lane.

mouse appears, she seizes him in her beak, 15. Mr. Luff's, Apothecary, 56, Fox-lane, where she amuses herself by playing with

and carries him to a meadow adjoining, near Shadwell church.

her victim until he is dead ; she then leaves 16. No. 4, Dartmouth-street, Westmioster, him, 'repairs again to her post, and is frefacing Queen-street.

quently kaown to catch four or five a day. In order to prevent inconvenience or This has been her constant practice for delay to the public, the holders of the old months past, during which time she has silver coin of the realm are most earnestly re- killed a number of those destructive ver. quested, when the silver in their possession min. amounts to any considerable sum, to re Foreign wine (exclusive of French) on sort as much as possible to one of the four which duty has been paid in each respecprincipal stations, where every accommo tive year, at the rate of 961. 12s. per tun, dation exists, and every possible facility of 252 gallons, in the port of London only: will be afforded for the dispatch of their 1806 . 22,573 Tuns | 1812 , 19.404 Tuns. business.

1807 , 22,042 1819 . 17,506 Most of the bankers in London and 1808 . 23,969 1814 . 19,062 Westminster have promised their assist. 1809 . 21,816 1815 , 12,569 ance, by exchanging such sums of the old 1810 . 25,175

1816. 9,023 only. silver coin of the realm, for the new coin, 1811. 22,201 as may be tendered to them by their se

leaving a loss on the balance of of the preveral friends and connexions.

ceding year, of

365,493 l. 3s. 6d. The new cojus are handsome, consisting Gain on Cape Wine 27,162). of crowns, half-crowns, shillings, and six Amounting at an averpences. On the crowns and half-crowns age, to........................338,3201. 3s. 60. is the head of his Majesty, with the words And taking the average of the ten preGeorgius III. Dei Gratia, 1816-on the ceding years, the loss will be 11,608 tuns,


at 961. 12s. 1,121,3521. 8s. per annum, in nance of Christ, as his appointed means the port of London only.

of Regeneration from Original Sin, and, as

such, a means of Grace necessary to Sal. 1815 . 257 Tuns 1 1816 , 1,119 Tuns. vation ; and on the difference between

Baptism, Regeneration, and the subsequeut Account of Foot Passengers, Curriages, renewals of the Holy Ghost."

&c. which passed over London and Blackfriars Bridges in one Day, July 11.

Wesleyan Missions.

The Committee, doriog the last year, Passengers &c. London Blackfriars -in 24 hours. Bridge. Bridge.

have sent out 19 additional Missiouaries, Foot Passengers....89,640....61,069

viz. 4 to Ceylon, 1 to Bombay, 1 to the W Vaggons...

769.... 533

Cape of Good Hope, 4 to the West InCarts and Drays.... 2,924. 1,502

dies, 2 to Nova Scotia, 3 to NewfoundCoaches.....

1,240.... 990

land, i to Quebec, 1 to Gibraltar, i to Gigs and Taxed Carts 485 509

Brussels, 1 to France, making the whole Horses.....

764.... 822

number employed in foreign stations, under

direction of the Methodist Couference, 80. We are happy to hear that the demand for woollen goods has increased in our

Johanna Southcote. cloth halls the two last market-days; in

The delusion at this time practised upon deed, it is confidently anticipated that the

the believers in the predictions and doestock of low-priced cloths will shortly

trive of the late Prophetess is matter of be very much diminished.---Leeds Intelli great astonishment. An interdict arrived at

Newark on Sunday, the 19th inst. from a gencer.

disciple of the conclave at Leeds, inhibiting Lord Amelius Beauclerk has recently

those of the faith, amongst other things introduced into Yorkshire a specimen of from attending to their ordinary business flax, of a most beautiful colour and tex

during the ensuing eight or nine days; and lure, which is prepared in a novel mode.

a manufacturer's shop in that place is at His Lordship proposes to find the raw ma- this time entirely deserted, and the busiterial, and employ the labouring poor in

ness of many small dealers suspended in manufacturing it.

consequence. Lately, the brig Eliza, Hennesley, from

Public Houses : Regulations proposed. St. John's, Newfoundland, arrived in DubJio with a general cargo, after a passage of

Mr. Beaumont proposes as a constitu14 days, being the shortest ever known. tional remedy for the present abuses in the The weather was so severe at the time she system of licensing public-houses, that a left the island, that she was obliged to be bill should be brought into Parliament, cut out of harbour.

containing the following, among other re

gulations:-1 That the Commissioners of Mary-le-bone new church was conse-Excise shall be empowered to grant genecrated by the Bishop of London, in the ral licenses to keep public - victualling, presence of a great number of persons of houses to the occupiers thereof, upon prothe first distinction. The organ is placed ducing a certificate from a magistrate and at the back of the altar, and in the centre parish officers, of good character: the vicof the organ is an open arch, in which is tualler to pay a duty of 2001. opon receivplaced a very fine picture, painted by the ing such license. No public-bouses to be President of the Royal Academy. The sub- of less yearly value than 201. and be rated ject is the Angel of the Lord appearing to at that value in the parish book. 2. Publicthe Sliepherds. The exterior of the church houses already licensed to pay on the 1st of is very beautiful,

October next a duty of only 20l. If a pubThe long-depending cause in the Court lic-house be wanted in a new situation, of Exchequer, between the King and the and no person be willing to pay 2001. doty, Bishop of Bangor and his Clergy, respect the Commissioners of Excise be empowering the liability of lithes let at meetings to ed to take not less than 501. for such license. the highest bidder, to the payment of auc 3. No license be granted to the occupier of tion duty, has been decided in favour of any house belonging to a common brewer the Bishop and Clergy. Five per centon

or distiller.

Persons interested in the upwards of 32,000l. was depending. ownerships of public-houses to be compel

The Church Union Society, in the dio-led to declare their trusts upon oath. cese of St. David, bave adjudgeel their Timothy Marshall, and Mark Marshall premium of 50l. to the Rev. H. D. Morgan, of Brimpton, Somersetshire, hoop makers, M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, for and woodmen, have been committed to the the best “ Essay on Baptism, as an Ordi- House of Correction for one month, on the

complaint of Mr. W. May, for having Hard Soap, versus Soft Soap.
spent their mouey in an improper manner,
and not having employed a proper propor-

In the manufacture of hard soap, which tion of the money earned by them towards is in the proportion of twenty to one more the maintenance of their wives and fami- extensive than that of soft soap, upwards lies, by which they became chargeable to of 100,0001. worth of British tallow is the parish of Brimpton.

used, and a vast quantity of the kelp, ma

nufactured on our shores, the consumption On Friday, the 3d of Jan. the Commis- of which would have been sacrificed to the sioners of Hackney-coaches revoked the li- Whale fishery and American potash, if the censes, No. 99, 655, aud 924, all belonging manufacturers of hard soap in London, and to one owner, on the complaint of the in- the woollen manufacturers in Yorkshire, spectors, for keeping the whole of his horses had uot taken the alarm. The measure in such a state of starvation and wretched- Issued in an additional duty generally ness as to be incapable of performing their on all soap, to the amount of about £200,000. labour.

The Turbot fishery. The Leeds Declaration against the Seditious. « We behold with detestation, wicked fish has been recently introduced into the

The manner of catching this excellent attempts to produce disaffection to the established form of Government, by ex.

County of Durham, although it appears to citing popular assemblies, promoting poli- require less skill than any other mode of tical clubs, and thus setting the ignorant catching fish. Not unfrequently a single and uninformed in judgement over their draught will sell for 50 guitieas. It is a rulers. Men of abandoned character and curious fact in natural history, which has desperate fortune, taking advantage of our

never been noticed before, that although commercial difficulties, and the unfavour fish prey on each other with furious voraableness of the seasons, sow discontent city, yet young turbots are never found in among the labouring classes of the commu- the stomachs of other fish; which seems to nity-vilify the high Authorities of the account for the immense quantities which State_dare to use openly language of in- have been discovered all round the island, timidation, and to disparage the very eha- since this method of catching them has been rity, so liberally extended to the poor, sand round the coast that does not swarm

introduced; and there is hardly a bed of during this period of unavoidable pressure. The difficulties under which we labour,

with turbots. are attributed by them to the corruption

The method of catchiog this fish is exand mismanagement

of Ministers; and, Ge. tremely simple: long nets are buoyed up by neral Suffragc and Annual Parliaments corks, and kept on the ground by Tead, (evils deprecated by the judicious of all which stand like a wall, their height selparties,) are held out as the only correc dom exceeding seven feet their length seems tives : yet these would, in truth, lead to indeterminate. This net is sunk to the the subversion of the Constitution, and to bottom, where it remains for 24 hours. The that disturbed state of public affairs, which fish, when they find themselves opposed by has produced the most calamituus effects in the net, still press forward, and soon be. a neighbouring nation.

come entangled--and in this manner, “ We contemplate with peculiar horror which is so perfectly simple, hundreds and the organised system, which the seditious thousands of fish are caught. have contrived, for the furtherance of their The following Furs, Skins, &c. were designs, by the extensive circulation of in- imported from North America, this season, flammatory tracts and pamphlets: of these Skins, 40,600 Parchment Beaver, 45,000 some are blasphemous parodies on the ve- Raccoou, 30,000 Marten, 9,500 Otter, nerated forms of our Holy Religion, and 7,000 Bear, 1,000 Wolf, 2,300 Cat, 9,000 which tend to root out of the minds of the Mink, 4,000 Fox, 3,500 Fisher, 200 Wol. unwary all fear of God, honour of the King, verin, 172,000 Musquash, 4,000 Swan, and reverence of the Laws.

25,000 Deer in the hair and shaved. 5000lbs. “ Against these wicked conspiracies, we Castorum. consider it the duty of all his Majesty's

Extraordinary sale by auction. faithful subjects, to unite, and to quell the the spirit of Rebellion, by opposing to it the

The Rhinoceros, which has long been firm and dauntless front of Loyalty."

a visitor at the Provincial Fairs, was taken

in execution a few days ago, at Norwich, A Declaration to the same effect by the Sheriff of Norfolk, to be knocked has been adopted at Manchester, and many down by the hammer of an auctioneer. It other towns in the North.

was sold for £300.

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