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west coast of America with the Indian National Begister :

tribes for furs, wbich are considered as

extremely valuable, and always marketable. FOREIGN.

Several persons of science proceed at the same time, and the officers are represented as every way competent to conduct the ex

pedition. Mahomedan Corsair punished.

AUSTRIA A letter has been received at Embilen,

Artists Emigrating. from Captain G, L. de Haan, of the John Hermann, of Embden, dated 'Tripoli, Nov.

Vienna, Jan. 15.—There is already at

Vieona a cor:siderable society of persons 11, of which the following are the con

whom literature and the arts are about to tents:

“SiRMy last was of the 14th of Octo conduct to the Brazils, and who will set ber, from Larache, but I doubt whether out in the month of April next. Mr. Miit has reached you, I therefore repeat some be the botanist of this expedition : his en

kan, professor of medicine at Prague, will particulars : The very day of our departure from Lisbon (September 25), we were gagement is for four years. taken near Roxent, by a Tripolitan ship of

The Carnival here furnishes proofs of the war, which would not respect an Euglish- distress of the times. There has been Hanoverian flag, and arrived here yester only a small number of private balls ; and day at noon; the Captain of the vessel at the Ridotto, on the 12th, there were having, on sailing into the harbour, put not a hundred persons. our flag half way up his foretop-gallaut

Extension of Literaturo. mast.

The German Literati affix great import. “ The English Consul General seeing

ance to the prosent aitempts for the diffu. this, immediately took down his British siou of Sacred Knowleuge among the East. fag, went to the King, as I, with a part ero regions of the European Continent. of my crew, afterwards did, and the Cap- Contemplating with energetic satisfaction tain of the vessel, which is called a core the transmission of Holy Writ to so many vette, having come on shore, was imme, different nations, and its translation into diately seized and bound. The Consul and

so many different dialects, they look for. I being before the King, we, with the ward with the nuost sanguine hope to in: ship, were immediately set at liberty; here- teresting discoveries in the genealogy of upon several salutes were fired from the langage, and expect that the gifts of ReKing's fleet, upon which we hoisted our ligion and Civilization will be amply re. Ang, and the Captain who had captured paid by tributes to the treasury of Classius was hung up to his mast, at the same

cal Science, as rich in value as pleasing in height as he had bung our dag, half an hour before, as a satisfaction to the En refinement.

investigation, and novel to our world of glish-Hanoveriau flag.

“ We are to be paid for every thing, but must sail with the John Hermaun to Malta. Copenhagen, Jan. 14.-Sweden has paid We think to sail thither in two days for to Denmark the first instalment of the sum that Island, whence I shall write again. I due for the vessels left in Norway aod sold and the whole crew are in good health."

to Sweden. The first payment is 30,000 dollars species; the whole sum is 95,000

dollars species. (A species dollar is a The Highlanders have emigrated to crown English.) Upper Canada in great numbers, espe COMMERCE: Sormd and Baltic. cially from the western parts of laverness A letter from Elsineur, dated Jan. 4, says shire. In a new settlenient up the country, -- Last year there passed the Sound, $871 more than 1,400 are said to have been set- ships, among which were, from the North tled during the last year.

Sea, 1097 Swedish, 408 Danish, 996 Nor: AMERICA : UNITED STATES.

wegian, 208 Russian, 525 Prussian, 942 Letters from America state, that active English, 83 American, 8 French, &c.; preparations are carrying on for complet and from the Baltic, 906 English, 85 Ameing the two vessels that are going on disco- , ricali, 8 French, 4 Spanish, 23 Portuguese. veries in the great South Sea; and which, The number of vessels that entered it is added, are also to proceed to the Hamburgh last year, was 1615; of those northwart of Nooika Sound, for the pur. 702 were from England. The number of pose of carrying on a barter on the north- ships which passed the Sound during the




same period, was 5871; of which 1848 than in the hulks, where they do very little were British.

work, and cost the State a great deal." The following is a comparative statement

Pensioners' Deaths. of the ships which entered the mouths of the Maese for Rotterdam, Dort, and Schiedam, the Royal Treasury of France, who died in

The number of peusioners paid out of from Jan. 1816 to the end of Dec. the same year, exclusive of Herring-busses and other 1815, amounted to 3,183; among whom

were numbered a pensioner of 102 years fishing vessels: In 1815 entered 1,603 | Sailed ........

old, one of 100, two of 99, three of 97,

1,568 In 1816 eatered 1,466 Sailed


three of 96, eight of 93, &c. The whole

of the pensions lapsed by these deaths Decrease .. 173 Increase .. 17

amounted to 787,283fr. A French journalist remarks, that Den in their general assembly, held on the 30th

The shareholders of the Bank of France, mark, which presents the singular contrast of a despotism by law and a state of libero to be distributed among the poor of the ca

of January, voted a sum of 12,000 francs ly in fact, does not at this moment reckon pital

, exclusive of the 9,000 francs which more than 56,000 poor in a population of they give annually to benevolent establiskimore than 1,600,000 persons; while Eng. ments. land complains of having 2,000,000 of poor in a population not exceeding 14,000,000.

At the same mecting the Governors of The fortune of the English, it is added, is the Bank of France stated the annual founded on industry-that of the Danes amount of their transactions and profiis.

In 1815, the sbareholders had only received upon agriculture.

a dividend of 64 fr. and the reserve amountSolemnities for Louis XVI.

ing only to the moderate som of 180,000 fr.

In 1816, however, the dividend rose to 76 Paris, Jan. 22.-The aunual service for fr. and the reserve to 720,000 fr. the obsequies of Louis XVI. and of the

Vaccination. Queen his wife, were celebrated yesterday at the Church of the Abbey of St. Denis.

The French Papers notice the zeal maAll the members of the Royal Family, with nifested in France, during 1815, by the the exception of the King, were present; propagators of vaccination.

In seventybesides deputations from the Chambers of six departments, of which the accounts Deputies. Some old servants of the King, have been received, out of 626,641 childof tried fidelity and zeal, were present to

ren born in 1815, 251,116 were vaccinated. deposit the tribute of their respect, and of

Moral State of France. their tears.

When M. de Serre brought up the ReAll the civil, military, aud judicial au

port of the Committee on a law, the obthorities of the department of the Seine ject of which is to continue in a modified were collected at Notre Dame. The Tes form a law passed last year, by which the tament of Louis XVI. was read, and lis-Crown was enabled to confine, under spetened to with the most devout attention.

cific forms, persons suspected of conspiring In the evening all the great theatres were

or attempting the overthrow of the esta closed.

blished Constitution;—the picture of France The Princess Louisa of Condé, and drawn by M. de Serre to justify a continuher Nuns, sung the Miserere on the 21st, ance of this measure, bears many very dark in the Temple, at Paris, at the precise shades and melancholy tiuts. He says, moment at which the unfortunate Louis

“Notwithstanding the powerful example XVI. left the prison for the scaffold. The of the Monarch, Religion resumes her emPrincess and the nuns were all prostrate, pire but slowly: Revolutionary doctrines with cords round their necks, and wax

are to a certain poiut disgraced in the pubtapers in their hands during the service.

lic opinion—but sound doctrines have not Voyage of Discovery intended.

yet sufficiently confirmed those who were Paris, Monday, Jan. 27.-Extract of a misled, and fixed the anchor that is to letter from Toulon, dated Jan. 17. “Early check them; the Prevotal Courts, a meain this year, a King's corvette will sail sure of circumstances, do not present the from Toulon, on a voyage round the world, force that was expected from them ;-Exfor the purpose of examiniug coasts already traordinary tribunals do not slicceed well discovered, and to attempt, it is said, to in France; and Justice has there lost her find some place similar to the Botany Bay dignity. The French army, re-organized, of the English, there to make an establish is faithful, but not numerous; extreme viment, to wbich convicts may be sent. gilance must keep out of it men wbo might They will there be treated with less rigour try to mislead it. In all the public services

the necessity of economising, and political " It cannot be denied that the political causes, have brought about numerous re horizon presents at the beginning of the forms;—a great mimber of individuals are year 1817, a prospect of perfect calm, without employ, and consequently discon- and that some slighi clonds in the west are tented. This discontent and necessary not of a nature to trouble it. France depreferences revive those heated passions sires not to be forced to pay, at the fixed which the war carried out of the country, periods, the military contributions which and which an iron sceptre kept down has been imposed on it. This circumstanice within. In fine, two grievous circum- seems to have occasioned soncm feinents stances complicate and embarrass the sic in the Army of Occupation, corumanded tuation of France in a very afflicting man by the Duke of Wellington; but, accordner, The first is the consequence of the ing to certain accounts, the relief which it dispositions of the Treaty of the 20th of desires is granted; thus, there is no fear November. The second, the diminution of an interruption of the general tranquilof part of the harvest of this year by the in-lity on this account. temperature of the season. The Allied

« Public spirit is recovering in France, Powers have proved by deeds more than but it can have no dangerous effects as by words, their serious intention to ensure long as a Monarch so prudent, and nica the repose of France, and unite her interest like Richeliou and De Cazes guide the to that of Europe. They had calculated belm. on the abundance, the richness of the pro

“ The Sonthern States want time to reduce of our soil, the revival of commerce,

cover from the dis-sters which war has the impulse of our industry, equal to that brought on them ; in the provinces rather which had taken place at the end of 1814. more northerly, th“ people with a decided Had these calculations been realized, it is good will do less than tbey project, debate, certain that it would have been possible, and write ; this is a defect' king since inthough paiuful, for the French to meet by berent in the Trans Alpine countries. increase of taxes, an increase of three bun

“ In the north of Europe, Russia and dred millions of expencer. Events have Poland flourish under the pou rtal and destroyed these calculations. French in paternal scrptre of Alexander. The interdustry and commerce are in a state of lan-ests of the people are faithfolly attended gour and stagnation; her richest produce to; a happy proportion is more and more has entirely failed, and even the produce established between the extent of the Emof articles of the first necessity is moderate. pire and its internal strength; in a word, The care of government, and above all

, it is there we see to what a degree an antithe activity of trade, will prevent all sear" mited power may be at the same time becity, but will vot prevent dearness; and

Deficial. it is often from indigence that one must

“ If we wish to find a companion to this demand tribute. In proportion as these picture equally interesting, we have only to things deprive Government of its natural turn our eyes to the United States of Ameforce, in that same proportion they furnish form of Government is good, when it is

rica and we shall be convinced that every food and pretext to injustice and ill-will. well administeret. There a confederation In consequence of these considerations, the of free States govern an immense country, Commission deemed it necessary that Go: and the last Message of President Madison vernment should have a police, armed with is an evident and remarkable proof of the great authority; and though the suspension of a constitutional right is always an evil

, ministration by simple integrity, without

success which may be obtained in the ad. yet under the present circumstances it will prevent greater evils."

pomp, without any external splendorr,

There are in this discourse sublime pasWe learo from Roten, that the market sages, which call to mind the fairest times for cotton stuffs and spun cotton, which of Rome, when a Cincinnatus passed from took place Jan. 17th, was much larger the Consulate to the plough. than it had been for a considerable tiine • Another people who display a great before. There were sold at it 4,450 pieces and energetic character are, the Norweof cotton stuffs.

gians, or men of the Norili, who now punish with death those officers who in the

last war did not combat to the utmost ; a Political Periscope, in Germany. novelty which may be regardeil as a phe. Hamburgh, Jan. 21,--In one of orr Pa- nomenon in history. We see bere a sirik pers were in the following article, which ing example, that a magnanimous people is remarkable, considering the usual spirit sels honour anil national glory above every of that paper, which has hitherto been thing else, and that it admits of no excuse pothing less than pacific: --

for those who do not fulfill their duty."





dragged him some distance, along the Antiquity.

ground-Having succeeded in drawing one A curious and interesting monument of Colnett fired, and lodged a ball in the

of a brace of pistols from his belt, Lieut. antiquity has been lately found among body of the tiger, when the beast becomthe excavations made near the Temple of ing enraged, shook him violently without Jupiter Stator, at Rome. It is a fragment letting go his hold, and made off towards of the Consular Annals, which will fill up the thickest part of the jungle, with his one of the chasins of those that are already prey. In the

struggle to free himself from preserved, and comprises the years between the clutches of the aniinal, Colnett caught 290 to 300, froin the foundatiou of the city. hold of him by both ears, and succeeded

after some time, in throwing the beast upon Liberation of Prisoners: by bequest.

his side, when he availed himself of this 6th July.—This day, the oue-twelfth momentary release to draw forth the 'repart of the donation (2,106 rupees), left by the breast of the tyger, shot him through

maining pistol, and clapping the muzzle to the late Mr. Matrons, a respectable Arme- the heart. He then returned to his ele. nian Geotlemian, was applied to the release of poor prisoners confined in the gaol of phant, which he mounted without assistthe Court of Requests, at Calcutta. One ance, feeling at the moment little pain hundred and eight persons obtained their from his wounds, of which he had received liberation.

no fewer than five and twenty, between

the knee and the groin, many of them seArmy Promotions.

vere. I understand, he bas ever since conWe understand that his Excellency the tinued to sutler from the consequences of Commander in Chief, has received from the conflict, and that he has lost the mothe Horse Guards, a Brevet for the junior tion of that knee, which was the seat of ranks of the ludian army; by which all the principal injury." (Calcutta Times.) Subalterns of fifteen years standing, are to be promoted to Captaincies. (Calcutta.)

MAURITIUS: Destructive Fire,
Tiger Hunt: presence of mind.

A dispatch has been received from Go.

vernor Farqnhar, contaiuing a detailed acThe following account, of a most ex count of the late destructive fire at the traordinary adventure, that occurred some Mauritius, from which it appears that 19 time since in a Tiger hunt, was given in streets of Port Louis were entirely conthe last Hurkaru.

sumed, and that the sections of that town « On the march of our detachment from numbered 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, Louton to Bulrampore, to join General 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, Wood, we arrived at our first ground of 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, were either totally or encampment, about 8 A.M. Soon after our partially destroyed. The fire 'twas purely arrival, the Zumeendar of the village came accidental, and its destructive ravages is to to us to complain, that a Tiger had taken be attributed to its having occurred at the up his quarters in the vicinity, and com- dry season of the year, and to the prevaaitted daily ravagés amongst the cattle ; leuce of a breeze, veering with violent gusta he had atso killed several villagers, and from time to time during the conflagration. had that morning wounded the son of the Fortunately, from its breaking out early Zumeendar. On this information, Lieute in the evening, few lives were lost ; but a nant Coluett, Captain Robertson, and Dr. population of 20,000 persons has been reHamilton, mounted their Elephauts, and duced to want and beggary by the loss of proceeded to dislodge the animal. They every thing belonging to them. Among soon discovered the object of their search; the public buildings destroyed are, the Lieutenant Colnett's Elephant being a little Catholic church, the barracks for the in advance, was attacked by him ; the blacks, hospitals for the blacks, prisons for other Elephants turned round and ran off the blacks, large graip magazine, the color to a short distance. The Tiger had sprung pial marine store house, the public bazaar, upon the shoulder of Lieutenant Collett's the commercial exchange and building Elephant, who in that situation fired at called the Bourse, the government printinghim, and he fell. Conceiving him to be office, the former post-office, the police disabled, Lieut. C. descended from the prisons, the military prisons and guardElephant, for the purpose of dispatching houses, the out-houses of the governmenthim with his pistols, but in alighting, he house, the great cooperage, the timber and came in contact with the Tiger, which had mast-yard, the weighing-yard, the guardonly couched for a second spring, aod which house in front of the military hospital, and þaving caught hold of him by the thigh, the guard-house of the marine.


Penang - We observe, with much satisfaction, that a public School was about to Numbers of the Methodist Societies in the be opened at that Settlement under the

various Islands. patronage of its enlightened Governor, the Subscription for which had been very li- Antigua District : beral.


3177 St. Christopher's


St. Eustathius Visit to the Lady of the Viceroy. From Nevis

1421 the Letters of Mrs. Judson, wife to a Mis St. Bartbolomew

541 sionary at Rangoon.

Tortola and Virgin Islands...... 1792

710 To-day, for the first time, I have visited

St. Vincent the wife of the Viceroy. I was introduced

2940 Barbadoes

54 to her by a French Lady, who has fre


173 quently visited her. When we first ar

Trinidad rived at the Government house, she had

330 Demerara

364 not risen : we had consequently to wait some time.


14,501 The inferior wives of the Viceroy di.

Jamaica District: verted us much by their curiosity, in mi

Jamaica....... nutely examining every thing we had on, Bahama District:

3207 and by trying on our gloves, bonnets, &c.

New ProvidenceAt last her Highness made her appear.

Eleuthera ance, dressed richly in the Burman fashion,

Harbour Island

1134 with a long silver pipe at her mouth,

Abaco smoking.

Long Island On her appearance, all the other wives Bermuda District: took their seats at a respectful distance,


96 and sat in a crouching posture, without speaking. She received me very politely, Total in the West Indies ........ 18,938 took me by the hand, seated me on a mat, and herself by me. She excused herseif for not coming in sooner, saying she was

The whole net increase of members in unwell. One of the women brought her a

the West Indies, for 1815, is 1082. bunch of flowers, of which she took several, and ornamented her cap. She was very inquisitive, whether I had a husband

New University. and children; wbether I was my hus

It appears from the French Papers, band's first wife; meaning by this, whe- that the Emperor of Russia, as King of ther I was the highest among them, sup- Poland, has issued an ukase at Warsaw, posing that my husband, like the Burmans, by which he founds an university in that had many wives; and whether I intended city. The ukase is in Latin. The uni. tarrying long in the country.

versity will be composed of five faculties. When the Viceroy came in, I really Theology, Jurisprudence, Political Ecotrembled; for I never before beheld such nomy, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts.a fierce-looking creature. His long robe The professors of the first order will be and enormous spear not a little increased declared nobles, and may transmit their my dread. He spoke to me, however, pobility to their decendants, if they have very condescendingly, and asked if I would been professors for ten years. The Recdrink some rum or wine.

tor of the University will be the Censor

of all books published by the professors, When I arose to go, her Highness again took my hand, told me she was happy to see me, that I must come to see her every

Count Romanzow. day; for I was like a sister to her. She Jed me to the door, and I made my salam Post of to day contains the following arti

St. Petersbugh, Dec. 21.- The North (abeisance) aud departed.

cle: Mr. Judson lately visited the Viceroy, Count Romanzow, the Chancellor of the when he scarcely deigned to look at him; Empire, bas lately received from Italy a as Englishmen are no uncommon sight in colossal statue of white marble, by Canova. their country, but an English female is This statue represents the Goddess of quite a curiosity.

Peace holding theolive branch in her hand,



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