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40. A similar mode of proceeding shall be observed with bills which have originated in the Senate, as with bills originating in this House.

41. If, at any time when in committee of the whole House, there be not present a quorum to do business, the chairman shall immediately report that fact to the Speaker.

42. On a motion in committee of the whole House to rise and report, the question shall be decided without debate,

43. Every bill shall receive three several readings previous to its being passed; and the second and third readings shall be on different days: and the third reading shall be on a day subsequent to that on which the bill passed in committee of the whole House, unless the House unanimously direct otherwise.

44. A standing committee of five members shall be appointed, to be called “the committee on engrossed bills;" whose duty it shall be carefully to examine all bills passed by this House, and see that the same are correctly engrossed, and report the same to the House before they are signed by the Speaker.

45. Reports from the committee on engrossed bills shall at all times be in order, and have preference to any other business.

46. When a bill passes the House, the Speaker shall certify the same, with the date thereof, at the foot of the bill.

47. No motion for reconsideration shall be in order, unless on the same day, or day following that on which the decision proposed to be reconsidered took place; nor unless one of the majority shall move such reconsideration. A motion for reconsideration being put and lost, shall not be renewed; nor shall any subject be a second time reconsidered, without unanimous consent.

48. A standing committee of five members shall be appointed on bills coming within the ninth section of the seventh article of the amended Constitution of this State; and when any bill shall have passed in committee of the whole House, on which the Speaker may entertain doubts whether it comes within the provisions of the said ninth section, it shall be referred to the said committee to ex, amine and report thereon, before the question on its final passage shall be taken.


49. On the final passage of all bills requiring two-thirds, the, ayes and nocs shall be taken and entered on the journal, and the Speaker shall certify upon every such bill, when passed, that twothirds of all the members elected to this House voted in favor of the same.

50. A motion to reconsider the vote on the final passage of any bill requiring the assent of two-thirds of all the members elected to this House, shall be made by a member who voted in favor of the decision of the House on the question of the final passage of the bill; and two-thirds of the members elected to the House shall be required to reconsider the same; and such vote shall not be a second time reconsidered. But the vote on the final passage of any bill creating, continuing, altering or renewing any monied incorporation, shall not be reconsidered whenever such bill shall be lost.

51. No standing rule or order of this House shall be suspended, changed or rescinded, without one day's previous notice being given of the motion therefor; nor shall the fiftieth rule be altered, changed, rescinded or suspended, unless two-thirds of all the members elected to this House agree to such alteration, change, rescinding or suspension.

P. REYNOLDS, Jr. Clerk,


upon the taxable property of the said county: due notice of which application has been given.

Your committee, being the representatives of that county in this House, are satisfied, from personal observation, that the condition of the prison is as described by the petitioners; and that the public interests require the proposed improvement. They have, therefore, directed their chairman to prepare, and ask leave to introduce a bill, in compliance with the prayer of the petitioners.

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