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Brought forward, .. $52,066 76

211 51

565 87 Postage of official letters, viz: Comptroller,

$1,085 46 Secretary of State, and as

Superintendent of Common Schools,

1,021 36 Treasurer,

33 82 Surveyor-General,

115 64 Adjutant-General, .

130 99 Attorney-General,

115 94 Clerks of the Supreme Co’rt 698 94

3,202 15 Contingent expenses of the Supreme

Court, 449 80 do do Regents of the

University, 340 31 Door-keeper of the Executive chamber 420 00 Rent and taxes of the Governor's

house, from 1st August, 1834, to 1st August, 1835, .

653 40 Advanced to the Governor for incidental expenses of the government,

0 00

$57,918 80

Legislature, including contingent ex

pensez, examining Treasurer's accounts, and making index to jour

nals,.. Court of Errors, for attendance at

the extra sessions, and contingent expenses,

85,604 60

7,499 70

93,104 30

Commissioners of the Canal Fund. Deficiency in the revenue of the Cayu

ga and Seneca canal to defray the expenses,

$3,352 51 The like for the Crooked Lake canal,

8,243 35 The like for the Oswego canal, .

9,028 24 The like for the Chemung canal,...

23,841 29

44,465 39

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Miscellaneous : Apprehension of criminals,..

do fugitives from justice, by order of the Governor,... Assessments on State property for re

pairs of streets, &c.,.. Blind-support and instruction of in

digent pupils, Boxes for laws, and transportation

thereof to the counties, Brigade and division inspectors, Capitol, viz:

Salary of superintendent,
Sweeping and cleaning the halls

and stairs, during the session of

the Legislature, Sweeping and cleaning the walks

and streets in and around the

Capitol Park,
Claims for lands improperly sold, ·
College of physicians and surgeons in

the city of New York, Commissary's department, ......... Costs of suits in which the State is in

terested, exclusive of costs in rela

tion to escheated lands,.. Courts of inquiry and courts martial, County clerks, for services under act

concerning oaths, . Deaf and dumb, support and instruction of indigent pupils, viz:

New-York Institution,.....

Central Asylum,...
Gun houses, for erection thereof,
Interest on State debt,.....
James Minor, his annuity,
Jeremiah Ryan, his annuity,.
Frederick Sammons, his annuity,

371 76


500 00 8,212 04

330 32
442 40

303 34

12,283 00 1,863 58 1,020 00 38,292 58

60 00

000 100 00

Carried forward, .....

872,305 22

$225,108 53

$225,108 53

Brought forward, .... $72,305 22 Keepers of arsenals, and the fortifications at the Narrows,

200 00 Printing for the State, .

25,358 19 Sheriffs' fees,

000 Slaves, for support of infirm confiscat

ed slaves, and of children of slaves,

abandoned by the owners thereof,. 106 24 State Hall, for repairs,

60 28 State Library, viz: Annual appropriation for increasing the same,

1,000 00 Audubon's Ornithology, vol. 2, .... 220 00 Contingent expenses,

98 27 Librarian's salary,.

700 00 Survey, appraisement and expenses of the public lands,..

1,269 45 Wolf bounties,

845 00

102,162 65

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Brought forward, ....
A. Gardiner, circuit judge, for notes

of testimony in case of J. Damon,
E. Cowen,


for the like in
case of Martin Sylvester,..
New-York Institution for the Deaf

and Dumb, second instalment,
New-York Eye Infirmary, do
Surrogate of Chautauque county, for

copies of letters testamentary of es

tate of Daniel Baldwin,....
James Campbell, surrogate of New-

York, copies of wills of aliens,....
Wm. Jerome, costs incurred by him

for acts done as engineer on the Os

wego canal,
Incumbrance on the arsenal lot at Ma-

R. Van Rensselaer, for land purchas-

ed of the State and relinquished, ..
Messenger conveying presidential

votes from Seneca to Cayuga coun-

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