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The transportation of convicts, which has heretofore drawn from the treasury about $10,000 annually, was made a charge upon the receipts at the prisons, by the fifteenth section of chapter 302, of the Laws of 1835. From the first of June, the payments to sheriffs, for the transportation of convicts from the place of conviction to the prisons, have been made at the respective prisons. Previous to June, the sum paid from the treasury, on this account, amounted to about $7,000. For the current year, this expenditure will be borne by the prisons, and the treasury will be relieved from any burden, on account of the penitentiary system. If the fees for the transportation of convicts to the Auburn prison should amount to a greater sum than can be paid from the earnings of the convicts over and above the support of the prison, the deficiency can be made up from the treasury. It is desirable that all the expenditures on account of the State Prison system, should be paid from the earnings of the convicts.

The State Prison at Mount Pleasant, is in a highly prosperous condition. The earnings of the, convicts, for the fiscal year, amount to the sum of.....

$75,104 42 Expenditures,

61,830 37

Surplus for the year, .... $13,334 05

In addition to this, the prison has been credited with the sum of $10,016, for stone furnished for the new State-Hall, up to the 30th September, 1835.

At the close of the preceding fiscal year, there was a surplus in the hands of the Agent, amounting to $14,365.46: This sum being added to the surplus for the year for which this report is made, shows a balance of $27,699.51 in the hands of the agent, besides the $10,016 credited to the account of the prison on the Comptroller's books, on account of stone furnished for the new StateHall. A considerable portion of the surplus is deposited in the Westchester County Bank, at an interest of 3) per cent, subject to be drawn for the uses of the prison at sight. This arrangement was made by the advice of the Inspectors.


COUNTY AND TOWN TAXES, &c. In July last, forms for making returns to this office of the valuations of real and personal estate, were transmitted to the clerks


of the boards of supervisors in the several counties. In addition to the valuations, the clerks were requested to return the number of acres of land assessed, the sums levied upon each town for county and town taxes, and the rate of tax upon each dollar of the valuation. An abstract of these returns is given in the paper annexed to this report, marked K, so far as they have been received from the supervisors' clerks. In relation to the valuations, the aggregates given below are made up, by taking the returns for this year as far as they have been received, and adding for the delinquent counties, the valuations of the preceding year. This gives the following results, viz: Total value of real estate,

$399,088,236 do personal do

124,309,041 Non-resident debts,


Aggregate assessed value of real and personal estate in all the counties of the State,....


The sum levied upon the several towns in 45 counties for their proportion of county expenses for the year 1835, is $608,574 61 Levied upon the towns in 44 counties for town expenses,

457,265 26 Add amount of tax upon the city and county of N. York, say, ..

905 000 00 Add average county expenses for 9 delinquent coun

ties, 121,714 92 Add average town charges for 10 do do 103,923 92

And it makes the aggregate amount of the annual

tax upon the whole State for county and town charges,....

$2,196,478 71

This tax will average about one dollar to each inhabitant in the State.

The average rate of taxation upon the towns in the several counties is given opposite the name of each county in the last column of the table marked K. The general average for the whole State is 5 mills and seven-tenths of a mill upon each dollar of the valuation. All which is respectfully submitted.

A. C. FLAGG, Comptroller.

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STATEMENT A shows the increase & diminution of the General Fund. B

School Fund. C

Literature Fund.

Bank Fund.
E the receipts into the treasury from the 1st

Oct. 1834, to the 30th Sept. 1835.
F the warrants drawn on the treasury during

the same period.
G the accounts of the State prisons during the

same period. the accumulation of the Chenango canal debt

up to October, 1845, if money be borrow

ed to pay interest. I

the Erie and Champlain canal debt on the

30th September, 1835, upon the principle of compounding the interest on the cost of those canals up to that date, upon the one side, and upon the other, of compounding the interest upon the surplus of the tolls of each year, over and above the expen

ses up to the same time. K " the valuations of real and personal estate, and

the amount of town and county taxes, &c for 1835.

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Showing the Increase and Diminution of the capital of the General Fund, during the year ending 30th September, 1835,

Increase of the Fund.
Bonds for lands taken this year, viz:
For sales by the Surveyor-General, $15,661 55
For sales by the Attorney-General,
under foreclosure of mortgages,

0 00

815,661 55
Bonds for loans taken this year, viz:
For sales of lands by the Attorney-

General, under foreclosure of

0 00

0 00

Diminution of the Fund. Extinction of bonds for lands, viz: By transfer to School Fund, as of 30th Sept. 1834, in advance, on account of current receipts of the capital of that Fund, ....

•ó $95,707 65 By the like, 30th Sept. 1835, on

account of the same,.. 15,282 27
By transfer to Literature Fund,. 379 28

$111,369 20
Extinction of bonds for loans, viz:
By transfer to School Fund, as above, ......

94,888 97

$15,661 55

$206,258 17

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