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No. 35.


January 9, 1836.


Of the Ontario Branch Bank, relative to unclaimed

deposites, &c.

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Utica, January 7, 1836. Hon. CHARLES HUMPHREY,

Speaker, &c, Dear Sir-In compliance with an act of the last session of the Legislature, I have the honor to transmit to you, for the Legislature, the following report. With great respect, your ob't scrivt,

A. B. JOHNSON, President.


ONTARIO BRANCH BANK. A statement of all deposites made in this bank, which at the date of this statement, have, according to the books of the bank, remained unclaimed by any person authorized to receive them, for two years next preceding this statement. Deposites made. At credit of.

Residence. 1822, Oct. 14, Jedediah Sanger, N. Hartford, 810 00 1824, June, 9, Timothy Hunt,

Unknown, 20 00 1826, Jan. 31, J. & J. Scott,

53 00 1827, Feb. 3, Clark Matteson,

60 00 Dec. 17, Wm. English,

10 00 1830, Jan. 26, O. G. & N. Rogers,

104 00 1831, April 28, Whiting Tuttle,

102 34 1852, June 23, Edw. D. Lamatter, Manlius,

10 00 [Assem. No. 35.]


The books of this bank contain many running accounts of discounts and deposites on which balances from one cent up to sereral dollars have remained unclaimed for more than two years, both in favor of the bank and against the bank. More than 300 such balances are under a dollar. These balances of accounts seem not included in the requirement of the act of May 9, 1835, and hence are not included in this statement.

This office possesses no capital stock, but of the dividends which are by the Ontario Bank assigned to be paid at this office, the following has apparently remained unelaimed for two years next preceding this statement:

Thomas Gold, May 1, 1820, $20 on 20 shares of stock.

I hereby certify that the above statement is accurate and true, to the best of knowledge and belief.

TH. ROCKWELL, Cashier. Utica, August 28, 1835. Subscribed and sworn before me,

August 29th, 1835,

HORATIO SEYMOUR, Supreme Court Com'r.

No. 36.


January 8, 1836.


Of the Schenectady Bank, relative to unclaimed

deposites, &c.


Speaker of the House of Assembly of the State of New-York: In pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, I herewith transmit an account of unclaimed dividends and deposites in the Schenectady Bank of two years' standing before the 1st day of September, 1835.


of said Bank.



September 1, 1835. Statement of unclaimed deposites and dividends in the Schenectady Bank of two years' standing, viz:

1833, June 11, Shuler Cady, Amsterdam,

13, Beal & Myers, Schenectady, Unclaimed dividends, none.

$43 00


The above statement is correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

THOMAS PALMER, Cashier. Sworn before me the 1st Sept. 1835.

A. L. LINN, Mayor of the city of Schenectady, &c. [Assem. No. 36.]



No. 37.


January 11, 1836.


Of the Greenwich Bank, relative to unclaimed

deposites, &c.

To the Hon. Charles HUMPHREY,

Speaker, &c. Statement of deposites made in the Greenwich Bank, New York, which, on the 1st day of September, 1835, had remained unclaimed by any person authorized to receive them, for the two years then next preceding.

Date of last deposite.


Residence. Balance. 1831, Jan. 25, Hector Craig,

N. York, .. $3 13 Nov. 29, Elias Dixon,

3 71 Feb. 21, Thomas Brown, Unknown,. 10 26 July 1, William Israel,

N. York, .. 3 35 April 30, Charles Lawson,......

2 61 Dec. 20, John Nichols,

2 94 June 17, Jno. Quackenbush jr...

1 15 March 5, James Tuttle,

1 77 April 4, James G. Wilson,

2 22 Feb. 2, Hiram Wilson, ......

1 00 Oct. 27, Jonas W. Conklin,

2 43 1832, Sept. 24, Nehemiah Brush,

1 53 Feb. 15, Mack Oakey,...

1 25 Jan. 13, R. P. Bush,

1 44 Jan. 20, Vine, James & Maundee,

8 64 April 21, Simmons, Butler & Co.

4 33 April 14, Daniel Knowlton, .... (Assem. No. 37.]


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