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No. 33.


January 7, 1836.


Of the Bank of Troy, in relation to unclaimed depo

sites, &c.



January 6th, 1836. To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York.

Agreeable to an act relative to unclaimed bank dividends and deposites, passed May 9, 1835, I do hereby state that the enclosed report was published agreeable to the above act.

am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,

THAD. W. PATCHIN, Cashier.


Agreeable to “ An act relative to unclaimed bank dividends and deposites,” passed May 9, 1835, I do hereby state, that the only dividend remaining unpaid in this bank, is a dividend to George W. Fish of $8.10, on 30 shares of stock, declared payable 31st of August, 1813—residence not known; and that there are no deposites remaining unpaid by the said bank, of iwo years standing from this date.

THAD. W. PATCHIN, Cashier. Troy, 31st August, 1835.

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Thad. W. Patchin, Cashier of the Bank of Troy, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that the above is a true and accurale statement, to the best of his knowledge and beliet.

THAD. W. PATCHIN, Cashier. Sworn before me, this 31st August, 1835, at Troy, Geo. R. Davis, one of the Judges of Rensselaer

County Courts, 8c.

No. 34.


January 12, 1836.


Of the select committee on the petition of inhabitants

of the town of Skaneateles, in the county of Onondaga.

Mr. Parker, from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of inhabitants of the town of Skaneateles, in the county of Onondaga, praying a re-survey and recording of the roads in said town, and for other purposes,


That it appears to your committee that the town clerk's office of that town was destroyed by fire on the 28th day of September last, and all the records of said town, together with the records of the original town of Marcellus, previous to its division, were consumed: the town of Skaneateles has no record or description of either the public or private roads therein; and there is no provision in the existing laws to supply the deficiency.

Your committee further report, that a road has been laid out from the village of Skaneateles to the village of Camillus, in said county, in pursuance of the law for that purpose passed at the last session of the Legislature: that said road passes through a corner of the town of Elbridge in the said county; and that the people of that town are principally opposed to the said road, and remonstrated against the passage of the act of the last session for laying the same: that in consequence of this opposition the road has not been opened, nor the damages assessed in the town of Elbridge, and [Assem. No. 34.)


the commissioners of highways in that town are much embarrassed in relation to the discharge of their duty under the said act.

It also appears to your committee that the inhabitants of Elbridge, on the line of the road, desire that the same be opened, with a small deviation from the line as laid out by the commisnsioers appointed in the act, which those commissioners now ap

prove of.

It further appears to your committee, that the commissioners of highways, in the other towns through which the road passes, have met with some embarrassment, by reason of the accidental insertion of the words “ laid out” in that part of the act of last session relating to the opening and working of the road.

The road in question is an important one to the southwestere part of the county, and your committee are unanimously of the opinion that the prayer of the petitioners should be granted in relation thereto, as well as in relation to the survey of the other roads in the town of Skaneateles; and they have, therefore, directed their chairman to prepare a bill, and ask leave to introduce the same.

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