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C. M.



701 0 8 10920 00
70 1 5 1575 00
701 0 2 532 00
601 0 2

180 001

(13207 00
35 0 41 4725 00!

19,500,000 feet of sawed timber, ....
159,000 feet square timber, masts, &c
3,800 M. shingles, ...

375 tons hoop-poles, laths, staves, heading, &c.
15,000 tons wheat, (500,000 bushels,)
8,800 tons ashes, beef, pork, glass, beer, domestic spirits, wool, flour, butter,

cheese and other agricultural productions, ...
6,000 tons merchandize,
4,600 tons salt,...
4,120 tons gypsum,

900 tons brick, clay, lime, sand, iron ore, &c.
On boats, passengers, coal and miscellaneous articles,
2,000 tons additional salt, in consequence of the facilities afforded by the canal and

for the Allegany valley,
1,500 tons additional gypsum, as above,

hoop-poles, lath, staves, heading, &c., as above,

merchandize, as above,.
12,000,000 feet sawed lumber, (on Erie canal,)
150,000 feet square timber, masts, &c."

2,000 M. shingles,

601 0 41
50 0 9
60 0 210
501 o 21
501 0 21

4752 00
5400 00
1269 601
1030 001

225 00
6000 00

23401 60

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175 0 21 1610 00 90' 0 23

675 00
333 0 2

1584 00
330 09 4752 001
270 0 8 25920 001
2701 1.5

6075 00)
270 0 2

1080 000

14096 00

(Of this amount would be collected on the Rochester and Olean canal, 839,125.60.)


$78804 00

The Cayuga and Seneca canal is 22 miles long, and for the past 6 years, the tolls averaged $13,791.64 per annum, equal to $626.89 per mile. The Chemung canal is 40 miles long, and produced last year, (1834,) $3,378.05, equal to $84.45 per mile. "The Seneca jake is 40 miles in length, separates these two canals, and taking them and the lake in connexion, and supposing them to form one continuous line of canal. (102 miles,) upon which toll is charged, it would bear some comparison to the contemplated Rochester and Olean canal, and by averaging the above amounts, we have $355. 67 toll per mile, for the whole distance, including the lake, equal for 102 miles to $36,278.34. Allowing the same rate of toll per mile to the Rochester and Olean canal, the amount would be $43,391.74.

For the fall of 1833 and the year 1834, the tolls of the Crooked lake canal amount to $1,674.24. Some of the property on which this toll was collected would not have found its way to the Seneca lake, had not this canal been constructed. Hence, the amount thus added, should be deducted from the tolls allowed to the Cayuga and Seneca canal, which would approximate more nearly to the estimated revenue for the Rochester and Olean canal.

From a statement furnished by the collector at Geneva, it appears that in 1834, 7,573,566 feet of sawed lumber cleared from his office, and from a statement furnished by Mr. Newell, that 9,374,564 feet cleared from the Chemung canal, during the same season; the collector at Geneva states that about of this latter was included in his account; consequently, by deducting that amount and supposing that the remainder passed through the Cayuga and Seneca, and Erie canals, we should have a total amount of 13,823,275 feet.

The number of cubic feet of timber passing the same office, upon the same supposition, would be 427,492 feet.

From the above statement it may be seen that the cubic feet of timber obtained from this district, bears a much greater proportion to the sawed lumber than that estimated for the Rochester and Olean canal; which difference was made under the belief that their superior hydraulic privileges and their distance from market, will induce them to send a greater proportion of sawed stuff.

Supposing that the canal could be constructed for $1,890,614.12, the interest at 45 per cent per annum, would be... $85,077 53 Ordinary expenses for repairs of the whole distance,

1221 miles, estimated at $220 per mile, including lock tenders,...

26,895 00 Renewal in the course of 10 years. Wood-work, &c. of 42 r'd brid's at $229, 49,618 00

of 211 r'd and farm “at 139, 29,329 00
of 4 aqueducts, ...

8,164 44
of 44 waste-weirs, at $105,..

4,620 00

[blocks in formation]

85,173 41

Brought forward, ........
Equal per annum,....
Superintendents and collectors of tolls, and 5 tenders

of reservoirs, ...

6,800 00

8135,305 77

Exceeding the estimated amount of tolls, exclusive

of the products from, and the merchandize to the Ohio valley, by

$57,001 17

Statement of the cost of repairs on the following Slate canals, to

gether with superintendence and lock lending: Erie and Champlain canals, from January 1st, 1826, to

September 30th, 1834, 9 years, per annum per mile.. $608 28 Oswego canal, from 1828 to 1834, 7 years per annum per mile,....

297 51 Cayuga and Seneca canal, from 1829 to 1834, 6 years, per annum per mile,

301 OS If we take the Cayuga and Seneca canal for the purpose of comparison, it will be necessary to add thereto the extra number of jock-tenders, consequent on the greater amount of lockage on the Rochester and Olean canal in proportion to the distance, equal to $35.41, per annum per mile, which added to the above annual coss of the Cayuga and Seneca canal, is equal to $336.49.

Supposing that the canal could be constructed for $1,890,614.12, the interest at 45 per cent, would be.....

$55,077 63 Ordinary expenses for the repair of the work, including extra lock tenders, at $336.49,...

41,135 90 Collectors, including office expenses, salaries, clerk

hire, &c. and 5 reservoir tenders at $160 each,... 4,800 00

$131,013 53 The average cost of repairs on the canals above mentioned, is $402.29, and adopting this as the cost upon the Rochester and Olean canal+the extra lock tenders, as before stated, equal in all to 8437.70, per annum per mile, we have: Interest on cost as above, .......

885,077 63 Ordinary expenses, at 8437.70 per mile,

53,508 82 Collectors, as above,....

4,900 00

$143,386 45

Estimating the repairs on the Rochester and Olean canal to be the same as the average opon the Erie and Champlain canal, (equal per annum per mile to $608.28,) in proportion to the cost, they would amount to $395, including lock tenders and superin tendents, which for 1221 miles, Would amount to....

848,288 75

[blocks in formation]

848,288 75

Brought forward,
Add to this collectors' fees, including office expen-

ses, clerk hire, &c. .. Interest on cost, ..

4,000 00 85,077 63

Total cost per annum,

$137,366 38

Should the merchandize from the city of New York to the valley of the Ohio river take this route, we may estimate the amount at not less than 25 millions of pounds, the toll on which would amount to $24,400, making the annual revenue of the canal for the first six years after its construction, amount to $102,704.60. On account of the imperfect nature of the data from which this conclusion is drawn, this can only be said to be an approximate estimate, though I am inclined to the opinion that it would not be found to exceed the true amount which the canal would yield.

The receipts upon the Erie canal during the last year amounted to $1,179,745, and 94 lockages per day were made during the season of navigation.

Assuming the number of boats which may pass upon the Rochester and Olean canal to be one-eighth of the number upon the Erie canal, that is, about six boals daily each way, at the same ratio, the amount of tolls will be 842,250, which approximates very nearly to the first estimate of the amount that would be collected on said canal. A comparison may be drawn between

the section of country which would probably be affected by the Rochester and Olean canal, and other sections where the amount actually furnished by and supplied to a certain number of inhabitants, may be ascertained with some degree of accuracy. This is the case with the district of country within the State of New York bordering upon Lake Champlain; it is also well timbered, and, though the soil is inferior, in some respects resembles the southern part of the country through which the Rochester and Olean canal passes, which circumstances have led to its selection for the purpose of comparison.

From the statement marked G, appended to the report of the Commissioners, dated January 23, 1832, it appears that the following amount of property passed Whitehall to and from the portion of New York alluded to, during the year 1831.

Clear ed south at Whitehall.
Ashes, barrels,..
Beef and pork, barrels,
Coal, bushels,
Domestic spirits, gallons,
Glass, boxes,
Butter and cheese, pounds,
Copperas, ...
Furs and Peltry, pounds,


388 3,096 3,233 33,130

2,818 135,551

0 5,522

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Cleared north from Whitehall.
Ashes, barrels,
Beer and pork,
Western salt, bushels,.
Foreign salt,
Agriculture, &c.“
Brick, clay, lime and sand,
Buffalo robes and deer skins,
Coal, pounds,
Iron ore,
Plaster, N. S. “

do western,
Pig iron,
Scrap iron and broken castings, pounds,
Tallow, pounds, ....,
Lumber, sawed feet,
Timber, cubic feet,
Shingles, M.....
Wood, cords,

0 93 1,175 6,158 47,094

1,512 250,065 194,245

1.928 262,888 46,417 92,497

6,600 203,957

0 7,401,737

67,050 203,803

45 920 186,536


5,174 49,008,450 310,589

3,228 2,377

The above articles were forwarded to and by the inhabitants of Whitehall, Hampton, half of Fort Ann, half of Granville, Dresden and Putnam, in Washington county, ...

8,820 Bolton, Hague, Warrensburgh, Chester and Johnsburg, in Warren county,...


Carried forward,

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