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- Then half an hour was o’er the news beguiled, 66 When he retired as harmless as a child. “ Set but aside the gravel and the gout, “ And breathing short-his sand ran fairly out,

“ At fifty-five we lost him-after that “ Life grows insipid and its pleasures flat; “ He had indulged in all that man can have, “ He did not drop a dotard to his grave; “ Still to the last, his feet upon the chair, , “ With rattling lungs now gone beyond repair ; “ When on each feature death had fix'd his stamp, 66 And not a doctor could the body vamp; “ Still at the last, to his beloved bowl “ He clung, and cheer'd the sadness of his soul ; “ For though a man may not have much to fear, “ Yet death looks ugly, when the view is near: “ – I go,' he said, ' but still my friends shall say, 666'Twas as a man–I did not sneak

away ; “ • An honest life with worthy souls I've spent," • Come, fill my glass ;'—he took it and he went.

“ Poor Dolly Murrey !—I might live to see “ My hundredth year, but no such lass as she. “ Easy by nature, in her humour gay, “ She chose her comforts, ratafia and play: “ She loved the social game, the decent glass ; “ And was a jovial, friendly, laughing lass ;


“ We sat not then at Whist demure and still,
“ But pass'd the pleasant hours at gay Quadrille :
“ Lame in her side, we placed her in her seat,
“ Her hands were free, she cared not for her feet ;
“ As the game ended, came the glass around,

(So was the loser cheer'd, the winner crown’d.)
“ Mistress of secrets, both the young and old
66 In her confided- not a tale she told ;
“ Love never made impression on her mind,
“ She held him weak, and all his captives blind;
“ She suffer'd no man her free soul to vex,
“ Free from the weakness of her gentle sex ;
“ One with whom ours unmoved conversing sate,
" In cool discussion or in free debate.

“ Once in her chair we'd placed the good old lass, “ Where first she took her preparation-glass ; “ By lucky thought she'd been that day at prayers, “ And long before had fix'd her small affairs; “ So all was easy-on her cards she cast “ A smiling look; I saw the thought that pass’d: “ • A king,' she call'd—though conscious of her skill, “« Do more,' I answer'd— More,' she said, “I will;' “ And more she did-cards answer'd to her call, “ She saw the mighty to her mightier fall : 6 6 A vole! a, vole !' she cried, “ 'tis fairly won, “My game is ended and my work is done;—

“ This said, she gently, with a single sigh,
“ Died as one taught and practised how to die.

“ Such were the dead-departed; I survive, “ To breathe in pain among the dead-alive.”

The bell then call’d these ancient men to pray,

Again!” said Benbow,—“ tolls it every day? “ Where is the life I led ?”—He sigh'd and walk'd his






Blessed be the man who provideth for the sick and needy: the Lord shall deliver him in time of trouble.

Quas dederis, solas semper habebis opes.


Nil negat, et sese vel non poscentibus offert.


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Christian Charity anxious to provide for future as well as pre

sent Miseries-- Hence the Hospital for the Diseased--Description of a recovered Patient-The Building : how erected–The Patrons and Governors_Eusebius–The more active Manager of Business a moral and correct Contributor-One of different Description—Good, the Result, however intermixed with Imperfection.

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