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Note 1, page 125, line 8.
Is Harmony in Uproar" all day long.
The title of a short piece of humour by Arbuthnot.

Note 2, page 128, line 24. Nor less the place of curious plant he knows. In botanical language " the habitat," the favourite soil or situation of the more scarce species.

Note 3, page 129, line 11. This is no shaded, run-off, pin-eyed thing. This, it must be acknowledged, is contrary to the opinion of Thomson, and I believe of some other poets, who, in describing the varying hues of our most beautiful flowers, have considered them as lost and blended with each other; whereas their beauty, in the eye of a florist (and I conceive in that of the uninitiated also), depends upon the distinctness of their colours: the stronger the bounding line, and the less they break into the neighbouring tint, so much the richer and more valuable is the flower esteemed.

Note 4, page 129, line 11.

Pin-eyed. An auricula, or any other single flower, is so called when the stigma (the part which arises from the seed-vessel) is protruded beyond the tube of the flower, and becomes visible.

Note 5, page 129, line 14. Which shed such beauty on my fair Bizarre. This word, so far as it relates to flowers, means those variegated with three or more colours irregularly and indeterminately.




Interpone tuis interdum gaudia curis,
Ut possis animo quemvis sufferre laborem.

Catull. lib. 3.

Nostra fatiscat
Laxaturque chelys, vires instigat alitque
Tempestiva quies, major post otia virtus.

Statius Sylv. lib. 4.

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Jamque mare et tellus nullum discrimen habebant;
Omnia pontus erant: deerant quoque littora ponto.

Ovid Metamorph. lib. 1.

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