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In presenting the following Volume to the notice of the public, it may perhaps be necessary to state, that the sole intention of the Editor has been, to give a condensed and popular view of the Political and Literary progress of the different countries in Europe and America. The rapid increase and diffusion of knowledge, civilization, and liberal sentiment, call for such a Work; and the Editor only laments, that, in the ensuing pages, the plan on which it shall in future be annually conducted is so feebly and imperfectly developed. From the late period at which it was determined that the present Volume should be prepared, it was impossible to effect the necessary arrangements : but it is hoped, next year, in one, or perhaps two Volumes, to draw up an accurate and satisfactory Register of Politics, Science, and Literature.


P. 60, line 9 from bottom, for Electorate of France, read

Electorate of Hanover.




The subject of this Memoir was descended from an ancient family, which originally resided in Warwickshire, but in consequence of having, in the reign of Elizabeth, received a grant of land in the county of Londonderry, afterwards settled in Ireland. Stratford Canning, Esq. the father of the late lamented Premier, left his native country at an early age, to proscute the study of the law in London. His genius for political discussion appeared very promising; and there can be little doubt that he would have risen to considerable eminence as a lawyer, had he not been compelled, by youthful imprudence, to quit that profession. Having married a young lady, who, although highly accomplished in other respects, was destitute of the advantages of either fortune or family, he incurred his father's displeasure, and his income was on that account considerably reduced. In these

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