American Homoeopathist, Volume 13

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Chatterton-Peck., 1887 - Homeopathy

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Page 81 - should be a man willing to listen to every suggestion, but determined to judge for himself. He should not be biased by appearances ; have no favourite hypothesis ; be of no school ; and in doctrine have no master. He should not be a respecter of persons, but of things. Truth should be his primary object. If to these qualities be added industry, he may indeed hope to walk within the veil of the temple of nature.
Page 155 - I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind, — and all the worse for the fishes.
Page 327 - ... which is to take the place of the impenetrable uterine canal in all subsequent treatments. 5. The intra-uterine electrode should in all cases be negative, unless there is hemorrhage or excessive leucorrhoea, when the positive pole is required.
Page 304 - When pain is located at the vertex, from the coronal suture and two inches posterior to it in the median line, and two inches on either side of that extent. In the female, the uterus ; and in the male, the bladder, will be the seat of disturbance.
Page 386 - A physician too should never affect ignorance of the cause of any complaint ; he should even place it in the pancreas, or the pineal gland, if he has no other place ready for it. He...
Page 286 - By A. Charpentier, MD, Paris. Illustrated with lithographic plates and wood engravings. This is also Vol. IV. of the Cyclopedia of Obstetrics and Gynecology (12' vols.), issued monthly during 1887.
Page 344 - This should be painted all over the bruised surface with a camel's hair pencil and allowed to dry on, a second or third coating being applied as soon as the first is dry. If done...
Page 68 - When pain is located in the region of the parietal bone, from the coronal to the lambdoidal suture, and from the squamous suture to the superior outline of the parietal eminence. The duodenum and small intestines will be the seats of disturbance.
Page 178 - Gynaecology, which for some time past has figured among the more important announcements of Messrs. Lea Brothers & Co., of Philadelphia, we are glad to learn is well through the press, and may be expected shortly. Numbering among its contributors such prominent authorities as Professors Barker, Battey, Engelmann...

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