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brightness of an endless scene. Voices which made the welkin ring with boisterous mirth, or forms which enlivened the snowdrifted scene, or glided gracefully over the ice-bound lake, or mingled confusedly and tumultuously in blind man's buff or the romp, where are they? The voices of many are stilled, and hush. ed in the silence of the grave. But the forms of others, though changed they be, are seen around us toiling on in the pilgrimage of life-changed indeed are they — not so happy now as the lark when it brushes the dew from its wing, and mounts higher and higher to pierce the blue pavilions of the skies with the full melody of its grateful song, or when they wandered through the flowery fields of innocent delight, and knew not of the thorns that lurked beneath their verdant drapery. They cull but a few solitary flowers now, and saddened and sobered down are they, for amidst the thousand fountains of enjoyment which they tasted, there has been some trace of poison, some element of bitterness, which has transformed the innermost soul. The silver mesh work has been tarnished or darkened by the woof of sorrow, and it no longer shines in the glorious effulgence of the light which shone upon it when it first flashed back its heaven-born brightness; a change came over their spiritual manifestations as years advanced. In a probation, in the midst of a land smiling in beauty, and robed in magnificence, they wandered from flowery fields into darkened pathways, and now in toil and bitterness of spirit, find the brightest scenes of enjoyment overshadowed by sadness and gloom. Other voices and forms indeed bave they, and magic could scarce effect transformations more wonderful than time has effected in a few brief years.

What strange mutations mark the course, and define in bold outlines the stages of human life! - A short and happy period of innocence — halcyon days all where the winged hours fly away in the dim past on golden wing as noiseless as the footsteps of the falling snow — another, still happier, if not in impulsive joy and fond delight, in thought and feeling--a season of passion when the full Awing heart sends out its gushing and sparkling waters, when young and blushing emotions bud forth, and sentiments unfolis their bright petals in the mellow dew and strong light of kindling affections-these feel their own power, and strengthen in the pride of their own consciousness, purified and sublimated by the innocence upon which they lean for support. Another stage, and all is not so bright and pure. The disposition made selfish from the very desire of enjoyment-morise from rough contact with the worla; distrustful, where disappointments wither the fairest buds of promise, anxious, with restlessness to secure in the future what has been denied in the past-sad, where affliction follows in the footsteps of afiliction, sorrowful, where one misfortune is too often a prelude to another--is it at all strange or wonderful that a transformation should take place, that sad ravages should be made upon the purity and integrity of the life of the inner soul ?

And thus it is until the last stage when man lives alone in mem. ory, and robes in the beauty of poesy every hollowed remembrance of the past. Life with its bitterness and sorrows are forgotten, and life with its beautiful and sacred reminiscences fill the dreams which float through the reveries of the aged. In a delightful and spiritualized form, clothed in the charms of distance, which throw their blue mists over its earlier scenes, life is given up, and the wanderer drops into the tomb; to sleep! perhaps to dream again! and then wake up in a land where the spiritual forms and the charmed imagery of his brightest visions will be realized in the full fruition of eternal day.

But Christmas Drears, by Christopher North, reader! what thinkest thou of them? We had intended saying something about their merits in a literary point of view: but then we never read them without lapsing into trains of thought like these, and we wander about through sunshine and shade, by twilight, by starlight and moonlight, over mountain and glen, over plains and moors, over field and flood, and never find a resting place in our wild imaginings, or starting point from which we can, Theseus like, in a direct line find our way by the charmed thread of an Ariadne through the labyrinth of bright and beautiful creations which surround us at every stage of our enchanted pathway. Reader, if you have never read these essays, you should soon avail yourself of this pleasure. But if you have, and can not take pleasure in them, and travel over the same fields with the playful ar.d poetryinvesting spirit of that good old companion with his cheerful face, his benignant soul, and his sporting jacket, we must say, that we indeed pity you, and you are not worthy of peering over the shadowy mists of Cruachan, or of resting in the shade near Windermere, and hearing the young buds of spring open with a noise in one of the many beautiful islets which are reflected from its bosom.


For “Illinois," in the third line of the note on page 7, read "Indiana."

For a critically accurate reprint of the Official Statistics of Public Lands, see Statement E, pages 44, 45, 46 and 47.

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March 133.




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'an the Ladius 1. partiary, that teha March, 1951.

in titre,


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Fonet evenem dolore

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NO. 1.





of a country. Law of Missouri. Progress of survey. Claims
of Missouri on the United States. Report of David Dale Owen,
U. S. Geologist on Survey of Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota.
Its beneficial influences. Grant of land to Missouri for a Geol-
ogical Survey and a Farming and Mining College. Reasons in
its favor. Minerals and products of Missouri. Railroad inter-
ests. Invocation of the spirit of the people. By the Junior Ed-

[blocks in formation]

II-VALLEY OF THE OHIO. Its conquest and settlement by Ameri-

cans. Escort of gunpowder from FotPitt to Kentucky. First con-

siderable invasion of Kentucky,under the Indian chief Blackfish, in

1776. Adventures of Gen. James Ray, his speed, nis labors for

the besieged; siege of Harrodstown, of Logan's station; heroisin

of Logan; reinforcement by Col. Bowman, capture of Daniel

Boone and 27 men; sieges of Boonesborougl; retreat of the Cana

adians and Indians; British proclamations to the people of Ken-

tucky. By MANN BUTLER, Esq............


question. Railroad projects. Subjection of the U. S. to Eng-

land. Indepenence advocated........

papers. Sisi newspaper in America. Newspaper and period-

ical statistics ....


MERICAN SECURITIES. Temporary depression of securities.

Rise in price of provisiors. Timm condition of railroad invest-



port on the seven'l census, with accompan: ing Tables. By J.
D. B. Delow, Superintendent U. S. Cens!13. Washington, 1851.
Area of U. S. Area of Europe. Railıoads of the U. S., Dec'r,
1853. Exrorts and imports of U. S fur 1852..........

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