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whole line, and we understand the payments for labor are $110,000 per month. Ten thousand tons of iron, much more than enough to reach Fort Wayne, are bought and paid for, and a large share of it delivered. We naturally feel a great interest in this route, inasmuch as its business so exclusively will be concentrated at Toledo. The works here at the terminus will be constructed with all possible despatch.



At a season when the financial condition of the country is regarded as unsettled and critical, it is important to note the facts relating to the production of the precious metals; for upon a correct knowledge of this subject depends in a good degree the re-adjustment of commerce and finance on a sound basis. It will be seen from the following extracts from the Mining Magazine that there has been a decline in the shipment of gold from Australia during the present year as well as from California.

The yieid, at later dates, of the old gold fields continues remarkably steady, although a comparison of quantities for the first four months of the years 1853 and 1854, respectively, continues to show a falling off in our receipts per government escorts, to the extent of about 3,530 ounces per week. These escort returns, however, are no infallible guides to the actual yield, especially at the present time, when branch banks and brokers at the principal gold fields are paying the niggers within sixpence per ounce of the Melbourne prices. The broker's price to diggers at this date, is £3 19s. per ounce. The shipments for the six weeks under notice, have been exclusively to London and Liverpool, and have comprised 141,742 ounces. The entire shipments for the year up to this date have been 713,230 ounces, being 47,415 ounces less than the shipments in the corresponding four months of 1853.


[From the Railroad Record.] COST AND CONSUMPTION OF GAS IN THE U. S.



An interesting report by the Cincinnati Gas Go., shows the price at which gas is supplied by the companies of various cities and towns in the U. S. From this summary it would appear that at Pittsburgh and Philadelphia gas is furnished much cheaper than at other places. We enumerate here the price of gas at thirty-four different towns, with the length of street mains, and the quantity of gas consumed annually:Cities.

Price per
Length of

Cubic feet sold 1,000 feet. street mains.

per annum. Philadelphia........ $1,90

120 miles.

250,000 Pittsburgh........... 1,90

33,147 Boston............. 2,50

135,000 Evansville, Ind...... 3.00

2,160 N. York, Manhat. Co. 3,00

170 “

30.000 St. Louis, Mo....... 3.00

311 16

43,000 Wheeling, Va....... 3,00 Providence, R. I .... 3.00

20 66

27,722 Wilmington, Del.... 3,00

et «

8,030 Baltimore, Mi....... 3.00


65,946 Cincinnati, O). ...... 3,00

30 i Cleveland .......... 3.00

15,000 Coluunbus.......... 300

8,117 Indianopolis, Ind... 3.50

2.880 Vew Albany........ 3.50

4.000 feet

2,000 Zanesville, 0........ 3.50


1.260 Madison, Ind....... 3.50

20,000 16

5.000 Brooklin, N. Y..... 3.50

05 miles

80.000 Chicago, nl........ 3,50

13 «

18.000 Rochester, N. Y.... 3.50

11 6

15,000 Hartford, Conn..... 3,50

3 s6

7.660 Washington, D. C... 3,80

17.000 Lancaster, Pa....... 3,80

6 6

-4,500 Lexington, Ky....... 4.00

20,500 feet

3.319 Nashville, Tenn..... 4.00


8.000 Dayton, Ohio....... 4.00

4.500 New Haven, Conn.:. 4,00

13 66

Memphis, Tenn. .... 4,00
Schenectady, N. Y. 4,00
Troy............... 4,00

Albany............. 4,00

20,000 Mobile, Ala......... 4,50 Springfield, 0. ...... 5,00

8.400 Auburn, N. Y. ...... 7,00

8,500 At New York there is another company, so that the whole quantity consumed is not shown by the above table. At Pittsburgh and St. Louis, coal is worth about. 7 a 10 cents per bushcl,* Cincinnati, 10 a 15 cents, with a tendency, at all the places enumerated, to a rise in the market price. At Pittsburgh, Pa.; Madison, Ind.; and Wheeling, Va., the gas works are owned in part by the cities; at Philadelphia they are owned entirely by the city.

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• The coal used for making gas at St. Louis is brought from Pittsburgh.

Western Journal and Civilian.

EDWARD MEAD & CO., TULEVEXTI volume of full series and fifth

Importers and Dealers in I volume of New series just bound--both sets

WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, for sale, full set 11 vols, for $25,00, New Series ő vols for $10; Subscription per year $3,00.

TABLE and Pocket Cutlery, Solid Silver and TARVER & COBB, 73 Chesnut str.

Plated Ware, Musical Instruments, DaguerreoAgents: E.A. DUBREUIL, Santa Fe New Mex

type Stocks, Fancy Goods, and Ico; JOUX E. RSARDON, Little Rock, Arkan

CALIFORNIA ARMS. sas; W. G. LE DUC, St. Paul Minn.; J. C. American and Rocky Mountain Rifles, Coli's MORGAN, New Orleans La.

Revolvers, Steel Rille barrel and Holster Pistoln,
Bowie Knifex, and a large assortment of hunting

apparatus.--Importing our foreign goods directAttorneys.

ly from the Manuiacturers in Europe, we have superior advantages, and will sell to our cust

omers equally as low as the New York lmportPHILIP PIPKIN, Jr. Attorney at Law,

ing llouses, and would invite the attention of Hilisburo', Mo.

dealers and purchasers to our large stock of

Watches, Silver and Plated Ware, Accordeons, THEREFORD, Attorney at Law, IndepenT. dence, Alo. Onice over Thomas & Todd's

and English twist double and single barrel guns.

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Refer to Messrs. Thomas & Todd. Smart & WITTER, 38 Walnut street. corner of 2d, Hughes, Coleman & Dallam, Independence, U. St. Louis, Mo. German and French standMoni llon. Win. Scott. Hon. Thos. L. Price, Iard works, Novels and School Books. Blank Teorge W. Hough, Jefferson City, Mo.; Tutt &

Books. Writing Papers, diusic Paper, Slates & Watson, M. Tarier, Esq., H. Cobb, Esq., St. Ink, Engravings, Prints, Steel Pens, Inka Louis, dio.

stands, &c. - Printing and Binding executed in the best manner. Orders for England, France and Germany are executed at the shortest notice.

Notary Public.


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Land Agency Notice.

A DOLPH KEIR, Notary Public Wo. 11 Fourth street, opposite the Court House.


COLLEGE, St. Louis, Mo., incorporated ANTHONY V. HOFER,

by the General Assembly, January 24, 1819, Nolary Public and Conveyancer, With full authority to "grant diplomas, award Office: Southeast corner of Second & Walnut degrees, confer honors, and exercise all and streets, next to C. Winter's Book Store, singular, the privileges common to CommerSt. Louis, Mo.

cial Colleges, authorized by law in other States," Charter, Sec. 2.

Young Gentlemen wishing to prepare them

selses for busine-s pursuits, are respectfully WORTUUNGTONG. SNETHEN continues

invited to call during business hours and examY to practice Law in the Supreme Court;

ine the mode of imparting instruction, the to attend to cases before Congress; to prose.

progress of the supiis, and the superior facicute Claims and settle accounts against the

lities extended to those desirous of qualifying Departments and Boards of Commissioners :

themselves for the practcal duties of the to procure Patents at home and abroad; to ob.

Counting House. Personal references given tain Pensions and Bounty lands; to collect

to above one hundred and eighty (180) Practidebts, dividends, legacies and inheritances

cal Accountants now in charge of Books in in ars part of the nited States and in foreign

this city, all of whom have completed their countries; to make investments of funds in

muke investments of fun in business education in this institution. Loans and Stocks and on Bonds and Mortgage.

V. B. For CIRCULARS containing inforand to negociate the purchase and sale of

mation in regard to the terms, the course of Loans, Land and Patent-rights in any State

instruction and all business connected with of the Union. Particular attention pain to

the above, call at the Book-keeping DepartCa'tfornia Land Title cases coming up to the

inent," corner of Fourth and Chestnut streets, U.S. Supreme Court on appeal.

or address JONATHAN JONES, Si. Louj-Mo. * Communications prepid, addressed to W. G. SNETUEN, 5, Carrol Place, Capito

Hill, Washington, D. C., will meet with
Drompt attention.

r M. & H. M. WARREN, manufacturers

w of Warren's Improved Fire and WaterMENERAL AGENCY at Dubuque, lova, for Proof Composition Roofs, and loosing Mute

u public lands, real estate, military land! | rials, which are hept constantly on hand and warrants, pavynent of taxes, investigation of for sale (with dircctions for use) to those in titles. amicable collection of debts, and all the country who may desire to adopt this mode other business within the legitimate sphere of of roofiny an Agent's duties, by

Otice and Manufactorr, east side Second CHARLES CORKERY, street, between Almond and Poplar, St. Louis, Notary Public and (omniissioner of Deeds and No. office hours from 10 to 11 o'clock, A. Depositions tur all the North-western States, M. and I to 5 P. M. Missouri included. 18 October, 1.

borse Shoeing. TOIIN MULLERY, Premium Horse hoer

in the alley, opposite the Post Office, will DINGS & CO., importers of German 1. French and English Fancy Goods, and a

Is usual, payparticular attention to the varic118

diseases affecting the feet of horses, and will manufacturers of all kinds of brushes, No.,

guarantee to give ceneral satisfaction in either 41 Nain street, St. Louis, Mo.

I of the above departmenth.


Fire. Hull and Cargo Insurance.



No. 11 N. 3d otr. between Chesnut & Marke', his Company continues to take risks upon and No. 17, Chesnut street, opposite the New 1 ULLS & CARGOES, BUILDINGS, Con.

Post Office. TENTS, ETC. All losses promptly adjusted and Would call the attention of the public and paid at office in Rankin's Building, southeast the trade generally to their extensive stock of corner of Pine and Main streets.

Jewelry, Watches and Clocks. They also are J. S. CIIEW, Agent. well enabled by long practice and experience Citizens' Insurance Co. of Missouri.

to perform all kinds of engraving, in stone as

well as metal, in the best style, such as seals CAPITAL................................$350,000. THE Citizens' Insurance Company of Missou

or Notary Publics, for Insurance Companies,

for Railroad Cos., and all other Companies. 1 ri, continues to insure against loss or damage by fire, in the city and country, also against

All orders promptly executed and on the

mort liberal terms. loss or damage by sea and all inland navigation, and on hulls of steamboats, upon the most favorable termis. All losses adjusted liberally and

flowers. paid promptly. DIRECTORS

NORAGARDEN. This establishment conJob B. Sarpy, Nere Valle, P. A. Berthold,

Itains a colluction of Plants and Flowers Wm. Renshaw, Sr., John Simonds, A. Vintoll, not excelled, perhaps, by any in the United B. J. Gllman, C.K. Dickson, John McDowell

States. Or ROSES alon. are 230 varieWM. RENSLAW, President.

ties, and the proprietor has devoted ten years W. D. WOOD, Secretary.

to storing his lIUT-HOUSES, 420 feet long,

with specimens of rare and beautiful plants, St. Louis Insurance Company.

and flowers from almost every part of the globe OFFICE, southwest corner of Main & Olive str.

The garden is pleasantly situated on South CAPITAL........... ..................$300,000.

Seventh street and affords a delightful retreat Tasures against loss by sea, river, lake, canal,

| from the poice and dust of the city. A com&c., and also against fire in the city and

modious SALOON has been fitted up and will country.

be supplied with Confectionary, Ice Creams, DIRECTORS.

and other refreshments suitable to the season Jas E. Yeatman, Laurason Levering, and the place. Spiritous liquors are excluded Samuel K. Wilson, Thornton Grimsley, from the premises. Bouquets of the richesJ. B. S. Lemoine, George Knapp,

flowers and most tasteful combination furnisht Abuer Hood,

William T. ('hristy, ed throughout every season of the year.
John C. Kust,
Edward Y. Ware,
March 1853

G. GOEBEL. Charles Miller,

A. N. Berthoud.
Geo. K. McGundegie.

G. K. MCGUNNEGLE, President.
Globe Mutual Insurance Co. of St.Louis 1


JOIN RENFRE W. ALEXANDER CROSIER. Otice, 8. W. corner of Main & Chesnut streets, L'AGLE FOUNDRY AND ENGINE SHOP, eccond floor.

D North-west corner of Main and Biddle Capital stock secured and paid $153,000, being

stiepts, Manufacturers of all kinds of maincreased to $200,000.

chinery, boilers and sheet iron work, portable W. W. GREENE, President.

I circular saw mills always on hand, all ordess J. II. LUCAS, Vice President.

y cuted with tielity and despatch. W. BRCKWAY, JR., Secretary. Toures against Marine and Fire lossts, and re

Safes. I turns 50 per cent. of profits to customers in proportion to premiinus. Losses liberally adjusted and paid.

'MURRAY & DORMAN, Iron Railing

Manufactory, n. s. of Chesn. bet. 9. & 10. streets, continue to manufacture at the above establishment, all kinds of plain and ornamen

tal iron railing, balconies, bank and jail doon, Capital $300,000, and constantly in book safes, fire-vaults, iron window shuttere, creasing

iron awnings, lightning rods, bedsteads. gratOPEN Fire Policies granted, and Term Policies, ings, and in fact, any thing which can be for any period from thiity days to six years.

formed of iron.
D, D. Page, S. M. Edgeil, J. S. McCune,
F. Ray. B. W. Alexander, E. Wyman,
C. S. Greely, C. H. Peck, 11. A. January.
S. M. EDGELL, President.'

GRIMSLEY & CO.. Dealers in all kinds H. D. BACON, Treasurer.

of Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Trunky, F. B. Homes, "ecretary.

Carpet Bags, &c., No. 68 Main street, four Grofice in Eachange Building, Southwest

loors below Olive st.. St. Louis. Mo. corner of Main and Olive streets. Commission Merchants.

Liquors and Wines.

MIIARLES DERBY, Wholesale Pealer ju B. MERRILL,

Foreign Liquors and Wines, Domestie COMMISSION MERCHANT,

Liquors, and that well known “Star" Brand Tuscumbia, Ala.

of Rectified Whisky, No. 71 Levee, (entrance Refer to M. Tarrer, Esq., St. Louis, Mo.

from Levee and Commercial Street, St. Louis. A Aut.LKODT & BARTH, Commission and TOHN TOUGHBOROUGH, Attorney and A Forwarding Merchants, No. 126 North Counsellor at Law, office No. 56 Pino Second Street, between Vine Street and Wash-street, near Thard, (adjoining that of thu Clerk ington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

of the Supreme Court.


main indsable

Missouri State Mutual Fire & Marine streets, conti

Insurance Company of St. Louis.


A porwale erat; Commission




M. TARVER & H. COBB, Editors and Proprietors.

VOL. XII.-0. S. 6, N. S. AUGUST, 1854.

NO. 5.





servations on the causes controlling the currents of emigration in
the United States. View of the results, commercial and political,
which may be expected to flow from the settlement of Nebraska
and Kansas. Act of Congress organizing the Territories of Ne-

braska and Kansas. By the SENIOR EDITOR ...... ............ 11.-VALLEY OF THE OHIO. Its conquest and settlement by

Americans. Recapture of Vincennes by the British. Capt. Helm.
Gov. Hamilton. British plan of conquest for the western coun-
try. Clark's plan for recovering Vincennes from the British.--

Continued froin page 272. By MANN BUTLER, Esq............. 319 III.-ZUNI AND COLORADO RIVERS. REPORT OF CAPT.

SITGREAVES. Pueblo Zuni. Agriculture of the Zuni and
Moqnis Indians. Description of the Zuni and Colorado Rivers,
and the region between the pueblo Zuni and the junction of the
Gila and Colorado. Ruins of ancient cities. Volcanic detritus.

Personal appearance and character of the Mohave Indians...... 331
LAND, Esq., 01 Mo.....


FOR 1853. Number of miles of railway open; number of miles
in progress of construction. Cost of roads; Earnings of railroads;

number of passengers coi.veyed; number of accidents, &c. ...... 343 V1.-MEMPHIS NAVY YARD AND WESTERN RIVERS......, 318

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entered into each State and Territory, from July 1, 1852 to June
30, 1853.....................

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