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ments, with the best of machinery and the most experienced workmen. But, with the new Rolling gear, 120 tons can be manufactured in 12 hours; or nearly four times as much-get the yield in both cases being limited by the rolling power. The principal difference, so far as cost is concerned, after the new Rolling apparatus is introduced, is in the additional number of furnaces required to keep it going

There are other incidental advantages connected with this invention that we have not attempted to enumerate --- we may have occasion to allude to it hereafter. The model has been examined by a great many persons, and the actual process of manufacture performed with small bars of cold lead. The general opinion expressed is admiration and implicit confidence in its success. We commend it specially to the notice of Iron Manufacturers throughout the country.-(Pottsville Journal.


"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” The death of a child awakens an emotion of grief which is concentrated in the heart of its parents, but which is seldom deeply diffused throughout the circle of even their intimate friends, much less through the mass of society. The world does not mourn for those who die young, yet it is often said that they are the ones “whom the gods love," that “of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Why should not the death of a child awaken a deeper feeling ? Why should the world be indifferent to those whom the gods love? Why should mankind pay so little respect to the emblems of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Hallowed are the hours of childhood; hallowed its associations, its innocence, its singleness of heart, its love, its joy, its Angelguarded existence. God grant that its freshness of feeling, like the waving of Angel-wings beside the well of everlasting life, may be prolonged in harmony with the experience of years--that “Arcadia may be always in man, and man always in Arcadia."*

These reflections were suggested on the perusal of the following beautiful lines, full of tones of tenderness, coming from a heart overflowing with that freshness of feeling which indicates the Arcadian life of truth and poetry enjoyed by the fair authoress.

With naive and charming modesty she says: • Jean Paul.

“These simple lines came impromptu from my heart upon leazaing the death of little Georgie. That they are very imperfect I am aware, but they express so truthfully my feelings, I cannot refrain from offering them to his dear afflicted mother.”

It is a tribute of consolation to the bereaved mother, wife of Dr. P- , of St. Louis, on the death of their only child.

Dear little babe! thy while on earth
Was like a flower of noon-day birth,
Too delicate and sweetly fair
To live, tho' nursed with tenderest care.
The purity and winning grace
And smile which lit thy fair young face,
Seemed but a loan from angel-hand,
Best fitted for the spirit land."

We should not wish thee back, sweet child,
Tho' oft thy loveliness beguiled
Our thoughts from care, and toil, and strife,
And pointed to eternal Life.

'Twere sin to call thee from that choir,
Where now thou tun'st an Angel's Lyre,
'Tho' ne'er will fall on mother's ear,
Again the tones she joyed to hear.
Then rest thee, little one, above,
Where all is one bright scene of love;
The same High Power which gave thee birth,

Took thee, in wisdom, back from earth.




A varied scene, with lakes and brooks,

Is pleasant to the eye;
And clouds and birds look light and gay,

While flying through the sky-
A garden filled with flowers and shrubs,

To life a pleasure lends,
But pleasanter than tongue can tell

Is the Memory of Friends.

Western Journal and Civilian.

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o the Supreme Court.



M. TARVER & H. COBB Editors and Proprietors.

VOL. XILD.S. 6, N. S. JULY, 1854.

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ing usury. Usury under the laws of Rome. Usury in Mabom-
edan countries. The history of usury and laws regulating interest
in Great Britain. The interest law of Holland, France, &c. Ar.
gument in favor of a repeal of the usury laws of Missouri. By


229 1.-LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS. The adoption of a law authoriz.

ing limited partnerships in Missouri recommended. By the Sen.

238 III.-VALLEY OF THE OHIO. Its conquest and settlement by

Americans. Mission of Father Gibault from Kaskaskia to Vin-
cennos, in 1773. His success in reducing it under the government
of Virginia. Clark's notions of Indian negotiations. Great In-
dian council at Cabokia; ceremonies, speeches. Continued froin
page 172. By Mann BUTLER, Esq.........



Review of Bartlett's Personal Narra ne of the country between
San Antonio, Texas, and the Pacific ceean, and especially of the
region south of the Gila. Conclusions of the Senior Editor in
respect to the practicability of building a railroad to the Pacific
througts that region. Comparative utility of such a work. Copy

of the Treaty, &c....

of the valleys of Sacramento and San Joaquin. Description ar.d
products of the Salinas Valley. Soils of the Valley Santa Clara,
and shores of the Bay San Francisco. Productive properties of
the soils and climate of California. Grapes and other fruits.
The Guava Artesian wells, &c. From the Geologicel Report
of J, T. TABK, M. D., State Geologist.........

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