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be light and loose fitting, no part should be In all cases the physician needs to use

nfined, the utmost freedom must be his eyes and ears, and if he have a delicate allowed to the movements of body and

touch and gentle demeanor coupled with a

fair share of love for the little folks, he will limbs.

succeed satisfactorily. As its principal business is to grow and

Diagnosis must rest upon certain facts, get strong, plenty cf unbroken sleep should as sudden illness after an accident, or if no be secured for baby ; therefore its sleep

accident is known to have occured, freting apartment must be kept quiet and be ting and crying, pain, tenderness and

swelling of a limb will direct attention. By supplied with plenty of pure fresh air.

seizing limb with hands and rotating it on Give it plenty of tresh water to drink ;

its axis a little, suspicion of fracture will drink is as necessary as food; this fact may be confirmed. We would discourage other sometimes be overlooked to great discom- attempts to verify presence of crepitus fort and detriment of the little patient,doubt- except in rare cases, where if the child is

nervous and excitable an anæsthetic must less many of the ills it suffers would be

be given. avoided by a due observance of this rule.

A better plan is to know by the ordiThe practice of feeding that rules in

nary signs that you are right in opinion, some families and communities, is fraught and dress parts in that way which secures with the greatest danger. But as it is not

most comfort to the little sufferer and least the intention to indite an article on treat

liability to angular deformity.

Certain facts must be remembered, child ment of summer maladies of infants, let it

is not an adult, consequently the bone may suffice in conclusion to hint, that probably

be bent; break not traversing its diameter, the worst thing that can befall, is to have and it may be bent with no fracture. On our little patient fed upon everything sug- this last form of injury the inelegant name gested by everybody who happens to come of green stick has been bestowed. in, and that too against our express prohi

In rickety children several bones may be

broken at the same time; this is a fact bition.

worth bearing in memory. Provide for the little ones plenty of fresh

Still another fact worth remembering, is air, suitable food, (which is difficult), let

that in the long bones, break is in line of them drink often, see that they are epiphysial demarcation ; this furnishes a suitably clad, and declare a war of exter

hint to be careful in our manipulation of mination against unsympathizing sympa


The lesson to be learned is to esteem thizers.

nothing trivial, to look upon every case as

of great importance in itself, and therefore FRAOTURES IN CHILDREN.

to give the benefit of ordinary skill and

diligence. The child is the future man, we If not rickety, the bones of children are

are the custodians of his future health and soft and elastic, are easily bent without usefulness, at least to a considerable exbreaking

tent; wherefore no chance should be let In adults the bones most frequently frac- slip, to secure by our treatment the best tured are radius and clavicle, the rule is possible results. different in early childhood, femur and

If we observe that everything that is clavicle being most often the seat.

worth doing is worth doing well, we will Pain, loss of function and increased mo- do it at the proper time which is the bility may be wanting or obscure in re- present, and thereby save a deal of anxspect to one more of them, however, iety, bad feeling, and win the reward of an methods of examination to determine their approving conscience. A safe rule in all presence are quite effective though often cases is never to leave till patient is comfordifficult of application.

table, and job is the very best we can do.





Original Communications. under present observation. One is

school teacher thirty-eight years of age, Brief and practical articles, short and pithy reports strumous habit, muscles of left breast and of interesting cases in practice, new methods and new remedies as applicable in the treatment of dis- arm scarred, contracted and atrophied as cases are solicited from the profession for this depart

a result of scrofulous abscesses in childArticles intended for the SUMMARY must be con. hood. tributed to it exclusively. The Editor is not responsi

Well, about a year ago he contracble for the views of any contributors.

ted a cold, began to cough with scanty exWrite only on one side of the paper.

pectoration, more troublesome at night,

erelong there was pain in left breast, phyGOSSIP WITH THE EDITOR.

sical examination showed bronchial mur

murs in upper and inner parts of chest, no BY R. B. MCCALL, M, D.

appreciable dulness. The other is a far

mer's wife, who has a typical history of Dear Esculapius :

hectic, chest pain, bronchial cough and

hemoptysis, a genuine case of phthisis. After a pause in which silence has

Both have been put on McArthur's syrup, brooded over my pen, I have returned to

with unmistakable advantage, in first, it pages of SUMMARY, inspired with the

may help to an ultimate cure, in second, it the hope that my prolonged absence has

can do no more than add a few golden units not been too deeply felt by SUMMARY'S

to the flowing sands of time, cheat death million readers, however, if you know of

for a little while. any fatal cases among the brethren in

For many years I have had a high opinion consequence thereof, kindly express my

of value of Churchill's hypophosphites as a regrets, say to them that Richard will

general tonic, especially adapted to cases soon be himself again. Business is dull

like foregoing. and frost bites are common, that is to say, it is not a gold mine, nor anything like it,

Both observation and experience have (I mean the business not the frost bite),

led me to believe a physician will find it to but if one measure its value by number of

his interest to get a well finished prepara

tion of the lime and soda hypophosphites, bad nights, with mercury sliding toward

if afterward other tonics are indicated, zero, by the primitive roads that would delight the heart of Mr. Coxey to pre

they may be easily added. sent to Congress, or by the smiles and

In a preparation of hypophosphites, cheer of the good people in whose elo

qualities most needed are a definite food quence the poor doctor ever confides, why value, making it a true tissue builder, then it may be said there is a good deal

and rare palatability that will not offend to interest average mind. Two im

the most fastidious taste. In McArthur's, pressions of my late professional experi. possibly in others, these attributes are ence I will note here, namely, I have

combined in a most satisfactory manner, fewer cases of consumption and read by its use, strength and weight are infewer journals than usual, fact first can be

creased, and there results a more healthy accounted for mainly by the circumstance activity of all the various nutritive prothat old consumptives for the most part

on which vital and necessary have dropped off or moved off. But to ac

functions of body depend. There is no count for fact second is difficult, whether friction, no jar from over stimulation, from mental aberration on part of your

no undue excitation of brain and nerve, correspondent, or from some uncatalogued

but there is a steady, sure uplift, so gentle, journalistic disorder, deponent sayeth not, patient hardly realizes that he is a medi. but however that may be, I have a small

cine taker. budget of odds and ends which I will now I want to refer again to ergot, which I unload.

think is a most excellent remedy in hemThe first thing I will call attention to is optysis, it has done heroic service for me a matter of lung derangement in two and I cannot refrain. It is superb. instances, only for the

purpose of

After such experience as mine, you are emphasizing treatment, both cases persuaded that a great discovery has been


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made, because if there is no unusual aver- time, with commendable devotion, have sion it will be found to accomplish with been offered to notice of an indulgent dispatch and certainty iis mission, but it profession, by their devoted compounders, must be given in doses of sufficient mag- who had witnessed marvelous results in nitude to get its sedative influence.

some one or every phase of constipation. Have you been keeping step with the Octopus-like, this brood of hatchers make march of progress, of course you have things dark where they promise to give heard of that perfection form of medica- light and help, their works savor of nastiment which we call a tablet triturate- ness principally, and are an offence to Permit me to say in all sincerity, they are

taste, sight and feel, and last but not least, elegant in form and finish, tiny messen- are a veritable nightmare to the devoted gers indeed are they, freighted with gos- stomach, they remind one of nothing so pel of health to pain-smitten nerve and much as the stuff at back part of a third disordered function.

rate drug store. They have already won their way to the

Everyone who reads this will not find appreciative heart of the doctor, therefore

the sweet kernel, the one grain among the have come to stay till something better

chaff, but will receive what is said of appears, which, judging from my expe

Kermes mineral comp. Cum grano salis. rience will not be in the near future.

Such may even curl superior lip in whimJot down the following in your list of

sical derision, but I sympathize not with favorites:

their weakness, instead thereof offer to do

them a favor, wherefore gentlemen take Ammonium chloride comp. with codein,

notice that this little creation with foregofor coughs, it is neat, portable and effec

ing name is kermes and ipecac united, a tive, acts beautifully where cough is a

revelation of therapeutic strength and acdisturbing factor, whether its origin be

tivity overcoming croupal conditions, especentric or eccentric, located in lung as in

cially those of a spasmodic type, and good phthisis, bronchitis, et al, or in spine,

for all kindred states of respiratory organs liver, or other distant field. Continuing of children-there is plenty of experience in list we note, aloin et belladonna et strych

solid chunks to back up foregoing statenia,- bismuth s. n.,--arsenite of copper,

ment. Kermes mineral comp., trinitrin, cholera,-creosote.-carb. veg.,—these and a

Writer commends it for its pleasant

ness and effectiveness. few others are a priceless addition to our armamentarium.

It is now in order to refer to the stomach, Have you a case of coprostasis, one of

that much abused viscus about which the contrary sort that refuses to yield

poets have not raved, it is nevertheless to all ordinary appeals short of a double- worthy of respect, partly on account of its barreled drastic loaded for large game,

place in economy, but mostly on acbegin without delay with aloin et belladonna

count of life-long daily assaults on its et strychnia, once, twice or thrice daily, integrity of structure and function by your faith gets its reward, in

doctor and apothecary. cases twofold, in some tenfold, in a large The conspiracy between these two is of degree in all-there is no such thing as ancient date, their attacks have been made failure written on these tablets. How with the best intentions, but alas the small in value, repulsive to taste, touch mistakes in the name of honesty of purand smell, the myriad nonde- pose! think of all the pain, all the sufferscript combinations of compatibles and ing all the delay, all the mental anguish, incompatibles of rhubarb and senna and all the martyrdom, piled high, what aloes, and cascara and bluemass and calo- a monument, inscribe on it, “Mans in. mel and gamboge and jalap and podo. humanity to man makes countless thousphyllin and croton oil and castor oil and ands mourn." It needs a volume to hold butternut, etc., et.., ad infinitum ad nau- all the anti-nauseants that have been seaum, served in mass, in pill, in elixer, in kindly offered for consideration of the syrup, and in what not, that from time to stomach, another volume for all the anta






cids, two or three good sized volumes nutrition is improved and morbid profor abbreviated names of all purgatives cesses checked. and laxatives, and so on through Don't understand me to put words in lengthy accumulation of medium sized Dr. A's, inouth, or to attempt to quote his treatises till whole would make a library utterances, nothing of the kind, only my of fair proportions. Only think of the interpretation of them. wisdom manifest in make-up of this Now if this be true, and there is hardly useful organ, is there found anywhere else a reasonable doubt that it is, we perceive another example of such power of endur- how small the doses are capable of induance, maybe in the heart.

cing results of such decisive character. But mostly what I want to talk about is Sumetimes we meet with a rather obstisomething harmless and effective in fre- nate case of headache, after giving pheleiving the multitudinous disorders of nacetine, antikamnia, chloral, bromide and function to which stomach is addicted, the rest, there is no relief and we seem to and this I take it will be found to be some be up a tree, we are confronted by a diagent or combination of agents possessing lemma, we are disarmed for a moment, power to arrest gastric fermentation, and feel as we often do in a tight place,

This end may be easily attained by using like giving up the fight. Right here we triturates of creosote, 72 or 1-10 grain, with find a trusty friend in an old acquaintance, carb. veg., taken three or four times trinitrin by name, a few small doses of day, preferably at meal time.

which will clear up difficulty and bring It surprises one to note the good effects sweet relief. In doses of 1-250 grain rethat follow, even in bad cases—sour eructa- peated several times a day, nothing equals tions, vomiting, pyrosis, fullness, and anor- it. But as often happens, if there be an exia, vanish, patient smiles and you are aching molar, a pair of dental forceps hopeful for the future.

will be requisite to complete cure. After the most daintily prepared dishes

I have seen a very severe attack of fronhave been rejected with evident disrelish, tal headache cut short by a few doses of indifferent gourmand suddenly acquires gelsemium, short, fat people with large a new relish for pork and beans and baked

necks, an abundance of adipose, plethoric, potatoes, only creosote and charcoal have

face suffused, eyes bloodshot, are kindly the knack of surprising in this way with disposed to it. For migraine, pure and gift of a better appetite.

simple, whether supra-or infra orbital, or Take them for a year and a day right occipital, commend me to phenacetine, its along-according to your correspondent's effects are exquisite, it coaxes away idea, it makes little difference how long, pain without you knowing whence help nature appears to have a congenial spot for comes. By the way phenactine, (Bayer), them, so you see they exactly At in some is an unmitigated boon to a million place.

of sufferers, whether trom dolor of neuOn divers occasions I have expressed ralgia or rheumatism, it is equally effmy convictions respecting arsenite of ective in silencing complaining tooth copper, and trust world has been made or attack of ticdouloureux. wiser thereby. My confidence in its virtues A friend informs me that the nucleins is not limited by personal experience-to- have been studied at different dates by day confidence in cupris arsenite fills a Braconnot, Quevene, Hoppe-Seyler, Plose, sphere uncircumscribed by English speak- Kossel, Lieberman, Malfatti, Horbaczew

, ing people, this argues this it is potent ski, Vaughan, Aulde and German See, and without confidently offering a reason for others; witnesses enough to establish a its modus operandi.

fact in a court of justice. Writer accepts Dr. Auld's explanation But have these researches established without mental reservation, and therefore anything new? Laboratory has done believes it exercises its peculiar influence its work, pen has done its work, press on cell-life, cell function is thereby stim- has performed its task. Have they ulated or altered in such a way that all been thrashing old straws ?"

I opin

they have. Please remember that some none of them has established a claim to old straw is rich in germs, and germs are confidence, all are lamentable failures. what is wanted by these searchers after Not every man or woman who coughs, truth. Have they hatched a fact? Yes, has night sweating and hectic, whose but facts are found in old straw, old facts lungs yield evidence of structural change, if you please, and these have been most can be said to have consumption. Pardon skillfully woven into an attractive texture me for saying, the physician who cures named nuclein therapy,” as that is the his cases of phthisis, mistakes the diagnopopular fashion.

sis. Now as a conclusion to the whole Perhaps Drs. Vaughan and Aulde, have matter, it may be asserted, that failure done more than all others to unite these to cure an incurable malady, does not de. facts in something like a rational theory,

tract from quality or good name of they have popularized it By them it

medicinal agent. Diphtheria is a manseems to be proven that the neucleins are

ageable disease, though it defies our of superior value in a number of diseases, therapeutics. We know it is curable, thereas malaria, diphtheria, tuberculosis, pneu

fore we accept some reports made of the monia, influenza, neurasthenia, bronchitis,

nucleins. sciatica, etc.

Drs. Aulde and Vaughan are evidently It is declared, vide American Therapist, right in their deductions, it does stimulate for May, 1894, that "it stimulates cellular cell nutrition and cell function, it does proactivity by increasing the secreting function mote leucocytosis, rule is plain, and rational, of the white blood corpuscles or leucocytes." consequently it may be easily understood

· And further along writer says, its cura- why and how play of morbid activities are tive action will depend upon the ability of the compelled to yield to more potential forces system to continue a leucocytosis after it has which harmonize with physiological laws. been inaugurated by artificial means, so that Cell is a giant, the abode of life, it repreeverything depends upon the success of our sents to thought and fact the ultimate of efforts to promote digestion leucocytosis." the organic and functional, its office is the

Reading further along we reach the cli- equation of the body's total life, it stands max in these words, “ If the patient can't for brain, nerve, muscle, bone and blood. cat; he can't live," therefrom we conclude the pathways that lead to and from it are that in consumption neucleins are no better the blood, nerves and lymphatics. than a multitude of tried remedies that Life of cell is short, growth may be have failed, though they promised much.

checked or accelerated, period of existence We are skeptical therefore.

may be cut short or extended, it may be However get a supply and try it in the stimulated to premature maturity, or killed first case you may have the fortune to outright, it selects its food from what meet, you will be sure to fail, though you comes along in quantities required, permay mitigate sting a little bit and secure chance however, too much of some sort ever so short a respite to patient, there- reaches it, or something unsuitable or by he will have one more chance to poisonous, wherefore it sickens and diesmake a will, one more chance to repent we call this consequence disease. of his misdeeds.

At this point our nucleins happen along We would not underrate the nucleins. presisely at the right moment, presto ! all because we believe they have some value. is changed, cell survives, the morbific and We know quinine is antipyretic and anti- its mischief are aus gespiel, health currents periodic, but does it cure consumption on resume their course, diphtheria toxines, that account, we know that iron, arsenic malarial germs and conditions of anemia and strychnine, iodine, cod-liver oil and the are non est. hypophosphites are good reconstructives, Modus operandi, when it explains any. but do they cure consumption ?

thing is good, modus operandi is everything, C'inical history returns the answer, i: admonishes us, tells us the little mes. they are not curative. A number of sage in the nucleins reaches disabled cell vaunted cures can be mentioned, but by usual pathway, the blood, excites

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