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Notes and Queries.

that vaccination be performed in any case of any eruption of the skin.

315 South Eighteenth Street. We cordially invite questions for this column on all subjects of practical interest and value to physicians. Brief, pointed, practical paragraphs embodying the personal experience of any of our readers will also be acceptable as contributions to this department. The

Sore Throat. SUMMARY is thus a valuable medium for the intercommunication between the medical profession.

Correspondents will give their names and addresses, but initials only will be printed when desired.

Editor Medical Summary : Communications for this department should be written on one side of the paper only.

Having had recently a great many cases The QUERIES in this issue await the ANSWERS which our intelligent readers may be pleased to contribute of sore throat of an epidemic form, I will for publication in our next

describe an average case. The patient is

taken rather suddenly with severe aching Advisability of Vaccination During the Existence of a Skin Eruption.

of back, limbs and head, with chill, fol. lowed by high fever. Face flushed, furred

tongue, foul breath, and in some cases BY J. ABBOTT CANTRELL, M. D. Prof. Diseases of the Skin in Philadelphia Polyclinic,

nausea and vomiting. On examination of Dermatologist to Philadelphia Hospital and the throat, which in most cases the patient to Southern Dispensary.

claims to be very little sore, we find an

extremely red and congested condition of Editor Medical Summary :

the whole pharynx, with, in some cases, The question as to the advisability

enlargement of one or both tonsils. vaccinating a person during the existence

My plan of treatment has been about as

follows: of an eruption of the skin having been frequently in evidence, I take the opportu

B. Tr. aconite..

gtt nity at the present time to make answer


. 3 ij through the medium of your journal.

M Sig.-Take a teaspoonful every hour Within the past few months the question

until fever declines. certainly has arisen more than at any As a gargle, I use a solution of chlor. time, owing to the fear that we would be potassium and tr. mur. of iron. In some visited by an outbreak of variola. It is cases I use a solution of boracic acid (in certain that the patients themselves often hot water,) adding for each 3 one drop of fear vaccination during the exis-ence of aconite, directing the patient to gargle and the skin condition, because of the danger swallow'a teaspoonful every hour until the of making their feelings worse than they fever declines, and then gargle only. have been with the cutaneous manifesta- Where the breath is very bad I add to the tion. While this is to certain extent well above some listerine. For all inflammatory founded, I do not think any one will be affections of the mouth and throat, I find afraid when they are aware that no danger aconite used locally, acts very promptly and of life will in:ervene. Within the past efficiently. few days the question has been asked by

J. C. FEAR, M. D., the parent of a child having psoriasis, Waverly, Kansas. he stating that wherever the child was bruised he would be confronted with a new psoriasis lesion in a few days. Naturally

To My Medical Friends. one would hesitate before giving a positive opinion in such a case, on account of Editor Medical Summary : the supposed idea that psoriasis often Under this caption I prepared a short occurs after wounds of any character. article for the March number, saying, that Having been asked an opinion in this case after writing my article for the February I did not hesitate to give the following number, I was suddenly prostrated about advice, that I thought it would not be in- February ist, with extreme debility, loss advisable to vaccinate. And I can not hes- of appetite, etc., and was hurried home itate to give the same opinion in cases of from Florlda, with no expectation of ever any eruption of the skin. I would advise using any more remedies, etc

I was

But good nursing and feeding have won- until a large portion of the sulphur had derfully restored me, and though still very

been taken up. The child after several feeble, am about my room (March 8th.) efforts, swallowed and continued to do so And just here I must say a word for Malted for about ten minutes, I then gave about. Milk. A cup of it hot was given me on three grains of sulphur and a spoonful of my arrival, which revived me more than strong toddy, the child screamed, it was Vinum Mariani, and repeating the dose fre- placed to its mothers breast, and immediquently for several days, restored my ately commenced imbibing its nourishappetite and strength in a measure.

ment, and in ten minutes more was asleep, My ulcer is now clean, bright red, no breathing easily and naturally. Ten cases tenderness, except one spot at very inferior more, treated the same way, and in the edge and front on my face. The discharge same manner, only that the toddy was omitfrom the immense ulcer is quite heavy, ted, except in bad cases.

For one

case I and no doubt debilitating. The dull, heavy received one hundred dollars, and in the aching pain of the temple is gone, my next seventeen days my fees netted nearly nostrils are right and my physical condi- two thousand dollars, and, for days aftertion is again becoming good. But there is wards it seemed a dream, as I had never no help for me, I must carry my burden as before thought that sulphur would prove Sinbad did the Old Man of the Sea, til of such value in the treatment of diphtheria. it rides me death, through continued ulcer

a sickly child until my sixth year, ation. I'm inclined to try Dr. Pusheck's my disease was what the doctors at that treatment—the only one offered that is time called phthisic. My father purchased safe, harmless and free from pain; and he some sulphur, its acid taste was agreeable is so confident of success, I am not; he to me, and unknown to my parents, I used will be disappointed ; I will not be, unless it many times a day for over two months. cured.

At the end of that time I was well and And now dear brethren let me thank

hearty, so far as the dise ase was concerned; you all once more for the kind interest afterwards I used it in colds, which was taken in me, but we must come to realize the reason I had it with me on the night of that all diseases are not curable, and we October 31st, 1854. Since then I have used must yield to the inevitable.

it in over six hundred cases and never lost N. B.-If any of iny brothers have hıd a patient. I have used it in nearly all indisputable evidences of a future life- head, throat, and lung troubles, in diarthat we will meet with loved ones “gone rhea, dysentery, cholera infantum, in dibefore,”—I would be most happy to hear seases of the urinary organs, with great from them. I want no speculators, no benefit, scalds, burns, cuts, and wounds Bible proofs, but something more demon- of all kinds, and it has never failed to give strative or mathematical. Adieu.

me satisfaction. ABRAM LIVEZEY, M. D.,

R. M. FUGATE, M. D., Yardley, Pa.

Williston, Fla.

Sulphur in Diphtheria.

Keply to Dr. Browning.

Editor Medical Summary :

In the year 1854, while practicing under Dr. Stone, of New Orleans, the last day of my engagement, while watching a young child with diphtheria, the medicine he had ordered had all been given, and the child steadily getting worse. The parents employing me to do something, I placed about a teaspoonful of pulverized sulphur in a small plate, and water in another, then with a small swab, swabbed the fauces

My ulcer has been called malignant, but certainly of mild form. Prof. Bartholow, said it was a mild form of epithelioma ; Prof. Shoemaker, and others call it a rodent ulcer; while I have always called it a lupoid ulcer. But there is not much difference between tweedle dum and tweedle dee, when no cure can be effected. Urine remarkably normal; no disease of kidneys; ulcer suppurates freely : pus normal. No pain, and I would have a comfortable time

were it not for a weak, weeping irritable belladonna, aa and give these to the patient eye-feeling all the time, except when with directions to take them alternately, closed during the night, as though cinders fifteen to thirty minutes apart, letting them · or hairs were in it. Doctors say there are disolve on the tongue, and then swallowno granulations; the upper lid is some ing. I also direct some gentle laxative to swolen, and the outer half a little hardened, be taken. In many cases this proves and now there is a soft, spongy, vascular, amply sufficient to break up the disease. transparent reddish mass, growing from If the case comes to me later on, and the the outer canthus, nearly to the hazel part pains are more strikingly marked, in place of the eye. Sight not affected, and conjunc- of the arnica I prescribe : teva hardly changed. I have used locally

R, Salol, antikamnia or acetanthe several agents suggested by you ; no ilid comp.....

.aa.. 33 good. Now as to lotions, I have lost confi

Mix. Divide into twelve powders. dence in all, yours may be good ; I have

Sig:-One every half to four hours, acmany good formulæ, prescriptions, etc., but

cording to the urgency of the case. the ulcerative process goes steadily unre- But usually start in by giving one every lentingly on, under all applications, and

half hour, and lengthening the intervals as being broken in health, believe this will be

the pains subside. But continue the my last summer on earth, there is no use

aconite and belladonna, as also the lasain continuing the contest. I only seek

tive. This will entirely relieve the great relief for my eye. To sit for hours un

majority of cases. If I find the patient of able to read, amid piles of literature, is a

a strongly marked rheumatic diathesis, I hard, slow life to lead.

add macrotin in one-sixth grain doses, ABRAM LIVEZEY, M, D.,

every hour. Yardley, Pa.

Sometimes we find a badly neglected case setling into congestion of the lungs.

For this I prescribe :
La Grippe.
R. Morphine.....

.gr. )
Ammonia mur.

3 iss Editor Medical Summary :

(Squibb's.) Something like a year ago, I believe, I Fi. ext. Ipecac...

3 ss gave my treatment for this now prevalent

Syr. glycyrrhiza, and fashionable disease. But I find tha:


q. s. ad 3 ij this, like most other maladies requires diff

Mix. Sig.-Teaspoontul every half to erent remedies in different seasons. While

four hours, according to urgency of the I do not believe that any given remedy is,

case, and I sometimes double the dose for or ever will be, a specific for any given

a starter, if the case is urgent. disease, especially one with as many vari- If there is tendency to pneumonia, I inations as la grippe ; yet I do believe, that

struct the patient to inhale ether sulph., each phase of even this disease has its

(Squibs,) from the vial for fifteen to twenty indicated remedy, and that if properly un- minutes, and repeat as often as necessary derstood, and intelligently given will act

to relieve the pain ; usually from one to promptly.

four hours. This will positively abort case coming under observation pneumonia from any cause, it taken in in its incipiency, we find a general aching time. For the accelerated pulse or rise of of all the muscles of the body, frontal temperature, in either of the two last headache, and slight rise of temperature. named conditions, for the aconite I substi. Now, while I do not believe very much in tute fl. ext. veratrum in drop doses, given “similia similibus curantur," I do, for neat- every one to four hours, as the case may ness and convenience, frequently use the require. For the backing cough, which is sugar disks

I now fill two small vials often very annoying, I give the Brown with the disks, one I saturate with an alco- cough mixture tablets, made by Parke, holic tincture of arnica; the other with Davis & Co, allowing them to be taken adthe alcoholic tinctures of aconite root and libitum, by allowing to dissolve on the

In a

.gr. %

tongue and swallowed. When convales- of the aged successtully.”—This is a very cence is established, I put the patient for

fatal disease in those over seventy, and a few days on some of the bitter tonics of

these persons being obstinate and persist

ent are hard to manage. bark and iron to assist the recuperative

In one class the inflammation seems to powers.

be severe, the cough harsh and dry. To With this line of treatment, and this

give opium means certain death. In only; I have successfully met every indi.

another class there is a profuse secretion, cation thus far, in a large number of cases.

(sometimes very tenacious,) while the But as yet I have not seen the first indica

powers of raising and expectoration are tion for either quinine or hydrargyrum, and

feeble and incompetent, consequently in a am of the opinion that either are uncalled

few days the patient dies from drowning for, and will in fact retard, rather than ben

out. It will not do to lessen this expectoefit the case.

ration by the use of opium, the patient The laxative or cathartic used in this will die but the quicker. case, as in a great majority of all my Those patients whom I made go to bed practice, is a plll made from my special early in the disease and stay there, got

, formula, by Parke, Davis & Co., and each well, and some of those who knew more pill contains :

than I did, and persisted in getting up and B. Aloin.....

around the house died; therefore I wish Podophyllin..

.gr. l-12

to emphasize this point in the treatment, Capsicum and nux vomica, aa gr. 78

absolute rest in bed until well.

Rules :Dose.—One to four, according to the effect required, and repeat at intervals as

(1.) Hot bath. appears necessary.

(2.) To bed in a room with even temWhile one of these pills would not be

perature night and day. an overdose for a child a year old, they (3. Diuretic-spts. ætheris nitrosi, liq. will prove very effective in almost any case,

ammonia acetatis, holland gin, equal if persevered with, and you are not in too parts. much of a hurry, as it takes usually about (4) Dry cough, dyspnoea, with swelling twelve hours to get the full benefit of a of the bronchial mucous membrane, give dose.

minute doses of apomorphine, pilocarpine, C. C. EDSON, M. D., tr. aconite, in combination hourly. ApoDunkirk, Indiana.

morphine relieves the harsh cough. Apply

hot applications to the chest, as poultices, Treatment of Pneumonia, Etc.

wool, cotton batting covered with paper, hot water bottles. Ammonia carb. is of

great value, given in glycerin and mucilI have just concluded treating a case of

age, and St, Croix, or Jamaica rum, is consolidation of the right lung by pneu

better than any other kind of alcoholic monia, in a case of a young man who is

liquor in this disease, excepting gin. about twenty years old, and reading some

(5.) Saline laxatives are necessary in where that pilocarpine would abort the disease, I tried it, giving gr. 1.100, with

constipation. Turpentine vapor in the

room is beneficial. about a drop of tr. aconite, every two hours. This treatment exceeded my ex

Quinine is necessary in these cases.

The following prescription is very benepectations, producing profuse diaphoresis.

ficial from the beginning : Other treatment was given, as quinine and

R. Syr. hypophos. co .np 3 ij salicylate of cinchonidine, combined in one

Ol. morrhuæ..

3 iv capsule, etc.

Spts. St. Croix.

3 ii The pulse and temperature were controlled finely by this treatment. I think M.-Desertspoonful every three hours, the vital question of the winter months is,

WM. V. Wilson. M. D., " How shall we treat the acute bronchitis West Haven, Conn.

[merged small][ocr errors]

fifteen dollars for books last year, and I did not derive as much benefit from that investment as I did from only one dollar subscription to your Journal. The SUMMARY is a gem. Full of the best that can be had. I am satisfied we have the proper person at the helm. He will continue to give us just what we need.

Enos McCORMICK, M. D., Masonville, Ky. March 15, 1895.

A Note.

Editor Medical Summary :

In bringing before the careful attention of the medical profession any valuable remedy which one knows will revolutionise the treatment of a particular disease, it is true that a second thought will hardly be given it when the disease is a serious one and the remedy a simple one, My article in the March SUMMARY brought practitioners into a thinking position. Now I hope they are to be brought into an acting position. An inheritance is rightly withheld until the recipient be capable of administering his estate. Your readers now manifest a receptive spirit.

Without having time to give reasons how I know thirty grain doses of bicarbonate of potassium, given every four hours, night and day, is a specific for the cure of la grippe, it must suffice to state the fact. It is administered in two or three ounces of water or milk. Children can be given proportionate doses. The hearts action has to be watched and if necessary stimulated by alcoholics, care has to be exercised in giving to pregnant women.

Persist in its use if signs of recurrence appear. If the fever continues high, in spite of the use of this drug, you have some concomitant affection as a complication. The old and feeble bear half dosesfifteen ,

grains-well, although thereby coming less quickly under its influence. Pursue this treatment without faltering, in the face of death, for you will conquer.

WILLIAM HAY, M. D., Antwerp, N. Y.


I have finished my“ Reminiscenses.” they should have been much fuller and better, but environments were not favora. ble.

Fifty years ago when I commenced practice in Bucks, there were over a score of gentlemanly, courteous physicians, whom I knew, (besides others), all of whom have gone before,” having outlived them all. Of my several students, whom I had the first ten or fifteen years of my professional life, all have gone down to the "silent valley,” except Dr. Elias Kitchen, of Brumfieldville, Berks Co., a fine old courteous gentleman, an honor to his profession and a credit to his preceptor.

ABRAM LIVEZEY, M. D., Yardley, Pa.


Editor Medical Summary :

On page 7 in my article, Notes From Practice, a mistake is made, and should read : Arg. nit., gr. j to 3 j, instead of to 3j. And acetate of zinc, should read gr. j to 3 ij, instead of gr. j to 3 ij.

WM. V. Wir N, M. D., West Haven, Conn.

An Enthusiastic Subscriber.



Editor Medical Summary :

Special to Subscribers. As you have expressed a desire to learn the wishes of your subscribers in re- Please examine

opposite gard to a series of articles on the anatomy your name on the wrapper in which this and physiology of the nervous system, I journal comes. That date is the time to think your idea a good one, I have but one which your subscription is paid. If the desire and that is this; make the MEDICAL time paid for has expired, a remittance is SUMMARY a Weekly Journal ; put the in order. If the date is incorrect, a postal price to four or five dollars a year, and card or other notification will be apprecount me a life time subscriber. I paid ciated.

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