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Showing the Chief Magistrates of New Hampshire during the periods embraced in the First and Second volumes of this Provincial History; or (1st) from 1641 to 16-6; and (2d) from 1686 to 1722. Also, the reigning Kings of England during the same periods.


A. D. Kings of England. Governors ofNote and New !ol. Charles I. Richard Bellingham. 1642 -i. John Winthrop. 1644 “ John Endecott.

1645 ** - Thomas Dudley.
1646 -- John Winthrop.
1649 The Commonwealth. John Endecott.

1650 4. Thomas Dudley.
1651, 4. John Endecott.
1654 * * | Richard Bellingham.
1655 44 John Endecott.

1660 Charles II. | -

1665 -- Richard Bellingham. 1673 4- John Leverett.

1679 -- - Simon Bradstreet.

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A. D.' Kings of England.

Chief Magistrates of New Hampshire. |

1680 Charles II. | John Cutt.

1681 -- | Richard Waldron.

1682 -- Edward Cranfield. Joseph Dudley (1).

1687 it. Edmund Andros (1).

1685 James II. Walter Barefoote.

** |


1689 William III. Simon Bradstreet (1).
1692 -- i John Usher.
ico -- William Partridge.
1698 ** sumo Aion.
1899 -- Earl of Bellomont (1).
1702 Queen Anne. | Joseph Dudley (1).
1714. George I. -- --
1716 -- l Samuel Shute (1).

(1) Also Governors of Massachusetts.


IN the preparation of this volume, the Editor has adhered to the rules adopted in the first, viz.: In copying and preparing matter for the Press, he has aimed to preserve the exact language of the original or copy before him; particularly in writing proper names. In no case has the construction or grammar of a sentence been changed or a word altered. In copying strictly original papers, not only has the orthography, but the capitals and abbreviations, been followed. The punctuation, which in most cases was entirely wanting, the Editor has supplied.

This second volume extends over a longer period than was at first contemplated. The reason is, that by this arrangement the unity of the Council Minutes and Records, from 1692 to 1722, is preserved; after which period there is a chasm in the Council Records, till 1742. Incorporated with the Records in this volume, will be found numerous Papers, Letters and Documents which relate to correspondent matters within the same period, and which serve to throw much light on the Records.

The third volume will cover a large portion of the same period with the second, and will contain “The Journal of the Council and Assembly,” together with such official Papers and Documents as relate to the transactions of that body; also, the PROVINCE LAws passed between 1696 and 1716.

The Editor gratefully acknowledges his obligations to His Excellency Governor WALTER HARRIMAN, for the courtesy, counsel and encouragement given him in the prosecution of his labors; and also, to the Secretary of State and his Deputy, and to the State Librarian, for free access to Documents and Books, in their respective departments.

CONCORD, November, 1868.

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