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[P. 388.] Pro. N. Hamp".
At a Councill held at Portsmouth, Sept. 24", 1719:

Present in Cound:
His Excellency Saml'. Shute, Esq. Gov'.
Sam'. Penhallow,

Shad. Walton,
Mark Hunking, Esqs. Rich". Wibird,

George Jaffrey,

Thom. Westbrook, Mr. Clement Hughes preferred a petition to this board, directed to his Excellency the Govt & Councill, signed by about 100 p’sons, praying for a township above Kingston, as on file, which being read, it was resolved, That the same should be considered when his Excellency came next into this Province.

Pro. N. Hamp".
At a Council held at Portsmouth, Sept. 254, 1719.

Present in Coun :
His Excellency Samuel Shute, Esq. Gov'.

His Hon'. John Wentworth, Esq. Lt. Gové.
Sam' Penhallow, Shad. Walton,
Mark Hunking, Esqs. Rich. Wibird,

George Jaffrey,

Tho". Westbrook, Ordered, That the land of Mr. John Odlin* wch lyes wthin the town of Stratham, be exempt from any tax during the sd Odlin's life.

Richa. Waldron, Cler. Coun.

Pro: N. Hamp".
At a Council held at Portsmouth, Novem" 26th, 1719,

Present in Coun.
His Hon' John Wentworth, Esq. Lt. Gov".
Sam'. Penhallow, Esqs.
Mark Hunking,

Shad. Walton,
Richd. Wibird, Esq.

* Rev. John Odlin was at this time minister of the church in Exeter.

His Hon". the Lieut. Gov?. laid before this board sundry Papers from Whitehall, viz.

A letter from the Lords Commissioners of trade & plantations, to his Excellency the Gov?. concerning several acts of this Province that are undí consideration.

Another signed James Vernon, about three acts repealed,
[P. 389.] An act for relief of idiots & distracted persons.

An act providing for posthumous children.
An act against high treason.

And a paper containing the reasons why the said three acts are repealed.

Another letter from the Lords of trade & plantations, about the boundaries of New Hampshire.

Another paper signed Wm. Popple, containing sundry queries abt the trade of N. Hamp'.

Another letter to the Gov'. signed Wm. Popple, relating to tarr & pitch.

A copy of a certificate by wch the bounty of pitch & tarr is to be had and received.

Also a paper containing rules for making tarr & another for hemp, which two last his Hon' took to himself.

And an Act of Parliament agst clandestine runing uncustomed goods, &c.

In Coun : Ordered, That the Repeal of the three Acts before mentioned be forthwth published.

That a Committee be chosen to run the line between the Provinces of N. Hamp' & Massachusetts.

That the rules for raising hemp & making tarr be reprinted, one hundred of each, & that the Treas' see it done forthwith.

His Hon'. the Lt. Govt. laid before the board the copy of a petition directed to the King's most excellent Majesty, signed John Tuck, wch was read, &c.

Ordered, That Deacon John Tuck be notifyed to appear at the board on Wednesday next.

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Pro. N. Hamp".
At a Council held at Portsmouth, Dec. 20, 1719.

Present in Coun:
His Hon". John Wentworth, Esq. Lt. Gov'.
Sam! Penhallow,

Geo. Jaffrey,

. Mr. John Tuck being sent for and appearing at this board, His Honour the [P. 390.] Lieut. Gov' informed him that he had received a copy of his petition to the King, and the same being read, the Lt. Gov'. asked whether he had any answer to his petition; who replyed he had not: Then the Lt. Govs. told him if he would confess his fault, his bond should be discharged; but his refusing to acknowledge any fault, the same was continued.

In Coun: Ordered, That Sam'. Penhallow, Geo. Jaffrey, & Richa Wibird, Esqs. draw up a Commission and Instructions for ye Committee appointed to settle the divisional line between this & the Massa Government; & that ye clerk write Mr. Secretary Willard to inform him ye Commissioners on our part will meet the Massa Gent" on Wednesday next.

Pro: N. Hamp".
At a Councill held at Portsmouth, Dec. 114, 1719.

Present in Coun:
His Hon?. John Wentworth, Lt. Gov".
Geo. Jaffrey,

Shad. Walton,

Thom®. Packer, Esq.
Voted, That his Hon'. the Lieut. Gov". draw upon the
Treasury for such sum or sums of mony as are necessary
for payment of the charges of the new prison.

Rich". Waldron, Cler. Con.

Thom". Westbrook, Esqs.

Pro: N. Hamp".
At a Councill held at Portsmouth, Dec. 21st, 1719.

Present in Coun :
His Hon". John Wentworth, Esq. Lt. Gor".
Sam'. Penhallow,

. Jaffrey

Mark Hunking, S

Tho". Westbrook,

Tho. Packer, Esq. His Hon' the Lt. Govr informed the board that the Government of the Mass had appointed Commissioners to go to Casko bay or elsewhere, to meet the chiefs of ye Indians & examin into the disordrs that have lately been amongst them in the Eastern parts of the County of York, and also proposed the appointing one to joyn them in behalf of the Government, & nominated Thomas Westbrook, Esq. to act in that affair. [P. 391.] The Councill consented to the motion & voted a Commission and Instructions to be made out accordingly ; and that the Treast advance what mony is necessary.

Pro: N. Hamp".
At a Council held at Portsmouth, Jan. 12, 1719-20.

Present in Coun:
Sam? Penhallow,

Shad. Walton, Mark Hunking, Esqs.

Rich! Wibird, Esqs. Geo. Jaffrey,

Thos Westbrook,

Thos Packer, Esq. The Commissioners appointed to go into the Eastern frontiers to discourse the Indians respecting the disorders lately happened there, this day reported to the board the particulars of the Conference und their hands, wch was delivered to Capt. Westbrook, to be p’sented to ye Lt. Govt (1).

(1) This Report is not found on record. Penhallow ("Ind. Wars ") says: "In the year 1720 they (Indians) began to be more insolent, and appeared in greater bodies; upon which col. Walton was ordered with about 200 men to guard the frontiers, and was, after that, appointed with Capts. Moody, Harmon, Penhallow and Wainwright to send their chiefs for satisfaction for the late hostilities which they had done in killing tho cattle, &c. The Indians, fearing the event, promised to pay two hundred skins, and

Pro: N. Hamp".
At a Councill held at Portsmouth, March 7th, 1719-20.

Present in Coun :
His Hon" John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov'.
Sam! Penhallow,

Shad. Walton, )
Geo. Jaffrey,

Esqs. Thos Packer, Nicho Mead having some time since made his escape from ye Common Goal in Portsmouth & being apprehended :

Ordered, That the clerk forthwth make out a special warrant or Mittimus for his re-committment.

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[P. 392.] Pro: N. Hamp".

At a Council held at Portsmouth, March
15th, 1719-20.

Present in Coun:
The Honblo John Wentworth, Esq., Lt. Gov".
Sam' Penhallow,


Esqs. Tho" Westbrook, } George Jaffrey,

Thos Packer, Esq.

In Councill, Ordered, That the Inhabitants dwelling upon or near the partition of the two Provinces be not taxed to the minister or to any Town or parish charge, till the said partition lines be settled ; but that all such p’sons shall be taxed in the Province rate and pay as heretofore.

Rich Waldron, Cler. Con.

In Coun: Ordered, That the Clerk write a letter to Mr. McGregore,

for their fidelity, to deliver up four of their young men as hostages. After this, they hecame tolerably quiet, but in the spring grew as insolent as before; especially in Kennebeck, where. some time in July, they came with ninety canoes on the Paideshal's Island, which lies opposite to Arrowsick, and sent to speak with Capt. Penhallow, who tearing an intrigue, refused, &c."

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